tagInterracial LoveThe President's Mistress Ch. 31

The President's Mistress Ch. 31


©2012 angelface195 all rights reserved – The Wedding – Part I

Barbara had gone all out for this night. Two limousines bringing 10 girl friends were due to arrive at the White House in a few hours. Barbara had hired six male strippers. The President had gotten Bruno Mars to perform and arranged gift bags for all those in attendance.

All the items had the Presidential seal and included an iPad, a one of a kind hand bag made by Louis Vuitton especially for Kate. There were bath items and bath robe and night gowns since this was going to be a pajama party and many more in a beautiful wheeled wicker basket. Dinner was going to be in the President's dining room.

Mandy had returned to the White House. Kate hugged and kissed her for a very long time. Kate had stripped Mandy of her camouflage outfit and gone straight between her thighs. "Thank you honey for going into the rainforest for the plant to save the President's eye sight and get rid of that nasty bug." Kate licked and sucked her pussy. Mandy held her hair and stroked it gently, "Oh Mistress it was my honor, yes, that's so good. I missed you and Master so much." It didn't take long before Mandy came.

She and Kate lay for awhile in each other's arms. "You know you are invited to the party. I had a dress made for you." Kate said as she sucked on Mandy's nipples. Mandy moaned "I saw the dress. It's so gorgeous. I'm looking forward to wearing it tonight. I can't wait to get rid of these clothes. This trip was so horrible. Mistress I saw huge snakes that would just eat you whole and there were piranha in the river. The mosquitoes were as big as my fist and it was so wet. I know why they call it the rainforest, but it was also beautiful and breathtaking. Waterfalls that you would want to swim in with hidden caves. The Marines and Marcus were great, but I wouldn't want to go again. " Mandy kissed Kate and unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing. She sucked her Mistress' tits as Barb knocked on the door. "Come in." Kate said and her sister came in the room. "Okay sis, don't need to see that."

Kate covered up. "You who have slept with how many people want me to cover up?"

"Yes, you are my little sister and I don't want to see Mandy here sucking your nips nor do I want to see the President fucking you, so yes." Said Barb with her hands on her hips, "I came to tell you that you need to start getting ready in half an hour. Vivian is coming to run you a bath. Be prepared for a night of fun and celebration. There are many surprises arranged by me and the President.

Kate laughed, "Yea, I hear you because I wouldn't want to see Audrey eating your pussy either." Kate got up and took Mandy's hand. "Let's take a bath together." Barbara laughed. "I'll send Vivian in to run your bath and I will see you in a few hours I have a few things to do before we celebrate." Barb kissed her sister on the cheek and left.

Vivian came in a few moments later with some light snacks, juice and soda. She hugged Mandy and thanked her for going to South America. Then Vivian ran a bath for Kate. "Miss Morgan, have fun tonight. I heard it's going to be a real blow out."

"Okay Viv, spill, what have they got planned for me." Kate asked conspiratorially. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you. The President said he would fire me and your sister said she would gut me like a fish if I told you. You know," Vivian said looking horrified, "your sister can be a bit scary at times."

Vivian left to get things ready in the Queens room. Mandy was already naked so she helped Kate to undress. Together they got into the large bathtub and bathed together.

After a full day at work and checking in with his future sister-in-law, The President had changed into khaki pants and a blue shirt and was taken across the street for his own celebration.

Before Mandy had gone up to see Kate, the President talked to her and thanked her for all she had done. He asked her what she wanted to do. Mandy said to him, "Service to you and Mistress Katherine is all I want to do. I am very happy being head of her security. I also think James likes it too. He's been happy being at the house with Audrey and they have fallen in love."

"Do you think he would like to work on my detail?" The President asked, "I don't think so, but you could ask him. The hours with Kate are better and less headache. Sorry Sir." The President hugged her, "That's fine, I understand what you mean. You and I haven't spent much time together, but we will. Go to your Mistress she's missed you."

The President tilted Mandy's head back and kissed her passionately as he squeezed her breasts. He then swatted her on the butt and sent her on her way.

Michael came into the Oval Office. He was going to the party and staying with the President. Eric was also invited and would meet him across the street. He was very excited about the house and was spending all his time talking to decorators. Eric was also looking forward to Mandy having their baby. Eric loved babies and hoped they might have twins or even triplets. Michael was fond of children, but he hoped they only had one at a time.

"Mr. President, are you ready to go?" Michael asked. "Not yet, I want to go upstairs and say good night to Kate. I hope she has a good time. Have the entertainers arrived?"

"Yes Sir, Mr. Mars has arrived and the strippers known as The Manly Men are also here." Said Michael.

"Have they been checked out?" asked Grant. "yes we've done a light back ground check. They are only here for a few hours and the secret service is going to be standing guard the entire time, plus the military presence that is here at the White House so no worries." Said Michael. "I'll walk upstairs with you to see how Kate is holding up. That Barbara is something. She gives orders as if she were President."

Grant laughed and together they went up to the residence. Kate and Mandy were in bathrobes in the sitting room and having some hors d'oeuvers when the President and Michael walked in. The President took Kate into the bedroom and opened her robe. She was gloriously naked underneath and he touched her sex and fingered her pussy. "Don't get into any trouble tonight." He admonished, "Or I will take you into the playroom at Audrey's, tie you up and spank that pussy." Grant kissed her neck and bit her ear lobe."

Kate squirmed, " yes Sir, I'll behave, but I can't account for everyone else misbehaving." He slid two fingers into her sex and fucked her back and forth. "Oh Grant, please baby."

"Please what." He said fucking her faster. "Master please let me come." Kate said as he bent his head and sucked her nipple. "Why should I?" Grant asked. "Because you love me" Kate said.

"Not yet, my pet." Grant said and brought his soaked fingers to her lips. Kate gobbled his fingers into her mouth, licking. "Please Master please made me cum." The President knelt down and latched his mouth to her pussy. It didn't take long before Kate grabbed his head, "I'm cummmming." She screamed and came in his mouth.

Grant held her butt still licking her as she came down from her very big orgasm. The President stood up and she kissed him wrapping her legs around his and feeling his erection. "If I didn't have to go, baby girl, I'd fuck you right now. But right now I have your smell in my nose, your taste in my mouth and your pussy juice down my throat. I love you so very much." He kissed her hard.

He tied her robe and together they went back into the sitting room where Mandy and Michael were having a conversation about the trials she had endured in the rainforest. Michael hugged and kissed Kate. She wished him and the President a very good evening. "Michael, don't let him get into any trouble over there."

Michael smiled, "I won't." The President kissed her cheek, "I hope you have a really good time." He said and they left.

Mandy helped Kate change into her dress, a raspberry colored pleated sequin-top high low dress. Mandy was delighted with the black strapless sequined cocktail dress Kate had purchased for her.

The guests arrived. In one limousine were friends of Kate's, they were Abigail, her childhood friend who worked as a middle school teacher in a private school, Chana, who had known Kate in college and now was the President of a bank, Gabriella, who knew Kate in high school and who was a housewife and Maggie, who Kate had become friend's with at the law firm before she left for Washington.

In the second limousine were Rachel and Anna; they were friends of Stephanie Stone. Stephanie had been invited, but she had other plans and suggested that Anna and Rachel take her place. Kate knew that Rachel had been the submissive of Mr. Stone and Anna was engaged to Stephanie. To surprise Kate, Alicia and Portia from her time at Madam's were also in this car.

Barbara introduced everyone and they were taken to another room for cocktails and to wait to surprise Kate. Audrey joined them and everyone was ready. The lights were dimmed, glasses of champagne were held by everyone and as Mandy opened the door the lights were brought into full brightness, balloons were released and a "Surprise Kate!" filled the room.

Kate was surprised and delighted to see all her friends and kissed everyone. She was especially delighted to see Alicia and Portia who had both had their visions and returned home. Portia was living with her black Master who had two other female slaves and Portia now enjoyed eating pussy. Portia's was a brilliant scientist and her destiny was to find a cure for cervical cancer.

Alicia was living in New York with her Master and his wife. She was a brilliant young attorney. She was learning trial law at a prestigious law firm owned by her Master. She would one day be on the bench of the Supreme Court. Alicia was by nature a Dom and she was being taught by her Master. His wife, Piper was Alicia's submissive.

After drinking and talking, dinner was announced and the ladies were led to the dining room. Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian had made a feast for the ladies. There was a bitter and soft green salad with endives, apple and tarragon vinaigrette, a beef tenderloin tartar and a terrine of foie gras, followed by oysters on the half shell and the entrees were chicken fricassee roasted with Serrano ham, King Salmon with salmon roe, Yukon gold potatoes, a duet of Colorado lamb rib eye and glazed neck with preserved lemon, greenmarket sprouts and snow peas and steamed New Zealand Snapper. There were sides of house cut French fries and Anson mills polenta with peekytoe crab, kale and finally roasted Brussels sprouts with autumn squash, cranberry, burgundy truffle honey.

The ladies all talked and laughed as music was played. Dessert was brought out by Chef Zakarian himself. A chocolate cake that said, "Congratulations Kate", pumpkin seed oil semifreddo with butternut squash, spiced vanilla ice-cream, assorted petite fours and all different kinds of ice-cream and fixings so you could make your own sundae.

After dinner they were led to the Yellow Oval Room, the same room where Kate had made such a splash so many months before with the meeting of the President and the First Lady of France in her stunning dress by Isabella Giovanni.

The room had been set up for the concert and Bruno Mars and his band sang all of Kate's favorites especially her favorite songs ever, "Runaway Baby" and It Will Rain." As his finale, Bruno sang, "Marry Me" and danced with Kate.

Six men entered the room all dressed as secret service agents and started to dance with the women, then they started stripping down to their briefs.

Barbara was bumping and grinding with one very handsome light skinned man with an olive skinned complexion. He was an American but he had ties to the Sheik and was working for Kalif. His name was Marani and his job was to find out as much about Kate as possible.

He had been recruited because he was not only American but had been in the navy seals and trained in kidnapping for the government. Marani danced with Kate and thought about asking Kalif if they could take the Kate's sister. He was looking for a wife and wanted her. After dancing with Barb, he managed to move to dance with Kate. As he took her in his arms and danced with her he knew why the Sheik wanted her. She was funny and chatty and in command of her situation. He could dance close, but not too close. He liked watching her laugh. Kate was beautiful.

At the end of their performance, the men presented Kate with her gifts. There were several negligees, a blue garter for her something blue, a six pence from England for her shoe, a vibrator, a new crop with her initials on the handle, and a beautiful pair of antique earrings sent to her from the Madam which Alicia gave her.

The men all bowed and left to get dressed. Marani took his time getting dressed and came to the conclusion they could never kidnap her from the White House. It was too guarded. So that plan would have to be scraped. The Secret Service escorted them into their waiting van.

The women were all taken into the Queen's bedroom which had been transformed into a wonderland place to sleep with the stars illuminating the ceiling and three double loft beds with three double beds underneath.

In the sitting room was beverages of all kinds, some light hors d'oeuvres, cookies and chocolates.

They all changed into their nightgowns and made a decision about who would sleep where. Kate passed each woman a gift – it was a vibrator with the Presidential seal on it. Chana turned a bright crimson. She was a little plump woman with two children. "You know that saying, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, well I'm asking you all to agree that what happens in this room, stays here." Kate said and Mandy pulled out a wooden box. Inside were crops, paddles and strap ons. Kate announced, "If you don't want to participate, you don't have to, but I thought we could all use a break today." Kate turned on the stereo and "What A Man" began to play.

The women all looked at each other and agreed to keep secret anything that happened in that room. Mandy asked Abigail to dance. Barbara took a crop from the box and walked over to Audrey. "I think I owe you a spanking" Audrey smiled up at her, 'I think you do, Mistress Barbara."

Audrey took Barbara's hand and they went over to the sofa where Barbara pulled down Audrey's pants and began to spank her with the crop.

Maggie and Abigail watched as Barbara turned Audrey's ass a bright shade of pink then pushed her down to the floor and opened her legs. Audrey immediately began to eat Barbara.

Chana was getting very warm and Rachel was looking at her. Beautiful blonde Rachel walked over to her and handed her a paddle, "Mistress, would you like to spank me too?" Chana looked at that beautiful girl and said, "Hell yes, I'd like to whip that ass." She took Rachel's hand and sat in a chair. Rachel draped herself over her knee.

Anna came over to Kate and knelt at her feet. "Mistress Katherine, my Mistress and wife to be said that I was to do whatever you wished." Kate smiled at her and took her hand. Together they went into the bedroom and Kate stripped Anna of her night gown. They got into bed and began kissing. Soon Anna was between Kate's legs enjoying her.

Back in the sitting room, Portia was on her knees eating Maggie's pussy. Gabriella was watching all of this. Alicia came up behind her, "Bitch I'm taking you into the bedroom and fuck your brains out."

Gabriella turned around and looked at her in shock, no one had ever talked to her liked that. Alicia grabbed Gabriella and kissed her on her lips. Gabriella melted into her arms and started untying Alicia's gown. Alicia stopped her, "I'm in charge here. I have a question does your husband go down on you?"

Gabriella looked horror stricken. She lowered her eyes, "No one has ever..."

"Well honey by the time I'm finished, you'll be eating pussy like a pro. Come with me." She held out her hand. Gabriella thought for a moment and took Alicia's hands. On their way into the bedroom Alicia grabbed a strap on.

Finally Maggie and Abigail were left watching and Maggie shrugged and said "When In Rome." And she kissed Abigail long and deep. Maggie also picked up the strap on and took her into the bedroom.

The night turned into a full blown sex fest with finally all the women wound up back in the sitting room and getting into a daisy chain on the floor. Kate was being eaten out by Alicia, Alicia was being eaten out by Chana who had developed a fondness for eating pussy and was determined that her husband would be paying homage to her pussy very soon, the expert Portia was eating Chana, while Maggie was eating Portia, Rachel was between Maggie's legs, while Audrey was sucking on Rachel, Barbara was licking Rachel's pussy lips, while, Gabriella was sucking on Barbara, Gabriella was being eaten out by Abigail and finally Anna was sucking on Abigail as Kate was eating Anna. The chain was complete.

One by one all the women came, some of them very loudly and after lying there for a little while to catch their breath. Mandy took Kate's hand and they climbed up into the loft bed and fell asleep. Abigail took Gabriella and they took the bed underneath Kate. Rachel and Chana got underneath another bed and spooned. Maggie and Portia climbed on top and kissed holding each other, Audrey and Barbara climbed the top of the last bed and laying her head on Barbara's chest, Audrey fell fast asleep and lastly, Anna and Alicia who laid on the bottom and instantly fell asleep their arms and legs wrapped around each other.

The President's time across the street was not quite so boisterous. He had a good meal, drank some good liquor and met with his friends. They had a mini concert and he met with the celebrities. The highlight of his evening was Beyonce singing "I Was Here". As he went to sleep in the early hours of the morning he thought that even though his sight was not totally back, he was in so many ways blessed.

Early in the morning, Michael came to get him. He took the President back to the White House. There had been an incident where a helicopter containing six marines had gone down. Before he went to the Oval Office the President peaked into the Queens bedroom and saw all the ladies, some naked, some still in nightgowns all sleeping together.

Kate opened her eyes and saw him standing there. Michael by his side. Since he knew the President couldn't see very clearly he told him that Kate was awake. Kate came down the ladder and closing the door behind them, she kissed the President hard on the lips.

"Did you have fun? It looks that way." He said grinning. "It was fun, but I missed you. How was the bachelor party?" Kate asked. "Not as exciting as yours evidently." He said a little enviously. "Why are you back so early?" She asked.

"There is an incident. Why don't you go back to sleep and I'll see you later. I'm coming to the luncheon to meet your friends." He kissed her on the forehead. Kate kissed him on the lips and went back inside. It was six a.m.

Later that morning, Vivian came and woke up everyone. As she looked around the room she wished she had been a part of this all pussy fest, but she knew that later that night, Isabella would be between her legs as she was nearly every night.

Kate went back into the room she shared with the President and get dressed. Two hours later, the ladies met in the President's Dining Room where President Adams was already seated with Michael beside him. The ladies were all excited not only to meet the President but several were delighted to see Michael. Unfortunately they soon found out he was gay and married. They thanked Grant for the gifts and told him they would all be at the wedding. Photos were taken and a lively lunch ensued.

Marani reported his findings to Kalif who wasn't fazed because he had already known that the White House was heavily fortified, so he had to find another way to kidnap Miss Morgan and take her away. Marani asked if they could also take Miss Morgan's sister. Kalif first thought of saying no, but he thought about it and smiled, a plan began to form.

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