The President's Mistress Ch. 32


He gave Kate the box and her eyes grew moist with tears when she opened it and saw the gold charm bracelet. It had a charm of the Presidential seal, an airplane, a sign which said Adams for President and the year he ran, a bus that reminded her of when they met, the American Flag and the French flag and finally a plaque with their wedding date.

Kate held out her wrist and Grant put the bracelet on her. She walked back into the bathroom and brought out a medium size box and presented it to him. He looked questioningly at her and opened it. His eyes lit up, it was a baseball signed by pitcher Christy Mathewson who played in the early 20th century. It was in a display case and worth about $175,000 dollars.

Tears started but stopped in his eyes as he kissed her. "Thank you my Katherine. It's the perfect wedding gift. How did you know I was a big baseball fan and that I collect baseballs."

Kate smiled, "I have my spies too and they don't all work for you." Grant kissed her and held her. Their kisses got more urgent and they fell into the bed. "Where are we going Grant?"

"I can't tell you. It's a secret. Let's just say that you are going to be very surprised and happy." Grant ran his hands up her leg and Kate moaned. "Are you going to keep your promise?"

He grinned, "I thought we'd wait until we got to our honeymoon location."

"Are you sure you want to wait." She asked and reached down to stroke his cock through his pants. "When are you going to get undressed?"

"Soon. I have to go outside and just check on a few things, then I'm with you. I'd like to wait until we reach our destination, but tonight, I will make love to you with kinky fuckery. We will have more than enough time to do other things, but this morning, before I go to sleep I'm going to take you and then we'll get up.

"Okay" Kate said and as he walked to the door she said, "I've been wearing a butt plug for weeks for this night. My ass is ready."

Grant laughed as he closed the door. He returned a few minutes later to find his bride asleep in the bed. Undressing Grant climbed into the bed. Turning off the lights, he kissed her lips. Kate stirred. Grant felt her back with his fingers. Kate opened her eyes slowly, "Mr. President, you're back."

"Yes I'm back." Grant kissed her lips and removed the covers to find that she had taken off the gown and was naked. Grant laughed and took Kate's nipple in his mouth. She moved her hand down to feel his rock hard dick. Grant moved his hands down Kate's back to her butt and felt...Grant began to laugh and he couldn't stop laughing. Kate folded her arms around her chest. "I told you I had been wearing a butt plug. You have a very big dick."

"On your knees woman." He ordered and Kate got up on her knees. He found the lube in the drawer and greased his dick. Grant took the plug and pulled it out of Kate's anus. He wrapped it in a tissue to be cleaned later.

Bending down he licked her clit and she began to relax as he licked and sucked her. "Oh yes, Grant, that's so good. Please be careful." She said. "would I be any other way? You are my love and my Queen and the first lady of the land." He said.

"What changed your mind?" Kate asked. Grant chuckled, "The butt plug. I needed to fill you with something other than a piece of metal."

Slowly Grant eased his dick into her. Kate took a deep breath and held it. "Relax baby" Grant said as he slid his finger into her pussy and very slowly moved in and out of her. Kate relaxed and Grant pushed in a little more. He kept fucking her with his finger and Kate pushed back. Grant grabbed her hips and pushed in. Kate put her face in the pillow to stifle her scream. He allowed her to get adjusted. "Grant fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass."

"Are you sure baby?" He asked, "yes baby, take it. It belongs to you just like the rest of me. Take it hard baby. I love you."

Grant held her hips and began to move in and out, faster and faster. Kate pushed back, her fingers playing with her clit. Grant slammed all the way into her and she groaned, "yes baby, yes, any time, day or night, you can take my ass."

Grant eased his finger inside her and fucked her. She moved back on his dick. He held as she fucked her ass back and forth. She came on his fingers and leaned on her elbows her ass high in the air. "Come in my ass baby." Kate said pushing back and Grant took her, slamming in and out harder and faster until finally he found his release and gushed his sperm inside her ass.

Kate gave out and collapsed on the bed as Grant fell on top of her, his penis sliding out of her ass. He lay for a moment to catch is breath, then got up and went to the bathroom. Grant washed himself and returned with warm water and a cloth. He cleaned her ass and caressed her shoulder with his lips. "Thank you for this gift." He said as he stroked her hair.

"I saved it just for you, my love." Carefully Kate turned to her side, "Ouch." She said, "Sorry." Grant said sheepishly.

"I like that you have a big cock. When do I get to suck it?" She asked as Grant got back under the cover. "Later, we can lie here for about an hour. I want you to get some rest before we land. We have to get dressed.

She slept until the knock at the door. They were one hour away until landing. Very carefully Kate got out of the bed and went into the bathroom. She went to the bathroom. Mandy came into the room with a pair of black slacks and a red blouse. She kissed Kate on the cheek. "Mistress, where is the um, butt plug?" Mandy asked. "it's on the dresser. Shall I wake the President?"

"No I'll do it in a minute. Did you have fun at the wedding?" Kate asked and kissed Mandy lightly on the lips. "yes and you looked so beautiful." Mandy said.

"So did you. So where are we landing to?" Kate asked conspiratorially. Mandy frowned, "Do you want the President to paddle me? I can't tell you that. You'll find out soon enough."

"I'll paddle you if you don't tell me." Kate admonished. Mandy laughed, "The President told me you would threaten me so no way Mistress. He has more power than you in this matter." Mandy picked up the tissue with the butt plug wrapped it in a towel and took it with her.

Kate went to the President and kissed him deeply waking him. "Ah you're dressed. We must be almost arriving. Let me get up." He started to get out of bed when Kate knelt down and kissed the tip of his penis. "Honey, we don't have time."

"I just wanted to say thank you to my favorite part of your body." Kate said and left to take her seat for landing.

Grant dressed and joined her later after meeting with members of the traveling press.

The President's plane landed and Grant turned to Kate and said, "Welcome to Scotland."

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