tagBDSMThe President's Mistress Ch. 37

The President's Mistress Ch. 37


Barbara and Kalif -- Part 2

Kalif along with Barbara, Marani and 2 of the men checked out the motel at 7:17 in the morning. The maid came to clean out the garbage in the bathroom of room 195. When she took the liner out of the garbage can, she noticed a note stuck to the bottom. "Now who in the hell would take out the liner just to leave a note." The maid said as she picked up the yellow sticky note. She read it, whipped out her cell phone and called 911.

All the men who were working at the airport were CIA and FBI. Everyone was in place. They were told to allow the men to get on the plane. The agents watched the black sedan and an SUV pull up to the tarmac. They saw Barbara get out and board the plane. Her safety was of the most importance.

The President had given instructions; that plane was not to take off under any circumstances. It was now time to end this.

Jackie was ready. She was wearing one of Kate's dresses with a vest underneath, and heels so that she was Kate's height. Even though Kalif had never met her, the Director didn't know if the Sheik had told Kalif about Jackie.

The door of the plane opened and Kalif stood waiting. Michael Worthington was in the car with Jackie as she got out. She knew what to do. Mandy got out of another car, she was dressed in a long dress with a veil covering her face and she was walking towards Jackie while James was hidden with a sniper telescopic rifle pointed at the plane.

Kate had insisted on being there and was in an SUV not far away guarded by Secret Service agents. The President wanted to be there, but was forbidden by the Secret Service. Sheila, Robert and Patrick were also in the car with her.

Jackie walked close to the plane, and then she stopped. She yelled at Kalif, "I want to see my sister. I won't come aboard until I see her."

"Your sister is here and she will see you when you come aboard." Kalif said sternly. "I order you to come to me now." Kalif gazed at Mandy, "Who is this woman. She is not coming with us."

Jackie smiled, "You cannot give me orders. I am going to be Sheik Abdulla Rahimina's Fifth wife, so you will bring my sister out. This woman is my lady in waiting and she is coming with me to work for me. I don't think the Sheik would approve of you giving me orders or of you telling me that I can't bring someone who is faithful to me."

In the plane, Barbara could hear the voice and knew it wasn't her sister. She decided to have a conversation with Marani to distract him. "Do you know that Kalif wants to make me his wife."

"What? No. You are to be my wife. He promised me." Marani says. "Ask him." Barbara says getting up and sitting next to him. She runs her hand over his, "I'd rather be with you."

Marani gets up and goes to the front of the small plane. He starts speaking to Kalif in Arabic. They start arguing back and forth. There are two other men on the plane, they go to stop the argument and Barbara picks up Marani's gun that he has left on his seat.

Kalif and Marani are arguing about Barbara. Mandy whips out her gun and shoots Marani first in the chest, he goes down dead. Barbara shoots one of the two men in the back and wounds the other in the leg. He starts to shoot back, but Kalif stops him. "The Sheik will kill us if something happens to her."

Instead, James shoots Kalif in the leg and he goes down. The President has given orders that if possible, Kalif is to be taken alive. The man tries to pull Kalif back into the plane, but James takes him down.

All hell breaks loose as Kalif tries to crawl back inside. The agents have grabbed Jackie and pushed her to the ground. Mandy is fast, hiking up the dress she runs up the stairs, grabs Kalif and puts her knee into his back. She whips off the veil. "Make one move mother fucker and I will enjoy shooting your damn head off."

Barbara drops the gun and gets ready to go to Mandy but Mandy holds her hand up stopping her. "Stay there Barbara, wait until we get this scum out of here. Is there a bomb or anything aboard?"

"I don't know. Were they planning to blow the plane up? I didn't see anything." She said as other agents come aboard. Mandy gets up and takes her out. "Your sister will be very happy to see you."

Kalif is taken off the plane followed by Mandy with Barbara. Kalif sees Barbara and says, "I love you. I would have made you very happy."

Patrick runs up to her, "She's already happy and I already love her. She's my wife." He goes to take a swing at Kalif but is stopped by an FBI agent. He and Barbara hug as Sheila and Robert come and hug their daughter.

Finally with agents surrounding them Kate and Jackie appear. Kalif looks at them both and hangs his head, "It was you, the double that came to study in my country."

Kate grimaces at him, "Yes. Your Master was never, ever going to get me and you can tell him that I hope he rots in hell that is where you are going. I am pregnant with the President's child. Your sheik is one fucked up son of a bitch."

Kalif starts to sob, "I have failed my Master, now I must die." James comes up to him, "Yes, you must for Audrey."

"I did not kill her, Marani did. I would never harm a woman." Kalif says tears streaming down his face.

Barbara goes to her sister and hugs her. "A baby. I'm so happy for you." They hug and Kate introduces her to Jackie. Jackie looks at Kalif, "Your Master harmed me. He raped me. I was a virgin and because I looked like her, he took me against my will. He's evil and if you are smart you will tell them everything they want to know."

"I do not believe you; my master would never hurt a woman like that." He says.

Jackie takes out the jeweled box. "Do you know this box? Your Master's servants gave it to me with a check. It was a payoff for what he did to me. Your Master is a delusional fool."

A military van arrives and Kalif is placed into it along with agents and Marines with guns. The van drives off where Director Louis is waiting. The King of the Saudi's will be speaking to Kalif and the Director knows then that Kalif will spill his guts. They will learn all they need to learn to take care of the traitors who conspired to kidnap the President's wife.

Kate and her family are taken back to the White House. Mandy, James and Jackie are taken to be debriefed. Kate holds on tightly to Barbara and she to her. "My baby sister pregnant."

"My big sister safe. I know that you will need to speak to the Feds, but are you all right? Would you like some food?" Kate asked. "Yes, I could use something. I have to check in on my patients." Barbara said as she squeezed her husband's hand. "How are the kids?" She asks.

"They are fine." He held her other hand tightly."They are in New York with Abigail." Abigail was the children's nanny.

"Then I know they're fine. They love her." Barbara says smiling, "I can't wait to see my babies."

Sheila asks, "Were you hurt or mistreated?"

Barbara reaches over and takes her mother's hand, "No. In fact, they treated me very well. Kalif and Marani both wanted to marry me. Lucky me, that was there undoing. I believe that Kalif would have killed Marani when they landed." She shivered. "Oh and there is a great deal of money and gold coins in a bag on the plane."

The Secret Service agent made a note of this. When they arrived at the White House, Barbara was taken into an office where she was questioned. Sheila and Patrick stayed with her. Robert walked with Kate back to her room where the President was waiting. "My dear daughter, you need to rest. You're bringing my grandchild into this world and you need to take care of yourself."

The President took his wife into his arms and kissed her. Robert, Kate and the President sat down and the President informed them that the King had spoken with Kalif and Kalif had spilled his guts. The plane had been checked out and luckily, Kalif was bluffing; there was no bomb.

They had found out from him though that Senator Quincy Washington was the insider and Stanley was the one who gave the phone number. The President would deal with both of them.

Kate took his hand. "Stanley's a good guy. I know that he did something awful, but I don't want him to go to jail. It was probably about money. Check it out and if you must fire him, but he's a decent guy."

"I'm sorry Katherine, but he committed treason and I can't let him off the hook. I can ask for leniency and I can give him clemency, but that's a way off. He's going to be arrested." The President said.

Kate kissed his cheek, "You are POTUS and you can do anything." The President smiled at his wife and kissed her cheek. He stood up, "I have to go. I have a Press conference in oh, about five minutes to talk about all this. I've arranged for the Nanny to bring Barbara's children to DC and we will have a big family dinner tonight."

Kate smiled, "That's why I love you. You always know the right thing to do." He kissed her again. Robert also stood, "I'm going to make sure Kate lies down, but I wanted to say thank you. You are my son-in-law and you rescued my daughter. Also, you've made me a grandpa again. Thank you Mr. President."

They hugged and Kate put her hand on her belly, "You are part of a very loving family and you will be very blessed because we all love you."

Robert took Kate to her room. She lay on top of the covers. He covered her with the throw and as her father stroked her hair, Kate fell into a peaceful sleep.

Barbara was questioned for what seemed like hours. She told her story and it was recorded. Her brother-in-law, the President gave a press conference and answered questions about the kidnapping and the death of Audrey, then he went to see his sister-in-law.

He and Barbara hugged and then in the oval office, James and Mandy returned. Barbara broke down while telling James how sorry she was to hear about Audrey. Patrick also cried and they held each other.

The President and Michael went down to the kitchen. Stanley was very pale. The President took him aside and questioned him. Stanley told him everything. He only took the money to help his family. Kalif had deceived him. Grant and Michael listened and Grant decided that he would listen to his wife.

"You are very lucky that the First Lady likes you. I am going to do something for you. You will not be arrested; in fact, your name will not even be mentioned. Keep the money, but you are to leave the White House. You and your family will be relocated."

Michael added, "Don't ever return to Washington DC. You will leave tomorrow. Go home and tell your family. Agents from WITSAC will be at your home tomorrow afternoon to put you under protective custody. We will say that you were an informant and we are putting you under custody to protect you and your family." Stanley sobbed his thanks and agents took him home.

In Saudi Arabia, The Sheik was waiting for a phone call from Kalif, instead guards showed up at his palace. The King had ordered his arrest. A stunned Sheik was led away to deal with the wrath of his King.

The King, a handsome man dressed in robes was a kind man, but he knew that he had to be firm. As the Sheik entered the King's chamber, he threw himself at the King's feet. "What have I done your Majesty?"

The King walked around his subject and cousin, "You have disgraced your family, your country and me! You tried to kidnap the wife of our ally The President of the United States, you kidnapped her sister, you raped a foreign student and finally you did all this without permission. You have also caused a very faithful servant to spend the rest of his life in a foreign prison. I am hoping that the American President will agree to send him back here for his execution instead.

The King raised his voice. He never raised his voice and the Sheik quivered, "You are a disgrace. I learned from my nephew that you planned to replace my niece with the President's wife from Fifth Wife to First wife. Then to my dismay I learn that you created a shrine to this woman you don't even know and did you, you dog know that this woman is pregnant with the baby of the man I call my friend. You are lucky you are here, because the President would have you killed.

The President of the United States had to tell me that you were in, what was the word he used, cahoots, with the disgraced, incestuous Senator who killed himself. You had plans to buy the President's then girlfriend and make her your slave."

"No sire, never my slave, I wanted to marry Katherine." The Sheik said trembling. "I love her. I didn't know she was pregnant."

The King could not help but laugh. He waved a finger and the door to the chamber opened. All of the Sheik's wives and children were brought in. Other members of the royal family also entered and sat down at the chamber table. This was a trial, but not in the usual sense, the King was the supreme leader. His word was law.

"I will hand down my ruling." The King said and The Sheik looked up, his eyes brimming with tears, "Mercy your majesty, Mercy. I did everything out of love."

The King frowned, what a fool, a damn old fool, "You will be taken tomorrow to the town square and given fifty lashes with the whip. You will be stripped of all your lands and properties. They will be given to your eldest son, but First wife will be in charge of everything until your son turns twenty-five. We want to make sure that he is not an idiot like his father!"

Further, you will be banished. Egypt has agreed to take you and you will be taken to a plane that will come out of the monies that I know you have available to you. All of your other monies will be divided up amongst your wives. Further a sum of twenty-five million dollars will be paid to the wife of The President of the United States, an additional sum of twenty million dollars will be paid to the sister of the President of the United States and finally the young woman you raped, will receive in addition to what you have already given her, fifty million dollars which will come out of your share of the oil profits.

You will receive a stipend to live on until all of your debt is paid and even then, you will receive a small sum. You will never return to this country and your wives and children will never speak your name on pain of death. They will all be free to marry again since they are all divorcing you. First wife is to live in the palace with her children; the other wives will be given proper accommodations unless First wife says they may live there."

The Sheik was weeping uncontrollably. Life as he knew it was over. The guards helped him up and brought him close to the King who smiled slightly, "you should have come to me. I would have told you to abandon this project and helped you get over this, but instead you went rogue and decided that you could do as you please. I AM THE SUPREME RULER THE PRESIDENT IS OUR ALLY. HOW DARE YOU TRY TO RUIN OUR RELATIONSHIP? If you were not of royal blood, you would have been beheaded.

YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY AND TO ME!" The Kings voice boomed around the silent chamber. "Get out of my sight. Take him to the jail and prepare him for the public whipping tomorrow."

When the weeping and sobbing, Sheik had been removed, the King spoke to his family. "You will all be present tomorrow. You need to see what disobedience gets you. Now you are dismissed and may Allah have mercy on the Sheik's soul.

Everyone left. In the morning, the Sheik was taken out of his cell. He was dressed in a simple white robe. It was ripped from his back. In front of the entire Kingdom and on television, he was whipped. The video was sent to the President and to YouTube where it was viewed over seven million times. The Sheik nearly died from the beating, but he was taken bruised and nearly unconscious to a plane. When he landed in Egypt, he was taken to a small house with one servant.

He was ordered not to have any visitors for two years without the express permission of the King. Kalif was sentenced to death and hung within the year. He was buried in an unmarked grave in Maryland. When the Sheik heard about his death, he wept. The Sheik got ill. He stopped eating and died the day his eldest son came to visit. He asked his son to forgive him, but secretly the Sheik cut out pictures of Kate and masturbated to them. When he died that night, they found thousands of photos cut from newspapers and magazines in every area of his room of Kate. He was still obsessed. The King at first was going to allow the Sheik to be buried at home, but when he learned that his obsession had continued and the Sheik had learned nothing, The King had him cremated and his ashes spread in Egypt.

The family all got together for a celebratory dinner in the President's dining room. Barbara was so surprised when her children arrived with Abigail that she burst into tears and hugged them. Mandy and James joined them for a moment but left to return to Kate's old house.

That night after the children were all put to bed, Barbara and Patrick were given a room across the street so they could have some privacy. Barbara asked her sister for a favor. Kate grinned and gave her the paddle that Miss Ruby had given her.

Barbara hid the paddle until time for bed. She changed into a demure white nightgown loaned to her by her sister. Barbara was waiting on her knees by the bed, head bowed holding out the paddle in her hands. Patrick came into the bedroom with a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream. He nearly dropped everything when he saw his beautiful wife kneeling on the floor, eyes lowered; arms outstretched holding the paddle in her hands.

Barbara had been the one in charge for the last few years, but tonight, she felt she needed to allow her husband to be in control. She had been through a great ordeal and wanted to surrender to it. For a little while, she wanted Patrick to take control. She had talked to Kate about this and had been told by her sister there was nothing like it. So tonight, she had decided to give herself to Patrick completely and let him be in charge.

"Uhm honey, what's going on?" Patrick asks as he sets the bottle into the waiting ice bucket, the strawberries, glasses and whip cream Patrick set on the small table near the bed.

Barb looked up at him through her lashes, "these past few days have been really hard." She said, a tear falling from her eye. "I don't want to think anymore or feel anything except your love surrounding me. Tonight I want you to do with me, as you will. I want to feel your love. When I was with those men, I thought about our life and I realize that I haven't let you really be the man I know you are."

Barbara looked into her husband's face. "I was so angry with you for neglecting me that I failed to see that I had neglected you. I don't want us to return to that. I want us to be together and I want to surrender to you."

A mischievous smile played on her lips, "I won't give you control all the time, but for tonight I want to surrender."

Patrick had never undressed so fast in his life. When he was down to his shorts, he ordered Barbara to get over the chair. She crawled to him and he took the paddle from her. Patrick grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, "You belong to me. How dare you let someone else touch you?" Patrick said getting into character.

"I'm sorry. He kidnapped me." Barbara said looking nervous. "A likely story. How do I know you didn't go willingly? How do I know that your pussy was wet at the thought of what he would do to you?"

Patrick lifted up her nightgown. Barbara was wearing sheer white panties. His voice hitched and his dick rose. "Damn, I can see how wet you are baby? The thought of fucking someone else is making you wet isn't it slut."

Barbara groaned, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Patrick growled. Barbara shivered, "Yes Sir." Her voice was small. She was really getting into this.

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