tagBDSMThe President's Mistress Ch. 35

The President's Mistress Ch. 35


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The FBI gave Jackie Hayburg the royal treatment. They set her up in the downtown Ritz Carlton hotel in a suite. Two agents were with her, a male and a female. They would take her to the airport in the morning where Agent McDougal would be waiting at the private plane to take her to Washington DC.

Jackie's cell phone was taken from her. The FBI wanted to make sure that no one knew about where she was going. She made one phone call from their offices to her parents to let them know she was all right and would be returning home from her studies sooner than later. She told them that she would reveal all when she returned home.

Michael Worthington went into the Oval Office. The President was on the phone and looked up puzzled. When he was finished fifteen minutes later, he could tell by the way Michael was pacing up and down that it wasn't good news.

"Okay Michael, what's wrong?" The President asked running his hand through his salt and pepper hair.

"Mr. President, Director Louis will be here in the morning to see you." Michael said cautiously. "Another terrorist plot?" The President asked.

"Not exactly." Michael sat down. He sighed, "A student by the name of Jackie Hayburg, who until yesterday was a virgin and is also a lesbian, was raped by one of the cousins of the Saudi princes. A Sheik named Abdulla Rahimina. This young woman supposedly bears a striking resemblance to the First Lady. I don't want to say more. An agent from the New York office is bringing her to see us tomorrow morning. They will explain everything."

"What the fuck!" The President says a little too loudly. "My wife is some Sheiks' fucking warped fantasy. He raped a young woman because she looks like Kate. What are we going to do about this?"

Michael shook his head, "I don't know yet. I think we should wait until the young woman gets here and speak with her. The Sheik paid her off with jewels worth a fortune and a check for five million dollars."

"Jesus Christ this is a mess. I don't want Katherine to know anything about this, not yet and double her security." Grant said and went to the bar hidden behind the wall to pour a drink. "Would you care for one?"

"No, I think if I start drinking now, I'll get stinking drunk. Everything has been moving forward and now this. I've already doubled her security and I agree with you about telling her, she doesn't need to know anything else. She's supposed to be the happy bride. I don't want her to start worrying." Michael was quiet for a moment then said quietly, "I could never forgive myself if something happened to her again. This time at least we have a heads up."

Grant nodded, "Go home and kiss Eric. I'll be with Kate the rest of the evening." Michael got up. The President hugged him. "You know that Kate's destiny is to be great, so nothing is going to happen to her."

"Has the Madam ever been wrong?" asked Michael already knowing the answer. "No never. Get out of here. I'll see you tomorrow." Grant said.

Michael drove home that night with thoughts of dread filling his head. When he arrived home, Eric was waiting for him on his knees. As Eric looked up to see Michael, he saw that something was wrong. "Master what's the matter?" Michael helped him up. "I don't think I can tonight. I have a great deal on my mind. It's been a crazy afternoon and evening."

Eric brought him a beer and together they sat and talked. Later in bed, Eric sucked him and he fucked Eric's ass, but Michael still had no peace. He was very worried. It took a long time before he fell asleep.

Eric eased out of bed and went into the study. He called Mandy. "Mandy dear, are you coming to the meeting with the President and the Director of the FBI?"

"Yes, how do you know about that?" a sleepy Mandy asked. "I'm sorry but Michael was beside himself with worry and talked to me. What can I do to help?" Eric asked.

"Nothing Eric." The Secret Service and I will deal with this with the President and your husband. We will take care of Mistress." Mandy said.

"I just feel as if I need to do something. " Eric said seriously. "You are. You are taking care of Michael. His job is crazy and he needs you. Soon I'll be pregnant and you'll have me to take care of." Mandy says and Eric says.

"Thank you for doing this for us." Eric says sincerely, "I'm going to talk to Audrey tomorrow about Kate. She will also be keeping an eye out for this nut job."

"Thanks Mandy. I'll talk with you soon." Eric said. "Don't worry. All will be well. Remember the Madam said that we all have a destiny beyond the White House. I believe that Mistress will not be hurt again." Mandy hung up the phone.

Eric returned to bed where Michael was still fast asleep. Eric started kissing Michael's chest and Michael pushed him down until he was licking his cock, "yes, baby, you know what I need." Eric sucked and licked his husband's cock taking him deep in his throat. Michael moved his hips. He was still partially asleep, but starting to wake up. "Baby bring that ass up here. I want to take you hard this morning."

Eric kissed his way up Michael's body until he reached Michael's lips. Michael pulled him tightly against him and thrust his tongue into his mouth. Reaching up he pulled Eric's hair hard. "Baby boy, I'm going to fuck you hard, really hard while I spank your ass. It' may hurt, but I promise you after I'll suck your dick. I need you to take it like this. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir, I know you need it. I know you need to use my ass. All this stress is no good for you, so please take me." Eric said.

Michael reached into the drawer and took out his special punishment belt. He used this only when Eric had misbehaved. "You know you are not being punished, I just need to do this." Michael said, now fully awake.

Eric nodded and turned onto his stomach, then onto his knees. Michael took out two pair of leather restraints and tethered Eric's arms to the bed. He then reached under the bed for leg restraints that he pulled up and tethered Eric's legs. Eric couldn't move.

Standing up, Michael started swinging the belt. "I love you baby. Safe word?"

Eric shook his head, "no, you need this and I know you will know when to stop."

Michael said, "I don't know if I will, but just say red and I will stop. Ready baby."

Eric nodded. Michael kissed his butt cheek and began.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Eric grimaced, tears were in his eyes, but he said nothing, biting his lip.

Michael felt his ass; it was warm and getting warmer. "I love beating this ass. Damn I can't wait to fuck it. Just a few more baby. You okay."

"Yes Master." Eric cried, "Keep going, then fuck me hard."

Michael licked his butthole, sliding his tongue inside, wetting him. He licked Eric's butt cheek and slid his finger in side his ass making him moan, "Oh yes, you're dick is going to feel so good in there"

Michael hit him, catching Eric on the balls and Eric cried out, "oh, Master, it's all yours, yours."

"Yes bitch, your ass, your dick and your mouth all belong to me forever baby." Michael swung again, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! And before the last hit, he lubed his dick and Eric's ass. Michael swung with all his might and Eric screamed. Michael shoved his cock all the way in with one thrust and dropped the belt as he grabbed Eric's hips and started fucking him.

Eric was sobbing and Michael was fucking and stroking Eric's cock. Soon the sobbing turned to moans of pleasure, "Thank you baby for this, thank you baby for letting me get it out. God what a tight ass you have. Thank you so much baby. Yes, I love fucking you hard like this. Your dick is so long and so beautiful. I'm going to make you come with my mouth later. Right now, I will deny you. This fuck is for me." Michael said and he fucked harder and harder slamming into Eric who loved it and loved him because he knew Michael needed this.

Eric met him thrust for thrust moving back his hips. At last, Michael pulled all the way out then slammed back in and he could feel the come pouring into this ass.

Michael laid his head on Eric's back, spent. He stayed there for a short time, then loosened the restraints and Eric collapsed onto his back, his dick red and hard. Michael wasted no time; he took Eric's cock into his mouth and sucked him. He made love to Eric's cock and Eric took his head and fucked Michael's face. "Yes master, thank you for taking me so hard. I always want to please you."

Michael kept licking and sucking. Pushing Eric's legs up him licked Eric's ass, licking up his semen. He licked back up to Eric's balls and sucked on them. Eric was moaning and groaning. Michael went back to Eric's dick and took him all the way back into his throat.

He kept sucking until Eric grabbed his hair and pushed him all the way down. He squirted into Michael's mouth and Michael swallowed all of it.

Michael licked up Eric's dick making sure he got all of it, then he lay his head on Eric stomach. "I love you husband." Michael said. "I love you too." Eric said. "Come and let's go to sleep, you're going to have a busy day."

Michael came up to Eric and kissed him deeply. He held Eric close to him and nibbled his ear. Sleep claimed them both.

The President and Kate took a swim after dinner in the White House pool. Kate was wearing a red, white and blue bikini a gift from Barbara. As Grant watched her swim, he felt his dick harden. He loved the way she moved in the water like a sensual fish.

Taking her in his arms, Grant eased down the top of her bathing suit. "Mr. President, here, now?" She asked. "Yes baby, right here and right now." He sucked her nipple, twirling it in his mouth. Kate threw her head back, "yes Sir that feels so good."

Grant removed her top and swam putting it on top of the side of the pool so she could retrieve it later. He untied the bottoms and threw them so that they joined the top.

She was naked and soon so was he. Kate swam away from him and he swam after her; laughing he caught her and buried his dick in her pussy. Kate gasped, "Wow, that's so good."

He fucked in and out of her in the water and Kate was close to coming when Grant pulled out. He pushed her over to the railings of the steps of the pool. "Hold on." He ordered and slowly he pushed his cock into her ass and started fucking her ass while his fingers moved on her clit and in her pussy.

The water in the pool was warm while Kate's ass was hot. The President pulled out of her ass, thrust into her pussy, and came hard. "Baby, my beautiful baby. It's so good. I love fucking you."

Grant got out of the pool first and took a large towel to wrap his naked bride. He kissed her as he dried her. Grant went to the locker, took out two robes, and put one on and the other on Kate. Putting on their flip-flops, they walked back to the residence to shower together.

In bed, he held her. "Promise me that you won't try to ditch the secret service ever!" Grant said nuzzling her neck. Kate turned to gaze at him, her face a question mark, "Why would I do that?" Kate asked. She brushed her hand across his face, "Are you worried about something."

"No." He said smiling, "I just want to make sure you're safe."

"You aren't keeping secrets from me?" She asked, "Do you know something I that you're keeping from me?"

The President smiled, his best winning smile, "No dearest, I wouldn't do something like that." Grant squeezed her. "Let's go to bed, I have an early morning meeting."

Kate smiled, "Not just yet." She turned off the lights and went under the covers capturing his cock with her mouth. Kate brought the President swiftly to climax. He gathered her in his arms and they both fell asleep.

Sheik Abdulla Rahimina was furious. His female Kate impersonator had disappeared. He was told that she had escaped and the Sheik wanted those who had helped executed. A man who was dying was brought forth. He had agreed to be the sacrifice for this because a revolution was forming in this region. Many people wanted the Sheik out, so this man agreed that his death would help the cause. In return, his wife and children were spirited out the country, given huge amounts of money to begin life anew in the United States.

The man who had incurable cancer and only weeks to live admitted he allowed the young woman to escape after she pleaded with her. He told the Sheik he felt sorry for her and that she only wanted to go home.

The Sheik said that in his mercy since she was not the real Kate, the man would be beheaded in the morning for allowing her to escape instead of being tortured.

The sentence was carried out, but not before the guards gave the man poison which when his head was placed on the block was already dead a smile on his lips.

Kalif and three of his men went to New York while Marani and the rest stayed in Washington DC. He rented an apartment across the street from the house where Barbara lived and they watched her.

Audrey was very happy. James had proposed, she had a job that fulfilled her needs and she was helping the President with plans for Mistress Katherine's birthday party. It would be a grand day of celebration and then a private dinner with her family.

On her way, Vivian had phoned. She was running a bit late and asked if she would bring up the tray for breakfast for the First Lady and Mandy who would be eating with her, as the President had an early meeting and would be having breakfast in the dining room.

Audrey agreed. As she entered the White House after parking her car, Michael Worthington asked her to come into his office. He handed her a box that contained Katherine's new cell phone a limited edition, Pink IPhone 10. She was to lock it in her office until the day of the party it was a gift from the President.

Audrey put the phone away and went downstairs to get the tray. When she went into the residence, Kate was very happy to see her. She brought out Kate's schedule and went over the day's events. Mandy joined them and they all ate breakfast and talked.

The director of the FBI arrived at the White House at 8:30. He and the President had breakfast and discussed the meeting they would be having in about two hours. The plane had left New York and was due to arrive in Washington at 9:30. They should be at the White House by 11.

The plane arrived on time, but traffic held them up and Jackie and Agent McDougal did not arrive until 11:20. They were immediately ushered into the Oval Office where Michael Worthington, Director Louis, the head of the Secret Service, Kasey Sullivan, and Mandy were seated. A smiling President Adams entered the Oval office and shook hands with a very beautiful, very close look alike of his wife. She wasn't perfect; she could be Kate's sister. Jackie looked more like Kate than Barbara did. If you put the three of them together, you would think they were from the same family. The biggest difference was Jackie's boobs were a little bigger and she was about an inch shorter than his wife was.

Jackie gushed all over the President who took her hand in his as if they were old friends and shook it. Grant then gathered her in his embrace. "You look so much like my wife." He said showing her the photo on his desk.

"Is it possible that I could meet the First Lady?" Jackie asked. Michael behind her shook his head.

"I'm sorry but Mrs. Adams is not in the residence today." Said Michael. He made sure that Kate was out of the White House after breakfast. James was with her, while Mandy was at this meeting since she was head of The First Lady's security.

They all went into a conference room where a microphone was set up. A young woman who was a rape counselor was in the room. Jackie had been told what would happen by Agent McDougal during the ride from New York. The President said after their discussion that he would be honored to take Miss Hayburg on a personal tour of the White House.

Jackie relaxed. Encouragingly Michael said, "Please tell your story. We know that you went through an ordeal and we have a counselor available after we speak. "Michael introduced Miss Phoebe Wilson, a motherly looking black woman who shook Jackie's hand.

"You've done nothing wrong, so don't be afraid. We just want to hear the story in your own words. I am also an attorney. You would be unwise to sue. It is a he said/she said case. Also, because the Sheik gave you money and jewels he would say you were a prostitute. I'm sorry, but that's how it would sound." Mandy said quietly.

Jackie looked at the President and the other people in the room. She was a very strong, young black woman who had obeyed all the rules in the country where she went to study religion. She had worn a veil, covered herself and kept her sexual orientation secret. She was religious, but not overly so, but she wanted to understand the Muslim religion which was why she went to Saudi Arabia to study.

Despite all of that, a man who stole her virginity had raped her. She was angry, but not bitter. When she returned home, she would talk to her family pastor; her family was Baptist and she would pray to forgive the Sheik.

With a very strong voice, Jackie told her story. When she was done, the counselor squeezed her hand and the President wiped a tear from his eye. All he could think of was Kate and what that maniac had in store for her.

Jackie showed the jewels; there were diamonds, rubies and emeralds in a beautiful gold box with gems. "Shit." Said Michael. "The box alone is worth a fortune and he gave you a check?" He asked.

Jackie nodded and produced the check. Mandy asked if they could take a photo and Jackie nodded. She left and returned a few minutes later with a copy. She handed the check back to Jackie who put it in her purse.

The Director asked, "What do you intend to do with the jewels?"

Jackie thought for a moment, "I think I'll keep one and the rest I'll probably go to an auction house and have them auctioned off."

The President said to her, "I will give you the name of someone I know. He will take good care of you. Those jewels will fetch a huge price. I know this doesn't make up for what you've been through, but you are now a very wealthy young lady."

"I plan to give some of the money to my church and then to a gay and lesbian organization. I haven't had much time to think about it." Said Jackie.

"Have you been checked out since yesterday?" asked Mandy. Jackie shook her head and the President looked at Agent McDougal who looked very uncomfortable. Director Louis spoke, "We should have had her checked out, but I really wanted to bring her to the White House."

"I'll have her taken to the hospital after she leaves here and given a complete physical." Michael said.

The counselor was watching Jackie carefully. This girl appeared fine, but inside there was a rage just waiting to explode. She was still in shock.

Phoebe who had listened to all of this spoke next, "What are you going to tell your parents?"

Jackie looked at Phoebe as if she had never seen her. She blinked, once, twice, then burst into tears. Phoebe knew at that moment that Jackie would be fine with a little help.

Phoebe looked up and motioned. All the men except for The President and Michael Worthington left the room. Mandy soothed her back. Jackie, after 15 minutes stopped crying, "My father will be so angry. He just accepted that I was gay, now to deal with the fact that I'm not a virgin anymore. I don't know how..." She started again. Phoebe answered, "I will help you. I will stay with you. If you don't mind, I think you should stay in Washington for a few days and I will go back to Atlanta with you to help you tell your parents. I have a colleague who has an office near where you live and I'll introduce you to him.

He's a rape counselor and he will help you. You will get past this. You will never forget, but you will forgive."

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