tagBDSMThe President's Mistress Ch. 38

The President's Mistress Ch. 38


©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved – Meet Baby Adams

The President held on to the information of the involvement of the Senator Quincy Washington in the kidnapping of Constance and Kate, revealing private information to a foreign person, the death of Audrey, the kidnapping of Barbara and the attempted kidnapping of Katherine in addition to a host of other charges. The Senator could be indicted for treason. The President held onto it until he knew the right time to use it. The time was coming soon, but first his baby was to be born.

Kate had been in labor for seven hours. She was exhausted. The President had to leave her to take care of some pressing business. He and Michael had a glass of Brandy. They laughed as they thought about Kate's water breaking on the shoe of the husband of the Prime Minister of Australia. But Bertram had taken it all in stride. He let out a guffaw and said, "Looks like I won't have to have my shoes cleaned after all."

His wife also laughed, "No worries Mrs. Adams. My husband has been shat on by his son in the middle of a press conference with his Majesty, the King. So no worries."

Someone comes and cleans up the mess as Dr. Banyon and the midwife takes Kate to the medical facility all set up. Grant offered his apologies to the Prime Minister and her husband. The Vice-President steps in, finishes the party and the next day he takes the meeting. An agreement and a partnership between Australia and the United States is agreed upon. Everything is on track except Kate who is still in labor.

The one person truly relieved is Michael. After the kidnapping attempt the baby would be delivered in the White House where Kate was safe.

Barbara was already with her sister, holding her hand and helping her through the contractions. Sheila and Robert have arrived and Patrick was keeping them entertained by getting them to help with the President's children. The President joined his wife and took Barbara's place. Barbara went to speak with the doctor. Grant removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. The mid-wife announced that it was time. Kate was ten centimeter's dilated. "Okay honey, how are you doing?" Grant said kissing her cheek. "Yes, I'm uh, oh God, it hurts." Kate groaned.

"Doctor, can she take anything and everything, she's in pain." Grant pleaded. The midwife who was looking under Kate's legs shook her head. "No Mr. President, she's crowning."

Grant looked and could see beautiful dark brown hair. "Push honey, push." He told her and the midwife said, "here comes the head. One more push Mrs. Adams." Kate bore down as Barbara came back into the room and went to her sister. The President went beside the midwife and saw his baby slide out.

A cry was heard in the room and the baby was held up so Kate to see, "It's a boy." Kate smiled weakly as her baby boy was laid on her breast. She kissed him and then he was taken away to be cleaned, vaccinated and checked out. He was a perfectly healthy boy.

Grant was given the baby by Midwife Janeway and he held his son in his arms in the blue blanket. This was the first time he had been at the birth of one of his children. With the three children by Constance he had been either campaigning or on a trip for the Senate.

"What shall we name him?" Grant beamed.

Kate lay back exhausted but happy. Suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head and blood gushed from between her legs. Dr. Banyon ran over to check on her. He closed the curtains around her bed. The pediatrician they had hired took Grant and the baby into another room. "What the hell is happening?" Grant said cradling his new born son. Barbara stayed with Kate and the doctors.

"We don't know yet. Dr. Banyon is checking her out. Grant passed the baby to the pediatrician who placed the baby in his bassinet. Grant went back into the room. The Midwife stopped him. "Dr. Banyon is working on her. She had a tear during delivery. He had to stop the bleeding. We are giving her a transfusion. Go, be with your son." Barbara took her brother-in-law's arm and led him to the door. "I'll come in to see you soon."

An hour later, Barbara comes into the room. The baby is asleep in his bassinet. Grant goes to her. She smiles and takes his hands, "We stopped the bleeding. She wants to see you and the baby. She'll be fine." Grant hugs her, "Thank you." Barbara says warmly, "it wasn't me, but Dr. Banyon."

Tears in his eyes, Grant hugs his sister-in-law. He turns and picks up the sleeping baby and together they go into the other room. Sheila and Robert come down as does Michael and Patrick. They wait for Grant outside her door.

"Hey there." He says, kissing Kate lightly on the lips. She looks so tired. "Here's your son." He says softly as he places the baby in her arms. "He's beautiful. He has your eyes." She says softly. So what are we going to name this strapping young man." Grant chuckles as he strokes his wife hair.

She thinks about it. "I think that he should be called, 'Theodore' after your father, 'Robert' after my father." She sighs and the baby yawns. Grant laughs, "So that's it. Theodore Robert Adams. We'll call him, 'Teddy' for short. Now that's a Presidential Name in thirty-five years." Grant says.

Midwife Janeaway comes in. "The baby and your wife should sleep."

"No, please don't take him away." Kate says. Grant kisses her forehead. "Sleep my darling. We'll all be here. When you wake you will go back up to our room and the baby will be right there."

Kate falls sleeps. As Grant takes the baby and goes back in the other room. Everyone admires the sleeping boy as he is placed back in his bassinet.

Michael after a half an hour or so pulls Grant aside. "Justice Orlando Brown is announcing that he is stepping down in two months. He wanted you to know first."

"Then it's time we use Senator Washington and get him out of here." Grant says.

Michael hugs him, "Congratulations on the baby. He looks like Kate."

"Thank God." Grant chuckles. "You only have another month or two before you will have two babies."

"yeah and we should have a lively bunch. Have you decided on a name?" Michael asks.

"yep, Theodore Robert Adams." Says Grant. Michael puts his hand on Grant's shoulder, "Your father would be proud and I know Kate's father is happy."

"He doesn't know yet, I'll tell him soon and I have something to ask you and Barbara?" Grant says and asks Michael, "Will you be Teddy's godfather?"

Michael beams, "yes, I'd love to." Michael chuckles, "Eric and I are going to ask you and Kate to be the twin's god-parents." Grant grins, "Please tell Eric we accept."

"So we begin the process of lowering the boom on the Senator. The King gave us all the ammunition we need and so did Kalif. We will get your choice in the Court and then we'll get the Senator. I have to go upstairs. Be with your in-laws and friends for a while. It's been a fairly quiet day. Let's talk after dinner." Michael says. "I'll send the children down when they come from school."

"Yes, they should meet their new sibling." Grant says and he pats Michael's arm and returns to the room to see his son. Tears prick Robert's eyes when he is told his new grandson's name. Barbara hugs her father and then tears form in her eyes when she is asked to be godmother.

Mandy and Eric join the group. Mandy is eight months pregnant and huge with her twins. Eric and Michael have already decided on names. For the girl, Audrey Katherine Hayden-Worthington and for the boy, Alexander Grant Hayden-Worthington. The nursery has been completed. Michael, Eric, Mandy and James have come to an agreement about visitation.

Mandy and James will stay with them for six months after the birth, then she and James will move into a new home. The President is selling the house that he and Kate began in. The playroom is being demolished and moved to storage until the end of Grant's Presidency.

James after much prodding from Mandy made out the check from the King for thirty million dollars. He gave ten million dollars to Audrey's family, ten million dollars to a several charities for women and the other ten he kept to start his life over. He loved his job, but he wanted to think about life after the Secret Service. He was also healing and finding the beginning of a life with Mandy.

Senator Quincy Washington from the great state of Mississippi liked them young. He liked them white, black, Latina and Asian. He didn't care as long as they were under 25. The balding, lanky 62 year old swam, jogged and took care of himself. He had a few nips and tucks to keep himself looking good and when his hairline had receded he had shaved off all the hair. He liked his bald look, it made him look powerful. He was a bull in bed with a long, thick cock that he used as a battering ram. The young girls he bedded always looked with awe and a little horror at his dick, but the moment he put it in them, they found him to be an excellent lover.

Quincy had no desire to be President. He just wanted control and he controlled the Republican Party. He made all the decisions and they just followed his lead like sheep. He had been a Senator for nearly forty years and knew all the secrets; and used them to his advantage.

He was married for the third time to his just turned thirty trophy wife. She had been a former beauty queen who could suck a cock like a vacuum. Her name was Penelope Flax. He had watched her in the pageant and when she had won Miss Michigan, Quincy decided to have her. Her long blonde hair and shapely legs made his dick jump. She had men looking at her with their tongues hanging out and she dismissed them all and went straight for The Senator. She had a plan and it had paid off.

Quincy was coming out of his second marriage. His first wife, his high school sweetheart, had gotten old long ago. He had given her a generous settlement and she had given him two strapping sons that were a chip off the old block. Quincy waited awhile before finding the second wife who worked as a waitress in a diner he frequented when he was in Biloxi.

He had trained her, taught her and when she turned 19, married her. She was a stupid girl and signed a pre-nup which stated that if she cheated on him she would only get a lump sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

When she turned 24 she got scared and had an affair with a man who promised to marry her. Quincy found out and divorced her. The man helped her spend the two hundred and fifty thou, and then dumped her.

Because Quincy felt sorry for her and because he didn't want her to write a tell all book about all the things they did. He set her up in a house, sent her to school and gave her five million dollars for her silence. She wised up and was now married with children to an attorney that Quincy set her up with.

But wife number 3 was no dummy. She was still a virgin when he met her, what she hadn't told him was that she had sucked the dicks of her entire college football team and they had taken turns fucking her in the ass because she was saving her pussy for marriage.

Quincy had fallen hard for her. He married her without a prenup and on their wedding night he had introduced her to his dick. She got pregnant that night. She was 19 and the Senator was 51. He taught her how to please him. He liked a blow job every morning and every evening. He liked to spank her little ass and learned that she would cum from that treatment. He even found that she could take his big, long dick back there and he took her ass nearly every night.

He loved her, but as she got older, he started looking. She made it to age 26 before he found an 18 year old Latina who made his dick sing. Penelope took the three children; two boys and a girl to a new home five miles away without a fuss. She wanted to stay the Senator's wife, so they made an agreement. He could have his young thangs, as long as he was discreet, while she would have her men and a few women as long as she stayed the same. They would be together for all functions and he would pay for everything she wanted plus give her a million dollars a year.

Occasionally they would get together and have sex with or without one of his young things.

Penelope had kept to her side of the bargain, but the Senator had nearly slipped up. On a trip to the middle east, he had met a Sheik and had slept with an underage girl. The Sheik had photos and blackmailed him not for money but information.

Quincy wasn't worried when Senator Cranston had been caught because he hadn't been remotely a part of that plan. Quincy thought he was really screwed when the Sheik had kidnapped Barbara and the King had intervened. He didn't know where the photos were but as the weeks passed he felt more convinced that he was in the clear.

Today was a really good day. He got word that the President's new son had been born and Penelope had arranged the gift to be sent, some stocks and bonds for the little prince and he learned that one of the justice's was retiring. He would fight tooth and nail to put someone in that seat that would overturn roe v. wade. He felt that was his mission. He had come close, but this time he was going to find someone he could blackmail or pay off. Quincy liked the blackmail part – it was easier.

As soon as Kate and his son were ensconced in the residence with her family taking charge and his other children meeting their new sibling, Grant slipped out to give out chocolate cigars to his staff. Everyone patted him on the back and sent their congratulations. He was exhausted. He had been up all night with very little rest and before he went to bed with his beautiful wife beside him and the baby sleeping in his bassinette he had a few things to do.

Michael was waiting for him in the oval office. "Mandy looks tired, but lovely." Grant says.

"Yes she does. She's been really wonderful and we've made all the legal arrangements. I want her as part of the twin's life. They are part of her. After we finish here, then Eric and I will take her home. James is working tonight isn't he?"

"Yes, he's on duty." The President says. "he's falling in love with her and feels guilty about it." Michael says.

"Because of Audrey." It is not a question but a fact that Grant says. He also feels guilty about Audrey. "We all do." Grant says.

"Let's talk about Senator Washington. He's going to try to blackmail our candidate to replace Justice Brown. My spies have learned of his plan. Justice Brown also knows and we are setting the trap. I have your short list. Have you made a decision?"

"Not yet, but I'm close." Grant said. "As soon as I do, we will stop the Senator and then we will get him out of office."

"I'd like to do more than that." Michael grumbles. The President smirks, "We will. If his wife finds out, that should take care of that. They have no pre-nup."

"How do you know that?" Michael asks, "Connie, she's friends with Mrs. Washington." Grant chuckles, "I can't wait to see the old boy's face. Roe v Wade will be safe for a long time to come."

Jesse Richman was a judge. He had become a judge because of President Grant. He believed that Roe v Wade should become law, everyone, gay or straight should be married and the challenge to that was the right to pursue happiness and he believed that Native Americans and Blacks were owed by the United States. He was very liberal, but often hid it. He hated the NRA and gun violence in general. If it were up to him, no one would carry guns except the military and the police. Owning a gun would be against the law.

He was a very handsome man, married to a beautiful black woman who used to be a model and an anchorwoman. Natalie, his wife was now a bestselling author who had written several teenage books about vampires and witches. They had five very beautiful children. Three boys and two girls. In his youth, Jesse had been a model and an actor before becoming a lawyer and a judge. He was 55 years old and still very handsome.

Jesse had done some high profile cases and put sixteen members of a crime family in jail. He had published and fought for justice. Jesse heard that he was on the President's short list and he prayed this was his time. All his life, this had been his goal to be on the Supreme Court.

His life was open and he was only worried about one thing; he and his wife had a slave. She was 24 years old and lived in their house. Her name was Erica. Erica had started out being the nanny when she was 21. She was beautiful with flowing black hair, dark eyes and olive skin. One late night after dinner as Erica was putting away dishes she dropped one. It broke, glass all over the floor. When Jesse and his wife Natalie came in the room, Erica got on her knees and begged not to be fired.

She begged to be spanked. Natalie took her over her knee and spanked her. Erica got excited and Natalie looked up at her husband. "Please Mistress and Master Richman, please let me be your slave. I love both of you and I would do anything."

The sight of this beautiful woman on her knees begging got to Jesse and he grabbed Erica by the hair and pulled her into his crotch. Natalie took off the dress she was wearing and opened her legs. She never wore panties. Jesse unzipped his pants, took out his cock and thrust it into Erica's mouth where she sucked him until he almost came. He dragged her over to Natalie who was playing with her pussy. Natalie grabbed Erica by the hair and pulled her head back. She kissed her hard on the lips. "If you would do anything, then we want you as our slave. Everything will be the same except that you will come when we call and you will be spanked and paddled. We will flog you and whip you. Do you agree to all this?"

Erica smiled, "I had a Master before I worked for you. He treated me just that way and I loved it."

"Why did you leave?" Jesse asked.

"Because he got married again and his wife didn't want me there. She was jealous."' Erica said.

Natalie looked up at her husband who nodded. Grabbing Erica's head she pushed the beautiful young girl into her crotch and Erica began to lick her new Mistress.

Quincy Washington found out about this relationship. He found out because he had a young woman named Fanny make friends with Miss Erica. He knew that if there were an opening for a new justice that Jesse Richman as well as a few others would be on the short list. In a preemptive strike he set up spies on ten judges.

Fanny was a gorgeous young woman who worked as an assistant in the Senate for another Senator. Quincy had seduced the 20 year old student and then with gifts and promises he had gotten her to do his bidding.

She met Erica at Starbucks and they began hanging out on her days off. One evening Fanny invited her to a sleep over. In the middle of the night, Fanny kissed her and she kissed Fanny back. They talked half the night and Erica told her about the relationship with the Richman's. As the early morning light shone through, Fanny opened her legs to Erica and Erica went between them.

Quincy had rewarded Fanny by taking her on a weeklong trip and fucking her every day and night. He had paid her college tuition and set her up in an apartment. She was one of his favorites and he would keep her...until she turned 25.

The President made his decision the next morning after spending the evening with his children, his in laws and later with his wife and their baby. They hired a baby nurse and a nanny. Kate wanted to breast feed for the first six weeks so every two hours the baby ate.

Kate encouraged the President to sleep in the room next door. He needed to rest, but Grant wanted this first night to be with them and they compromised. She pumped out milk and got four hours sleep. The President got up for a feeding and sat in the sitting room with his new son. He sang to him and talked to him and held him. As he looked at the newborn baby in his arms he vowed to always protect him, always love him and always show him the kind of man he should be. "Teddy, I love you. I love your mother and I want you always to be happy." He kissed his son and held him feeding him from the bottle.

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