The Power Ch. 02


"Nonsense," said mom. "You're never too old to celebrate your birthday. I wish we had done more yesterday," her cheeks blushed a deep red when she said that, memories of sucking my dick right here in this room for the first time, rolling through her head, "but I was hoping your sister would make it today."

"Where is Ashlyn, aunt Becky?" Mary asked. I was deep in aunt Sharon's mind influencing her thoughts and inserting subtle commands, but a sliver of my awareness was monitoring my cousins mind too. She definitely recognized the smells of sex, underlying the smell of cooked dinner, in the kitchen. She was thinking my mom must have a lover and she was looking at her in a new light.

"Ashlyn wanted to fly down today, but she got stuck at school up in Seattle. She should be down next weekend." Mom replied while dishing out plates of pot roast and vegetables. "How long do you plan to stay in town Sharon?"

"Wha-?" Sharon said in a distracted voice. Shaking her head and wondering what had come over her, she tossed me and my muscular form a surreptitious glance from beneath her long lashes. "Oh we were planning on staying the whole week. If that's OK that is."

"Yea that's perfect." Mom said. I noticed a hint of disappointment in her voice. In her mind she was wondering how she was ever going to get my dick in her with the family about. "You will get a chance to see Ashlyn then. She should fly in Friday night."

"Maybe you can show me around town Sean," Mary said with a sly smile directed at me. "Its been years since we really hung out." Then leaning forward so I couldn't help but see down between her big firm tits she said in a sultry voice, "I'd love to go for a ride... Can you take me for a ride Sean?"

Needless to say I was a bit stunned at her audacity and lack of subtlety. My mom and aunt couldn't help but notice what she was doing either. "Mary!" Aunt Sharon barked, "You will behave yourself young woman!" Then turning to my mom she said, "Honestly I don't know what has come over her lately. Please forgive her, she is deliberately shocking sometimes."

"I'm right here mom!" Mary yelled out, "You don't need to talk over my head like that!"

"Peace, ladies." I worked my voice with subtle intonations of the Power. Forcing the words into a command phrase. I didn't even know that was possible before I did it, but it worked. Tempers calmed down around the table and we got back to civil conversation, my aunt asking about college and my cousin sitting in silence.

Something interesting had happened in the minds around the table though from that little confrontation. My mom instantly saw my aunt and cousin in a new light. They both had become viable sexual partners for me. She thought I would be able to help them both by imposing some discipline on them. The thought of Mary over my knee getting spanked, her legs kicking futilely and her naked ass red with hand marks, had moms pussy soaking. The girl needed a strong male figure. For that matter Sharon needed a man in her life too. Someone to assuage her crushing insecurity and relax all that pent up tension she lived with. I was amazed at how wonderfully to my liking mom was thinking. She truly is a perfect woman for me. Meanwhile my aunt felt a spark of competition flare within her breast. She was doing her best to bury it, but I wouldn't allow that to happen. She was jealous of her daughters younger body and flirtatious ways. She thought of herself a this old fat cow, unwanted and unattractive. I knew I could fix that eventually. The memories I was bringing up in her head, I began to replace her husband with me. At the first one Sharon gave an audible moan at the table. She managed to cover it by remarking how great the food was. But for the rest of dinner she kept sending me glances, her pussy soaking through her panties and her mind alternating between berating herself for such dirty thoughts and relishing the new sensations.

When dinner was over I offered to clean up. Sharon and Mary went to get themselves unpacked and comfortable in the guest bedrooms. Mom was a little tipsy from the bottle of wine she and Sharon had shared, so she went out to the living room to watch the news. After a few minutes though she wandered back into the kitchen looking for something sweet to eat. I had just cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher. When mom got to the fridge I walked up behind her and circled my hands around her waist. Pressing one hand against her pussy and lifting the other up to cup one of her heavy tits.

"Sean!" She said in a breathless gasp. "What are you doing?!"

"Whatever I want." I nuzzled my lips into her neck and nipped at the soft skin there. She moaned in response. My dick got hard at her moan and I pressed it against her ass.

"Not here... Oh god that feels good. We can't Sean not with you aunt and cousin here. What if they hear us?" she asked while pressing her ass against my crotch.

"I don't care if they hear. I'm not going to make it a week without having you." I pressed my fingers harder against her crotch, rubbing her clit. "I'm going to eat this pussy soon." I promised.

"Oh my god!" Mom whispered loudly, "Are you always this horny? Was it Mary? That girl is going to get herself in trouble one of these days acting like that." Mom was trying to change the subject but I wouldn't let her.

"She is going to get my dick in her is what she's going to get." I scanned in her mind to see how she would take this admission. Images of me and my younger cousin flitted through my mom's head. A small spike of jealousy hit her, but only briefly.

"Don't say such things Sean. What we do is bad enough." She was still pressing her ass into my hard dick, her hands gripping the fridge door.

"Do you really think this is bad?" I asked while squeezing her tit hard and pressing my fingers into her pussy through the thin material of her dress and panties.

Mom just sighed in pleasure and said, "No. In all honesty I don't think its wrong... Though I should."

"Then you will help me fuck Mary and aunt Sharon."

"Is that an order?" Mom asked in a breathless voice.

"It is slave. I order you to help me fuck your sister and niece." Mom moaned in pleasure at the taboo command. "They will join you as my slaves."

"You are so terrible master!" Her voice and actions betrayed the words though.

I whispered my instructions to her, giving her the perfect phrases to say to my aunt, paving the way for the inevitable. Laying out her part in my plan. Then I said "Get in the bathroom mom. I need a blow job."

Mom wasted no time. She almost ran to the bathroom. I took my time, not quite ready for my aunt and cousin to realize what was going on. When I got inside mom was already on her knees in front of the sink. Her dress was pulled down and her massive tits were hanging free. They swung heavily back and forth as she tied up her hair. I wasted no time pulling my dick out and shoving it in her mouth. She spent her time sucking me off. Having several orgasms herself before she swallowed down my load. Then she lovingly cleaned my cock with her tongue. I got hard again while she was licking and sucking on me. She was making little mewling noises in the back of her throat and playing with her tits for my benefit. I took the opportunity of my quick recovery and told her in whispers to sit on the toilet. Then I put a dollop of lotion on her tits. She knew what was coming and smiled up in joy that she could give me this. I was still amazing to me how fulfilled my mom was at being able to give me pleasure. She lifted up her tits in two hands and let me place my dick between them. Then she squeezed them together pillowing my cock between those massive mammaries. The feeling of her warm tit flesh engulfing me was amazing. It was even more amazing when she bent her chin down and licked at the tip whenever it peaked through the top of her tits. I slowly fucked her tits running my hands through her hair and along her face and shoulders. Reaching behind I fingering her pussy. Running the tip of one finger lightly around her clit then sliding two fingers into her. Reading her thoughts I was able to give the exact right pressure in the perfect places. Soon she was having a powerful orgasm.

I sent my awareness out to see where my aunt and cousin were. My aunt was busy unpacking, thoughts of sex with a faceless young man rolling through her head. She tried to ignore both the thoughts and the fact that the young man looked remarkably similar to me. Mary had just finished unpacking and was about to lay down with her small vibrator, thoughts of me and the taboo of incest rolling through her head. Instead I planted another notion.

With a sliver of my mind I monitored Mary and I kept fucking my moms massive tits. Taking a firm handful of her hair I pulled her head back and said fiercely, "Who are you?"

Mom gave me a confused look then said, "I'm your mother."

My cousin had just gotten to the outside of the bathroom and was lifting her hand to the doorknob when I said, "What are you woman?"

The firm tone of command in my voice, brought a wave of pleasure to my mom and she said, "I am your slave master. I am my son's sex slave!"

I caressed her cheek when she said this, still fucking my dick in and out of her tits. Mary meanwhile was frozen in shock outside the door. I had timed it perfectly. She heard my mother's admission and was stunned. She was already horny and her pussy wet; but this sent her over the edge. Not to mention my subtle influence on her brain. I pulled my dick from between moms tits and still holding her hair in one hand brought her mouth down on it. She knew what to do and wasted no time in sucking me deep into her throat. The slurping sounds of her blow job carried faintly through the door. Mary meanwhile had one hand pressed tightly against her pussy rubbing it through her tights. Between her own twisted sexual tastes and my influence on her mind she was going crazy with lust. Shocked by the sounds of her aunt giving her cousin a blow job. Just on the other side of this door!

I shoved my dick deep into mom's throat and then sent one more command to Mary and another for Sharon, so she would stay in her room. The sound of the door opening made my mom stiffen beneath me and moan in horror, her eyes went wide and focused on the doorway. I turned my head casually to regard Mary standing frozen with her hand on the door handle, a look of pure lust on her face as she looked on the scene before her. I crooked my finger, motioning for Mary to come in. Then I looked down at my mom and said, "Well looks like it will happen sooner than we thought. What are we going to do with this little whore?"

Mary walked into the room like a zombie. I held a finger to my lips motioning my mom to silence then pulled my dick out of her mouth. She gave a small groan of disappointment but that was all. Her wide eyes follow me as I moved over to my tiny busty cousin. I walked around her slowly taking in her body with an approving eye. Then I gave my mom a wink. Mary's eyes were staring at my big dick with disbelief. She had never seen anything that big before. In fact for all her wanton ways she had only fucked one dude before, a couple of times, and he had been pathetically small. When I paused to stare down into her face she opened her mouth to speak but I silenced her with a finger across her lips. She kissed my finger staring up at me with wide eyes. Her hands still pressed to her crotch.

"It seems you have been a bad girl Mary." I said in a steely voice of command. Both mom and Mary moaned at that. What a couple of subservient sluts I have! "You are going to have to be punished for snooping around and poking your nose in where it doesn't belong."

She opened her mouth to speak again but I grabbed her violently. Placing one hand over her mouth and the other I grabbed the back of her neck, pushing her up against the sink so she faced the mirror. My face was just above her shoulder and my mom was sitting on the toilet, still visible in the mirror. The top of her dress pulled down below her tits and the bottom of it up above her waist. Her neatly trimmed pussy as visible as it oozed juices.

"You want that?" I asked Mary fiercely while motioning with my chin at my mother. "You want to be my little whore?" Mary's eyes went to my mom who was trailing a hand down to her pussy, as she watched me dominate her niece. Monitoring moms thoughts I found she was powerfully turned on by my aggressiveness. Mary's nodded her head slowly in my grasp and pressed her firm teenage ass into my exposed dick moaning softly against the hand I had over her mouth.

I released my firm hold of her but told her to stay where she was. I pulled up her hands, placing them on the counter top. Positioning myself behind and over her. I ran my own hands all over her body, feeling her firm tits and tight ass. She mewled in pleasure while I explored her body. I didn't have to add any pleasure to her mind with the Power but I did anyway. Driving her to a powerful orgasm when my fingers brushed over her pussy covered in its two pairs of tights.

"Fuck Sean!!! I'm...!!! Oh god I'm cumming!!" Her voice was filled with surprise that I had made her cum so easily. My mom just smiled on with a knowing grin. I was carefully monitoring both of them, wary of jealousy in my mom. But she wasn't at all, she felt pleasure at watching me. Relishing the sight of my naked body as I manhandled Mary. She also felt pride at my prowess and skill. Deep down I sensed just a hint of jealousy but it was because I had never handled here with such force before. We both knew there was time enough for that in the future.

"I told you to stay quiet," I said as I slid a hand along Mary's exposed midriff and up under her tight top, grabbing one of her firm tits. Her nipples were hard little rocks poking through the top. I reached up and dragged her top off, letting those wonderful tits bounce free. They stood out high and proud from her chest, capped in small pale pink nipples and looking huge on her tiny frame. I just kept dragging my hands down her body, pulling the tights off as well. Soon my cousin stood before me naked, her clothes in a pile at her feet. Then I stood up behind her. My dick poking her in the lower back as she tried to lift up her ass, a pleading look in her eyes.

"Please Sean, I need it." She shot an embarrassed look at my mom who was watching us with an intense stare. Her desire was now at an all time high. Her small eighteen year old body squirmed with it.

"You need to learn to follow directions girl." I said with the note of steel back in my voice. "It seems I am going to have to teach you some discipline. For you are surely lacking it. This is for your own good." With that said I turned to the side, noting the confusion on Mary's face. Then I brought my hand down hard on her exposed ass. The sound of the slap was like a whip crack in the small bathroom. Mary jumped in surprise and pain. While my mom groaned out loud in pleasure, one hand rubbing at her clit while the other massaged her giant tits. The sight of her getting off on this turned me on so much I almost couldn't go on with the punishment. But I knew it was necessary. I proceeded to spank Mary with my open hand ten times. Her yelps of pain growing with each slap upon her quickly reddening ass. Her face was scrunched up in pain, but she didn't utter a sound. I could also sense how powerfully turned on she was by the spanking.

When I was done I said, "Am I going to have any more trouble from you?" Mary looked up at me with her big eyes and just shook her head back and forth. "Good, you took your punishment well. Especially for the first time. So I will reward you." Mary couldn't help a moan of pleasure as I got behind her and took a hold of her slim hips in my hands pulling her up on her toes. I slid a finger into her from the front and found she was sopping wet, juices dribbling out of her cleanly shaven pussy. Her lips parted in bliss and the tip of her tongue slid along her top lip wetting it in a pretty way. I slid my finger in and out of her as I positioned my dick at the entrance of her hole. Holding it there firmly.

I looked in the mirror at my mom who was still busy fingering herself. Mom noticed me looking and she gave me a nod, as if to say 'go ahead'. In fact that's exactly what she was thinking. She couldn't wait to see me fucking my little cousin. So I started to slid my big dick into Mary's tiny little pussy. I could only get the head in before having to pull out and then inch another little bit in slowly. Mary lifted up pressing her hands upon the mirror and pushing back against me. She grunted and moaned with every inch that I managed to get into her. I felt an orgasm building inside her and helped it along with the Power driving her to a shuddering climax when only half of my dick was inside. Mary bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming and moaning. Though some squeals still managed to get through a little. It took some time but finally I managed to get the whole thing in her. I paused there, feeling her pussy walls adjusting to my girth. She climaxed again, more powerfully than the first time and as she shook, biting her tongue to keep from calling out again. I took pity on her and said, "You can speak now, but quietly. I don't want to disturb your mother. I'm not ready to fuck her just yet."

Mary's eyes popped open in surprise at this last comment and a wicked little grin came to her face, then she was lost once again in the pleasure of my dick filling her up. "Fuck!" She moaned in a muffled voice. "This beyond wild!" Then I started slowly fucking in and out of her. Her juices flowed around my dick and dribbled down her thighs. I reached around her and felt her firm tits. They stood out from her chest high and proud. I used both hands to cup and fondle them. Pulling and pinching on her sensitive pink nipples.

"Jesus! I can't believe this!" She came to another powerful orgasm her legs growing weak beneath her. "You're huge Sean!" She panted out, "I'm so fucking filled up!"

"I want you on top." I said. Pulling out of her with a wet sound and a whimper from Mary, I lay down on the bathmat. My head near my mom's feet so she could look down on us. Mary quickly straddled, me taking my dick in her hands and marveling at its length. To my surprise she leaned down and quickly sucked the head into her mouth, sucking and licking her cum off it. My mom and I both groaned at the sight and Mary looked up to meet my eyes with a mischievous grin. Then she climbed up on me and took a hold of my dick, slipping it back inside her tight hot hole. We both groaned as she sank down on it.

She rode me with abandon, leaning down to kiss me deeply and whisper in my ear. Telling me how hot this was, how crazy it was to be fucking her cousin while her aunt watched. "I want to watch while you fuck my prissy bitch of a mother!" She said as she bit down on my neck with her little white teeth. I slapped her ass and loved her little yelp of surprise. Then I slid a hand around her throat, choking her slightly and pushing her up so she leaned back. I fucked up into her with long hard strokes while she lost herself in the pleasure of it. Her makeup was spread all over her face by this point. Along with her tousled hair it made her look like some young fuck goddess. Her high firm tits bounced as I fucked up into her. They swayed back and forth with her body, then she had her biggest orgasm yet, my hand tight around her throat. This one was completely unassisted by the Power and the feel of her pussy cumming around my cock had me getting closer to my own orgasm.

"I am going to cum!" I moaned out loud.

"Inside me!" Mary gasped, "I want to feel you shoot inside me!" I was tempted to. I didn't want to leave her tiny little pussy. But I also didn't want to run the risk of getting her pregnant. So I pushed her off me and stood up.

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