tagIncest/TabooThe Power Ch. 03

The Power Ch. 03


This story is a work of fiction. All people and places are made up. The author does not condone sex between family members. Its just a fantasy people, read and enjoy.


I was woken up from a dreamless sleep by a warm wet sensation on my cock. Picking up my head I couldn't suppress the groan of pleasure that escaped my lips at the sight of my mom bobbing up and down my hard on. Mom looked up when I moaned and pulled up off my dick for a second, holding it in her hand and stroking it lightly. "Morning." Then she gave me this devilish smile and went right back to sucking and licking my dick, her bare tits swaying heavily with her movements. I just lay back and enjoyed the pleasures her mouth was giving me. Before too long she had me cumming in her mouth while she swallowed it down. The power burgeoned within me once again and overflowed into her, setting off her own orgasm.

"Now that is a good way to wake up." I said once we had both recovered.

"I'm glad you liked it honey." Mom leaned back and pulled her robe closed around her large breasts. Tying it firmly in place as she checked her hair in the mirror above my dresser. "Now get up we have a long day ahead of us. Throwing me a mischievous smile she slipped out of my room. I could hear her humming happily to herself as she made her way down the hall.

I got up and made my ablutions and got dressed. Then headed down to grab some breakfast before heading out. I met my cousin in the hall, on her way to take a shower. She was dressed only in a towel with her hair pulled up. Her eyes got hot the second she saw me and as we passed each other, she pressed me up against the wall, her mouth seeking mine out and kissing me with fierce passion.

My hands traveled up and down her tight body, cupping her ass and pulling her against me. Then she pulled away from me and flounced down to the bathroom. Knowing I was staring at her tiny ass and bouncing tits as she went. She threw me a wink just before she shut the door behind her. The little minx. My dick was rigid in my pants and I could feel the beginnings of a power headache starting to form behind my eyes. I tried to ignore it though as I went down the hall to the kitchen.

My mom was busy mixing batter and scrambling some eggs. "There is coffee brewing. Could you get the paper and wake up your aunt for me?"

"Sure mom." I said. I took the opportunity to check my defense system while I walked out to get the paper. There wasn't anything amiss, much to my relief. I still didn't know what the Enemy could be or what kinds of threats it might pose. But I was resolved to stay ready for anything. The second I began thinking about what I could do to better prepare, my mind began to dream up all sorts of ideas. Tactics to better defend our house, wards of the Power that could be placed upon myself or others, strategies for going safely out in public and many others. I began to loose myself in these thoughts, not paying attention to my surroundings or the headache that was throbbing more and more insistently. So it was in this distracted state that I walked into the guest bedroom without knocking or checking on my aunt with the power. What I saw froze me in my tracks.

Laying in the middle of the bed, with the covers thrown back was my aunt... completely naked. She had her legs spread wide and one hand furiously working on her pussy while the other gripped the sheets tightly. Her pussy was waxed clean, and her breasts stood out high and proud, capped with light pink nipples much like her daughters. At the sound of the door nob swinging into the wall her eyes popped open and she stared at me in horror. The two of us were frozen for half a second before she hopped out of the bed, dragging the comforter around herself as she did so and yelling for me to get out. I didn't though. I couldn't.

The thoughts of tactics and the Enemy flew from my mind. All I could think of was my throbbing headache, the need for relief and the sexy curvy woman before me. My elaborate plan to seduce my aunt went out the window in that moment and I knew I was going to take her now. One way or the other.

I stepped in the room and threw the door shut behind me. When it slammed into place aunt Sharon jumped and clutched more tightly to the comforter. The look on my face must have been frightful because fear stole over Sharon's face and she cowered back into the corner of the room. I walked over to her and tore the comforter away from her naked body. The sight of her jiggling tits and wide eyes put extra steel into my dick.

"Sean!" She yelled while trying to cover up her tits with one arm and her pussy with the other, "What on earth are you doing?"

I didn't even think of using the power, my need was so great. I just reached down and unbuckled my belt. Aunt Sharon's eyes followed my movement and a small whimper escaped from her throat. She pulled back farther, pressing her whole body up against the wall, but her eyes remained on my crotch. As my dick came into view her mouth opened into a small "o".

"Sean," she whispered hoarsely, "What..."

But I didn't let her get any farther. I reached out and grabbed a hold of her forearm and dragged her forward, roughly tossing her onto the bed. She fell face down, bent at the waist on the mattresses edge. Her thick glossy hair spreading out from her beautiful face like a halo. She squawked in alarm and tried to get up but I reached out and placed a hand on her back holding her down. She pushed up against me, struggling to get free. I just reached back with my other hand and smacked it down hard on her ass. The sound of my hand smacking her bare ass rung out in the room. I think the sound more than anything startled Sharon and she stilled under me.

"Lay still aunt Sharon," I said. I could hear the urgency in my own words and I grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her legs up straight. Her beautiful round ass stood before me and as I pulled my dick up against her pussy lips I could feel how incredibly wet she was.

"Oh God! No Sean! You can't do this, its wrong. So WroNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!" The word turned into a scream of pleasure as I plunged my dick inside her. I knew instantly where my cousin got her tightness. My aunts pussy was tiny! Still a bit looser than her daughter, but far tighter than my mom. She was so wet though that I slid right in to the hilt. I didn't bother with easing into her for the fucking. My headache was gone once I made contact but I couldn't stop myself. I started pounding into her hard and furious. Holding her hips with both hands and pulling her against me with each thrust.

"So wrong! Oh GOD! Fuck! Stop this Sean! Oh god YES! Stop!" Aunt Sharon grunted out her implications for me to stop what I was doing. But her body told another story. She was pushing back against me with each thrust and her hands had a tight grip on the sheets. Her endless words began to annoy me.

"Shut up woman and just enjoy it!" I growled at her, spiking my words with a lick of the Power. Apparently she was already enjoying it a lot because she instantly began to shudder and moan in a powerful orgasm. Throwing her head back, her hair whipping back and across her back, she arching her back as the force of it rolled through her. Her pussy clenched down on my cock so hard that it began to push me out of her.

My words spiked with the Power had been a suggestion and not a command and as Sharon came down from the heights of her orgasm she collapsed upon the bed and rolled her head to look at me over her shoulder.

"God Sean I needed that. That was... That was amazing." I went to push my dick back into her but she pulled away from me. "Not yet Sean, give me a second. I forgot how sensitive I get after an orgasm." I pulled back but couldn't help the growl of frustration that escaped my lips. Sharon just laughed at that and swung around on the bed. Laying on her stomach with her elbows on the edge of the bed and her head even with my dick. She looked up at me and I was amazed at the transformation in her. The tightness around her eyes and features was gone, she seemed years younger and far more relaxed. She looked so much like my mom at that moment, but a smaller darker version. "Come here big boy." She said with a mischievous grin that reminded me of her daughter.

I didn't need any more prompting. With my own grin I stepped forward and slid the head of my dick between my aunts thick pouty lips. The position was a little awkward at first and Sharon was a bit out of practice. But soon I got into a steady rhythm of fucking in and out of her mouth. I held the sides of her face and felt my dick hitting the back of her throat. I pulled out and slid the head across her lips as she looked up into my eyes. I reached out into her mind with the Power and found a war going on in there. She still felt what we were doing was wrong and she had a tremendous amount of guilt. But she had given herself over to the moment. The work I had done to drive her insane with pleasure the night before had paved the way for her acceptance. She would worry and stress about this later on. But for right now all she cared about was getting my dick in her again and I was only too happy to oblige.

"Scoot over, I want you to ride me." I commanded. Sharon popped up and crawled over to the other side of the bed on all fours. I enjoyed the sight of her jiggling bits and the enthusiasm she showed. Her eyes traced my body as I climbed up and lay down, then I was pulling her over and positioning her over me. Her hand snaked between us and took a firm grip on my dick, putting the head in between her lips.

"God Sean, you are so big." Sharon whispered as she leaned down to kiss me. I slowly fucked up into her. Feeding her more and more of my dick as I did. "I have never seen anything like it! Oh god baby! That's it! Fuck me with that big cock boy!" And fuck her I did. Sharons tits hung down near my face and I took one of her pink nipples into my mouth. "That feels so good! MMMMmmmmm Sean you don't know how much I needed this! How frustrated I was." I bit down on the nipple I had been sucking and started fucking her harder. "Yes!!!!! Just like that baby! Bite down on that nipple you nasty boy! Fuck your aunt!" I drove pleasure into her mind with the Power and Sharon had a huge orgasm, once again her pussy clamped down on my cock and almost shoved me out of her.

She made mewling noises in my ear as she came down. Then started whispering nasty things. I couldn't believe the things she was saying! Like I said earlier, as prim and proper as my mom is, my aunt has always been far worse. The typical frosty rich bitch. Or at least she was when she doesn't have a dick in her.

I didn't have much patience so I started fucking her again after just a short rest. I reached down and took a hold of her ass cheeks. Then as I built up a good tempo I slipped one finger down along my cock going in and out of her, getting it wet in her juices. Then I slipped the tip of the finger into her asshole, fucking it in and out lightly as I did. I wasn't prepared for the reaction I got from Aunt Sharon though. She hit the fucking roof! A full throated scream left her lips and her pussy clamped down so hard in her orgasm that this time my dick was shoved right out of her. I thought her scream would wake the neighbors.

I watched her convulse in amusement. Her whole body tense and relaxed at the same time. Then she fell beside me, panting and covered in sweat. I couldn't wait though so I got up and lay on top of her pressing her stomach and tits into the mattress while I slid my dick into her from behind. She was incredibly tight with her pussy walls still spamming slightly. Sharon still wasn't making any sense and when I scanned her mind it was in chaos. Though a chaos of pleasure and warm feelings. She was hoping I would shove my dick into her ass. Something that her husband would do on special occasions (for her benefit). I didn't though. I fucked her with a need. Reaching beneath my aunt I took one of her large round tits in a hand and then slipped my other hand around her throat, squeezing it lightly. She began to grunt and squeak. Almost inhuman sounds escaping from her perfect pouty lips. It didn't take me long though before I was shooting blast after blast of cum into her pussy. The explosion of my power and her orgasm was like a bomb being set off in the room. I heard a loud moan from outside the door and realized that my cousin was out there and had been within range. My orgasm had reached her there and pushed her into her own.

I picked myself up off of aunt Sharon and started pulling on my pants. She just lay there with a blissful look on her face as she watched me dress. I scanned her mind and found nothing but pleasure and joy there. Though digging deeper I saw she would hate herself and feel deep shame later on for her actions. I pressed upon those thoughts, reshaping them. She would still feel some shame and guilt, but now she would be more reasonable about them. I designed her thoughts so that she could be convinced that what we did was good and to not do it again would be a tragedy. The things I had told my mother to talk about with aunt Sharon would be perfect to convince her of the need for more sex.

So leaving the room, stepping over a panting Mary crumpled against the wall, I headed out to the kitchen. My mom had a knowing smirk on her face. I wolfed down some pancakes and eggs while I told her what had happened.

"Jesus Sean! That is wild! But good for you, my sister needed that." Mom sipped her coffee and fanned her self with one hand while saying, "I knew you would get to her eventually but I never dreamed it would be so soon. To think, I always thought Sharon was such a prude!"

"You will still need to have a talk with her this afternoon mom. I think she might start having some second thoughts and doubts about what we did. She could use you."

Mom reached out and patted my arm, "Don't worry Sean. I'll convince her. Though if she had a taste of that cock of yours I seriously doubt she will need much convincing. Right Mary?"

I turned to see that my cousin had changed into a tight little red dress and matching red boots. The dress was dangerously low cut. Her round firm tits were all but spilling out of the top of it. Her makeup and hair were all done up perfectly too.

"Did you hear her aunt Becky? It sounded like Sean was killing her with that big dick of his!" Mary sat down at the table and my mom set a plate of food in front of her. Mary thanked my mom and dug into it.

"What are your plans for the day Sean?" Mom asked.

"I have to go to school and get some things set up with my classes then run some errands around town. I should be back before dinner though."

"Then I'll make sure to have something special prepared." Mom said with an impish grin. "Tonight should be rather interesting."

I couldn't even begin to imagine the debauchery we would all be getting into tonight. I couldn't wait. I got up and put my dishes in the sink, giving my mom a kiss goodbye. Once again it was passionate and not at all the kind of kiss a son should be giving his mother. I left though before things got out of hand, though I know mom was disappointed slightly.

Mary followed me out to the garage saying she had nothing to do around the house so she would tag along. I had already decided I should bring her along so I welcomed her. Part of the defense I had thought up earlier, before ravishing my aunt, was to always have a member of my harem close at hand in case I needed relief. Things could get dangerous other wise. Like they had when I went to the bank.

We climbed in the car and I started driving out of town towards college, while Mary played with the radio. She talked almost endlessly about friends and drama back home. About silly boys who were trying to date here and she had 'friend-zoned'. Listening to her, the joy she got from doing this to boys, Mary seemed a little cruel. Then she started talking about the night before still in awe of the fact it had happened.

"I went back to my room and couldn't sleep for hours! I just kept thinking about you fucking your mom and how hot and nasty it looked. I couldn't get over how you just took me there in the bathroom and fucked me like that! No boy has ever been so... so... in charge like that before." Mary looked over at me with lust in her eyes. One hand trailing up her thigh and dragging her tight skirt up her leg.

"It was pretty fucking crazy." I said. "I can't believe everything that's happened myself." I was speaking about more than just all the sex, but Mary didn't need to know. I had resolved to keep my Power as much of a secret as possible for as long as I could.

Mary had dragged the bottom of her dress up past her hips and I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. "Tell me what it was like fucking my mom." She spread her legs and started rubbing herself lightly as she looked over at me. Her eyes glazed in lust.

So I told her everything that happened. Walking in and seeing her masturbating, just like Mary was now. How she had jumped up embarrassed and ashamed. Then how I had forced myself on her and how much she had loved it. The sight of this tiny and sexy 18yr old getting off on me fucking her mom was almost too much for me. I told the story slowly, savoring the details for her. Mary was moaning but she didn't interrupt me until I told her about how her mom reacted to my finger in her ass.

"That slut! She must love it in the butt." Mary considered this, looking inward and thinking to herself. But we had gotten to the campus and I pulled into a parking spot deep in the back of the lot. Once I had turned the car off I looked over at her then looked pointedly at my dick pressing against the confines of my pants. She knew instantly what to do. With a big grin on her face she knelt on the seat and leaned over the middle console. Pulling down my zipper and fishing out my cock.

Mary then proceeded to give me an inexpert but very enthusiastic blow job. She still continued to play with herself. The sight of her perfectly black hair draped around my crotch and her tiny ass wiggling happily had me near orgasm quickly. I didn't bother to warn her when I came and much of it spilled out of her mouth, shooting along her cheek. Mary could care less though, for once again my orgasm triggered a massive one in her. Once she had calmed down she licked me clean. Wiping the cum off her cheek and sucking it off her finger while smiling at me in perfect coquettish fashion. I couldn't help but kiss her sweet little mouth. Ignoring the salty taste on her lips.

Then we got out walked up to the campus. Mary asking me a never ending stream of questions about college and my classes, all the while holding onto my arm in a very possessive manner.

"Whats your major? Who is your favorite teacher? Why don't you live in the dorms?"

I answered them all as best I could. All the while keeping an eye out for anything strange or out of place. I was stretching my senses out and trying to monitor my surroundings as well. My college wasn't a large one but it was still big enough that I didn't know even a fraction of the people who attended it. Early on I had decided that if the Enemy wanted to strike at me this would be a perfect place for him or her to do it. So I needed to make sure I would pass all my classes without having to attend (no problem now with the Power) and grab a few things from the library. There was also a group of sorority bitches I had plans for.

The girls from Phi Delta Capa were notorious on campus as being the most beautiful and the most cruel girls in school. During my freshman year I had been humiliated (along with a couple dozen other dudes) by several of the girls. I don't plan on reliving those stories for you here. Needless to say they deserved what was coming to them but they might have to wait a few days or so..

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