tagInterracial LoveThe President's Mistress Ch. 01-07

The President's Mistress Ch. 01-07


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He noticed her the very first time on the campaign trail in his New York City operations office. She was nearly 6" tall in her heels with long light brown-skinned legs; he noticed those first. He studied her face, exotic, with those full lips that she would bite just so when she was thinking hard. She made his dick hurt when he looked at her. She was beautiful and black and he wanted her more than he had ever wanted anyone.

He was married, and running for President of the United States of America. He had been born to run for this office and was given the name of Grant Lincoln to go with his family name of Adams. This was truly a Presidential name. He had gone to all the right schools and graduated from Exeter at the head of his class. Then he was on to Harvard, and finally to Harvard Law School, where he was head of the Law Review. He became a senator and now with his parties support he would be the next Democratic President of the United States.

His wife, she was a real piece of work, Constance Cranston, daughter of a former governor of Alabama. She was beautiful in a southern belle way, but frigid as Hell. How they managed two beautiful daughters and one son Grant couldn't figure out, but it seemed in their eight years of marriage the few times she let him fuck her she got pregnant. They hadn't had sex in three years and he no longer wanted to. He hated her, just as much as she hated him, but she wouldn't let him go and now. He was engaged in a tight race for president and he had to be on his best behavior.

She was the perfect politician's wife and the people loved her; behind closed door she was a closeted lesbian. Grant had discovered her secret when he walked in on her with one of her 19-year-old assistants who was so engrossed in eating Constance out, that she didn't even hear him; she just looked up at him and pulled the girl's head tighter into her pussy.

"Keep eating me bitch. Lick me, harder."

He watched as her orgasm claimed her body, her eyes not leaving his face. He closed the door and left. From that moment on, he knew he would not be touching her. He was stuck with her for at least for the next four years if he won the election.

He gazed at her ass as she bent down and asked his chief of staff, Michael Worthington, who she was.

"Ah!" he responded, "That's Katherine Morgan. She's been working very hard on your campaign as a volunteer. She just graduated from Columbia University and has started a job as a lawyer with a small New York law firm."

"When we win the election, hire her and move her to Washington. I have plans for her. In the meantime, I want to spend some time with her. Arrange it." he ordered.

Later that night on the campaign bus going to Pennsylvania, he saw her sitting making notes on her computer. She was alone. He sat down beside her.

"Uh, hello, Mr. Adams."

"Hello, its Katherine isn't it?" he said staring into her eyes.

"Everyone calls me Kate," she said looking down at her lap.

He was surprised that she couldn't look him in the eyes but he loved it. He looked at her face, her extraordinarily beautiful face and had a brief vision of her down on her knees sucking his cock, taking him deep in her throat. He wanted her beautiful mouth begging him to let her suck it.

In college he had experimented with spanking and tying women up. When he had developed political aspirations he had put that all aside and become an upstanding citizen. Constance didn't know about his dominant personality. He had tried to control her, but she was such a strong willed person that he had given up. She was his political wife and ally. He wanted Kate to be his real wife in every way. He could love this woman because she would allow him fully be the center of her universe.

"Well Kate," he said taking her hand, "Do I have your vote?"

She laughed, "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't voting for you."

Her laughter made his dick jerk. He wanted her. He could feel the tension between them.

"Have dinner with me."

"Excuse me!" she said looking into his eyes for the first time.

"I said have dinner with me." He stroked her hand.

"You're married." She bit her lip.

He wanted to bite that lip; he wanted to bite her nipple and her clit.

"It's dinner. My wife is at a fundraiser in Tennessee. Please join me. I don't want to eat alone in a strange city."

He appeared so earnest she smiled, "Sure I'll have dinner with you."

And so it began. He didn't touch her that evening or for a while thereafter. He took her out to dinner and then to lunch. He asked her about her work, her interests and he had her followed. Worthington supplied him a dossier on Kate. Grant learned that she was 25 years old, had one sister and lived alone in a one-bedroom apartment near Columbia University. She had a mother who worked as a first grade school teacher and her father who was a doctor.

She had been in only two relationships, one in high school, the last one in college. The second ended two years ago. She had concentrated on school and her career. She graduated from Columbia second in her class in law school. She was bright, ambitious and Grant wanted her more now than ever.

He had his head of security find out about her last relationship. He learned that she had dated a baseball player who had a reputation for cheating.

The more time he spent with her the more time he wanted and on the night of the election, he wanted her more than the Presidency. She was in the ballroom as he won and prepared to give a speech, thanking his supporters. Constance was standing next to him, but his eyes were on Kate in the front row.

Later that night Kate went to her hotel room in Washington D.C. She was tired, but happy. Her candidate, Mr. Grant Lincoln Adams was now elected to be the next President of the United States. She had gotten to know him quite well and had fantasized about being with him. She knew it wouldn't go anywhere. He was white, married and from what she had observed, happily so. She had lain in bed many nights masturbating after having dinner with him. She would do anything for him. The more time she spent with him, the more she wanted to spend with him. Her heart said yes, her body said yes, but her mind wouldn't let her even make a pass at him; he was married and now, he was to become president.

A knock at the door startled her. It was 1:30 in the morning; who would want to see her now? She was surprised to see Michael Worthington, Grant Adams Chief of Staff standing in her doorway.

"Mr. Worthington, I am a bit surprised. How may I help you?" she stuttered.

"Can I come in Ms. Morgan?" he asked, walking past her. She sat down on the bed as he took the only chair in the room.

"I'm here because the President has asked me to offer you a job."

"I'm flattered, but I've just started a new job."

"Don't worry about that, just say you'll work and live in Washington, D.C."

"Why would I have to live there?"

"The President has taken a great interest in you. He's arranged for accommodations for you"

Worthington raised an eyebrow. "So will you come to Washington and work with us." He passed her an envelope. "This has everything including your salary and job description. Please let me know by the end of the week so I can make arrangements for your move." He stood up and walked out the door.

Kate sat there in shock, but picked up the envelope and read the job description. She would be advising the President on personal legal matters. She would be available to the President 24/7 and given a salary, that was twice what she was going to be making. There was a non-disclosure agreement.

She put the envelope down, undressed, turned off the lights and got into bed. She dreamed that night of President Adams kissing her, of his touching her and in her sleep; she came.

In the morning, she signed all the documents and sent them to Mr. Worthington. A six weeks after inauguration, she closed up her apartment and moved into a lovely three-bedroom house near the White House. It was beautifully furnished. She was given the tour of the house by a member of the new President's Staff, a bubbly blond named Samantha who showed her all the rooms but one.

"What's up there?" she asked getting ready to walk up the steps.

"Oh that's just the attic. I don't have the key right now, but it's nothing for you to worry about. Here are the rest of the keys." She handed Kate a set of keys.

"Oh I almost forgot, the garage." Samantha took Kate's hand and led her to the garage where there was a white Chevy Volt waiting for her.

"A gift from POTUS." She said handing her the car keys.

"I can't accept a car!" Kate said astounded.

"It's part of the job," Samantha said. "Welcome to Washington.

Michael grilled Samantha after she returned to the White House and he told the President everything that had occurred. It was all falling into place thought Grant. Now I can reel her in.

Constance was in her room; he slept in another room. The story was that he worked so late he didn't want to disturb her. In her bed was Samantha.

"So what is my husband up to?"

"I think he's in love." She said licking her lips wanting to suckle the nipple that was right in front of her.

"With whom?" a surprised Constance asked stroking Samantha's hair.

"Some black chick. He moved her into a house and bought her a car. May I touch you?" she asked, even though she knew she wasn't supposed to.

Constance twisted her nipple hard. "Bitch! Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I just found out today when I was ordered to show her the house," she gasped.

"So, he's found someone. It was only matter of time. Keep me informed of where he's going with this," she ordered. Samantha agreed.

"Please me!" she ordered. Samantha took the breast in her mouth and sucked on it. Constance patted her head. She liked Samantha as she was eager to please. Samantha kissed her way down between her mistress' thighs. Constance opened wide and tugged on her hair. Samantha knew what to do and licked around her clit.

"Yes, my little bitch! Shove that tongue in me. Suck me. I want to know everything Grant does with that little black whore he's got. Do you understand me?"

Samantha nodded her head as she kept licking.

"Put your finger in me."

Samantha eased first one then two fingers in her mistress and began moving them in and out all the while still licking.

"Oh shit, eat me! Yes, like that. Take my clit in your mouth. I'm almost there." She pulled her face in tighter.

"You better keep me informed or I will whip your ass until you bleed. Oh Yes, damn you're good! Keep going."

Samantha pushed her face in deeper. Constance wrapped her legs around her back almost smothering the girl and came, loudly and completely.

Samantha kept licking until Constance pushed her away. Constance took her face in her hands and kissed her deeply tasting her salty essence. She liked the way she tasted on Samantha's lips. She would fuck her later, but for now, she knew that Samantha would want to suckle her breasts.

"You've pleased me now suckle me." Dutifully Samantha took the nipple in her mouth.

As she lay there, Constance thought about possibly having a black woman eat her pussy. She hadn't done that since high school. It made her wet all over again.

President Adams felt his dick harden as Kate walked into the Oval office. He had only seen her once since the election, at the inauguration and then she was all bundled up in a gray wool coat. Unbeknown to her he had arranged a VIP seat for her so as he was taking his oath he could look at her face. He vowed on that day that she would be his unconditionally. It was hard waiting but he had patience. It was now two months later and she was coming to see him in the Oval Office. He could barely contain his desire. He didn't stand as she walked over to the desk and sat down. He couldn't; his erection would have betrayed his lust.

"Thank you, Mr. President for everything. I am here ready and willing to do my part in whatever you need from me," Kate said eagerly.

"Well you can have dinner with me tomorrow night." He smiled.

"Dinner?" she asked.

"Yes, a working dinner at your house." His smile brightened.

"Okay," She said blushing, "what do you need me to do today?"

"Samantha will help you with your duties. She'll give you a tour and introduce you to a few people. I've arranged for a computer to be delivered to you. Most of your work will be done from your home so you'll only be here when I need you to be. I assume you have a passport?"

She nodded, "Will I be traveling a lot?"

"Occasionally, just so, you know, you'll only be answering to Mr. Worthington, or me, no one else. Everything we do is kept top secret. Tomorrow evening we'll begin a project that is near and dear to my heart. Say around 7:30. Dinner will be brought to your house."

"OK!" She gulped, "I'll work really hard Mr. President and do my best.

"I'm sure you will." He stood, his dick now under control. She stood; the short black skirt she was wearing was driving him crazy. He took her hand and held it just a second longer than necessary.

"Until tomorrow," he said and she was dismissed.

After leaving the Oval Office, Samantha took Kate on a tour around the white house, then took her to lunch and introduced her around. After lunch she was put in a spare office and given a written assignment from Worthington to do research on pornography laws in the country. She finally left work at 7:30 to go home. She ate a salad and started reading the newest John Grisham thriller. She grew tired and started to go to bed when the phone rang. It was 11:00. "Hello?"

"Hello Kate. This is the President or to you Grant. How was your first day on the job?"

Surprised she said, "Mr. President, my first day was very busy. I did research for one of your lawyers."

"Call me Grant." He ordered.

"Grant," she said "How can I help you?" She was flustered and a little nervous. He could hear it in her voice and he liked that.

You can help me by letting me spank your nice brown ass he thought but he said, "Tomorrow I want you to work on some documents which I will have sent to your house. When I get there for dinner we will continue the work. Remember that you work for me 24/7. It's going to be a late night, so get some rest. The documents should be arriving about 2:00 in the afternoon."

"Of course Mr. - um Grant. Is there anything else?" she asked suddenly feeling very wet between her legs.

"Yes." He thought he'd throw her a detour. "Wear something nice for me. I liked how you looked in that red dress at my election." And then he hung up.

She stood holding the receiver in her hand a moment before placing it back on the cradle. 'Oh. I think the President made a pass at me.' She dismissed this thought. He's just being complimentary. He just wants me to look nice for dinner while we work she thought. She went over to the closet and pulled out the red dress. It was very tight fighting and low cut, accentuating all her best qualities. She liked it best because it gave her a JLo butt. "If my President wants it, then I'll wear it." she said to herself and then took out the matching red heels. She got into bed and dreamed of President Grant undressing her.

In the morning, Kate went for a run and ran past the White House. He was in there working and she would see him later that evening. She couldn't wait. She had the best job, working closely with the President of the United States. Her parents were very impressed when she told them and they promised to visit her soon.

When she got home she showered, shaved and made her bed. She went up to the attic and tried the door; it was locked. She reminded herself to ask Samantha again for the key. She had some books she'd like to store up there.

At 2:00 PM a large box arrived for her. She had the deliveryman bring it into her study. When she opened it, she found a file labeled, 'BDSM in America Today, the legal ramifications.'

Opening the file, she saw photos and documents on bondage, spanking, and all other modes of domination and submission. There were legal challenges about the law, contracts and laws about the rights of consenting adults. There were videos and DVDs. This was her research. She was a bit shocked but a job was a job and this was her job.

She looked at one photo of a young white woman about her age lying across the lap of an older man; he was in mid spank. The photo was in glorious color and her ass was a bright pink. Another photo showed a black woman her ass very red, her head bowed and still another photo showed a woman down on her knees a man's penis in her mouth. Finally, there was a photo of a man striking a woman's behind with a riding crop.

Kate was wet between her legs as she reviewed these pictures. Absently she rubbed her sex through her panties. 'Oh god, these are so hot. I'm supposed to be working here," she said aloud, admonishing herself. There were six DVDs and five VCR tapes in the box. Picking up a DVD she placed it in the player. It was a well-made film called, '"Spanking My Bride." Beautifully filmed, the initial scene showed a couple at their wedding, the bride looking striking in her dress.

After their reception the couple drove to a cabin in the woods. The husband tells her to undress. She moves to go into the bathroom. He orders her to undress in front of him. She refuses and he grabs her and throws her down on the bed. Lifting up the dress, he rips off her panties and proceeds to spank her. She is crying but also she is getting aroused. He shoves his fingers inside her and she screams with her release. He pushes her down on the floor and unzips his pants; grabbing her hair, he thrust his cock into her mouth. She proceeds to suck him.

Kate could feel her excitement expanding. She watched for a few more minutes as the husband comes in his wife's mouth. He then orders her onto the bed where he takes up a crop and whips her ass. She is begging him to keep going. There is a close up shot of him hitting her sex with the crop and she screams in pain, or is it pleasure? Kate was unsure but she imagined what it must feel like. Her mouth opens as the husband takes down his pants and shoves his cock into her pussy all the way. He squeezes her red ass and the wife goes wild moving her behind to meet him thrust for thrust.

Kate could feel her nipples harden. Her hand was between her legs. She turned off the DVD player and went into her bedroom. In the drawer next to her bed was her vibrator and she spent the next hour satisfying herself. All she could think about is being on her knees sucking President Adams cock, wondering how big his dick is, wondering if he would spank her like that. Her last thoughts as she climaxes were the feeling of his dick inside of her. She lay spent on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

Kate woke around 4:30 and managed to shower, wax and dress in jeans and a tee shirt just as the secret service, a cleaning crew and the catering company arrived. Her house was cleaned, checked for bugs and dinner was prepared in the kitchen. One of the secret service agents handed her a laptop. He opened it and showed her that to unlock it she has to put her thumbprint on the pad. Kate does so and the computer comes to life; the presidential seal is the wallpaper.

In the email box, there is an email for her from President Grant. It says:

"Kate: This is how we will mostly communicate. This computer is encrypted and only you or I can unlock it. I look forward to our dinner tonight. From today on, I would like you to send me all your notes. I can access them from anywhere that I am."


She wrote back to him:

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