tagBDSMThe President's Mistress Ch. 18-22

The President's Mistress Ch. 18-22


Ch 18 -- 22 Paris and Madam

©2012 angelface195

They drove up a tree lined drive and it looked as if there were only woods, but through the trees she saw it. They arrived at the Mansion. Kate's first impression was that it was imposing yet beautiful. It was in the middle of nowhere and there were trees all around the sides and in the back. Claire kissed her cheeks and Gerhard opened the door to the house. He greeted them.

Kate was wearing a flared dress with no panties. The President had spent the drive to the mansion playing with her sex. He had forbidden her to touch him except for kisses and he had forbidden her to cum. She was in a state of agitation. There were thirty-five people at the house today and they were all standing waiting. The moment Kate entered they all kneeled.

Madam came into the room and introduced herself. Gerhard was by her side. He was a blond giant from Sweden. He was here permanently - it had been his destiny. Madam kissed Kate on both cheeks. She then went and kissed Grant on the mouth. He pulled her towards him his tongue snaking into her mouth. Madam squeezed his dick hard. The President groaned.

"Are you ready?" Madam said looking at Kate.

"I'm nervous but ready."

Madam went over to her, "You have nothing to be nervous about. See." Her hand swept the room, "They are all bowing to you. They know greatness when they see it." She stroked her face. Madam's touch made her shiver.

Madam turned to Grant, "You know Grant, I am so proud of you. You have proven yourself to be the man I knew you would be and more. With this young woman by your side, you will be great and so will she. The two of you will be a force. May I?" She asked The President,

"Yes Madam you may."

Madam went to Kate. Gerhard went behind her and unzipped her dress. She was naked underneath and as it slid down, she felt very self-conscious in front of all these people. Madam reached out and felt her breasts. Gerhard grabbed her hands and held them behind her. Madam leaned down and licked her nipples. Kate sucked in her breath, her face pinking. Gerhard lifted her and Madam put her face into Kate's sex. She licked her once, twice, and Gerhard put her back down.

Madam looked at Grant, "Very nice taste. Not too much hair. You have enjoyed being down there haven't you?"

He blushed and smiled, "Yes Madam I love licking her."

"Are you sure you do not want her fucked by any men?" she asked seriously now.

"No Madam with the one exception. I do not want it. I want her pussy for my cock only," he said.

Kate looked at him, who would be fucking her. She was alarmed; she only wanted Grant's cock in her pussy. Madam sighed, but understood.

"Then all of your instructions shall be followed to the letter Mr. President. Her pussy will be licked a lot." She looked at Claire, "Claire you will be her first as promised."

Claire raised an eyebrow and smiled devilishly at Kate who looked puzzled. "You will understand soon Miss Morgan." Claire said smiling broadly.

Worthington appeared and Kate was surprised. She kissed his cheek, "I'm so happy to see you."

"So am I. You have been the belle of the ball here." He smiled. "When you come home everything will be different. You and The President will be together forever."

"It is time Mr. President for you to say goodbye." Madam stepped back. Everyone else moved a little closer.

"Kate mouth," said the president.

Kate dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, took him out and immediately started sucking him. Worthington stood close by watching and remembering how good her mouth felt on him. Claire watched envying her. She wanted to be right down there sucking Grant's dick.

Kate worshiped Grant's cock. The rest of the people there gathered around them in a circle. Madam stroked her hair, "You are very special my dear. You are perfect in every way. What happens here will attune your life. You will know by the end of your time exactly where your life is headed. You are a beautiful strong black woman. If you think Oprah has power or Michelle Obama, then you will have more power than both of them combined.

You will feel more alive, will be able to learn things faster and you will be more in control of yourself. I know your sister wants to come here. She will", but not until you have given birth. Your sister has another destiny. After today, your life will never be the same. Please bring the President to orgasm so we can begin." Madam ordered.

Audrey watched astounded. She had never seen anything like this and she looked at Michael and the President in wonder.

Grant held back until this moment. He grabbed her head and fucked in her mouth. His eyes were on hers, hers on his. Everyone was watching. He threw back his head, his knees almost gave out, "My dearest Kate I'm cumming."

And as he came, Worthington took out the hypodermic in his pocket. He went by her side and jammed it into her arm. As Grant's cum went down her throat, she felt a pinch then cold liquid spreading into her veins. She passed out. Audrey started to go to her, but Gerhard stopped her.

The President knelt down. She would be asleep for the next ten to twelve hours. He scooped her up and passed her to Worthington who passed her to Gerhard. Grant kissed her face, tears in his eyes, "I will miss you my Kate." He kissed her lips.

Claire took his hand, "you know she's fine, we need to get you back."

"Yes," he wiped his face. Madam gave him her handkerchief.

"Mr. President you know she is in good hands. You will be back with Michael, Mandy and Eric. Now it is time for you to go. When I return her to you, she will be at her best. Please invite me to the wedding." She kissed his lips. Michael stroked Kate's face. He looked at Madam.

"You too, Michael; I will see you in two weeks.

The president, Michael, and Claire all left. Madam had dismissed them. In the car, the president turned to Michael, "Are you okay with taking her the last night?" he asked concerned.

Michael looked at him, "I was surprised you gave your permission. "

"So was I but I remembered it was me who took your anal virginity that night and the bond it created between us." He smiled at Worthington, "So I felt that it should be you. The bond Madam told me was unbreakable. She should have that with you."

"Will you be jealous?" he asked seriously. Grant smiled, "I'm sure I will be, but it is only temporary. Mandy and Eric will be a force won't they?"

"Thank you for agreeing to sponsor him." Worthington took the President's hand.

"Not a problem, you did the same with Kate. Kate will sponsor Mandy. It's done. We will tell him in two months after Kate has had time to adjust."

"Yes, and you know that Mandy coming here is the best thing," said Worthington

"Yes I know and I will be happy when that is over. Although I feel Mandy doesn't really need treatment she's so devoted to Kate."

"Yes but she does need it for the woman Kate will become. She will be coming with Eric. They will bond together." Michael said.

"Yes I agree," the president admitted, "How are things at home?"

Worthington smiled broadly, "Mr. President, it is perfect. Connie is happy with Tommy and Samantha. The Press had a field day and you are looking very sympathetic. Your approval rating has gone up 10 points to 65%. Reelection shouldn't be a problem. Even the Republicans offered their sympathy at your plight. Senator Cranston held a press conference to apologize for his niece's behavior."

"Did he now? Michael, don't trust him," said the president. "He's a disgusting snake.

"I have people watching him," Michael said, "Are you ready to go home."

"Not ready, not without her. Let's just say I'll be missing her every day, but I have to get back."

Michael nodded, yes, they had to get back.

They rode back to Claire's home and were snuck back in, no one the wiser. The President kissed her cheeks and her husband's. He thanked him and Claire. Claire told him that she would check on Kate every day. The President got on Marine One helicopter to the airport and boarded Air Force One for home.

Madam took Audrey's face in her hands. "Audrey, I'm sorry I'm sure you are confused by all this."

She turned and nodded, two people stepped forward. One was a stunning black woman with short hair. She looked like an Amazon standing barefoot at over 6' tall. She was darker than Kate was with dark brown nipples showing through her white dress. She stood in front of Audrey.

"This is Francine. Francine will tell you what is going to happen and show you your room. You will spend the night with her and," She pointed to the other person, a man, tall, slender, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes, "Armand, will sleep with you also. They will tell you everything and you will see Katherine in the morning. I will give you a copy of her itinerary. You will call the President every night and give him a report. Every night I will give you someone to satisfy your needs. During the day, I will ask you to help out. I'm sure the President has told you to obey me."

"Yes Madam," Audrey answered.

"You will be whipped and caned and used by Miss Morgan."

"Yes, he's told me."

"In return, the President has told me that you want to be with her and the President for life," said Madam.

"Yes I do," she answered.

"The President will grant it and in the end you will be given Katherine's ring as well as Mandy who has already been collard. Mandy does not know that I will send for her. She will be here and you will again come with her do you understand?" asked Madam.

Audrey nodded.

"Now go with them," she ordered. Audrey left.

Madam Claude addressed everyone else, "You know your orders, please follow and let's make this experience as best for Miss Morgan as possible.

Gerhard, carrying Kate followed Madam Claude to the elevator. Day one in Paris had begun.

Madam pressed the button and the elevator descended into the basement. She stepped out with Gerhard following her. There were three doors; they were going to the center one. Only he and the Madam, along with the two other people in the room were allowed down here. Claire would be coming here soon for the bonding. She needed to learn since she would be the Madam's replacement at her death.

Madam held her hand to the scanner and then took out the key she wore around her neck and opened the door. The room was all glass and steel. A man and a woman stood within, both were doctors. They were at the control panels waiting.

There were two machines that looked like coffins, all glass enclosed. The woman pressed the screen and the top of the coffin slid open. Gerhard placed the naked Kate inside. The top closed. Kate could breathe easily. She would sleep through the process. The man pressed the screen again and the top closed. The woman pressed the screen a third time and a gas enveloped Kate. She would sleep here tonight but wake up in another room.

Madam Claude sat at a computer screen. She had perfected this method along with her predecessor. She thought about how all this had begun.

In 1912, a woman named Giselle LaClay was working in a laboratory with her husband Mr. Bruce LaClay. She was French and he was American with French descent. They were working on a project for the US government to increase a person's abilities; to use parts of their brains that were not used. After much work and experimentation they found an answer, but the government wanted to use it for evil. They had a few influential friends in the U.S. and France and arranged for their lab to be torched. Two bodies were found inside; it was not them, but two unidentified bodies from the morgue.

The LeCays disappeared with the help of their friends and purchased the mansion in France. Giselle became Madam Giselle and they with a lot of help they made their process work. The injection was the formula and the gas would enhance it. It was top secret; only three people knew what it contained, the President of the United States, the President of France and the current Madam. Not even the doctors in the room knew. They were there to monitor Kate's vitals. Nothing had ever gone wrong.

Through the subsequent Madams who were all scientists, the method was perfected. When Michael and Grant were there, it took a year and depending on what the person's abilities were it could still take a year, but with Kate, it would be ten days. The remaining days were to bind it.

The video screen showed what the person's abilities were. The mist provided the visions on the computer screen. These visions would go on a special disk invented by Madam Claude. The disk would be locked into a vault that could sustain a nuclear attack. So could this place. It was meant to survive.

The governments of the US, France and the UK as well as a few others provided the finances and support needed. It was a well-kept secret. Many wanted to come but few were chosen. The choosing process was a well-kept secret known only to Madam and soon to Claire.

For ten hours, Madam would sit here with Kate and watch her future unfold. She would know everything about Kate, her past, her present and her future. Kate would know this too, but not consciously, her subconscious would help create her future.

Gerhard would help Madam. He would feed her and get her to take breaks. He would wait the ten hours with her. He was her butler, her security and her lover most of the times. He would kill, die and protect her. He would be with her for the rest of her days, by then his counterpart would be here for Claire and he would go to his destiny which was to build a foundation in Africa to feed the people. He would marry an African woman and live there for the rest of his life. Marco would take his place with Claire.

There were no side effects, no repercussions, no mind-control, none of that. It was the person's own abilities brought to the forefront. It was 100% safe and had been used in the last 100 years without one incident.

Part of the program worked with orgasms. It had to do with the injection. Kate would experience many orgasms here, most of them oral per the President's instructions. The orgasms would trigger her brain to bring out her abilities. He had been preparing her for this. The last night Michael would fuck her and she would come, binding them as he was bound to the President. She would spend one more night down here and it would be complete. She would learn faster, she would be able to complete tasks in half the time, she would feel more pleasure than she ever thought possible. At the end of the time, she would be at her best for the rest of her life.

Madam Claude knew all, she would never reveal any of it unless necessary to the person and their sponsor. She had to do that to one president who got caught in a sex scandal. She knew he would not be impeached, but he was afraid. She had reassured him and sure enough his wife had forgiven him and everyone now revered him.

She knew her own death and she was ready. Claire was being prepared. Claire was studying and learning.

The first image appeared and Madam smiled. Miss Kate was going to be exceptional.

Kate awoke in a beautiful room all done in white French provincial furniture. She was in a four-poster bed surrounded by white gauzy curtains. Kate was dressed in a black see through silk negligee. A woman knocked on the door and entered. She was carrying a bed tray that she set down on the table near the window. She pulled back the curtain.

She was gorgeous as were all the women here. She had high cheekbones and bright sparkling light blue eyes. Her name was Alicia. She was also from New York.

"Madam thought that you and I would get along. My name is Alicia and I have your breakfast and your schedule, as well as a note from Madam. First breakfast, then we will begin."

Breakfast was a croissant with jam, fruit, eggs and Canadian bacon, orange juice, and tea. Kate found she was hungry and ate everything. Alicia laughed, "Audrey will be here to see you to ensure you are all right. She will report back to the president tonight."

Alicia removed the tray and handed Kate the note. Kate opened it and read:

My dearest Katherine:

Alicia will give you your orgasm this morning and every morning. It is her job. I'm sure you will be very horny by now so open your legs to her and let her take you to your happy place.

Your schedule is on the paper. Your Master has given me instructions so your schedule will reflect that. You are to sleep in silk during your time here. During the day, you will wear a black shift dress with ties and no underwear. Alicia will bring you fresh clothes every day. Throughout the day, you will find yourself in need. You may ask anyone to satisfy you. They cannot fuck you but use mouths and fingers in your pussy and ass. From tomorrow on you will use a butt plug. At night, someone else will come and give you an orgasm so that you may sleep. Six hours later, someone else will come, and then you may sleep until Alicia comes to awaken you for your next day's events.

You will sometimes be tied or put on the spreader bar and your arms and legs will be restrained. You will sometimes restrain others. Your days will be full and busy. I will see you at least once a day in my office and will help you in any way I can.


Alicia took the note and put it on the table. "This note as well as any other's you receive will be given to you in a book when you leave. Now, how do you feel?"

Kate was suddenly feeling very warm. She looked at Alicia and licked her lips. Alicia smiled, "Soon, but first you need to look at your schedule."

Her schedule read:

Katherine Morgan

Day 1 Schedule

Cock sucking 102 -- special attention to deep throating

Implement learning -- flogging -- technique 1

Dom training -- 101


Make Up


Meeting with Madam

Kate looked puzzled and Alicia smiled, "I understand all of this except the last two," said Kate.

"All will be revealed." She stood up and untied her white dress. She was naked in front of Kate. Kate was biting her lip. She wanted this woman between her legs.

"You must order me Kate. You must tell me what to do. You are a strong dominant woman. You know exactly what you want." Alicia's voice was soothing.

Kate blinked. "Bitch, if you ever call me Kate again I will whip you." Kate hoisted up her gown. "Get here and eat me until I come all over that pretty face of yours."

Alicia smiled and obeyed. Kate pulled her face inside her and ground her pussy in Alicia's mouth. She had never wanted anyone so badly to eat her.

"Don't fucking play with me. I want to come. So you keep licking. Don't stop."

Alicia was good at this, she tasted and licked. She loved eating pussy. She knew her destiny would require her to eat her Mistress' pussy all day long. She sucked and licked Kate as if her life depended on it and Kate nearly suffocated her.

Kate pinched her own nipples through the silk fabric. The silk felt so erotic on her skin. She leaned back against the pillows and Alicia kept licking. She was awash with sensations and she envisioned Mandy between her legs under the desk. She saw herself flogging Mandy's body. She saw the president over her knee. She saw things and as she exploded, she knew what her first step would be and she came screaming Grant's name.

Alicia helped her calm. She lay beside her, not touching her. Kate held out her arms and Alicia went into them. Kate licked her face tasting her own juice and they kissed. "So you're to be here every morning."

"Yes Mistress Kate." She said and sighed. "I enjoyed being there between your thighs."

"Tomorrow I will spank you for calling me Kate bring me a belt," Kate ordered.

"Yes, I will bring the belt. Thank you for the punishment. Madam said you may give me three," Alicia said.

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