tagIncest/TabooThe Power Ch. 02

The Power Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. All persons, places and deeds are fictitious. All characters are over 18.

Read the first chapter as I don't spend much time, if any, on reviewing what has gone on before. There was a name change for Sean's aunt, cousin and sister. I will have to edit the first chapter here soon. Until I do my apologies. Thank you everyone for your helpful feedback and comments.


The Power had come on me so suddenly, then with the chaotic day and evening I spent with my mom I hadn't been able to come to grips with everything that was happening to me. So the morning of that second day I decided to leave the house for a while. After eating a large breakfast I got ready to head out. Mom gave me a kiss goodbye at the front door. It was deep and filled with passion. It got me hard instantly.

I wanted my mother right there and then. So I ordered her to turn around and hold onto the banister right there in the foyer. She threw me a look of lascivious hunger and turned around pushing her ass out at me. I dragged open my fly and lifted up my shirt, tucking it under my chin. Once I had my dick out I grabbed the bottom of her her long conservative skirt and dragged it over her hips. The minx had anticipated my horny teenage needs and hadn't worn any panties under the skirt.

"Oh yes Sean!" She moaned as I pulled up the skirt, "One final time before your aunt and cousin get here!"

I had other ideas about what would happen once my aunt and cousin got to the house later, but I was too preoccupied with the sight of the wide white ass before me, to think about them now. Without warning or even bothering to really aim, I took a hold of her hips and drove my dick straight into her pussy with full force. She was so wet that I slid right in.

"Oohh...Yes!!!!" Mom moaned loudly as I bottomed out in her. I sent my awareness into her mind and saw she was already on the verge of an orgasm. Wanting to feel the spasming walls of her cunt convulse around my cock, I drove pleasure into her, sending her over the edge. "OHHH MYY GOD!!!" She screamed out loudly. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed as I started pistoning in and out of her, her pussy shuddering all around my dick.

"You fill me up Sean! No one has ever filled me up like this!" As I pounded into her I could see her hands in a white knuckled grip on the banister. It didn't take long for her to have another shaking orgasm, this one unassisted by the Power. Her massive tits bounced wildly up and down within the loose blouse she wore. I couldn't help myself so I reached forward and took a big handful of tit flesh, squeezing it firmly and pinching at the large nipple poking against the fabric.

The feel and sight of my mother, so wanton and slutty beneath me, pushing back against my dick and grunting in pure pleasure; soon drove me over the edge. "I am cumming mom... Tell me. Where do you want it?"

"Oh god baby! Inside me please! I want to feel your cum inside me all day!" I didn't need any more instruction. I shot off a huge load inside her pussy, filling it up. My orgasm once more crashing through me in a wave of pleasure that spilled out out of me, through the Power, and into her. Screaming and collapsing against the banister my mom almost passed out with the force of her Power induced orgasm. Once more, in the wake of orgasmic bliss I felt my Power burgeon within.

How far would it grow? Would every sexual encounter make me stronger? These questions hovered on the edge of my thoughts, slightly disturbing and intriguing at the same time. With no ready answers I would have to wait until I got more data.

Pushing off my mom I said, "I am heading out to take care of some things. Get yourself cleaned up and the house ready for aunt Sharon."

"Yes master." My mom said with an impish smile on her lips. Giving her ass one last firm slap and feeling a measure of satisfaction at her grunt of pleasure. I headed out of the house and drove off in her brand new Prius.

My plans was far from fully established but I needed some time to think. I kept my Power under firm control when driving. I worried what might happen if I became distracted. I made my way across town along the back roads, for no particular reason other than I liked the drive. I ended up at a large park out on the county roads, one designed for hiking and horseback riding. I parked in an out of the way place and sat thinking for a long time. I pulled out some scratch paper and a pen from the glove box and made myself a short list of what I needed to get done.

1: Secure a harem for building up my power base.

2: Explore my capabilities with the Power more fully.

3: Establish a large and secure source of income.

4: Figure out what those men from the dream were talking about when they spoke of an Enemy.

Looking at the list it seemed unfinished, but these things would keep me busy for a while. I had already started on the Harem, with my mom, and there was something very comforting in the thought of its members being from my own family. I knew their deep love for me would be a great basis for my Power to work upon. I had a moment's pause about the moral ramifications of what I planned to do. But quickly I realized normal morality didn't apply to me anymore. I was operating on some higher level now. Of course this would have to be within reason. My teenage mind was coping with a massive amount of power and possibility. Tyranny didn't lay too far off I knew. That old adage ran through my head, 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely'.

Feeling a little more secure, I stepped out of the car and entered the forest. I spent several hours playing with the Power there. Much of what I tried to do I did from reflex and not conscious thought. It would take a lot more practice till I understood exactly what I was doing. But after those hours of practice I found there was much I could do. I could move small objects with my mind, start and put out fires and freeze and thaw water. I already knew about reading and influencing minds but I found I could do the same with animals. Though some things didn't translate. For instance a squirrel I found; I was able to get it to come down out of a tree and climb on my shoulder, but it couldn't grasp the idea of sitting up to beg, and its thoughts were so foreign and thin compared to a human mind that I wasn't sure how to translate. With enough study of its mind I knew I could, but I didn't have the time.

Several hours had passed and I was growing slightly weary from all the expenditures of Power. It was the first time I had grown tired from direct use of the power, and it had taken me a few hours to do so. But then again I was a lot stronger now than I had been the day before. So I headed back to the car and drove downtown. I parked by an open air mall and walked through the light press of people who were enjoying a warm Saturday afternoon of shopping. I found I could expand my thoughts now to include about two dozen minds without getting the double vision and vertigo that trying to read too many induced. It is always a strange experience having so many thoughts rolling around in my head. I'm not sure I can explain it in a way that would make sense to you. But I will try. Imagine juggling three different balls, but each of those balls are talking to you about different things. No matter what you do, you are forced to focus on all three conversations at once, splitting your awareness, while at the same time continuing to juggle. I guess it is somewhat like that. Now imagine doing that with twelve balls, one hundred balls or even a million. Difficult doesn't even begin to explain it.

At the end of the mall was a small bank. Before entering I sent out my thoughts to the branch manager, causing him to turn off the cameras, then I went in. I sat down at the loan officer's desk and pushed my thoughts out to all the people in the bank convincing them to ignore me. The loan officer was a surprisingly attractive little Asian woman. She must have been about thirty years old. She looked up and smiled when I sat down. She had large brown eyes and a bright white smile that lit up her face. I felt a stirring in my loins and the beginnings of a Power headache, but I tried to ignore them both.

"Hello young man," she said with just the trace of an accent. "My name is Asuka. How may I help you today?" I was just finishing pressing my thoughts on the other employees, making sure they wouldn't notice or remember me, when I gave her a smile in return.

"Hello Asuka, my name is Sean. I have some questions about different loans." I said.

"Very well." Her eyes lit up and when I sent my awareness into her I could tell she was excited about the prospect of selling a loan, though a bit dubious that a 19yr old kid would qualify. As she dug into her drawer pulling out packets of glossy paperwork, filled with information on different loans, I took the opportunity to dig deeply into her mind. Looking for information on what I sought took only a second. I found it and also a wealth of sexual images that caused my headache to grow. This woman was a nympho! Literally! She would go to clubs every weekend and pick up the first dude who hit on her, fucking him in the bathroom or the alley behind the club. She might do this several times in a night if she found the opportunity. Her and a girlfriend were regulars at several clubs in the City, the two of them having an almost insatiable desire for sex. Somehow Asuka had managed not to catch VD yet or not since her last test. It was just a matter of time though, especially with the wanton lifestyle she led. The image of this tiny woman hungrily devouring cock in all her holes had my head throbbing in pain. But I tried to ignore it, dragging forth the loan information I had gotten from her.

"I need a working capital loan for a non-profit organization I've started." I managed to get out.

She paused and regarded me with a somewhat disbelieving stare, "You have all the paperwork to prove your organization exists and the requisite government tax documents?"

"I haven't brought them in with me today, I was just here shopping different rates." I said thinking fast. I could just force her to give me the loan without taking any paperwork, but someone higher up in the bank would probably question it. I felt the need to be as discreet as possible, thus the cameras.

"Very well. How much of a line of credit would you need?" She asked while sorting through the paperwork on her desk.

"I believe 2 million to start out with will be enough." I replied.

"Oh my," Asuka said, "That is a larger sum than we can handle at this branch, but I can handle the loan through our corporate office." Her eyes took on a look of interest as she gazed at me now. "Tell me Sean what does your non-profit do?"

I already had an answer prepared for this one, but my headache was pounding now. There was a throbbing ache just behind my eyes. "We provide textbooks for inmates. Books for them to pass their GED and different college courses. As well as vocational study guides." I squeezed my eyes shut at a sharp spike of pain lanced through my mind. I could feel the power starting to fluctuate once again as it had the day before with my mom.

"Are you OK Sean?" Asuka asked with concern in her voice.

"I am sorry," I managed to get out. "There wouldn't happen to be a place I could be alone for a few minutes is there?"

"I am not sure what you mean by alone... There is the bathroom." She said. "Would that work?"

"Yes!" I said. A fluctuation Power had thrown me deep into her mind, calling up sordid details of her past. An eighteen year old Asuka riding her best friend's dad's cock in his den late at night, her at college drunk and eating out her dorm mate, Asuka the weekend before, swallowing some strangers cum in a dirty bathroom stall while her best friend Sylvia watched and masturbated. "Please... help me there." I croaked while staggering to my feet.

Asuka came around the desk and helped me up. Her thoughts alternating from concern, to the fantasies of doing dirty things in the bathroom of work she had never had the heart to fulfill. We staggered to the bathroom. One of my arms was thrown over her shoulder as she struggled to keep me upright. We got into the bathroom and I shut the door firmly behind us. I flipped the latch on the lock and turned back to regard the tiny loan officer.

"Sean?" She asked with a breathy voice. "What are you doing? Why did you lock the door?"

I stood there leaning against the door staring at the slight woman before me. She was dressed in a black pantsuit that clung tightly to her thin frame with her hair up in a bun and bangs framing her cute face. Her breasts were small, but she had a lovely little round ass that stood out proudly in her slacks. 'Yes she would do nicely for my harem', I thought.

"Take off those clothes woman." I managed to get out through gritted teeth. It wasn't just the pain in my head, it was the control I was forced to exert to keep the Power under some semblance of control.

"What?!" She asked. Placing a hand against her breast. "Get outta my way. Let me out of here!"

It took all the control I could muster up but I drove myself back into her mind. She wanted me I could tell but her natural instincts of self preservation were over riding her desire. She was scared and unsure of what was going on with me. I overrode these thoughts though and without my usual control I implanted a powerful change in her. No longer would she desire sex with random strangers. Now she would only get pleasure from pleasing me. All of her great sexual impulses would now be focused on me and my desires.

I didn't mean for the Power to hit her so hard, it was a wild fluctuation. But it drove all thought from her mind except the thought of pleasing me and thus pleasing herself. Asuka tore at her clothes in her haste to get them off her body. The sounds of buttons popping off and cloth tearing accompanied her. I could barely make her out as she stood naked before me because the pain had become so intense. I felt a trickle of warm fluid dribble out of my nose and then she was on me. Tearing at my clothes and kissing my lips and neck. Her hand found my rock hard cock pressed against my pants and she growled loudly in desire, almost tearing my pants in her haste to free my dick it from its confines. The second her hands and lips touched me I felt the pain vanish and the Power suddenly calmed within. I had been holding it in check with such force of will that I sagged in relief more from no longer having to control the Power than the absence of pain.

I felt a wet warmth on my cock and looked down to see Asuka hungrily sucking me down her throat, trying her best to fit me as far down as she could. While gently fondling my balls with one hand. The other had two fingers fucking in and out of her sopping pussy. The sounds she was making as she choked on my dick were a big turn on, but when I expanded my awareness into her mind what I found there filled me with a mixture of revulsion and awe. In my desperate need for relief and the powerful push of my uncontrollable power I had completely buried the woman Asuka beneath a powerful geas. Before me was the shell of a human being, filled with nothing more that the desire to please me. I was awed by my ability to do this to someone, and I was repulsed by the act, which was tantamount to murder of the psyche.

Part of my mind couldn't help but revel in the pleasure she was giving me. Her mouth was like a vacuum. I hated to admit it but Asuka was far more experienced at giving head than my mother. Far better than any woman who had ever sucked my dick, the feeling of her mouth and hand were euphoric. With the Power I dug deeply into her mind, drawing forth the woman I had buried under my powerful commands. Sweat began to pop out on my forehead from the delicate and strenuous work of prying off my suggestions. It took time and the distraction of her mouth on my dick didn't help, but eventually I was able to restore most of the woman to herself. I left in much lighter versions of the commands I had first placed on her. That she would seek no other partners but me and that pleasing me was how she would get relief.

Soon though I stopped working on her mind and focused on her kneeling before me naked. She had yet to cum, and I realized that she almost never came to orgasm while having sex or masturbating. This was part of her constant frustration. I reached down and grabbed her hair lifting her off my dick. There was an audible pop as she came off my cock still staring at it hungrily. I pulled her face to mine kissing her deeply and reached down to replace the hand she had working on her cunt with mine. The second I touched her sex I drove pleasure into her mind, at the same time tearing down the walls within her psyche that kept her from normally getting relaxed enough to cum.

"Fuck!!" She mumbled against my mouth. Her whole body shook against me with the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. While she was still cumming, I picked her up and plopped her ass down on the nearest sink. "Yes baby!" She nearly screamed at me, "Fuck me with that big thing!" Her lips were pulled back in a near snarl as she hooked her legs around my waist pulling me close. Her legs were surprisingly strong for being such skinny things. It was all I could do to aim my dick at her hole and then I was inside her. She wasn't nearly as tight as my mom, but she felt amazing. I especially love how her whole body got into it. As I fucked in and out of her, her hands ran all over my body and through my hair. They never stopped. She locked her fingers behind my neck and interlocked her ankles behind my ass. Before I knew it she had lifted herself up on my hips and was fucking down on me! I just stood there as this wanton slut got herself off on my dick. She drove herself to another orgasm without me helping her at all. A warm wetness sprayed out all over my cock and balls. She was squirting!

The sight of her head thrown back, guttural moans coming from her throat and her little titties jiggling as she humped up and down on my dick had me to the brink of orgasm quickly. "Get ready bitch, I am cumming in this little pussy!" I yelled.

"Do it! Do it! Cum you motherfucker! God damn it this is the greatest fuck ever!" When I started cumming deep inside her she opened her eyes and looked deeply into mine with tremendous pleasure. Then she sat down hard on my cock, once again the power sending my own pleasure out of me and into her. Throwing her into a far more powerful orgasm that she had ever had before. Her juices were shooting out all over me, drenching my crotch and the pants down around my ankles. Once more, as with every time I have an orgasm with a woman, I felt the power burgeon with strength inside me.

After her shudders had subsided Asuka clung to me weakly saying, "Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god!" Over and over under her breath. Then lifting herself off me with shaky legs and arms she looked up with utter devotion, giving me a deep and slow kiss.

"That is what I have been waiting for my whole life." She said while looking into my eyes, "I don't know where you came from Sean, but I need this cock again and again!" She reached down and softly gripped my dick.

I smiled down at her, "Then I guess I can get your number?" I asked with a cocky smile on my lips.

"Yes!" Asuka said, "And you better call me too. This was nothing, I will rock your world boy. I promise." Giving her mind a light scan I saw that she would too. She was willing to do anything to get my dick.

"Good. Cause I want you again." I said while disengaging myself from her. Then remembering her friend I said, "Perhaps you can bring a friend along too."

A thrill of pleasure at the knowledge that she could fulfill my desire coursed through Asuka and she said, "I know just the girl."

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