tagInterracial LoveThe President's Mistress Ch. 23

The President's Mistress Ch. 23


Chapter 23 -- The Bonding

©2012 angelface195 All Roads Lead To Paris and Grant

Kate was taken down in the elevator to a room that looked like a chapel. It was full of white flowers. Beau Soir by DeBussy was played by Marco on the white piano as she walked down the aisle toward Michael. He looked so handsome she thought as she walked towards him. Audrey and Alicia walked behind her.

All the women including Madam and Claire wore pink and the men wore gray pants and white shirts.

Audrey took Alicia's flowers and put both bouquets off to the side. They knelt at Kate's side. The Madam loved the bonding. Originally, it had not been a ceremony, but she thought that it should be, so she had made it into a loving ceremony of two people who would be bonded for life but would never sleep together again nor would they ever want to.

Gerhard walked to Michael a hypodermic in his hands and he jabbed it gently into Michael's arm. Michael was expecting this and he felt the drug take effect. He looked at Kate with love in his eyes. She smiled up at him shyly.

Madam spoke, "The two of you will be bonded for life. No matter what happens you will be loyal to each other, you will protect each other and share each other's secrets. Katherine, present the contract to Michael."

Katherine got down on her knees, eyes lowered, the contract extended out to him.

"Do you do this freely and willingly? Do you accept him as your sponsor and agree to the bonding?"

Kate spoke clearly, "I do accept you Michael."

Madam turned to Michael, "Do you Michael accept Katherine? Do you promise to return her safely to her Master? Do you agree to protect her with your life? Do you agree to the bonding and accept her as the person you are being bonded to?"

Michael staring down at her said, "I do accept Katherine Morgan. I will return her safely to her master. I will protect her with my life. I agree to the bonding and accept her lovingly as the person I am bonded to as I accepted her master."

He took the contract from her and gave it to Madam. It would be put in a vault along with many others. "Let the bonding begin."

A gold and diamond and ruby encrusted goblet was brought forward by Alicia. It contained some of Kate's secretions and champagne. Alicia got to her knees beside Kate, as did Audrey. "Alicia, Audrey do you promise to go to Mistress Katherine whenever she calls? Do you promise to love her, protect her and do her bidding whenever she asks?" They both promised they would.

Kate's veil was lifted and Michael's pants were undone. His erection was big and hard. Kate took him in her mouth and sucked him. He held her head and thrust into her mouth. They stared into each other's eyes. When he was ready, he withdrew and his semen went into the cup. Alicia stirred it, and offered it to Kate. As she went to sip, Audrey jabbed the hypodermic into her arm and pressed the plunger. She drank.

The cup was passed to Michael who drank the rest. Audrey and Alicia helped Kate stand. Michael took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. They were stripped naked. Alicia knelt again and began to suck Kate while Audrey sucked Michael. As soon as Michael was hard, they stopped.

Kate and Michael just stared at each other. Michael took her hand and everyone applauded and they kissed again delicately. Madam led them to the elevator. Gerhard, Marco Claire and the Madam were the only one's allowed. Michael held her hand and stared into her eyes as they were taken down. This room was on the same floor as the first room she had been brought to. But this room was larger and had etched glass doors. Madam put up her hand and so did Claire. The doors slid open. The room was steel and glass. There was a panel with a touch screen and a computer with headphones. The doctors with masks on their face stood waiting.

There was a bedroom encased in glass with only a large heart shaped bed with white sheets. Gerhard pressed a button on the console and the door to the glass room opened. He helped Kate into the bed; her eyes never left Michael's. Michael got into bed beside her. Immediately he began kissing her lips and touching her body.

There were red curtains and Madam pushed a button and the curtains closed on all sides. A tear fell from Claire's eyes. It was all so beautiful. Claire pushed another button on the screen and gas was sent inside. She and the Madam put on headphones. There was a hidden camera in the room. Only they saw and heard as Michael got on top of her and thrust his dick inside. Only they saw and heard from the screen with the headphones on how she held on to him and called out Grant's name. Only they saw and heard when Michael promised her that he would always be there for her and only they saw and heard when he told her he loved her.

Kate held him to her as he thrust inside of her and she met each thrust with one of her own. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came. He followed close behind her, "My Katherine," he said and his forehead touched hers. They were bonded. Michael lay on top of her for a moment, weak and exhausted.

He kissed her once more and then rolled off. He held her hand as they drifted off into a deep sleep.

They would not remember the act of sex; they would only remember the bond. After several hours where Madam saw their destinies entwined on the screen and made the disk, Marcus came and scooped Kate up into his arms and took her away.

She would sleep for most of the next day. When she awoke, she was in a different room, one more luxurious than the one she had stayed in all those nights. She got up and saw flowers filling the room as well as wrapped gifts. She was wearing a powder blue nightgown.

Audrey arrived and knelt at her feet. "Please bring me my brunch. I would like brie cheese and bacon omelet, toast with strawberry preserves and jelly, orange juice and if they have some cantaloupe. Thank you Audrey and would you please join me?" she said politely.

Audrey smiled, "Yes Mistress." She got up and left. Alicia arrived a few minutes later with a beautiful semi sheer black dress. She had black Jimmy Choo heels, black garter belt and stockings and a black bra.

"From now on," Alicia said, "until you leave you will not wear clothes. You will spend part of the day with Michael talking then you will spend some time in meditation before dinner. Tonight you will sleep with Madam. I will be there as well as Audrey and Portia. We will sleep there and in the morning, you will prepare to go home. Are you looking forward to going home?"

Kate smiled broadly, "I am looking forward to seeing my beloved, my Grant. I can't wait."

Alicia looked sad and Kate kissed her lightly, "I will miss you too Alicia, but we will see each other."

Alicia brightened, "Yes we will." Audrey came with a tray and she and Alicia ate breakfast with Kate. Kate opened her gifts from Michael. There was a gold necklace with a phoenix hanging from it. The card said, "My beautiful Kate, rising from the ashes and being glorious. Love, Michael." There was a watch with a note, "You are to wear this watch always. It has a tracking device in it for your protection as well as a panic button. Michael."

Grant had outdone himself. He had sent her a cuff bracelet from Harry Winston with a note that said, "I can't wait to cuff you to our bed in the White House. I am so proud of you and I adore you. Grant." In the next box was a key with a note, "Do not use until I take you to the attic. Grant."

This one made her pussy moist. Finally there was a third box, sender unknown and she opened it to find the mold of Grant's cock and a note from Madam, "Use this on Mandy. She is to come here with Eric. Madam."

Kate licked the mold. She imagined it was Grant's cock and she wanted to thrust it into her, but Audrey stopped her. "Tonight you will be with the five of us. I think this should wait until you get home."

Kate smiled at Audrey, "You're right. Thank you dear Audrey." She kissed Audrey lightly on the lips.

Kate took a shower alone and dressed. She was going to meet with Michael and talk. Audrey went to prepare for the evening while Alicia walked Kate through a door out to a hidden Japanese garden with a koi pond and stone steps. There was a little bridge which led to a bench and sitting on the bench was Michael Worthington.

Kate walked over the bridge and Michael stood. He kissed her cheek, "How are you? Do you remember any of it?" He asked.

"Not really it's fuzzy like I'm looking through water. I just remember walking towards you and seeing you dressed in white."

"Yes, I remember seeing you. You looked so lovely. It fades away Katherine. Tomorrow you will remember less. Tonight you spend with the Madam and a few girls. I remember that night, it was hot." He smiled and kissed her cheek.

She hugged him. "You are I are bonded for life now."

"Yes, you and I, and Grant, and soon Mandy and Eric and your sister Barbara will be bonded too. We'll all be one big happy family. We'll help each other and be there no matter what." He stared into her eyes,

"I want to make sure you're safe." He looked at the watch on her wrist. "Please wear that watch always. I will be able to find you anywhere on the planet. Promise me you'll wear it."

"I will except when I'm with the President. I don't think I will need to." She smiled.

"Yes he does have all those secret service agents. You have James and I've increased your detail to five with Mandy that's six." He ran his finger through his hair. "We leave tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to spend in very quiet meditation, dinner and then sleep. I'm wiped out."

"I'm a little tired too," Kate said and Alicia appeared.

"Mistress Katherine, it is time for your meditation." Kate kissed Worthington's cheek and left with Alicia.

Alicia took her to a room where she changed into a kimono and went to a chashitsu, which is a Japanese tea room. There was a master of the tea ceremony in this room. Miss Jasmine in a kimono came in and bowed to Kate. She did the tea ceremony and after they shared the tea she said to Kate, "Madam wants you to sit here for an hour or so and think about your life. She wants you to see think about how you want your life from here on to be. Just relax and let the surroundings guide you. Close your eyes."

Kate sat and relaxed. Thoughts swirled in her head and she thought about her journey: how she campaigned for Senator Grant, how that turned into a relationship that was far different from what she thought it would be. He was her life and her love. He wasn't perfect, but he loved her with a fire she never would find anywhere else. She touched her heart. He was here deep.

Her link, her bond with Michael was that. She knew he was her knight. He would always protect her. He would die for her. She knew exactly what path they would follow and she wanted it all. She wanted her life to mean more, to be more. She cried tears of joy for this journey. She saw Mandy waiting for her back home, loving her and she knew she loved Mandy with her heart and soul and they would be together forever.

In the tea room she gave thanks for everyone in her life from her parents, to her sister Barbara and her family, to everyone she had met in his adventure. She knew there would be a night of debauchery with some of the girls and she was looking forward to it, but she really couldn't wait to go home and be in Grant's arms.

She left the tea room with gratitude in her heart and love as her song.

Dinner that night was in Madam's room. Portia, Audrey, Alicia, and Kate were at dinner with the Madam, Marco and Gerhard were their servers. They wore basically loin cloths and their chests were glistening with oil. The women were in nightgowns. Audrey's was green sheer with a hand woven peacock on the side, Portia's was sheer, lilac, Alicia's was powder blue, sheer and Kate's was gold with a matching long coat. All were given to them by the Madam.

Madam's room was very sumptuous and huge. The bed was gigantic made up of two kings sized beds put together. There were two sofas in the sitting room. They ate dinner on the balcony which overlooked the pool. Dinner was a seven course meal with wine pairing. A pianist played show tunes on the piano. The conversation was light and but there was sexual tension in the air.

After dinner the pianist left and Madam put on some classical music. She took Kate's hand. Everyone stood around them. Marco and Gerhard came, Miss Jasmine came dressed in a long brown sheer gown and Miss Ruby arrived. wearing black. Kate shivered at the thought of being with Miss Ruby again and licked her lips.

"Claire was also supposed to be here," said the Madam, "but pressing government business has kept her."

Madam took off Kate's coat and handed it to Marco. She unbuttoned the gold nightgown and took it off Kate's shoulders. She kissed Kate passionately winding her hand in Kate's hair and bringing Kate's mouth down to hers.

Kate moaned. Madam brought her hands to Kate's sex and moved her fingers in and out. She got down on her knees and thrust her face into Kate.

"Madam oh, please, yes, yes, that's so good."

Madam licked tasting all of Kate. Kate felt week and Marco stepped forward to hold her. Madam got up and Kate was swept in Marco's arms and taken to the bed. Madam got between her legs as everyone came to watch. Kate's legs were put in the spreader bar, her wrists were cuffed. The Madam got between her legs and started to eat her. Gerhard who had been waiting for this moment untied his loin cloth.

He brought his dick to Kate's lips and Kate sucked him.

"Mistress Katherine, that feels so damn good. I've wanted you to suck me like this." He touched her hair, stroking it as she ate him. Tears fell from his eyes. She was not meant to be his and he knew that. He had accepted it because Madam had told him his Queen would come. He fucked her mouth enjoying it was Madam ate her.

Audrey came to her side and sucked her nipples as everyone watched. Madam was a pro at cunnilingus. She knew when to stop and when to bring on the big O. She kept Kate in a state where when she was at the very edge, Madam would stop.

"Please Madam, Oh please, please let me come." She said taking Gerhard's dick from her mouth.

Madam ignored her and kept sucking. She loved Kate's taste. Kate couldn't move, she couldn't claw the bed; all she could do was feel. Madam got up and went over to Portia. She took Portia to the bed and sat on Portia's face. Portia immediately started eating the Madam as Miss Ruby took her turn between Kate's legs. Kate couldn't wait to feel Miss Ruby and Miss Ruby ate her with relish. Kate came, a blinding orgasm that ripped through her. Gerhard came in her mouth and held her head. His semen went down her throat and she licked him clean.

He thanked her for the privilege and released her from the spreader bar. Her legs were like jelly, but she knew there was more to come. Miss Jasmine brought her up to the top of the bed where Portia was now being eaten by Miss Ruby and the Madam had taken Audrey. Miss Jasmine's body was very soft and she lay on top of Kate. She kissed her lips and moved down to her breasts. Everything about her was gentle and soft, but when she got to Kate's pussy she attacked it. Kate was shocked and surprised as she slurped and bit and licked until Kate was thrown into a frenzy and climaxed very quickly over her face. "Miss Jasmine, that was incredible."

"Mistress Katherine I am honored to be between your legs. Thank you for this opportunity." Miss Jasmine got up and Marco got between Kate's legs as Miss Jasmine took Alicia. Everyone had a turn at Kate and she fell into a very deep sleep. She had more orgasms than she could count.

Madam kissed her and she was lifted up by Marco. He took her to her room and she slept. She slept deeply for the next 14 hours. When she woke up Michael was sitting in a chair watching her. "Hey there, how long have I been out?" she said softly.

Michael smiled at her, "You had a very long sleep, about 14 hours. We'll be leaving after dinner. Ready to go home?"

She sat up slowly, "I can't wait."

"The President will be at your house tomorrow. We'll be home late tonight and Mandy and Audrey will help you get settled. Alicia will bring in your clothes and dinner. Everything is going to be very different when you get home," he said and kissed her forehead.

"Yes," Kate said, "I know and I can't wait. Thank you, Michael for everything. When may I speak with Grant?"

"On the plane, I'm going to see Madam and then I'll be back to get you." He left.

Alicia arrived with her dinner and her clothes. She looked tired and a little sad, but she hugged Kate. "Mistress I am looking forward to seeing you in Washington. I will miss you." she said, her eyes lowered, a tear pricking the corner.

"I will miss you too." Kate said and kissed her lightly on the lips. "How long until your bonding ceremony?"

"Two months and I will be going home. It will be lonely without you. I've enjoyed our time together. Please eat and then I will help you dress and take you downstairs so that everyone may say goodbye." She sat with Kate and they ate together for the last time.

Kate was dressed in a black pants suit created by Isabella Giovanni with a gold turtleneck. It had been a while since she had worn pants and the fabric felt strange on her legs. Audrey arrived and her hair and makeup were done. All her gifts were already in the limousine that would take her, Michael, Audrey, Gerhard, and the Madam to the airport. Max would meet them on the plane.

She looked around her room and thought about her moments. She felt silly having been frightened of coming her. She had found herself at Madam's and now she was strong and happy.Alicia handed her the matching purse and it was time to go. She walked out the room and down the stairs.

Again everyone was there and they applauded as she walked down the stairs. She saw the smiles of these people who were all now her allies and would do whatever she needed them to do. Her future would be very interesting. She hugged a few, kissed a few more and when she got to Miss Ruby, Kate kissed her hard on the lips, leaving Ruby surprised. She waved,

"Thank you so much and I know I will see all of you again." She walked out into the sunlight and smiled. She was going home.

Gerhard was sitting up front. He had gotten Mistress Katherine out of his system. Madam held her hand on one side, while Michael held her other hand. Audrey sat facing her. She was ready to go home. She was envious of Kate and of Mandy who would be experiencing this, but she felt lucky to be allowed to be part of Kate's journey.

They arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport and the limousine pulled up by the plane. Max came down and helped the chauffeur with all the bags and packages.

Michael and Audrey got out of the car leaving Kate alone with Madam. Madam had tears in her eyes. "You were a joy to have. I am so proud of the woman you are and the person you've become. You have exceeded all expectations my beautiful black Queen. Always remember Madam and the time we spent together. I look forward to your wedding. Promise me you will bring your baby to see me."

Kate hugged her, "I promise Madam and thank you so much for everything." Kate kissed her and got out of the car. Michael took her hand and together they walked up the steps. At the doorway of the plane, Kate turned around to look back and watched the limo drive away. She smiled and walked into the plane. She was going home to Grant and she couldn't wait.

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