tagBDSMThe President's Mistress Ch. 39

The President's Mistress Ch. 39


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Alicia was the key to all of this. She was young, sexy and even though she was over the age of 25, she could pass for 22 which is the age that went on her application.

She was the bait. Alicia went to deliver papers to Justice Brown. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white button down blouse. Her hair was up in a bun. She wore glasses and six inch heels. Alicia looked very classy. In the papers she was taking to Justice Brown was a dossier with the Presidential Seal and the words Secret and Confidential in red and bold stamped on the front.

Justice Orlando Brown was a black man who had been on the bench for thirty -five years. He was 80 years old and wanted to spend some time with his very patient wife before he died. He was also tired. The last few years had been very taxing, but now he was ready to hang up his robe. He had been honored to be on the bench and to make laws for the nation. His opinions were being read in colleges around the country. Now was his time to retire, but not before he knew the President's nominee.

There would be opposition. He knew that Senator Washington would fight for someone more conservative, but President Adams was no push over.

Alicia was announced by Justice Brown's clerk. Michael Worthington had informed him she was coming and that he was to listen to what she had to say.

Alicia sat down before the Justice. She was in awe of him. She had studied his opinions in college and had even used one of them to win an argument in law school.

"Hello my dear. You are quite a stunner. I'm glad to meet you. Michael told me you were coming. Please give me the papers." Orlando said and as Alicia passed them to him, he stroked her hand.

Alicia stood up and unbuttoned her blouse. Orlando took a deep breath. Pushing back his chair he watched as Alicia unsnapped her bra and her breasts tumbled out. He licked his lips. He loved breasts. Her rosy nipples were sticking straight out. Orlando stood and came over to Alicia. Even though he was 80, he was in good health and had a ten inch cock that always stood at attention. Orlando took no Viagra or anything else. He was always a cocksmen. His wife knew he had lovers, but she didn't care because he always fucked her every night when he came home.

She was thirty years younger at fifty and mother of his two sons. She loved sex and she loved her husband and was glad that he was retiring, but right now he was interested in this fine piece of white ass that was standing in front of him.

The large gray couch was comfortable and had been used by Justice Brown for more than just sitting. He planned to take the couch with him. It held memories that he didn't want to forget. "So Miss Alicia, you're my gift from the President."

Alicia smiled, "I'm just here to help you interpret the papers." Orlando chuckled. He unzipped his pants and his dick sprung out. Alicia got down on her knees. She took the head in her mouth and licked up and down. Justice Brown reached down and played with her nipples. He squeezed them and tugged them. "You suck and I'll read, but I plan to cum in that hot pussy and baby." He pinched her nipples causing Alicia to moan, "You'll love my big, black, cock. I will have you screaming."

Justice Brown read the private dossier and he laughed. He laughed and pulled Alicia up. "Get on the damn couch. Time for you to feel my meat!" He ordered.

When Alicia left his office she was weak and sore. For an 80 year old man, the Justice had the stamina of a much younger, much more viral man. She was worn out, while he asked her if she wanted another go and he had cum twice. Her nipples were soer from all the sucking. Alicia sighed and asked Michael if she could do Justice Brown again before he left office.

Alicia had done her job and the Justice was in agreement. Tomorrow she would go see Jesse, his wife and his slave. At this rate, she'd be exhausted before the weekend. Alicia went back to report to Michael and The President.

The next evening, wearing a very tight red dress, red Manolo's and looking like she belonged on the silver screen Alicia drove her red Mercedes; a farewell gift from her former Master and his wife, to the beautiful home of Jesse and Natalie. She was carrying the Secret and Confidential file for Jesse.

The moment she walked into the house she could see Ericka gaze at her with lust. She smiled as she walked into the living room and her panties got moist when she spied Natalie who was gloriously black and beautiful. Handing Jesse the file, she saw Ericka peeping around the corner from the kitchen watching her.

Alicia moved leaned over to point out something on the file and so that Natalie and Jesse could see the tops of her breasts. Natalie licked her lips. Jesse's dick began to rise.

Jesse read the document and he thought for a moment before saying seriously, "Does the President think we can do this?"

Alicia stood, "You're questioning the President?" she asked looking at him incredulously.

Jesse shook his head, "No. Miss Alicia."

"Then get on your knees, you and your wife and the one hiding in the kitchen." Alicia said.

Jessie ran his hand through his hair and Natalie blinked, but it was Ericka that crawled into the room. Alicia opened her purse and took out a leash and a collar which she placed around Ericka's neck.

Alicia glared at the couple seated together on the couch and said, "Don't make me say it again. Knees, floor."

The both knelt. "You are to follow the President's instructions to the letter. Now get over here and undress me. Now!"

She ordered and they knelt.

Across the street, photos were taken. The man taking the photo was stroking his cock as he watched Alicia dominate the President's choice for Supreme Court Justice and his wife and their nanny or was she a slave?

He watched and just as he saw Natalie put her mouth on Alicia's pussy and Ericka suck her employer's dick, he took the picture and then came.

The man who took the picture gave copies to Senator Quincy Washington. Senator Washington was beside himself with glee. He would have his way. Roe v Wade would be history and all those gay marriages squashed. This would be his legacy. This would be his triumph.

The man who took the pictures also gave the originals to Michael Worthington and told him of his meeting with the Senator. Michael smiled. He loved the intrigue of Washington and he loved when things went his way.

The President and Kate were on the White House lawn together with their new son when it was announced that Jesse Richman would be the President's nominee to replace Justice Orlando Brown. Natalie and the children were there as was Ericka.

Kate's six weeks of non sex were over and she was looking forward to finally having a night with her husband. The nanny was taking the baby and they would celebrate that night.

The children were taken to the nursery and the President, Kate, Natalie and Jesse had lunch. Natalie eyed Kate with a mixture of jealousy and lust. She was jealous because Kate was married to the President who was a very handsome man and she lusted after her. She wondered what it would be like to be between her thighs. Kate was wondering the same thing. She would have liked to see Natalie on her knees. Except for Miss Ruby, Kate hadn't eaten a black pussy.

Mandy was nearly ready to deliver. Kate whispered in the President's ear so that only he could hear, "Can we invite them to the residence tonight?" She asked. Grant looked at her, "You want her, don't you?"

"yes Sir, I think she's beautiful and I think she wants me too?" Kate said licking her lips.

Grant smirked, "Six weeks a long time for you. I thought we were going to spend time alone."

"Yes Sir we can. Maybe some other time." Kate said. Grant laughed, "They are staying over tonight. So I will see what I can do."

Kate grinned up at her husband. He was POTUS and would make it happen.

Jesse and Natalie met with members of the Senate and the House all day long. They had dinner with the Vice-President and his wife and a few members of the Court. As they were going up to their room for bed, a member of the Secret Service told them that the President and his wife wanted to see them.

Natalie felt her panties moisten with her juices. She changed into a flowing caftan and she and her husband went to the residences. The President opened the door to their suite in a pair of khaki's and a short sleeve blue shirt. Kate was in the bedroom with Alicia.

Alicia came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of crotchless panties and a bra. She was carrying a flogger. "My pets, Jesse get your wife out of that ridiculously long dress and follow me into the bedroom."

Natalie gulped while Jesse stared with fear at the President. Grant smiled, "Come play with us." He said and Jesse visibly relaxed and followed Alicia in the bedroom where Kate was standing wearing black leather boots and nothing else.

Natalie fell to her knees and Kate attached a collar and a leash around her neck. "I saw you staring at me. I saw you licking your lips. You are going to be my pet and Alicia's tonight."

The President looked at Jesse, "Do you suck cock?" Jesse shook his head. "Tonight you will suck your President's cock."

Jesse nodded. "Get on your knees. Show me how much you want to join the court." Grant ordered. Jesse went to his knees as Grant opened his pants and pulled out his cock. Jesse wasn't gay, he had never thought about sucking another man, but he had to say, Grant's large prick was making his mouth salivate. Grant noticed the look. Grant saw the hunger and he grabbed Jesse by the head shoving his hard dick in his mouth as Natalie looked on. Kate grabbed Natalie's head and shoved it into her pussy as Alicia took the flogger and began flogging Natalie's back and buttocks harder and harder. Kate looked up at Alicia who said, "I owe her this from the other night. She slapped Ericka for not eating her fast enough. She found out that night that she was a pain slut."

Kate pulled hard on Natalie's hair, forcing her head back. "Do you like pain?" She said. Natalie hesitated and Kate grabbed her face hard. "I asked you a fucking question, do you like pain."

Tears sprang in Natalie's eyes, "Yes." Kate smiled broadly and looked at Jesse who had a surprised look on his face as Jesse sucked the President.

Grant took his prick out of Jesse's mouth. Jesse looked at his wife, "why didn't you ever tell me?" He asked. Natalie turned to him, "I didn't really know it until Alicia spanked me last night. I loved it. I thought about it. I love when you fuck me hard. I love when you take my ass."

The President interrupted, "I want Alicia to set up a punishment room in your house and she will show you how to use instruments of pain and pleasure. Right now, I will take your wife's ass and she will suck my wife's pussy while you Jesse will lick Kate. You cannot fuck the First Lady but you may lick her pussy.

The evening progressed and when everyone was satisfied, Jesse took his wife back to their room. He paddled her and fucked her again before they both went to sleep.

Senator Quincy Washington made an appointment with the President. He was ready to reveal his plan. He was surprised to see Michael Worthington in the conference room when he arrived and he was really annoyed to see the smug look on Michael's face.

Eric had his hands full even with the Nanny they hired. He was enjoying being with the children all day. He loved every smile, every movement. They were beautiful, but for the past few months both he and Michael had been too exhausted to have sex. Mandy and James had moved out and this night, the children and the nanny were spending the night out with Mandy and James at their new home.

It was a surprise for Eric's husband. Eric had to keep himself from calling Mandy to check up on the children. He needed Michael and wanted just to be with him.

Michael came home in the best mood. He had listened to all that the Senator had to say. He had seen the photos and looked surprised. The Senator had given him a list of candidates that the Senator would approve and then he had stood up and left.

Michael laughed for a full five minutes. Quincy thought he had the President' by the balls and Michael was enjoying every minute. As he walked through the door he saw Erick kneeling in a pair of red ruffled woman's panties. This was something new he thought. "Where are the babies?" He asked as he unzipped his pants.

"They are with Mandy. I've missed you." He said, his eyes lowered. Michael smiled and patted his head, "I like the panties. They are cute."

"I wanted to look cute for you tonight. We've been busy with so many other things we haven't had time to just be together." Eric said his eyes still lowered.

"Look at me baby." Michael said and Eric looked up. Michael bent down and kissed his lips. "Tell me what you want tonight?"

"Sir, I want you to make my ass as red as these panties and fuck me all night long. But first I want you to fuck my face roughly. I want whatever you want to do. I've missed us. I've missed the power of you." He said.

Michael grinned. He seized the back of Eric's head and pushed his face into the hole in his pants. Eric used his mouth to fish out his Master's cock and Michael's head went back. He opened his mouth in a silent ah as Eric made love to his dick. It had been too long. He fucked Eric's mouth and pushed Eric back until he was leaning. Michael took his head and slammed in his mouth. "Don't touch me. I only want that mouth." He breathed deeply as he slammed his dick into Eric's mouth causing him to gag. When Michael came it went straight down Eric's throat.

Between his legs, Eric had his collar and leash. After Michael had cum and Eric had swallowed and licked Michael clean, he presented the leash and collar to him. "You may put it on." Michael said and he attached the leash. He led Eric to the table and to his surprise he saw there was only one place setting.

He sat down. Michael cut a piece of steak for himself and ate it, then cut a piece, speared it on his fork and held it down for his lover to eat. This is the way they had dinner. When it was done, Eric asked if he could get the dessert.

"Bring it in the bedroom." Michael said standing up and leaving the table. He showered and walked naked in the bedroom to find Eric still in his red panties came into the room with a tray. On the tray was a bottle of chocolate syrup, and some vanilla ice-cream, one bowl and two spoons.

Michael got a towel from the bedroom. He knew what he was going to do with this syrup.

Placing the towel on the bed as Eric took off the items from the tray, Michael came behind his husband. He ran his hands over the panties. "You look delicious." Michael pushed Eric down over the bed. He peeled the panties down and left them hanging off Eric's legs. "I know you've been busy with the kids, but I plan to take a little time off. The President has had a problem he needs to fix and I think things will be calmer."

"Yes Master, I understand." Eric said. Michael drew back his hand and spanked him hard on the ass. Eric was leaning on his arms on the bed. "God, after a hard day I like spanking you." He said and hit Eric's ass again. Michael picked up the chocolate syrup and ran it in the crack of Eric's ass. The syrup dripped down. Michael knelt behind his husband and licked the syrup. "Uhm, dark chocolate, my favorite. " He said licking the syrup.

"Oh Master, that's good." Eric moved his butt. Michael swatted him. "Lean on your elbows." Michael said. Eric did as he asked and Michael reached over the drawer and put on a condom. He pushed his dick into Eric's ass and started fucking him for all he was worth. Michael was thinking about how smug the Senator had been. How he had thought he had won. How much he couldn't wait until Senator Washington was crush.

And as he came, Michael thought how much he couldn't wait to see the Senator on his knees begging and just maybe he would let the old man suck his cock.

After Michael had cum and removed his cock from Eric's ass, Eric turned and removed the condom. He came back with a cloth and washed his Master's dick. Michael was lying on the bed. Picking up the ice-cream he placed it on his dick, then the chocolate syrup. "you may have your dessert now." He said and Eric smiled and licked him like an ice-cream cone.

In New York, a man had a plan. He had a plan to blow up the White House. He had a plan and soon he would put it into action. He hated the President, was really pissed off that the President had married a black woman, but he really, really, really hated that big White House where the spoiled man who ran this country lived. His name was Christopher Nolan and he had once worked at the White House.

Christopher Nolan had worked as an army guard at the White House. He loved his job, but something happened to him after he left the White House and went to war. He was one of the last soldiers leaving the middle east and he had gotten hurt by an explosion. Christopher's mind went to another place where he blamed everyone for his problems.

He had been placed in a mental hospital for a few years, but then he learned how to beat the system and they released him saying he was cured, but he was not. He hated everyone. Unfortunately he had some money and moved to New York from his home state of Virginia where he decided to formulate his plan to blow up the White House.

He had been friends with a young Secret Service Agent; that agent's name was James Humphrey. They had been nearly inseparable, even after Chris got hurt, James came to see him. In Chris' mind he blamed James for his getting hurt because James was part of the White House.

Chris kept to himself in the very neat apartment he had bought for himself. He had two visitors. His girlfriend Lois and an army buddy if his named Jason. Lois was gorgeous with long black hair and dark eyes. She was also not too bright and had been looking for a Master for a long time before Chris found her.

They had met at a local BDSM club called, "Beat Me, Spank Me". A drunk man had been spanking her butt with a paddle as Lois was tied to a cross. She was bored. Chris took the paddle from her and proceeded to tear her ass up.

After he beat her ass he took a whip and whipped her until she called out her safe word, Zulu. Chris took out his dick and in front of all the patrons fucked her in the ass hard. There was no sex allowed at "Beat Me, Spank Me", but Chris didn't care. The management ordered him out and he left...with Lois.

They had been together ever since and every night he would whip or spank or just fuck her for long hours. He seemed to be able to fuck for hours. Chris' control was great and he would punish Lois by not allowing her to come or by making her cum repeatedly until she was exhausted.

Chris buddy Jason was also Chris' bitch. With one word, he would drop and take Chris dick in his mouth. Chris was known to put clothes pins on Jason's genitalia stopping the circulation all the while fucking Jason in the ass. Jason was a specialist in explosives and he worshipped Chris. He believed in what Chris was doing and he would help him in any way he could.

Senator Quincy Washington almost came in his pants when Alicia walked into his room. She was going to be working for him for three months. Alicia acted like the girl next door. She looked innocent yet sexy in her little white skirt with her dainty pink blouse, but her killer heels gave her away. Every day when she walked into his office he thought he would pass out. He had to have her.

Quincy read her resume and learned she was 22. He wanted Miss Alicia and he wanted her bad. He wanted to sink his dick into that pussy which he bet was tight as hell. As his Latina lover sucked his dick all he could think about was how to get Alicia into his bed. He knew who she was. He had seen her in the photo and he knew she was a freak. That innocent face was a Domme and he wanted her to Domme him.

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