tagIncest/TabooThe Power Ch. 04

The Power Ch. 04


Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback. I appreciate them all and try to incorporate your advice whenever I can. If you haven't read the first three chapters, it might be advisable. Again, this is a work of fiction and fantasy, all names and places are made up.


I was in a rage. They had taken my girl.

The last sending I received from Kate had been filled with so much fear and panic. Then it was abruptly cut off and I couldn't seem to reach her. Fear came and pushed out the anger for a small time. I couldn't allow myself to think the worst had happened. Someone or something cut us off from each other. Who could it be? Was it the Enemy? Of course, it must be, but how?

I leaped from bed and began pulling on clothes and threw my mind desperately along the link I had forged with Kate, trying to reach her with a concerted effort. I couldn't seem to reach her. It was like there was a wall of something keeping me out. A barrier of the Power that I couldn't push against.

"Honey what is it?" Mom asked as she propped herself up on one elbow. "Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing you need to worry about." Even in my distracted and distraught state I couldn't help but admire my mothers voluptuous beauty. Even woken from sleep her golden hair fell in perfect tresses over her shoulders and the heavy weight of her breasts, capped in soft pink nipples, had me breathing heavily.

"I can tell from the look on your face that something is very wrong. Tell me what it is Sean." Mother sat up and climbed out of the bed. Pulling a silk robe over her shoulders. She lead me out into the hall so we wouldn't disturb Mary and aunt Sharon who still slumbered on the bed, pressed up tight against one another.

"I'm not sure I can fully explain it but that girl I met earlier today, Kate. Something has happened to her." I rubbed my face still trying to sort through her last sending to me. "I need to go and see if she's alright."

"That's terrible Sean. But surely whatever it is, it can wait until the morning." Mom said, resting a hand comfortingly on my upper arm and giving it a squeeze.

"I don't think it can mom. I feel I need to go now."

"Then I am coming with you." Mom said, determination in her voice.

"No it's OK. I will be fine."

"Nonsense. What if something happens to you? What if you need some... relief?" Her hesitation surprised me, but as far as mom had come in the past few days she was still very conservative at heart. "I am coming and that's final."

I didn't want to get into an argument over it, so I went to my room and got dressed as fast as I could. Mom was ready when I came downstairs. Dressed in a knee length skirt and white blouse with a coat over top. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and she had her driving glasses on.

I grabbed up the keys and we hopped in the Cadillac and drove off. I sped down the roads, driving as fast as I thought safe, explaining the previous days events to mom as we went.

It took about half an hour to get near the college. Mom was digesting everything I'd just told her, she had been quiet ever since I told her of my powerful connection with Kate. I hadn't explained everything about my Power to her, but she seemed to know I would when the time was right.

I focused my mind on Kate trying to pierce that barrier once more but to no avail. I had hoped being closer would help be break through but the only thing different I got was a vague direction leading deeper into the city away from the college. My worry climbed a notch as I drove on passing the campus.

"Where are you going Sean?" Mom asked.

"I sense Kate is somewhere deeper in the city." I pulled over on the side of the road then, "Would you drive? I want to focus as much as possible on Kate."

"Sure honey." I got out and walked around the car, already distracted as mom scooted over into the drivers seat.

I gave out directions, focusing my Power on reading everything I could from Kate. There was some kind of interference trying to mask her presence. Like fuzz creeping into the picture of a television. I could block out most of the fuzz, but the wall was still there and it was blocking off the lions share of my connection with Kate.

Mom drove us deeper into the city and I felt us getting closer and closer. Eventually I knew Kate was very near to us, within a block, but it was hard to get more specific. I told mom to pull over and got out of the car staring at the block across the street. Thankfully the whole block was taken up by one building, so I knew right where Kate was. Unfortunately the building was a police station.

I wasn't thinking straight. It had been so long since I rested and my emotions were on the ragged edge but some sixth sense or echo of the Power warned me something was wrong. I told mom to wait in the car, she was worried for me but she agreed to wait. Then I made my slow way around the police station. Sending out tendrils of the Power and scanning the minds of the cops within. Again there was a haze clouding my senses. It was like swimming through soup.

What I could sense from the cops and administrators inside disturbed me. There was something... off... about their minds. Their emotions were dampened down and their thoughts sluggish. This wasn't right. I had no idea what I would be walking into if I went into the police station. It felt like a trap though so I made my way back to the car. Climbing in with a sigh, I rubbed at my temples. Mom put her hand on my knee squeezing it lightly.

"What did you find out?" She asked.

"Not much." I replied tiredly. "Kate is in there and she is safe as far as I can tell. But there is something strange about that whole place. I need to rest and think about this."

"I saw a hotel near here when we drove up. We will rent a room and get you some rest." Mom patted my thigh once more and drove off into traffic.

Within the hour she had booked a room and we were tiredly walking into the pastel painted space. A window looked out over a couple rooftops and I could just make out the police station two blocks away. Mom went into the bathroom to freshen up and I plopped down on the bed laying back and thinking through the situation.

If this was the Enemies work, and I was certain it was, then it made sense for him to hide himself amongst law enforcement. He or it would be in an almost unassailable position. His minions would be the authority in any situation they found themselves. I had to admit to myself, the thought had never entered my mind to do the same. My respect for my Enemy grew and I knew I must work hard to never underestimate it.

The door to the bathroom opened and mom walked out, her blouse untucked and a few buttons undone. She had her heels in one hand as she walked over to the small desk in the room. Setting them down and laying out her coat. I watched, propped up against the bed headboard as she unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and slipped it from her shoulders, laying the garment out atop her jacket so it didn't wrinkle.

As she unzipped and pulled down her skirt a thought entered my mind. I felt once more at the wall keeping me out of Kate's thoughts. Perhaps a powerful and sudden burst of Power could get me through. I knew just where to get one too. Part of me felt guilty as I stood and walked over to my mom but the greater part of me thought this just might work. And besides, how could I stare as my gorgeous mother undressing and not get aroused?

I moved up behind her just as she was stepping free of the skirt. I slid my hands across her hips and around her waist pulling her ass tight against my crotch and rapidly hardening dick. Mom let out a low moan as she stood up pressing her back against my chest and turning her head to me. My hands slid up to her massive heavy tits, cupping and lifting them as our lips met. Mom tried to turn in my arms but I pushed forward trapping her against the back of the chair.

My need became fierce as I pulled her breasts free of the bra still confining them, loving the feel of her hard nipples pressing into my fingers. My rock hard cock was poking into her ass as she ground against me. With one last squeeze for her tits I dropped my hands to my belt tearing my pants off and dragging her panties down in seconds.

"Oh yes baby!" Mom said looking over her shoulder at me as I lined my dick up to her soaking pussy. "I couldn't wait til we were alone again. Shove your dick inside me Sean, I need you so bad!" Her eyes were almost desperate with lust as the head of my dick pressed against her pussy lips.

I began placing lines of power in my mind, building a framework for what I planned to do. As I did this, I absently dragged the head of my dick up and down moms lips, coating myself in her juices.

"Don't tease me baby, please fuck mommy!" Mom was pushing back against me in her desire. The taboo nature of her actions sending an added thrill through her. I couldn't hold back any longer and I slid my dick home with one slow thrust. She was so wet I slid in with ease. Her tight confines welcoming me, almost pulling me into their depths.

"Yesssss!!!!" Mom hissed. One hand was holding her up on the back of the chair and the other came up to grab a handful of her own tit flesh. Kneading it as she threw her head back, her golden hair cascaded across her back as I started fucking her deep and slow.

I only payed half a mind to my mothers cries of pleasure and her orgasms as her pussy tightened down on my dick. I just kept fucking away at her varying my pace with the needs of my Power built construct. I was building a ritual out of lines of Power and the swaying of our bodies. I fueled the ritual with our mingled pleasure. Allowing the golden energy of our lovemaking to fuel it, an energy I didn't fully understand even as I made use of it.

Letting the ritual carry me away with it, my body began to move unconsciously. I picked up mom under her thighs my dick still buried in her. Vaguely I heard mom squeak in surprise but I ignored it. I held her up with Power enhanced muscles and walked over to the full length mirror against the bathroom door. Mom leaned back against me reaching up and holding onto the back of my head as we both stared at our reflections in the mirror. Holding her up like that I bent my knees and leaned back fucking into her with powerful strokes. Mom watched the mirror in fascination. My long thick dick disappearing in and out of her pussy, coated in her white juices. She could see my attraction reflected in my eyes as I stared at her beautiful body. She was helpless as I held her and fucked up into her pussy driving us both towards a powerful orgasm. Then we were cumming, our juices spurting from our bodies and the wave of Power crashed forward out of us and into the mirror reflected back flowing into my construct.

Like a laser beam my awareness shot forward, propelled down the rifled barrel of my Power. Both of our orgasms were the explosion that set off the ritual. My sending burst forth and crashed into the wall blocking Kate's mind, shattering it instantly. That was when the bulk of my ritual came into effect. The safety net tightened down on my awareness holding me back from blowing through Kate's mind and obliterating it.


A pushing from Kate as she tried to fight off the intrusion. Her flailing mind was weak though. Like a butterfly trying to push away a badger.

"Its me, Sean." I sent, once order came.

"Sean! The cops took me, locked me up."

"Why?" Even as I asked I poured through her recent memories. Something was pressing down around my awareness, and it was sharpening as it pressed against me. It felt like a bear trap snapping shut on my mind.

"They say I was selling adderall?! I've never even tried the stuff! I'm scared Sean my parents are going to kill me!" Kate sounded so desperate it broke my heart.

"You will be OK. I promise, I will do everything I can to get you free. Don't worry Kate." Just as I was sending the thought I felt the trap on my mind snap shut quickly and fiercely. A combination of wills had joined to throw their strength behind the trap. If I stayed where I was they would trap my mind for sure. If I pulled away they still might. So I drove ALL of my awareness into Kate. It may have been foolhardy but I have always been the type to run headlong into danger rather than retreat.

I was in Kate's body and I sat in a cell. Outside in the rooms all around sat thirteen... creatures. That's the only way I could describe them. Their thoughts were foreign, those thoughts I could somehow glean, their features vaguely human. Like dogs vaguely resemble wolves. If humans were the dogs in this scenario.

These things were using a bastard form of the Power to try and snap the trap closed on me. When I use the Power it feels pure and natural. When these things used the Power it felt tainted and rancid. Its hard to explain. I knew them to be unholy creations the moment I entered Kate's body and I sensed their surprise that I was able to do so. They had underestimated me.

My anger was hot and furious, so I brought fire into those rooms. Wall to wall fire so hot the stone walls began to melt. The creatures were hurt but even that didn't destroy them. Their concentration was diverted from the trap to protect their bodies however and so with part of my awareness I was able to shouldered the trap away completely. I released the fire and focused on one creature bringing my will bear on it. Like a clod of sand between a child's fingers I popped its awareness. Breaking its very essence into millions of tiny pieces. The others backed away from the body now nothing more than an empty shell. Fear stole through the creatures, its scent making me salivate, then they broke scattering in a dozen directions.

I lifted Kate's hand before me and tore the solid steel door from its hinges. I walked her body into the hallway, lights flashing red as the smoke alarm blared. A single guard stood in the hall stunned. I flexed my power ever so slightly and crushed the man against the wall. The stone wall itself crumbled in around the man in a perfect circle and I stared amazed as the man fell unconscious to the ground.

Guards piled into the hallway to let prisoners out of their cells. As I reached out with the Power once more I noticed the interference I had felt earlier was gone. I could sense small bursts of Power as the unholy creatures dove into shadows, disappearing from my senses. Before me two cops pulled up short drawing their weapons when they saw the destruction I had made by tearing the door free. They drew forth pistols and ordered me to the ground.

I had no desire to kill anyone. Certainly not these cops. If I planned to fight my way free from this place though, people would almost certainly die, and I might be playing into another trap of the Enemy. So I had Kate step into the shadow of the broken door. I remembered what those creatures had done and hoping I got it right I sent Kate through the shadows. I wasn't able to pass through in my spirit form so it fled back to my body.

My eyes snapped open and I found myself sitting on the ground my back pressed up against the wall. Mom was kneeling in front of me a worried look on her face.

"Oh, thank god you're back!" Mom said clutching at my face with both hands. "When you fell down I thought something had happened to you, and then you wouldn't respond to me. You just stared off into space for so long!"

"Its OK, mom. Just give me a second." I said as I got unsteadily to my feet and sat on the edge of the bed. Mom knelt in front of me stroking the side of my face but my awareness was far away again.

"Kate are you OK?!" I asked as I sought out and found the link between Kate and I.

"Yes!" Came her reply and there was a rush of emotions from both of us as we shared our joy. "Why am I at my parents house?" She asked.

"I sent you there. I'm still not exactly sure how. You need to get out of town for a while. Take your parents and go to the mountains or up north."


"Its not safe for you. I don't know what's going on, but I don't want anything like what happened tonight to happen again. I will be in contact with you. There will be an account at Redwood Bank in your name. I will get to the bottom of everything and then you can come back."

"OK." Her response was quiet and thoughtful, "Sean you be careful. I don't want anything happening to you."

"Don't worry I will be." I said, sending my fondness and love through our bond. "You better hurry I don't know how long you have.

We said our goodbyes and I came back to myself. To find mom sitting next to me on the bed holding my hand. A wave of exhaustion swept through me so strongly it was all I could do to climb up onto the bed and get under the blankets. Mom helped me pull back and untuck the tight hotel bed covers. Then she snuggled up against me and we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke with a start. I had been sleeping so soundly it was a surprise when my eyes snapped open. Sunlight streamed in through the curtains and my mom still slumbered beside me. Reaching out I found that Kate was still safe. She dozed in the car as her parents drove up to a cabin in the mountains, excited about this spur of the moment vacation. Sending my awareness the other way I checked on my security network. There was an increased about of vehicle traffic on our streets but nothing that set off my alarms. My cousin and aunt were puttering around in the kitchen making some lunch and talking. The sight of them sitting together and finally opening up to one another warmed my heart.

I had a few errands to run today before we went home so I got up, stretching and hopped in the shower. Washing off quickly I stepped out to find my mom sitting up against the headboard. Her legs, bent at the knees and spread before her. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. One hand trailing down to absently brush against her pussy as the other stroked down one heavy breast.

"So we have to find some way to get your friend out of jail today?" Mom asked. Her eyes never leaving my dick. A smile tugged at her lips when she saw it twitching to life.

"That is already taken care of. She and her parents are headed into the mountains, someplace safe." I said while walking forward, climbing on the bed and crawling towards her.

"Already?" She asked, surprised. "Seems our adventure is done then."

"Not quite, I still have to head to the bank before we leave town." I kissed my way down the inside of moms thigh looking up into her beautiful eyes. "We don't have to leave right yet do we?"

"Oh baby," Mom said her hands reaching out to cup my cheeks. "We can stay here as long as you like."

She tried to pull me up into a kiss but I resisted, lowering my face to her pussy and brushing my lips across hers. Mom moaned loudly and settled back into the pillows, arching her back as my tongue pressed against her folds. I slid the tip of my tongue up and down brushing lightly against her outer lips, taking my time, before I pushed it in and slid it around her clit. As I did I let a lick of Power course through her a throw her over the edge and into an orgasm. Her thighs clamped down on my head and she shook as my tongue continued to plumb her depths.

"You are amazing Sean! Your tongue feels so good!" Mom gasped out as she stroked my hair.

I brought a hand up and slipped a finger inside her. Crooking it slightly and rubbing on the backside of her clit as I sucked on it. Soon she was thrashing again in another powerful orgasm, her juices coating my face as they gushed forth. Taking my head in her hands she pulled me up her body. I took my time, kissing up her stomach and all over her breasts and nipples as I went. I had never heard the mewling sounds that came from my mom as I kissed her neck but they sent a shiver of lust through my body.

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