tagMind ControlThe Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind


In a town known as Wolverhampton within the United Kingdom with a population of 2,000, there was a male who was 5 foot 6 inches aged 20; he had a slim build who was regarded as a geek.

His name was John. As he woke one morning he had no idea that an event on his morning commute would change his life.

His morning went by as usual he got up, had some breakfast made sure he had everything packed in his backpack for his day at college and he set out for his day.

He waited for the bus at the bus stop which he always used every day with his backpack on his back, he passed the time by having a fantasy about someone on the same course he was on this fantasy was similar to the ones he had before.

Where he was the first one to arrive on time to the morning session and she was second to arrive she was 19 years old she wore a pair of hot pants which showed off her arse and a 'the Darkness' band t-shirt which was so tight it showed off her large tits especially because she was slim, redhead female called Sarah.

The room they used for the sessions was open they went in and John walked behind Sarah and let her enter the room first.

As she walked she John noticed that she was purposely swaying her hips which made John very horny he couldn't contain himself he rushed in pushed her face down on the table and pulled his semi erect cock out of his pants.

He forced it into her covered arse where the pressure broke the hot pants enough for his cock to slide into her hairless, pink vagina.

Before he could carry on the fantasy his bus came so when the bus stopped he got on and took a seat on the top deck which was deserted so he chose to sit at the front of the bus.

Placing his bag on the floor by his feet and looked out the window as the bus set off to the bus stop further down the road, he was so preoccupied with the scenery that when the bus stopped.

The driver got off to have a fag that a mysterious woman got on the bus and sat next to John.

The woman was mysterious in the sense that you could see her but when you tried to focus on her features she would become blurry and the person focusing would have a powerful headache that would push them to a near unconscious state.

John realised that someone was sat next him and as he turned he saw a big breasted, blonde, slim person wearing business attire that clung to her body.

As she spoke John noticed that it was a light delicate voice that distracted him slightly from what she was saying, the parts that john heard was

"Don't be alarmed, my name is Claudia and I can grant you the ability to take over anybody you touch and think of possessing."

John was started by this and his response was just laughter at the notion of the ability, he replied

"That is preposterous the only place that is possible is in Marvel programmes and usually involved a puppet master and a member of the Fantastic Four."

Claudia only laughter and even her laughter was light then John felt something pulling at his mind, then Claudia started to pant slightly

"Even if it means that you can possess Sarah who you was fantasizing about only moments earlier."

John went crimson red at that statement, he decided to play along as he could do with an laugh first thing in the morning.

He simply replied "Yeah sure why not have that ability so is there a ritual I need to do or a specific thing I need to hold?"

Claudia looked amused by that and she blinked and for a split second she was covered in a golden light which faded, John felt light headed to a degree that he thought he was going to vomit.

Claudia waited for him to normalise before she explained what would happen

"That feeling will pass but when you use that ability I have bestowed on you, your body will be teleported to your house safe out of harm's way.

The ability can be used as many times as you want you will retain all the knowledge your brain now holds plus the knowledge of whoever you possess.

You will only remember things from your own memory. The person you are currently possessing and the person you possessed before also once you have use the ability you will feel constantly horny and your sex appeal will be boosted as high as it can so everyone will find you sexy."

Claudia then stood up and exited the bus just as the bus driver was getting back on.

The bus then set back off as the bus was getting close to the stop just a way down the road and approaching the bus stop by the local High school John decided to press the button to stop the bus and get off as he thought he was going to vomit.

As John exited the bus he used the bus shelter to prop himself up and just as he was balanced he was thinking of what Claudia told him when a busty blonde wearing a secondary school uniform touched John's hand.

Then there was a FLASH of light and John was looking through the blonde woman's eyes as he watched his body disappear to his home just as Claudia said.

A quick scan of the blonde person's memory he discovered that she was 18 years old, 5 foot, going to the high school that was near to the bus stop, her name or now his name was Jenny Holmes.

That she was one of the popular girls click. The next few minutes went by in a haze as John mind reeled at the possibilities that he could do as he walked in Jenny's body.

To the high school that he went to, once he got there he realised that even walking was making him horny.

He needed to get some release so he made his way to the ladies toilets by the Math's department just as John in Jenny's body nearly got their she was pulled into a passionate kiss.

While John searched jenny's memories to see who was kissing her the person managed to hook his hand under her panties to finger her clit, then John found the who it was and it turned out to be the Jed Mosley the local womanizer.

John saw an opportunity to get his release so John positioned Jenny's body so that any movement would grind her clit up against the now hard cock that Jed had.

Jenny then pulled Jed into the ladies toilets and as soon as they were in the toilets, jenny pulled Jed's cock out which stood an average 5 inches in height and was quite thin.

Jed realised what was happening and he shoved his hard cock in Jenny's mouth while Jenny was busy unzipping her fly on her trousers while she blew Jed.

John found out that Jenny was a natural when it came to sex and soon put all the talent that Jenny had to getting the release that he so badly needed.

Then without warning Jed came in Jenny's mouth and she swallowed all his cum which to John surprise tasted really good which was followed by Jed saying "that's all I have Slut I am spent."

Which John replied in Jenny's voice "nooo that isn't enough I need that cock in my Vagina." Then realisation hit John he could have anybody he wanted with this body or anybody.

This was going to be one school day that no one would forget and the first day of many filled with sex.

(to be continued)

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by Anonymous

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by C_frommn03/07/14


You either like the Story or you Don't. As far as the length it was a tad short but nothing to get uptight about. But if i had his ability. i would be in guys doing Girls. But this way he knows who ismore...

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by warnos02/26/14

I did try to find a editor but there were non available for this particular genre well not according to Literotica. I am trying to improve my grammar

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by Anonymous02/23/14

It's the grammar not the spelling

British spelling is fine but the grammar is so bad it seriously detracts from the enjoyment of the story. People who are accustomed to bad grammar are unaware of just how big an effect this is. Editorsmore...

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by warnos02/04/14


I left it short so I could expand on it if people liked it and all the spelling is the UK version of spelling and thanks for your criticism

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by ahotbod02/04/14

Honest criticism

Good premise for the story but you need to either get a good editor/proof reader or up your game re grammar and typos.

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