The President's Mistress Ch. 31


Everyone, except for Barbara went home in the afternoon. Barbara was staying in the Queen's suite until after the wedding, which had been reverted back into a bedroom with a king sized bed. She spent some time with Kate then had dinner in her room and called her husband. Patrick and the children would be arriving on Friday. Barbara was going to take this time to spend with her sister. Tonight after all that sex she was having dinner alone in her room, watching television and going to bed early. Barbara lay in bed that night thinking about the party and how much fun everyone had. She was so happy for Kate and happy for herself. Life had been so interesting and her marriage was now rock solid. Patrick had stopped taking her for granted and Barbara had found that she liked being in charge in the bedroom.

Finally Kate and Grant were alone in their quarters. Dinner with the children had been fun, but the President had been a little preoccupied. Michael had informed him that the serum was ready and they would insert it into his ear the next afternoon.

That evening as they went to bed, Kate told The President all that had happened at the party. He laughed at the couplings and told her that he wished he had seen the daisy chain. They slept together just holding each other.

It was five days before the wedding. Barbara and Kate went for their last fitting with her Secret Service detail and Mandy in tow. James had been sent to fetch the serum and the doctors.

Kate begged Grant to let her be there, but the President told her no. He and Michael went down to the medical facility. James, Dr. Banyon and Dr. Heart were there. The President laid down on his left side. The doctors showed him the vial. The serum was yellow, bright yellow, nearly florescent yellow. The serum had been put into a vial, then transferred to a syringe and injected into the President's right ear. It felt cold and slimy. "It should start to work in 24 hours. We will need to see you tomorrow to drain your ear and take out the disintegrated bugs. Tonight when you sleep you may feel liquid coming out of your ear. It will be black. Don't worry." Dr. Banyon handed Michael a pillow case, but not any ordinary case, but one that was made of a porous material to soak up the liquid, so they could test it.

"Mr. President I will be staying here tonight." Said Dr. Heart. Dr. Banyon told him, "I will be here in the morning."

The President sat up slowly and a nurse wiped the side of his ear where a little of the yellow had dripped out. On the gauze it was even more yellow and smelled like something from a swamp. Grant and Michael wrinkled their nose. A minute later the President started to sneeze. Dr. Heart laughed. "oh I forgot, one of the side effects. You may sneeze every now and then. I remembered that you had hay fever so I will give you something for that and the sneezing should stop."

Dr. Banyon went to the locked medicine cabinet and took out the President's allergy medication and gave him one. Forty-five minutes later, Grant was back in the Oval Office dealing with an angry dictator because some American hikers had trespassed into his territory and had now been arrested.

Kate, Barbara, Mandy and the President along with Danielle, Thomas and Beth had dinner together. The children loved Barbara and couldn't wait for her to bring her children to the wedding. They were all in the wedding.

Constance, Tommy and a very pregnant Samantha were all in bed together. "I'm so happy." Said Constance, "And Sam, I can't wait until your little baby girl is born." Tommy kissed them both, "I'm a very lucky man to have you two."

"We are all very blessed and my children with Grant are safe. This ordeal with my family is done and I'm looking forward to my ex-husband's wedding." Constance said.

"I couldn't believe he invited all of us." Said Samantha incredulously. "He's really a good, decent man and he wants us all to be happy." Answered Tommy. "I'm glad he's finally getting the happiness he deserved."

Samantha gazed up at Tommy, "Master would you like to suck the milk from my breasts." Tommy smiled and pulled down her top as Connie unbuttoned his pajama bottom and took his dick into her mouth.

The next day the President found a small pool of black on his pillowcase. He, Kate and Michael went downstairs to see Dr. Banyon and Dr. Heart. Dr. Heart was not as happy as he could have been. There should have been more. They examined the President and drained his ear where more of the black oozed out, but the doctors were still not happy. "Mr. President how is your vision?"

"It's better, but not what it was. I can see a bit more clearly but there is still a film over my eyes." The President said.

"We will monitor you over the next few days. It seems to me that we got one of the bugs but not the other one." Said Dr. Heart.

"Should you put more medicine in?" asked Michael. "No, this last bug is probably still looking for a way out. We'll give it a few more days and check again." Dr. Heart said and Dr. Banyon concurred.

The President went back to the Oval Office. Michael took Kate and Barbara to lunch in the Senate Dining room. They had a delicious lunch of Navy bean soup, with smoked ham. Michael had the vegetarian plate of pan seared perogie, roasted corn sauce and red bliss potato chips wile Kate ate the grilled salmon with poached baby potatoes and vegetables and Barbara had to try the pulled pork sandwich with the jalapeño slaw.

After lunch Michael left to meet Eric for their final tux fittings and Barbara and Kate walked around the White House garden. "Are you nervous about Saturday?" asked Barbara. "Not really, I'm just nervous about Grant getting his sight completely back." Kate said taking her sister's arm. They continued their walk, laughing and talking as sisters do.

The President held a very private luncheon the next day for the Marines, Marcus, Audrey and James who had gone into the Amazon to find the plant. The President still had a dull ache that had traveled to the side of his head and his vision was the same, a little better but not clear. Senators and Congressmen arrived for the luncheon and the President handed out medals to all those who were involved. Dr. Heart and Dr. Banyon also received medals and the President made sure that the serum was put in a special place so that if anyone else needed this treatment, it would be available.

Audrey checked Kate's phone for any messages that she should pay attention to. There were messages from her family and messages from a few friends, but there was one message that struck her as kind of funny. The caller said, "Mistress Katherine I can't wait to see your lovely face." And that was all. The number was anonymous and Audrey thought she would ask Kate about it. She got busy with Kate's schedule and chats with Colin Cowie, about final wedding preparations. Audrey never asked her Mistress about the mysterious phone call and Kate never heard the message.

In the history of the White House, only 17 Weddings have been held on the grounds. The first one was on March of 1812 when Lucy Payne Washington (the eldest daughter of Dolly Madison) married in the blue room, this was followed by another wedding in 1820 from Maria Hester Monroe (daughter of President and Mrs. James Monroe). The last White House Wedding was in 1994, when Anthony Rodham (brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton) married in the Rose Garden. The only President to ever get married in the White House was President Grover Cleveland age 49 who married Francis Folsom age 21 in the Blue Room.

And now on this glorious June day, President Grant Lincoln Adams was marrying Katherine Elizabeth Morgan in the Rose Garden. The day of the wedding was a beautiful June day in Washington. The lawn was decorated with beautiful roses in every color. The President had slept across the street leaving his Bride and her attendants to dress in the White House. His vision had still not returned all the way and today he was feeling slightly dizzy

The bridesmaids were all assembled and Colin Cowie admired his work. The Bride had chosen hot pink and white as her colors. Barbara was her Matron of honor and Mandy her maid of honor wore hot pink Mikado trumpet gowns with strapless neckline. The sash on their gowns were white while all the other girls wore hot pink. Kate had chosen Audrey, Gabriella and Alicia as her bridesmaids.

The President had chosen Michael as his best Man with Eric, Patrick, Barbara's husband, and his vice-President Bryan Mitchell were his groomsmen.

Thomas Adams, the President's son was now six and dressed in a tux as was Patrick Jr. age 12 who was Barbara's son. They were walking down the aisle with Lizabeth, Barbara's daughter who was 8 dressed in a white dress with a hot pink bow and Beth the President's daughter. Finally Danielle age 11 was wearing a junior hot pink bridesmaid short dress.

The guests had started to arrive. Security was extremely tight. There were Senators, Congressmen, friends of the Presidents and Kate's. The rich and famous which included, King William and his wife Catherine had arrived, President Belane and Claire arrived and Madam Claude was in attendance with Gerhard. Celebrities, David Beckham and his wife Victoria, Beyonce and Jay Z with their daughter, Blue Ivy and her husband, George Clooney who had finally gotten married with his wife and Halle Berry with her daughter and fourth husband Ricardo. 500 guests had been invited.

Kate's friends, Abigail, Chana and Maggie arrived with their respective spouses and significant others. Portia arrived with her Master Brendon, Alicia's Master Quincy and his wife Piper were there and Stephanie Stone with her fiancée Anna and her submissive, Brian had also been invited and were just taking their seats. Brandy had arrived with her boyfriend. A thrilled Millie and her son were also there.

Michael was a bit concerned about the President. He didn't look so hot. He was sweating and looking pale. "Mr. President are you all right?" Michael asked apprehensive, "Shall I get the doctor?"

"No Michael. I'm fine. I just need a moment to relax. Nothing is going to keep me from going down that aisle to my beloved." Grant wiped his brow with his handkerchief.

"I'll leave you alone for a few minutes, but I'll be back to take you across the street." Said Michael and he left. Eric was looking very handsome in his tux. Eric asked, "Is the President okay?"

"I think he's a little nervous, but he's doing fine. I'm going to give him a minute. " Michael checked his watch, "We still have some time."

The Press had been sent a block away. The White House was handling all press and only a few reporters had been invited, Diane Sawyer being one and a few others. As usual there was a no fly zone near the White House so they wouldn't have to worry about helicopters. The wedding was being televised to nearly every country. Everyone was treating this as the Royal American wedding. People were crowding the streets and the DC police department had asked for reinforcement. The governors of New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania had all sent cops to help with the crowds. It was rumored that the President and later the happy couple would come out to say hello.

Isabella Giovanni holding Vivian's hand was given the honor of seeing Kate in her wedding dress before she walked down the aisles, even before her parents saw her. As they stepped through the door, Isabella gave a gasp and a tear fell from her eyes. Vivian expressed awe, "You look so, so incredibly beautiful Miss Morgan." She said and Isabella finally founding her voice said, "Katherine, you are bella. My dress may be beautiful, but you make it look spectacular. I have never in my life seen a more beautiful bride."

Kate was standing in front of the gold full length mirror and she looked at the stunning young woman staring back at her. The makeup people and the hair stylist had left. She was wearing a dropped waist, hand embroidered, crystal bodice with tulle skirt and satin ombre overlay gown. The dress was not white, but blush and the satin overlay was hot pink. The crystal bodice was astral pink Swarovski crystals. Kate's cathedral length veil was handmade lace dyed the same color as her gown. On her head was a priceless pink and white diamond tiara; a gift from the King and Queen of England. Kate wore a pair of diamond studs in her ear, a gift from her husband to be. Her shoes were designed by Stuart Weitzman and were pink and white crystal heels. He had incorporated the six pence into the inside of the shoe and the garter was up her stocking.

Kate's something old was the studs that were The President's mother, her something new was her wedding dress, something borrowed was a lace handkerchief loaned to her by Audrey, her something blue was her garter, and she had the lucky sixpence in her shoe. She was all set.

Sheila and Robert arrived. Both Kate's parents burst into tears at seeing their beautiful daughter. The bridal party all were taken into the blue room for pictures.

Isabella after kissing and hugging Kate took one more look and a photo. Vivian hugged Kate and they left hand in hand to find their seats.

Grant went into the bathroom and wet a washcloth and wiped his face. He started to feel dizzy again and decided to lie down on the bed. Before he could make it, he fainted on the floor.

Michael knocked on the door. "Mr. President, are you ready?" No answer, he knocked again, "Grant, are you all right?" Still no answer and he opened the door. He saw the President on the floor and called James, "Find Doctors Banyon and Heart and bring them across the street. Be discreet and don't notify Kate."

The President was starting to come to, black liquid was leaking out his ear and then something long and slimy came out. It was about an inch and a half and had wings. Michael grabbed a glass from the bathroom and put it over the thing on the floor. "Please Mr. President, don't move. The doctors are on their way."

The President's band was getting ready, Christina Perri was at the bandstand getting ready to sing. They were all ready, just waiting for the groom and his party to arrive.

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