The Power Ch. 02


We spent some time getting ourselves put back together and I did my best to ignore her sexy ass as she pulled her pant suit back on. She had some trouble hiding the missing buttons and torn seams but in eventually she was happy with the way she looked. Meanwhile I monitored the minds of those outside the bathroom, making sure any memory of our loud sex was wiped from their minds. Before leaving the bank I made sure to get Asuka's number. As well as leaving the commands in her mind to send me all the requisite paperwork for my non-profit and loan application. Then moving quickly back through the mall, so people wouldn't notice the big wet stain on my pants I made it back to the car.

There was something strange though. When I got into the car I found the door unlocked and I distinctly remembered locking it. Searching through the car I found nothing of value had been taken. The piece of scratch paper I had made my notes on was missing though. Could this be the work of the Enemy or one of his henchmen? Or perhaps a strange thief? All the sudden what I just did at the bank and with Asuka seemed very foolish to me. I had been much to exposed. I would need to take more care when heading out into public in the future. I drove back home with these dark thoughts rolling through my mind. When I pulled into the drive it was still early afternoon. My aunt and cousin hadn't shown up yet.

I walked into the house to the smell of roasting meat. I could hear mom in the kitchen puttering around, preparing a feast to welcome all our guests. When entered the kitchen she flashed me a big grin with her ruby red lips. She was wearing a small red and white dress that flared out from the hips stopping just past her knees and it clung tightly to her bosom. Over the dress was a pink and white apron with ruffles around the edge and on her feet were a low pair of red heels. Her hair was teased up and she had carefully applied makeup.

"God mom, you look amazing!" I managed to get out, while scanning her body up and down.

She noticed me devouring her with my hot gaze and did a slow spin holding her arms out to the sides, "Do you like it? I put these on just for you." She could see the undisguised lust in my eyes and she raised her hand in a warding gesture, "Now now mister. Don't go getting any ideas, Sharon and Mary should be here in an the next couple hours. We can't afford to get caught."

"I will say what we can't afford to do." I said in a growl. "Get over here."

"Sean we can't!" Mom protested, while smoothing the apron against her flat stomach.

"Do I have to give you a direct order...slave?" Reaching out with my mind I was curious how she would take that. I didn't want to use the power on my mom but I had a powerful need for her at that moment. It took less than a second to delve into her mind and see how turned on she was by my use of the term slave. Even before I said that she was prepared do whatever I wanted. She would do it with her own sister and niece looking on if it gave me pleasure. She was drawing this out like foreplay.

"No master. This is my fault." She said in a small voice as she sashayed over to me. "I dressed this way to turn you on. So its my job to get you off." That last came out in a fierce whisper. The possessive quality in her voice was endearing and a big turn on. My dick was rock hard against my pants. As she knelt before me I remembered having sex with the squirting Asuka, and how I had yet to clean up from it.

"You will clean my cock of the whore I just fucked and get me ready to fuck your ass." I was enjoying pushing my mom to her limits, or at least testing whether or not she had any with me.

Mom was on her knees unbuckling my belt when I said this and she froze in place. Carefully not looking me in the eyes she said, "You fucked a whore?"

I gave her mind a scan and found the thought of me with another woman excited her, so long as I came home to her afterward. But she was worried about me catching some disease, so I decided to reassure her.

"She was a loan officer at the bank. A good catholic girl, who's practically a virgin." The lie couldn't hurt. I could tell mom was instantly reassured.

"You are insatiable Sean." Mom purred as she pulled down my pants. Then with a note of pride in her voice she said, "I bet you gave her the fuck of her life." She held my rapidly hardening cock gently in her hands, the evidence of my most recent conquest had dried in a white mess all around the base of my cock and in my pubic hair. She leaned forward tentatively and licked at the base of my cock tasting Asuka's and my mingled juices. I enjoyed the view down the top of her dress.

"Have you ever tasted pussy before mom?" I asked her.

"No, never." Mom replied before getting back to work on my cock. She licked and sucked up and down my dick, cleaning it off. "Does it turn you on to watch your mother taste another woman on you?"

"Oh yeah," I moaned. The pleasure of her mouth and hands were getting to me now.

"Good." She said with satisfaction in her voice. "Maybe someday you can watch me eat your cum out of another woman. Would you like that?" I gave a start of surprise and stared down at my mom. She was looking up and met my eyes with a wicked grin on her face, clearly satisfied that she had stunned me. Scanning her mind I found she was willing to do it too! The thought of me getting off on the sight of her face in another woman's pussy was enough to make her willing and ready.

"God damn mom, you are one hot bitch!" I groaned.

"Language young man!" She said with mock severity.

I just smiled at her and reached down grabbing the back of her head and shoved my dick in her mouth. I fucked her face for a few minutes, marveling how she came to a powerful orgasm without my using the power on her once. Her beautiful perfect red lips stretching around my dick. After she had cum and when my dick was covered in saliva I told her to bend over the sink. She knew what was coming, so she lifted her dress up, pulling down the skimpy pair of black panties she wore and grabbed a hold of the edge of the sink. Looking back over her shoulder at me with a lusty gaze.

I stepped up behind her taking a hold of her hip with one hand and slid my dick into her sopping tight wet pussy with the other. I coated it in her juices. Mom moaned loudly and started cumming the second I entered her. "God I will never get over the feeling of your massive cock Sean! So perfect!" But once my dick was coated I pulled out of her pussy and held the tip of my dick against her ass with one hand. With the other I reached up and pulled one of her tits out of the top of her dress.

With my dick pressed against her ass and fingers pulling hard on one of her large nipples I said, "Beg me for it." With my awareness in mom's mind I felt pleasure spike in her at the command. She was so submissive it startled me!

"Please Sean! Fuck my ass! God baby mommy needs it so bad!" She began pushing back against my dick, rocking slightly as she begged, "Last night was so amazing I've been dreaming about this all day. Fuck my ass baby! Fuck your mommy!"

Hearing her say those incestuous words drove me wild and I pressed forward. I pushed slowly into her ass not wanting to hurt it. But mom was having none of that, she pushed against me hard, driving half of my cock inside her in one fell swoop. She let out a loud moan and arched her back. Sensing how desperate for it she was, and with my own powerful need to be inside her, I pressed her up against the sink driving my dick the rest of the way in. Triggering a powerful orgasm in her with the Power.

"Yes! That's it baby! Make me your dirty whore! Make mommy your dirty ass slut!" Once again the filthy words coming out of my proper conservative mother drove me mad with lust. I pulled both of her tits out of the top of her dress and she reaching up to help me. I fucked her there against the sink for a long time. Giving her slow powerful strokes. Relishing in the feel and sigh of her tight asshole sliding up and down my cock. She had several orgasms on her own, but I heightened them with the power. Finally she had an orgasm so big that her ass cinched down on my dick and her legs went rubbery beneath her. Her blond hair was in disarray and her lips and cheeks flushed with lust and exertion. I pulled out of her and she whimpered softly. I picked her up I lay her on her back on the kitchen table. Mom looked up at me with wild eyes not yet understanding what I was doing. Lifting her legs I threw them over my shoulders and put my dick back into her ass.

"Oh god yes!" She moaned, closing her eyes and tilting her head back in ecstasy.

I took one of her hands and placed it on her pussy and she started rubbing it instantly. With the other she started playing with one of her massive tits. Pulling at the nipple and squeezing the mountain of flesh. I held onto her thighs and pounded her ass hard. The squishing sounds and smell of our sex filled the kitchen, mingling with the smells of the cooking dinner. I sensed my orgasm approaching so I drove pleasure into her with the Power pushing mother into another massive orgasm. Then I pulled out to shot ropes of warm cum all over her ass and thighs, but to my surprise and in the midst of her powerful orgasm she slid off the table and opened her mouth holding the tip near her lips and looking up into my eyes. Our eyes met as I started shooting ropes of sticky warm cum into her mouth. My Power rocking her with another orgasm. Blasts of cum hit her in the cheeks and chin but mom took them like a champ, swallowing it all down when I was done shooting. Then reaching over to the counter for a rag she cleaned off my dick and gave it a little kiss causing it to jump from the contact to its oversensitive tip.

"Baby you are a god at this." Mom said, and I could only smile at the irony of her words. "Why weren't we doing this years ago?"

"You're not so bad yourself there lady," I said.

"Go clean up mister. While I put myself back together and finish dinner." Mom said as she stood on wobbly legs patting at her hair in disarray. There was a slightly glazed look in mom's eyes and when I scanned her mind she was deep in the throes of bliss. Thoughts of a completely fulfilled life and ultimate motherhood were swimming around in her mind amidst wonder at how much pleasure she was getting from fucking her son. It was all beyond her wildest dreams and fantasies. I went up to take a shower and change. Walking around in my own bliss filled state.


As I stood in the shower, letting the hot water wash over me, I thought about how much sex I had had during the day. Four times so far. So far! God, that in itself was an incredible thought. Beyond the thought of how swiftly my life had changed, was the thought that usually I masturbated at most 4 times a day. It seemed my stamina had gone up. Working through the logic of it was a relatively easy task for me now. I needed more power, so my body adapted the necessary requirements to facilitate this. This wasn't a conscious thought. So I was operating on an instinctual level. Some part of me knew there was a threat out there. A threat I needed me to gain strength quickly to combat. It all added up rather easily to me; The Enemy. My body's response, along with the theft from my mothers car and then the warning of the night before. I had been thinking there would be more time to adjust myself to the Power and my new life. Perhaps that assumption was wrong. Would it come to a physical confrontation? Or perhaps something more spiritual or abstract, like a propaganda pogrom against me?

Standing there under the water I sent out my awareness. I probed in a large swath directly in front of me, in order to take in more minds farther away. Then turning, I did a full scan of the area, making sure there was nothing out of the ordinary or any strangers. There was a teenager who had snuck into one of the neighbors daughters bedroom, the two were sneaking a cigarette and awkwardly flirting. Other than that there was nothing amiss. At least nothing I could sense. I went to the first mind near me. The neighbors wife Mindy. I planted in her a subtle command to look out the window every couple hours or so, whenever she was home and except when she was sleeping. Then moving around the neighborhood from mind to mind I did the same. I adjusted the times for each so that there should always be a person monitoring the streets, leading to my house, for suspicious activity. When people would be sleeping or where there were gaps to fill I tapped into animals. It took a lot longer to explain to the smaller more primitive minds what it was I desired, but eventually I got through. The last and final step was to tie the whole web together with lines of Power. So that if anyone did notice something I would be made aware. One of the strands from my great web sending me a warning.

I came to myself then and realized I had been standing still in the shower for over an hour, my focus elsewhere, my hands and feet wrinkled. Then I beheld what I'd worked with the Power. The enormity of it stunned me. For 6 blocks in every direction I had built a security system. All done without disturbing a single person in my neighborhood. I had just brushed the surface of the Power's potential earlier in the day. It was capable of far more subtlety than just making fireballs or shards of ice. I got out of the shower and headed to my room to change. I had just begun to put on my pants when a subtle warning came from the system I had just wrought. There was a BMW SUV driving into the neighborhood and no one knew who it was. I sent out my awareness, marveling in how much easier it had become to direct it like this. I looked through one of the neighbors eyes and watched as my aunt and cousin drove closer in their car.

I spent some time dressing and noticed something for the first time. My body was changing along with my sex drive and stamina. Muscles I never had before were slightly defined now. I had never been fat, but I had always had a little paunch. This had melted away and there was the vague definition of abs on my stomach. Perhaps there were other more subtle changes that I hadn't noticed yet. Time would tell.

Finally though I headed down the stairs and heard loud voices talking in the living room. When I walked in I saw my aunt and cousin sitting and chatting with my mom. Let me get their descriptions out of the way now. As I believe I said before, neither are as stunningly attractive as my mom is. Few women are. She lucked out in the gene lottery, her and my sister Ashlyn both. But my aunt and her daughter were still very beautiful.

My aunt Sharon is on the short side with dark brown hair that falls just past her shoulders. She has a cute round face, with thick lips and a button nose. She is far from fat, but she has wide flaring hips, thick thighs and large heavy breasts that are just slightly smaller than my moms. Though they seem larger in some clothes because she is shorter. My uncle died in a tragic accident at the navy shipping yard when I was just a kid. As a result Sharon got paid a huge sum of money from the government and hasn't worked a day since then. My mom said one time that they paid her millions of dollars, with another large amount held in trust for Mary until she reached 21. So aunt Sharon dresses in the nicest and most expensive clothing. She is always trendy. This afternoon when I walked in I saw she was wearing a couture cashmere sweater pulled down over a very expensive long dress and her hair was elegantly styled to a glossy shine.

My cousin Mary was 18 and a bit of a problem child. She always had been. I guess it stands to reason, her father died when she was just a young child and so she rebelled against her mom in misplaced anger. She was like a smaller, goth version of my aunt. Her dark brown hair was dyed black and hung straight down. While her face was done up with a lot of stylized makeup. Bright red lips, pale coverup and thick black eye eyeliner had all been very carefully applied. She wore a narrow black leather top that barely contained her large, firm, young tits and ended just above her belly button. Showing a strip of pale stomach and the curve of her waist. Her legs were covered in a tiny pink mini skirt and black tights with pink mesh tights pulled over them and she had on a funny pair of silver moon boots (only way I can describe them).

When I walked into the living room I carefully spread out my awareness and scanned both their minds. They were both happy to see me, though Mary did her best to hide that fact. I was gratified to see that they had both noticed the changes taking place in me. Both of them spent a second checking out my new muscles and my height. It was somewhat humorous how both mother and daughter saw the same things at the same time. I pushed harder on the thoughts in their minds, and as I said hello and came over to give them both a hug, I drove up their desire and attraction to me. Here they both had very different reactions. Mary for her part got really turned on and her mind associated the taboo desire as an act of ultimate rebellion, turning her on further. As she sat down she looked at me with new eyes, memorizing me for later fantasies. I knew she wouldn't be a problem. Aunt Sharon though froze in the act of giving me a hug. When desire and attraction woke up in her, a flood of juices hit her pussy; first startling and then disgusting the conservative widow. She sat back on the couch in a distracted manner, berating herself inwardly for these dangerous and dirty thoughts. This was more the reaction I had expected.

I spent some time, while we all engaged in small talk about their drive across the state, to dig through her thoughts and figure out where the major problems lay. It seems that like my mom, she had been abstinent since her husband passed away. The first few years were difficult. She had even gone out to bars trying to meet guys or get laid. But then when the troubles with Mary started up she decided that introducing a man into their lives would be like setting a spark in a powder keg. After a few years she had begun to forget about sex entirely. Only the odd night when the summer heat got to her or an especially racy novel, did she find herself horny enough to masturbate. Even then it was with a measure of guilt.

As we sat there and chatted, my mom heading back and forth to the kitchen to make sure supper was good, I worked on Sharon and Mary's minds. Mary was already primed and with only a minimal amount of influence. The thought of fucking her hot older cousin already had her juices flowing and she squirmed in her seat with the need to take care of herself. I almost laughed out loud when she pulled a big pair of sunglasses out of her purse so she could stare at me openly without being noticed. Her mother though; I began working over with subtle changes to her thoughts. I had to be careful, I love my aunt, and I had no desire to irrevocably change or damage her psyche like I had almost done with Asuka earlier. Surprisingly it was less the idea of incest and more the thought of sex in general that turned her off. So I pulled up memories of my uncle and her. She replayed in vivid detail memories of the two of them having passionate sex. This was a slow way to progress in my work of making her a willing concubine, but it was much preferable to just making her a mindless slave. I wanted all my women to be as willing and excited as my mom was. That gave me another idea.

Mom came in then and announced that dinner was ready. So we all went in and sat around the table. "Here is your gift Sean," Sharon said while handing me an envelope.

I sat down at the table and opened the card. Inside it was some generic platitude and a gift card to an electronics store, "Thank you aunt Sharon and thanks Mary. Really you didn't have to. I think I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff."

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