tagBDSMThe President's Mistress Ch. 36

The President's Mistress Ch. 36


Chapter 36

Barbara and Kalif

The night before Kate's birthday celebration, Sheila and Robert arrive. So do Barbara and Patrick. Their children stayed back home with friends since the first children were with Constance and Tommy.

When Kate got up the morning of her birthday, she was feeling out of sorts. Her stomach was queasy and she felt nauseous, but managed to keep down her breakfast. Taking some coke cola syrup, she felt better.

Grant surprised her with her favorite breakfast of crepes with strawberries and cream and ham steak. He found Audrey getting ready to come in with her schedule and reminded her about the new phone.

Audrey got very busy and asked Vivian to go into the right hand drawer of her desk and bring the phone to her. Vivian stopped on her way to the kitchen. She went into Audrey's desk and opened the right hand drawer with the key that Audrey had given her. She removed the box with the iPhone in it. The box was lying on top of a box wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a bow. She took the iPhone down stairs. Leaving the tray with the box on a side table, she asked Stanley to watch it since it was the gift for the First Lady as she went to get some orange juice and some muffins that Kate's mother Sheila liked.

Stanley couldn't believe his luck. He took the phone out of the box, turned it on and pressed the button for information. He kept watch for Vivian and wrote the new number down on his hand. Stanley barely managed to return the phone back into the box before Vivian returned.

"Thanks Stan. I'm going upstairs to bring this then I'll return with the tray. Tonight's going to be a big night. Lot's to clean up."

Stan smiled. As soon as Vivian left, he called Kalif in New York and gave him the number. Kalif gave the number to the Sheik who was gleeful. When Vivian gave the phone to Audrey she laughed, "Vivian, this is my fault. James gave this new phone me for my birthday. Katherine's phone is in the pink wrapped box. I'll go downstairs and get it." She hugged Vivian and went downstairs. She retrieved the phone and gave it to the President.

Kate received well wishes from the country for her birthday. Dinner was a quiet affair with her family and a few friends, followed by a concert on the great lawn with, Cee Lo Green, NeYo, Carrie Underwood and Robin Thicke. Steve Harvey was the MC for the evening and they were all kept laughing.

Eric presented Kate with a portrait he had done of her. She was amazed as the likeness was striking. Michael also was impressed; Eric hadn't told him that he painted.

Michael gave Kate a new bracelet. It had of course a tracking chip inside of it. The range on this one was fifty miles, but she could wear it with just about everything. Kate thanked him as he then gave her a personal gift, a bottle of very expensive perfume from France, her favorite scent.

The President presented the pink iPhone, with the new number and Kate giggled like a schoolgirl as she opened it.

The evening ended late and that night, Grant held her in his arms as they went to sleep. The next morning, The President left early before Kate had awakened. He was in a meeting when she got up and ran to the bathroom to throw up

The Sheik was getting very impatient, but when he got the phone number, he was filled with joy. He celebrated with his wives, dancing and singing. They hadn't seen him like this in a very long time and hoped that his obsession with the President's wife was over. They were wrong-it had only just begun.

Before Barbara left for Washington, Kalif and his pretend wife had gone to her office. Kalif was pleasant and respectful. He would watch her. He knew how his Master felt about Kate, that's how he felt about Barbara. On one visit, she had brushed his hand by accident and he had been speechless for the rest of the appointment. He memorized every line of her face, the way she talked, moved and each time he saw her Kalif was falling more and more in love with her.

Her touch was soft. He wanted her more than anything and he would kill to have her.

Michael Worthington received the dossier on the Manly Men. He went through it. Everyone checked out until he got to the last picture. This man named Marani Feliqui wasn't checked out as thoroughly as the other men because he had been a last minute replacement.

Worthington also thought about the photo of Kate being naked and restrained. The only people who could've taken the photo were all dead; so the Senator or his equally slimy brother were involved with the Sheik. He was the one that was planning to enslave Kate, but now he wanted her as his fifth wife.

So the pieces were starting to fall into place and Michael knew it was probably this Marani fellow that had taken the photo of the First Lady in her nightgown and given it to the Sheik.

But there had to be an insider who allowed Marani to bypass the screening. Michael was determined to find out who that was and stop the Sheik before something happened to Kate.

Katherine went to see Dr. Banyon. "I think I'm pregnant." She said, "And if I am I don't want the President to know until I can tell him myself. The press will be all over this and I'd like to tell my husband first before the rest of the country."

Dr. Banyon smiled warmly, "Come let's do a test and I'll examine you."

Later that day, Kate got the news; she was carrying the first baby. Kate couldn't wait to tell Grant, but she wanted to keep it a secret from the rest of the world at least until she was further along. Dr. Banyon thought that she might be about five weeks, so they could keep the news from the press for another few months.

Kalif was ready. His plan would be put into motion in two weeks time. The plane had been bought and the Sheik had given him carte blanche when it came to money. Everything would be first class because the Sheik wanted to ensure that his new bride to be would know that he loved her more than life.

The Sheik had arranged for her wing at the Palace to be more beautiful than any other. Her toilet was solid gold; Kate's bed linen's were of the finest silk. He had purchased a chair that he had seen her sit on in an interview. Kate would have the finest clothes from Paris and her favorite designer, Isabella Giovanni since the Sheik had purchased nearly everything in Isabella's collection. He had also had made beautiful veils to cover her face.

He had learned what her favorite shampoo was, what she used to moisturize her skin, what make-up she liked to use. He had learned as much as he could and had bought everything. But of course she would only wear these things for his eyes only.

She would be happy with him and bear his children. He would treat her like a Queen and it would be her son that would be his heir, her daughter that would be given in marriage to a member of the royal family.

First Wife was out and Fifth wife would be treated more royally, more special than all the others would, because she was his Kate, his beautiful Kate. He gazed at her photos for hours, tracing the photo of her naked body, spread eagled, eyes closed, lips parted. The Sheik imagined how she would open for him and call his name. He imagined his dick hard pressing into her. He would of course flog her for sleeping with the President, then all would be forgiven.

All the other wives would come and pay homage to her pussy by kissing her and licking her until she came again and again. The would bow to her when she entered a room and throw rose petals at her feet.

And, he took a deep breath as he thought about the one thing he would finally do, he would, for the first time also pay homage to a pussy. He had never eaten another woman's cunt, someone else did that for him, but for her, he would taste and eat and suck her lovely black pussy; the one that would encase his cock like a vise and take his sperm deep into her womb.

The Sheik stroked his cock and thought of this. He sent for number two wife, who was almost Kate's complexion and closing his eyes he had her suck his dick as he thought of Kate's mouth licking him, taking all of him in her sweet black mouth, pulling his semen out of him. The Sheik imagined his lovely Katherine moving up and down on his dick, her tongue caressing his cock, her lips at the base, her mouth sucking him hard.

He would not cum in her mouth; not the first time, he wanted that pussy and he imagined her taste, sweet, yet a touch salty. He imagined that she would pull his head inside of her and his tongue would find her beautiful clit and he would lick it. The Sheik would take this clit out of its hood and he would make love to her tiny penis like clit. He imagined it to be like a little pearl and he would suck and lick it until she squirted in his mouth and he would drink all of her down because she was his Kate.

The Sheik imagined Kate begging him to put his strong cock into her pussy. His cock would be harder than it had ever been and he would kiss his way up her body and suck her nipple in his mouth, teasing. He gazed up at the picture and imagined his lips on those nipples. Her nipples would look lovely in the nipple clamps he had purchased just to try on her.

The Sheik would position himself between her legs and as he captured her mouth with his, he would slowly, lovingly, reverently put his dick in her pussy and just leave it there, not moving, just savoring the moment and then he would move inside her. The Sheik knew she would claw his back and move with him thrust for thrust. She would grab his hair and call his name as he fucked her.

He would watch her beautiful face as she came and finally after he had savored the moment and the wetness of her and the clinching of her muscles around his cock, he knew he would come and at that moment in number two wife's mouth, The Sheik came with a vision of Kate bound and naked in front of him.

After dinner that evening, Kate knew the President would be busy for a few hours, but he promised he would come up to bed by ten. When a very tired President came into the residence that night Kate was in bed wearing a bib that said, "First Baby " and nothing else.

Grant was not tired anymore and sat on the bed; taking Kate in his arms, he kissed her passionately. "When, how?" He said. Kate laughed, "I found out today when I went to have a test with Dr. Banyon. He gave me the name of an OB/GYN. I will see her next week. I've been feeling a little odd and throwing up so I thought I might be but today he confirmed it and the how, well, I think you know that."

Grant beamed. He kissed her again. "Let me get undressed. Where is Mandy, does she know? Have you called your parents? Does Michael know?" He asked.

Kate pressed her finger to his lips, "Mr. President, no one knows but you and I'd like to keep it that way for the next few months. I'm not telling anyone until after my first trimester," Grant started to say something and she shushed him.

"No one, until after I know this baby is going to be all right. So this, my husband is a state secret we keep. Get undressed and come eat your wife's pussy." She smiled mischievously.

Grant took off his clothes, turned out the light and laid his head on her stomach, "My beautiful little one," He said, "Your daddy loves your mother. Your daddy adores her. You will have a brother and two sisters to get to know. They will love and adore you as I do already. I can't wait to meet you." Grant kisses her stomach and proceeds down to her pussy where he stays for a very long time.

Later, after they both have been satiated, Grant holds Katherine in his arms. "I want you to keep that bracelet on and I want you to make sure that you are careful. It's not only you now."

Kate kisses his arm, "Yes, I know. Do you care if it's a girl or a body?"

"No, just healthy and beautifully brown like you." He says chuckling.

Kate laughs, "I wouldn't mind if he or she had your eyes and has curly hair. I also like the sound of Grant Lincoln Adams Jr."

Grant shook his head, "Too much pressure. We have plenty of time for names. Right now, I want inside you again."

Kate moved her ass against him, "Take me, like this." Grant caressed her shoulder with his lips and carefully slipped his dick into her.

Mandy had moved into the house with Michael and Eric. Her bedroom was beautiful and they had provided her with everything she would need. They left for the doctor's office where Mandy was examined. Both Michael and Eric had donated their sperm and neither one wanted to know who was the actual father. The child would be theirs with Mandy having liberal visitation rights.

At one time, they had thought of using a separate person whose eggs would be harvested but Mandy told them no, she wanted to do this for them. Her close bond with Eric and the fact that the Madam had told her to made her decide.

Every now and again, Mandy's heart would tug when she looked at James. She loved him, but she put that aside. Her job was to guard Kate and to get pregnant.

Mandy was injected with Eric and Michael's sperm. Now all they had to do was wait.

Kate came to visit her since she was off for a few days in her new home. Eric gave Kate the grand tour. He waited on Mandy hand and foot. Kate laughed, "He's going to be a wonderful mother." Mandy grinned, "Yes he is. He's quitting his job as soon as he knows I'm pregnant because he wants to know everything. I'm sure he's going to drive me crazy with love."

They shared a very nice afternoon, Kate almost let it slip that she was already pregnant, but she held her tongue. She liked having a secret between her and the president.

It was a cold September day as Barbara was leaving her office when she got a phone call that something was wrong with one of her patient's. The patient refused to go to the hospital and only wanted Barbara. This particular patient had not had any problems, so Barbara agreed to go to their apartment.

When she arrived, Kalif was waiting outside of a clothing store. Two men grabbed her from behind, and injected her with drugs; she collapsed. A man scooped her up and Barbara was placed gently into the car. It was the middle of the day and no one saw anything.

The kidnapping of Barbara was unknown for almost twenty hours when she did not come home. Patrick had been away on a business trip. He phoned her office and learned she had been on a call. There was no answer on her cell phone. He called Michael Worthington, who told him not to call the NYPD.

Michael was in bed with Eric, it was a Sunday morning when Michael received the phone call from Patrick. He couldn't fucking believe it. Was there a kidnapping convention that he didn't know about. First, the Senator had kidnapped Kate and Constance, then in New York the Russian uncle had kidnapped Rachel and Anna and now, two months later, someone had kidnapped the sister of the First Lady.

Within minutes, her car was found in front of an apartment building. The address given was a fake. No one had seen anything. The trail was cold.

Michael got up and dressed. He drove to The White House. The President was just finishing breakfast with Kate and the children. It was supposed to be a day of rest for him, but it wouldn't be. Michael told Grant all that he knew. "Do not, I repeat, do not tell the First Lady, at least not until we know something for sure. She cannot be worried at a time like this." Grant said absently.

"A time like what?" Michael asked. Grant sighed, "Repeat this to no one, not even Mandy? Does she know that Barbara is missing?"

"No, we don't want her stressed. She's just been implanted." Michael said seriously, "The First Lady is pregnant." Grant said, "Please, I'm begging you; don't tell her I told you. Act surprised."

Michael laughed, "I won't, but we have to find Barbara. I should have put protection on her, but I didn't think the Sheik was interested in going after her. Besides, I believe she would have refused, she's a doctor and wouldn't want the Secret Service scaring her patients."

Grant looked puzzlingly at Michael, "What are you not telling me?" He asked sternly. Michael proceeded to tell him everything he knew about the Sheik, the Senator and Mariana. "I have had people following Marani. His cell phone has been bugged. So far nothing. The guy just goes to work and comes home."

"Keep watching him. We have to find Barbara before this gets out of hand." Grant said.

"Agents are on their way to Patrick's house now and I should be getting the report. So far, no ransom demands. If it is the Sheik then he won't hurt her, but will use her as bait." Michael said knowingly.

Grant agreed, "He won't get Kate. Do you know who has been helping them? Someone is responsible for this and I'm going to find out who it is, if it's the last thing I do. I would check with who was connected to the Senator. If it is one of the Senator's cronies I will have his balls."

Michael grimaced at the thought. "I've got to speak with the agents at the scene. The Director is on top of this problem. It's going to be a long day and night."

Grant nodded, "I'm going to spend the day with Kate. We're going to watch a movie and have dinner. She has a full schedule tomorrow, so she'll be busy. Mandy will be with her as will Audrey. I hope this is over by then."

Michael shook his head, "I doubt it. We'll talk later."

Grant kept Kate busy throughout the rest of the day and night. Sheila and Robert were informed that their eldest daughter was missing. So far, the FBI had kept the press out of it, but that couldn't go on indefinitely. If Barbara wasn't found in the next day or so they would have to release the information to the press.

Patrick told his in-laws that Katherine didn't know. The President was aware and so was Michael Worthington. Sheila and Robert thought that was best.

Kalif called The Sheik and told him that he had Barbara and was flying her to Washington. She had been given drugs and was asleep. She would be asleep until they arrived at the safe house.

After hearing the news that he was closer to getting his Kate, The Sheik celebrated by spending the night with First wife. In his mind he was throwing her a pity fuck. After Kate arrived she would become the personal slave of Katherine. She had been a good wife and mother of five of his fifteen children, but she was old, her breasts sagging. His eldest son, Belani, age 15 was a good for nothing mamma's boy and he would be banished. Kate's first son would become his heir.

It was 8:30 in the evening when Audrey saw there was a message on her phone. She had just finished work and was driving the ten minutes home. As she pulled into the driveway and parked the car she stopped and listened to the message, "I cannot wait to see you my sweet. Tomorrow we will be together. Kalif my faithful servant will bring you and your sister to me. If you can escape tonight, he will be waiting at 9:30 at a house I have rented for you. The house is at 2112 Dunmore Lane North West. When you arrive my sweet, we will be able to talk freely. In a day or so you will be with me." The voice was soft, middle eastern.

Audrey tried calling Michael but Tammy told him he was at a meeting with Director Louis and could not be disturb. "Please ask him to call me as soon as possible. Audrey next tried calling James but he was at a training session and could not be disturbed. She left a message on his cell phone.

Audrey was worried. She wanted to call Mandy, but Mandy had just been inseminated and was still told to rest. What to do? She decided to go to the house, just look around until she heard from James or Michael. Starting the engine, Audrey drove back down the driveway and back onto the street. Using her GPS she followed the route to the house, all the while hoping and praying that James or Michael would call.

Slowly and carefully Audrey drove to the house. She was astonished when she arrived because it looked just like a miniature white house even in the dark..

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