tagIncest/TabooThe Power Ch. 01

The Power Ch. 01


Many of you will not believe this tale, but that is expected. Your belief is not necessary. What is necessary though is the cathartic value I receive in writing out my life story. I will go to the beginning, always a good place for a story to start. Not the beginning of my human life, but the beginning of my life as a being of Power.

It all began on my 19th birthday. I went to sleep the night before feeling terribly ill. It came over me suddenly so I left class early that Friday afternoon. My mom was concerned about me when I got home and tried to get me to drink some Gatorade but I barely acknowledged her. Just stumbled into my room, threw down my bag and fell onto my bed. Not bothering with the covers I passed out into a feverish and uneasy sleep. I woke up several times throughout the night. First to my mother placing a cool cloth on my forehead and taking my temperature, though I can't remember if she said anything to me. Later later would wake a wash in cold sweats or hot feverish body aches. Needless to say the night was terrible. It felt like the worst case of flu I'd ever experienced.

The strangest part of the whole night was the dream. At first it was hazy and washed out like a bad watercolor painting but as the night progressed and the dream repeated itself, it gained definition and focus. I sat in a circle of men of all ages, and from all ages as well. An unending line that stretched back to the earliest periods of mankind. Surrounding us above and behind were monolithic stones, placed to contain and harness. Contain and harness what exactly, I wasn't sure, but I could sense that these fever dreams were in a way more true than my own reality. Outside the stones was the edge of nothing and the beginning of everything. I was the youngest and the last amongst this brotherhood.

What at first were incoherent mumblings from the blurred men around me, became the words of a primitive language in later iterations of the dream. As the night wore closer to morning and my fever worsened, my body wracked in pain and alternating hot and cold sweats, the strange language began to make sense to me. Just as dawn was breaking above the horizon I entered the dream one final time and everything came into sharp focus. The man directly to my left, who looked like a typical 50's era businessman, turned to regard me with a sober expression.

"The power is yours now, train it. Grow it strong for the day you are called forth to act." His voice floated into the circle. I could somehow understand the words of that strange language .

Then the man beside him, who looked like a dapper New Yorker from the roaring 20's spoke. "Gather your harem and gain for yourself an unassailable position. Our ancient Enemy stirs." The others around the circle nodded.

Far down the line an ancient man with a long gray beard spoke in a reedy voice, "Your days ahead will be filled with wonder and excess, but temperance is needed as well. You must remain vigilant against His agents. Some of us here succumbed to their traps. Entire ages were lost to the Enemies influence." The old man looked over to a group of bedraggled and threadbare men. They had the hollowed and shadowed eyes of addicts. Weakness and shame painted each of their faces.

At the far end of the circle one small man covered in thick dread-locked black hair spoke in a near whisper. "Seek our counsel during the full moon." He paused. It seemed to take a lot of energy for him to speak. Each word dragged for from some great distance of time and space. "Three times you may visit this place, then you will be on your own." Then in a near whisper he said, "Welcome... to the Brotherhood." Murmurs of welcome came from men all around the circle. I tried to open my mouth and speak then, somewhat curious why I hadn't thought to try before, but the second I tried the dream evaporated around me like mist.

I awoke to the dawn light coming through my blinds, tangled in a sweaty mess of blankets. I felt great though. All signs of the illness that had assaulted me the night before were gone. The dream began to fade too, not in the way of most dreams. It didn't disappear entirely from my mind, but it did float to the back. Submerged beneath a new awareness that had blossomed within my head. I lay still for many minutes trying to sort what exactly it was.

It was there within my mind. Like a muscle I had never known but had always been there. Somehow either my fever or the strange dream had made me aware of its existence. Too though, like a new muscle I was unsure of its strength or capabilities. Tentatively I stretched it ever so slightly. When I did I felt my awareness blossom, there is no other way to describe it. Suddenly I could see with my mind's vision; farther and deeper the bedroom ceiling and walls that stood before my normal eyesight. I could sense my mother down stairs, feel her anxiety over my sickness and the mountain of love she felt for my and my sister. There was a vacancy in her emotions too, like a black hole that devoured her happiness. I sensed she was fundamentally unfulfilled. My father had run out on us just after I was born and she had been alone since then. Caring for her children had always been more important than finding another partner and she had always felt there was a higher purpose awaiting her than just as a wife or mother. What she couldn't say.

I could read her mind! Not like a book but like one reads the river. All this I could feel like one feels a current when you dip your hand in a flowing stream or river. Sensing deeper currents beneath from the ripples on the surface. Like a river too, much of her thoughts were clear to me but some were hidden beneath treacherous cliffs and shoals. I knew I could dig them all out given time and increased strength and efficacy in my Power.

I was stunned at this Power, my whole world was turned upside down. I tried to process it all as I lay there in bed, stretching my awareness out, and trying to test its limits. Finally I had to give up, deciding I just roll with it as it came. Mentally making a list of questions for the next time I dreamed myself into the place of those strange men sitting in the Stonehenge like setting. Thinking of those men reminded me of their advice; that I explore and increase my skills with this new power. So stretching out I extended my awareness as far as it would go. I could sense the neighbors to either side of our house. I could even just feel those who lived across the street. All those minds, with all their individual thoughts began to make me feel dizzy. A wave of vertigo swept through me, at first I thought I was getting sick again. But the truth was it was just my first experience in embracing multiple minds. Which is never an easy task. I pulled back to just an awareness of my mom, already I was gaining more control over the power. Though I had no idea of its true potential.

My mom's anxiety had spiked within her. She was worried why I hadn't gotten up yet. Without knowing what I did, I sent her reassuring thoughts calming her anxiety. Wonder of wonders it worked! Her anxieties eased and she relaxed. Her thoughts drifting in different paths. Not only could I read her mind but I could influence it as well! A whole world of possibilities opened up to me. But those plans would have to wait I realized. First things first, I had to eat. I was ravenously hungry.

So I threw on some flannel pants and headed down stairs. I was still watching my mom's mind when I entered the kitchen. She was surprised to see me up and healthy. Under her surprise though one of those dark pits in her mind move slightly and I felt her drive it back down with a firm will. Again I felt that wave of vertigo as I saw myself from her eyes, my vision almost doubling. But this was much easier to control that having so many minds in my head at once. I simply had to exercise some control on how much of her awareness I allowed to intrude upon my own. I liken it to listening to music while you're thinking of other things. Mom was aware of me though in a way that surprised me. Aware of me in a way that a woman is of a man. Her eyes wanted to linger of my shirtless chest and shoulders but instead she forced herself to meet my eyes saying, "You're up! Happy Birthday Sean! I've been so worried about you since you came home sick yesterday."

"Yea I guess the fever broke sometime during the night." I said lamely, moving over to the cupboard to get a bowl for some cereal.

"Don't worry about that, I am going to fix you some eggs and sausage. You're the birthday boy after all!" With that she puttered around the kitchen getting breakfast ready. "I canceled the party for tonight because I thought you would be sick, but your sister is flying down from Seattle for the weekend. She'll be here tomorrow. So maybe we can plan something for then? I know your aunt is looking forward to coming to visit too."

"Whatever's fine. Tomorrow works. I'm still kinda tired so I just want to relax today anyway." I lied. I just sat at the kitchen table marveling in my new awareness and playing with my power slightly. I desired poached eggs instead of the normal scramble mom usually makes. So I sent the thought to her. This time trying to pay more attention to how I did it. It seemed to be more a matter of will than anything else, but I was still a fledgling user. Without missing a beat in her chatter, she got a pot of water and started preparing poached eggs. I felt a giddy sensation washed over me and I realized it was joy mingled with just a little apprehension. The power was intoxicating. I pulled back into my own head and the comfort of only having to worry about my own thoughts. That first morning was one stunning realization after another for me.

I was fundamentally changed from the young man I had been the day before. The Power had removed me from my previous benign existence and I saw the world around me with new eyes. As my mom puttered around the kitchen, I looked at her as if for the first time. She is a beautiful woman. No she is gorgeous. She's of average height and slim with thick golden hair that hangs down to the middle of her back in loose curls. She usually has it pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of her face but this morning she had it down. At 41 she still has smooth flawless skin and an angelic face with bright blue eyes that shine when she laughs. Her wide full lipped mouth is ever ready with a beautiful smile too. Though she has always been thin of waist her hips flare out slightly and she has very large heavy breasts. Her breasts cause men and to stare wherever we go. Though she always dressed very conservatively, hiding her large tits underneath sweaters or loose blouses. She was wearing pajama bottoms and a thick robe this morning and I couldn't help but wonder how great her tits might look if they were free of that robe.

I hadn't thought about my mom that way since I was very young and just beginning to masturbate. I would take her panties out of the laundry and use them to masturbate with. Then I discovered porn and I moved on. I was definitely thinking about her that way now though. How could I have missed how incredibly sexy my mom was until just this moment? What could a little peak hurt though?

I decided to test some of my power out. My horny teenage mind making up all the justifications it needed. I sent a suggestion into my mom's mind. Then curious I reached out again and reviewed her thoughts. She was still talking, now about her sister Susan who had just gotten back from a vacation to Hawaii, when she went to the cupboard and pulled out two plates. When she set them down on the table she leaned far over, much farther than she needed to and I got a great view down her robe. I could see the round curves of the insides of her tits and the dark shadow between them. I was staring hungrily when my mom looked up and caught me.

I was reviewing her mind, so I caught her catching me in the act. I was embarrassed and she was instantly annoyed. Or at least she thought she should be annoyed. She tried to project annoyance to herself and outwardly to me as she turned back to the eggs and sausage. But again I felt that deep part of her mind stir and I could sense her excitement. A low tingle down in her pussy and her nipples becoming erect against her will. Once again though she drove the thoughts down, only this time I followed. I was forced to exert some fine control and extend a big more power in order to see those secret parts of her mind. My full focus was demanded for the task. But what I found there amazed me.

What I saw within my mom's mind was her most secret fantasies and forbidden desires. I saw stories and videos she had read and watched. They were all of a theme. Incestuous relationships between a mother and her son. More so than that, they were of mothers who became subservient to their sons. Women who were either blackmailed, coerced or extreme submissives. All of whom found in their son's a perfect master. My mom had been fantasizing about this for years! I saw in a shame filled place of her mind a picture of me, taken after a water-polo game the year before. I was just wearing a speedo and smiling for the camera with my arm around an ex-girlfriend. The picture was folded so the girl was hidden and it sat just beneath a small pink vibrator under a hidden panel in her nightstand. She tried so hard to ignore these thoughts. But often she would wake in the middle of the night restless and feeling a great emptiness inside. She would fantasize about me and play with herself, and for those few minutes feel complete. There was more at work here than met the eye I could sense. A thread of the power had been at work on her, preparing her for my eventual need. This I didn't find out for a long time.

Years of this had apparently gone on where she was racked with secret guilt and shame. She had finally convinced herself about a year before that it was just fantasy and nothing more. Still though she tried to stay away from the thoughts as much as possible because the urges were so powerful.

I was concentrating so hard that I had completely ignored what my mom had been saying. The world snapped back into focus when she waved her hand right in front of my face. I broke off from her mind, exiting my trance like state.

"Hello in there! Honey are you sure you're OK?" She asked with concern in her voice as she reached up and placed the back of her hand on my forehead.

"Yea sorry mom I was just daydreaming is all." I said while looking down and noticing the breakfast laying before me.

"Well you don't feel hot. I guess you... Oh my!" The shock in her voice caused me to look up. She was staring down at my crotch. My dick was hard as a rock and pointing straight up! My flannel pants were tented by a dick a number of inches bigger than the one I remember going to sleep with the night before. The hot and taboo thoughts in my mom's mind had made me incredibly horny That realization came just on the heels of a powerful throbbing of my Power. I felt the Power become uncontrollable as my lust grew. It was a strange sensation but much like a muscle under too much strain it began to fluctuate wildly. Spasming out and in. I sensed the neighbors minds and even delved deeply into Mr. Reynolds head, reviewing his idyllic childhood even though I had no desire to. I tried to calm myself down but I was inside my mom's head too and she was staring at my crotch, with thoughts of my dick and all the things she dreamed about doing with it filling her mind. The combination of wild fluctuations, multiple minds and my own wild desires were causing me a great deal of pain. I didn't know how to control it all. The power was getting away from me.

"Oh God!" I said loudly, when a spike of Power drove a stabbing sensation through my brain.

"Oh baby, what's wrong?" Said mom when she saw the look of pain on my face. "What's going on with you?" She pulled my head to her chest cradling me like she had when I was younger. She was leaning down to hold me and her robe was already loose. One of her breasts nearly came out. The huge mound of flesh hanging down just inches from my face. The pain redoubled.

"I'm sorry mom." I heard myself saying in a croaking voice, "You are just so beautiful that sometimes I can't take it."

"What's that?" She asked. Pulling back slightly she looked down on me with a slight smile marring the look of concern on her face.

"I don't know." I said in all honesty. "I just... I just need... It's just I'm still trying to deal with...something." My needs were powerful and the pain climbed while they went unmet.

"Hush," She said as she stroked my hair back from my forehead. "Mommy knows what you need. I will take care of you." I was aware of her thoughts as she said this, she was thinking 'Oh my god Carol! You are going to do it! Why now of all times?! Because he needs this. I can tell, look at that thing. Why do I know, that without this relief, his life could be in danger?'

To this day I don't know if what happened was because I somehow used my Powers influence to guide my mom to the decision, or whether she came to it on her own. She says she would have done it one way or the other eventually and looking deep into her mind I have to agree. I believe the power created this dynamic since my birth. Something's it does out of self preservation.

My power still fluctuated wildly, there was now the snap of metal bending slightly from within drawers and small plumes of smoke erupting from thin air around the room. I had a sharp migraine and a throbbing in my loins that was reaching dangerous levels. So it was with blurry vision that I saw my mother kneel before me. There was a hungry look in her eyes as she reached up with tentative hands and slipped her fingers into the waistband of my pants. She looked up at me with pleading eyes.

"You need this Sean. Don't ask me why I know, but I do. And if you don't get relieved now whatever is going on could kill you." I wasn't sure certain that was the truth. At that moment though I wasn't sure of anything except the pain was becoming unbearable in my head and I feared hurting someone by the wild fluctuations. I heard my mom muttering under her breath, "Dear god forgive me I need this too."

Then she pulled down the top of my pants dragging them quickly under my butt and down around my ankles. My dick stood up big and hard before her face. It was definitely much bigger than it had been when I went to sleep the night before. I was always average size but now I was a good 10 inches and thick around. My mom made a small sound in the back of her throat, almost a grunt or a groan, when she saw my dick for the first time. Then reaching out almost in prayer she grasped the shaft in two hands. At the first contact of her cold hands I felt almost instant relief from the Power. It settled down right away and the pleasure of her hands washed over me.

For a while she just slowly pumped her hands up and down the shaft slowly staring at me in wonder. Then she looked up into my face to see what my reaction to this was. She saw love and pleasure and got the confirmation she needed that she was doing the right thing. I felt at her mind; that hollow place inside of her, that aching loneliness that had been there for years and years, it filled almost instantly. We looked into each others eyes, she down on her knees before me, me sitting in a chair like a throne before her, and we both knew things would never be the same. The thought made both of us happy and nervous.

My eyes traveled down her beautiful face to her perfect lips and then down her slim neck to the dark shadow at the V of her robes neckline. She followed my gaze and her mouth quirked in a knowing smile. She took one hand from my dick, the other continuing its gentle stroking, and pushed her robe down off her shoulders. Then slowly and sexily she pulled the robe open revealing first one magnificent breast and then the other. They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I was no virgin and I had seen more than my fair share of porn, but these tits put them all to shame. They were huge and heavy things with just a slight amount of sag to them. Her nipples were large, thick and pink. Standing out hard in her excitement.

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