tagIncest/TabooThe Power Ch. 05

The Power Ch. 05


Thanks you everyone for your feedback. I enjoy reading your comments, both the good and the bad. If you haven’t read the other chapters yet, then I suggest you do. This story started out as just an exercise, a free write and an experiment in whether I could make a story like this work. This is a work of fiction, any relation to actual events would be awesome but unlikely. Please enjoy and remember to vote.


Ch 5

Mom and I made our way into the house and I froze in my tracks, just inside the kitchen. There on the wall was my moms calendar. It was covered in her fine flowing script with errands and appointments. At the bottom corner of several days were symbols showing the moon. Tonight it would be full. I swore softly to myself. I would get the chance to meet with those old men from my dream again. Good, because I had a lot of questions to ask them.

I might have to put the seduction of my sister on the back burner for a day. I had a few things I needed to take care of. After hanging my jacket up in the hallway I ran up to my room. Passing the bathroom I heard the shower going and knew Ashlyn must be getting washed after her long drive.

When I got into my room I closed and locked the door behind me. Then I collapsed on my bed. As I lay there I realized just how tired I was. It had been a long couple of days and I could really use a nap. First though I wanted to set something up.

I knew sending Kate away seemed like a dumb move at first glance. It would have made more sense for me to take her home and keep her safe. But when I’d freed her the day before I’d realized that even my childhood home could be vulnerable. I needed a bolt hole. Somewhere safe, so that if all else failed I could retreat there and stay hidden from my Enemy.

So with a resigned sigh I got up and opened my closet. I pulled on a thick coat and stepped inside. I moved to the deep shadows in the back and called up the Power, stepping through shadows. I stepped out in the shadow of a large tree, deep in the mountains. I had gleaned Kate’s destination from her mind and I was now in the forest just outside the cabin she was headed to. Just as I had done around my house I cast a net of Power around the surrounding area; a protective net that would monitor the movements of anyone who drew close.

I marvelled as I worked the Power. Not only had I grown immensely stronger over the past few days but my dexterity was greatly increases too. I was able to spin a much more nuanced and efficacious web than any before. I would need to replace the one around my house with one like this. Once that was done I cast my senses deep into the earth and found what I was looking for just to the north.

I stepped through the shadows once more, still not quite sure how I did it, and stepped out into the eerie silence of a large underground cavern. The pitch black engulfed my senses and I stumbled for a second, just a little disoriented. Then I created a glowing orb of Power and sent it up into the air, lighting the cavern in soft golden light. ‘Yes,’ I thought to myself as I looked around, ‘this will do nicely.’

The cave stretched for about the length of a football field, with high ceilings dotted with stalagmites and a small underground river passing through the far end. I delved into the river with my Power and found it to be clean and sweet from mineral deposits. I tested the integrity of the walls and found them solid. Then I walked over to a rock and took a seat, crossing my legs and placing my hands upon my knees. Closing my eyes I centered my mind and drew in a deep breath, drowning myself in the Power.

My body felt afire with energy and my mind expanded; my understanding and wisdom deepening in relation to the amount of Power I drew and held. Though I wasn’t watching, I knew my body was glowing slightly. Faint waftings of the Power bled and trailed along my skin like golden smoke.

First I placed the net of protection around the whole cavern and expanded it up to just beneath the surface. So the edge sat not an inch beneath the soft forest loam half a mile above me. I cleared spaces inside the cavern, using thick sharp bottomed wedges of the Power, for structures and storehouses. Then I went to work reinforcing the walls and surrounding rock. After 30 minutes the rock of the cavern was harder than steel and immune to breaking or cracking.

I pulled in large clumps of gold, silver and iron from deposits in the surrounding area. Once more I would allow D&D to help inform my Power in its use. I molded the gold and silver into a dozen 6ft tall creatures that were vaguely man-like. Iron formed their wide and squat skeletons. The silver I alloyed with Power and made it strong and flexible. This new substance became the golems flesh. The gold I added as decoration and armor, hardening the golden plates til nothing on earth would shatter them.

Then I drew in more and more of the Power. Pulling it into an ever tightening knot. The Power enhanced my mind to exponential levels and was able to endowed the creatures with a narrow artificial intelligence. A small burst of the Power gifted my golems with the skills to fight and build. Then I pulled in a small mountain of marble. After placing an architectural design in the golems minds I released them to do my bidding. The work was tiring but I loved finally having a practical use for my Power.

After many hours I finally opened my eyes and looked around at my safe haven. This was far from the prying senses of the Enemy and his minions. Close to where Kate would be hiding and soon it would be a livable space. There would be more than just the necessities here. My golems were already laying a foundation, for what would become a palace, at a frightening pace. I couldn’t help but stare at the silver and golden creatures; marveling at my own brilliance in their design and creation.

Except for food and various other sundry supplies my ‘bolt-hole’ was being set up nicely. So I shadow-shifted back up to the surface and reached across my bond with Kate. Once more I found there was a lot I could do through our bond, even without her being aware of it. Kate and her parents were just a couple hours away from their cabin. When they had stopped for lunch Kate had made a withdrawal from the account I had set up in her name. Ensuring they had more than enough cash to buy supplies.

I reached first into her parents minds, tinkering with their thoughts and memories. When they got to the cabin, her father would drop them off and his memory would be wiped. Then he would continue on, driving around the country with the ghost presence of his daughter and wife in his mind. To any who might monitor the man, it would seem like the three of them were driving across the country together. It wouldn’t hold off the enemy for long I knew but it might fool his minions for a time. And if nothing else it would hide Kira and her mother.

The two women would be safe in the cabin and if anything did attack them, I would get a good warning and be able to come to their aid. I placed several other contingencies in the minds of Kate’s parents and then once finished I slumped to the ground. Sitting on the rocky soil, my back to a tree and the pine needles poking through my pants I nodded off right there, my exhaustion was so great.

I woke with a start, the afternoon light streaming into my face. My head had slumped forward onto my chest and it was a few painful moments before I was able to straighten it. I cast out with my senses once more and found Kate and her mom were safe in the cabin. Her father well on his way along the highway. The two women were settling in and unpacking the groceries they had bought from the small town a mile down the road.

My desire to visit Kate was great but I knew I had to get back home. Plus I didn’t want to have to deal with explaining anything to her mom just yet. I wasn’t quite sure how far I wanted to take things with her. Kate had been surprisingly OK with the idea of me sleeping with my own family as part of my Harem, but how would she take it if I fucked her own mother? I knew if I visited, my desires might get the best of me, so I decided to wait. There would be plenty of time over the next couple days to visit her. So I stepped through the shadows once more and back into my closet.

As I walked into my room I suddenly realized that I was starving. So I put on some pajama bottoms and a t-shirt then headed down to the kitchen to make a sandwich. My cousin was sitting in the living room watching some trashy MTV show when I walked through. She looked me up and down with a predatory gleam in her eyes.

“Your mom and sister went out to a restaurant. They were going to take you but Aunt Becky said you needed your rest.” There was a small smirk on her small mouth as she said this.

“Yea I’ve had a hard couple of days.” I said, heading into the kitchen and getting out the PB&J and bread.

“I’m sure it was... hard.” Mary said with that smirk again. “So everything is OK with Kate?”

“Yea she is heading up to a cabin her family has in the mountains. She should be safe there.” My hunger felt like someone had cored out my insides and I hurriedly slathered jelly on a couple peices of bread. “You want a sandwich?”

“Sure.” She pulled up a stool and rested her elbows on the kitchen bar. She squeezed her upper arms together ever so slightly, deepening the already dark shadow between her firm tits. My eyes trailed down and couldn’t help but fall into that glorious depth.

I felt myself harden almost against my will. I wanted a full nights sleep but the sight of Mary in her small t-shirt and boxer shorts, so small and rounded, had me thinking other thoughts. We ate our sandwiches in silence, the tension building. Our eyes took each other in with a hunger the food did little to abate.

I finished eating and started cleaning up when aunt Sharon walked into the kitchen. She was in a thick college sweater and a small pair of boxer shorts like her daughters. She paused just inside the kitchen glancing from me to Mary. Then she walked towards me, her large breasts swaying so heavily under the sweater that I knew she was topelss beneath it. She let her hips rock back and forth in a hypnotic manner as she walked right up to me, placing a hand upon my chest and staring up into my eyes.

“We are so glad you’re back home Sean.” Then she stood on her tip toes kissing me lightly on the lips. There was a scrape as Mary scooted back her stood, then she too was beside me, pressed tight against my body. The sight of this mother and daughter couple, so alike and yet so very different, wrapping their rounded flesh against me had me rock hard and filled with lust.

“Upstair.” I said when I managed to pull my mouth free from theirs. “Now.”

They responded immediately, dragging me up the stairs and pulling my clothes free as we went. They flounced and giggled to each other as they dropped their own clothes. Finally we pushed our way through the door of my room; a tangle of naked flesh and entwined limbs.

The two of them pushed me up against my bed and then forced me to sit. I was happy to let them take charge. Then they stood back and reached towards each other. Lightly running their hands over each others body.

“Don’t you love my moms huge tits Sean? I hope mine get that big someday.” With that Mary leaned down and sucked lightly on one of her mother’s nipples. Aunt Sharon leaned her head back and moaned in pleasure.

“This is so bad.” Sharon said around her moan, then she turned her glazed eyes to mine. “We will do anything for you Sean. We talked about it today, if you want us to we will even bear your children.”

I sat in stunned silence as their hands roamed each others bodies. Their fingers slipped into each others pussies, soaked with juices already. Their minds told me they were telling the truth. They had spoken for many hours about this and many other things. Reaffirming their love for each other and me. They had decided to do everything in their power to support me. I suppose in light of everything else that’s happened I shouldn’t be surprised by this but I still was. I felt a large swell of love for them both just then. I wanted this night to be extra special for them. So I drew in the Power just as I had done in the cave. Holding it inside and suffusing my flesh.

The glow was evident in the dim light of my room. Both aunt Sharon and Mary’s eyes widened at the sight and they paused playing with each other. Though I hadn’t touched them with the Power at all, the zeal of worship entered their eyes. If I hadn’t been filled with the wisdom of the Power, my pride might have let me believe as they do, that I was godly. But I knew all too well how mortal I was.

“Come to me.” I said. The Power held within flowed through my words and aunt Sharon and Mary were stumbling over themselves to as they fell down at my feet. They sat on their knees between my legs, and each reached out with a tentative hand to take ahold of my rock hard cock. As their skin made contact with mine all three of us gasped in wonder.

It was like an echo. I felt their pleasure and they felt mine. As I stared at the two beautiful women; my aunt with her round and heavy tits and wide flaring hips, my cousin with her firm high breasts, bubble butt and flat stomach. They could feel how much I desired them. And I in turn saw myself through theirs. My eyes apparently were flashing with an inner light, their blue almost gem like in the dim light. My muscled ‘david-esque’ physique glowing with golden wisps of Power. They had never seen anything more beautiful and it shocked me.

Then their hands were moving, sliding up and down my cock. They crawled up on the bed beside me, crouched on their knees. Aunt Sharon kissed her way down my navel and took the head of my dick in her mouth sucking me slowly and deeply into her mouth. Mary played with my balls with one hand and leaned forward kissing me on the lips and stroking my face and chest. Then they switched places their moans of pleasure growing the longer they touched me.

I reached out with my hands and traced fingers down their backs. As my hands drew close to their asses I felt their pleasure building higher and higher. When I reached their lower back I pressed upon a nerve cluster I somehow knew was there and they both exploded in orgasm. Their backs arched like twin cats stretching and they screamed in pleasure. The orgasms rolled through their bodies like waves, coming and going almost painfully. Then they collapsed upon me; kissing, stroking and mewling.

I couldn’t take anymore of it, so I rolled over putting aunt Sharon on her back. Her eyes opened wide and she reached up pulling me close and kissing me deeply. Then I was thrusting inside of her. My cock, as with all of my flesh, was still infused with Power and drove Sharon to orgasm immediately. An even larger one than before. She was out of her mind with pleasure as I fucked her hard.

I leaned back and lifted her legs up high. Mary scooted over and started sucking on one of her moms tits. All the while Sharons arms flailed weakly and uncontrollably. She was sweating profusely and I felt her pussy tightening down on me again and again. Orgasms like explosions going off inside her again and again. I sensed the pleasure was at an almost painful level for my aunt and so I pulled out of her.

I grabbed Marys hips and pulled her close. She screamed in pleasure as I drove into her. Just as with her mother she came the instant I entered her and never stopped cumming. I fucked her incredibly tight pussy with slow steady strokes as she lay back against her mom. One of her hands clutched my upper arm, the other clung to Sharons thigh. My own hands roamed her small tight body, occasionally moving over to feel at my aunts large tits and ass.

Aunt Sharon began to come around and she pressed herself tight to her daughter whispering in the girls ear and stroking her hair back from her forehead.

“Its amazing isn’t it baby? You two look so beautiful together.” Then looking up at me she said, “Fuck her Sean. Give her that amazing dick of yours.”

“Oh mom!! HHNNNGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Mary’s head lolled to the side; the pleasure was so powerful.

“I know baby. Mommy knows.” Sharon replied to her daughters groaning moan.

I pulled out of Mary and grabbed my aunt pulling her onto her knees over my cousin. Lining their pusies up. I thrust into my aunt and she screamed out in pleasure. I switched between them every few strokes. They held onto one another gasping into each others mouths and whispering their pleasure to one another.

Finally the position was too awkward for me so I pulled first Mary and they her mother on top of me. Letting them ride my dick in slow movements. I came for the first time into aunt Sharon. I held her heavy tits to my mouth, sucking the large nipples as Mary lay next to me on her side watching. The orgasm hit me suddenly and I felt the Power flow out of me in a titanic wave and washed through the entire house as I shot rope after rope of cum into her pussy. Distantly I head a pair of cries but I was too occupied to pay much attention to them.

Aunt Sharon sat up straight, her back arching and no sound coming from her open mouth. Her eyes were opened up wide and her arms flung out to the sides. Every hair on her body standing on end. Then she collapsed on top of me unconscious. Mary too writhed in orgasm, her most powerful of the night.

I was far from finished though. In fact an almost animal like hunger came over me. The Power which had been infusing me for our entire lovemaking was expended in my orgasm, but then it came rushing back, more powerful than before. It filled me and I glowed even brighter. My senses that much sharper. Then I was kneeling over my cousin, cradling her head and slipping my cock into her mouth. Her eyes flashed open as I slipped past her teeth and she started sucking on me hungrily.

I flipped Mary onto her knees and slid into her from behind. Her narrow waist and dimpled lower back were insanely sexy and the sight of her round little butt rolling with each of my thrusts drove me on as I pounded her into the bed. Mary stretched out her arms and took up handfuls of the bed covers, now in disarray, clutching them tightly as she try to hold herself in place as I fucked her.

Once more the orgasms were hitting her hard and fast and soon she was completely catatonic as I fucked her. Just a grunting humping animal beneath me. Aunt Sharon started to come to her senses, crawling over she grabbed my face between her two hands. Holding me tightly she stared into my eyes.

She seemed to be trying to speak but eventually she gave up and just kissed me deeply. Her kiss said more than she ever could. I felt her love and the import of what she had just experienced. Between the kiss and my cousins incredibly tight fluctuating pussy I felt myself pushed over the edge again. I shot off in Mary in a powerful orgasm. She jumped off my cock, her whole body locking up and just as my aunt had she froze, mouth open and eyes wide, before passing out from pleasure.

My dick kept shooting cum across the bed and my aunt fell forward trying to capture it on her hands but the explosion of Power once again hit her and the surrounding area. I watched her laying there panting, eyes rolled back into her head. Another reason why I need a harem, I thought. As my Power grows I won’t be able to fuck a woman till I cum without destroying her mind with pleasure.

The pounding in my head began to recede and I registered the sound of whispers coming from the hallway outside my door. I felt a sense of dread as I walked naked to the door. I pulled it open and saw to my relief that it was my mom sitting against the wall. Her face was flushed and her legs splayed out before her. She was obviously in the throes of a powerful orgasm just as my aunt was. I felt my dick hardening at the sight of her in the loose blouse and jeans she was wearing. Her lips were parted and wet and I stepped into the hall reaching for her. Thats when I saw Ashlyn.

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