tagBDSMThe President's Mistress Ch. 41

The President's Mistress Ch. 41


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Mandy and Michael were thrown up in the air and landed in the middle of the street. Luckily the traffic had been blocked off. Mandy broke her left arm, while Michael broke his leg.

The bomb tore a crater size hole through the White House Lawn. Down in the bunker, the walls shook but the bunker held. Beth was crying, while Danielle was brave and Thomas Adams was protective of all his siblings. The bunker was comfortable and they had everything at their disposal.

The President was in the underground war room and could see outside. All of the people who had been at the party were safe and being escorted off the grounds. There seems to have been no damage to the White House, but the lawn was completely gone.

Secret Service called to make sure the President was safe. Grant addressed the nation. "This was not a terrorist attack, but the actions of one man who has been apprehended by the FBI and the Secret Service. My family and the Vice-President and his wife plus the Prime Minister of Canada and his wife are safe. I've learned that a member of my wife's detail was hurt as was Michael Worthington my chief-of-staff, but the injuries I am told are not life threatening. At present we are in the bunker below the White House and as soon as those above deem it is safe, we will come up. Damage to the White House has to be assessed. We are grateful there wasn't more damage, but nine bombs were found and defused."

The Press was kept back by security. Michael and Mandy were taken to the hospital. Chris was arrested. James had been blown back and sustained a concussion when his head hit the ground. One of the other agents had broken his wrist. Eric arrived at the hospital just as Michael's leg was put into a cast. He hit Michael on the arm...hard. "you should have told me they were going to blow up the White House. You should have come home. Always trying to be a hero." Then seeing Mandy in the bed next to his getting her arm in a cast, "And that goes for you too Mandy. Were you both trying to let me raise these two babies alone. I was so worried." Eric kisses Michael, who is trying very hard to look contrite and not laugh. "I'm sorry baby." Michael hangs his head, but he is laughing. Eric hits him again and then kisses him. "I love you and this is going to be one hell of a story to tell the children." Eric says and kisses Mandy's cheek. "I love you too. The babies need their mother, so please no more of this nonsense."

The Secret Service are waiting for Michael. He kisses Eric again. "Honey I need to go back to work."

Eric closes his eyes and nods, "Go do your job, but get some rest and be home for dinner. Mandy, I'm going to check on James. All of you need to come to the house. We need to talk about this heroic shit. It needs to stop." Eric huffs.

The President is released from the bunker with everyone else at six in the morning. The children are immediately put to bed. The President holds a press conference to answer questions about the bombing. Kate is at the conference. After it's over, they go up to bed. The White House has been deemed safe to live in. The hole in the ground will be fixed and the lawn replanted. There was no structural damage, however, there is no water on the first floor. So there are pipes to be replaced.

The White House has separate generators and separate waterlines so the rest of the house has water. The kitchen staff will use the President's kitchen to prepare meals. There will be no state dinners for at least a year. The lawn takes eight months to be finished and looks even more lovely.

Kate and the President hold hands and go up to the residence. They check on Teddy, Beth, Thomas and Danielle. Everyone is safe and they breathe a sigh of relief. The Prime Minister and his wife are at Blair House and will have a meeting with the President before leaving the next day. Everyone is going to bed. It's been a long night. As Kate gets into bed with Grant she lies on his chest. She tells him "I was so worried tonight, but you were wonderful. You kept everyone calm. I'm so proud to be your wife."

Grant kisses her, "The fifteen minutes you were gone and I was waiting for you and the children, were the hardest fifteen minutes of my life. My heart stopped until I saw all of you in the elevator. Don't leave me ever again." They hold each other and fall into a deep sleep.

Chris has gone into shock. He doesn't speak, doesn't answer just stares ahead. Lois and Jason are arrested. He ends up in a federal psychiatric prison for the remainder of his life. He never speaks again. His only visitors are James and Jackson. Lois and Jason are each sentenced to life without parole in a federal prison.

Mandy stays with James in the hospital. He has a severe concussion and remains for a week. Michael in a wheel chair returns to the White House. The President has gone to bed, but Michael has to see the damage for himself and make sure everything is all right. He leaves early and goes home to his children and Eric. Eric makes him take off a week and takes care of him.

Life at the White House becomes very normal. James and Jackson receive medals of honor. After all the things that have occurred, The President's next two years in the White House are very quiet. He passes some important legislation involving gun control. Grant finds out six months before his term ends that Kate is pregnant again. This child would be born outside of the White House.

James and Mandy marry in a quiet ceremony in the White House Chapel. They have three children. James decides to stop being an agent and instead teach new agents. Jackson is in his first class. After his service in the military, he is offered a job by the FBI, CIA and the Secret Service. He chooses the Secret Service. After Grant's term is over, Mandy resigns to care for her children.

Kate and Grant fulfill a promise and before his second birthday, they take Teddy to Paris to see Madam Claude. Claire is doing the day to day running of the Mansion. Kate, Grant, Eric, Michael, Mandy and Barbara were surprised at how frail Madam looked. She blessed little Teddy and the baby Kate was carrying.

She praises Barbara whose time there had been glorious. A month after they leave, Madam Claude passes away in her sleep and Claire became the new Madam with her husband by her side.

Bryan Mitchell the Vice-President ran for President. He was endorsed by Grant, but it was not meant to be. The Republican's had come up with a Latino candidate and Senator Pedro Jesus Calero became the first Latino President.

Grant and Kate move into a house in New York City with the secret service. Three months later, Kate gives birth to a baby girl. Her name is Candace Hillary Adams. Candace wraps her father around her little finger and her brother adores her. It is Kate that keeps her in check. Kate goes to work for a prestigious law firm. When Candace is two, Kate is approached by the Democratic Party. Senator Calero is not doing a good job and they need someone to run. After discussions with Grant and her family, Kate decides to run. She asks Michael to be her running mate. "Are you sure?" Michael asks. "Do you think the country is ready for a gay vice-president?"

Eric answers for him, "Hell Yes." And it is done. The campaign is grueling. There is a great deal of name calling by the other nominees. Kate stays out of all of it and in the end Kate is chosen as the Democratic nominee as President Of The United States. She runs a tight campaign with Grant and Michael's help. Women and gays help win the day. With 345 electoral votes, Katherine Morgan, former Mistress, former girl-friend, former First Lady becomes the first African-American Woman President. Hillary Clinton had been the first woman President. Grant was the second First Husband, Bill Clinton had been the first.

Grant makes love to her all night long after the election. "Madame President I am at your disposal." He says and she swats his ass, "You're damn right you are." Eric is thrilled that his husband is now VP. Mandy rejoins Kate, but this time as her Press Secretary.

As Vice-President Michael travels a great deal and Eric helps Grant to fulfill his role as First Husband. He is a darling at all the events that a first lady would do. During her first year, Kate became pregnant again and eight months later gives birth to Chelsea Kennedy Adams, the first time a President has given birth while in office. She never misses a day. Barbara becomes her Surgeon General.

After two years in the White House, Kate realizes that this is not for her. She loves her job, but she wants to spend more time with her husband and children. So she grooms her Vice-President and the President's former chief of staff to be her successor. Michael is skeptical, but Eric is not. They run a successful campaign and Michael Worthington gets the nomination.

The Republican's candidate is old school white boy; who went to the right schools and married the perfect women. They again had forgotten the show, Modern Family and how blended the country is, so in a landslide the first gay President is elected. At the inauguration a very proud Grant and Kate watch as Eric holds Lincoln's bible and the family bible which belonged to slain activist Harvey Milk as President Michael Worthington took the oath of office.

When several Justices' retired from the Supreme Court, Michael wanted to nominate Grant, but he refused. He was enjoying his retirement and his children. He was also teaching law at Columbia University. He asked Michael to ask Kate. She accepted and became Chief Justice of the court.

Isabella Giovanni and her love Victoria died in a plane crash on their way to the Academy Awards where Isabella had been nominated for the best costume design for a movie based on the book The American Heiress.

Kate and Grant attend their funeral and fondly remember their friends. Barbara and Patrick divorce. They remained friends and Barbara remarries. She marries Dr. Banyon in a very large ceremony held at the White House.

Sheila passes away a few months after walking her eldest down the aisles. Robert has died the year before.

Time passes by, children grow up and move away. Everyone got older.

Grant celebrates his eighty-fifth birthday with a party of family and friends.

President Theodore Robert Adams with his lovely wife, Melody whose mother was Samantha came bringing the secret service with them. The President's sister Senator Candace Hillary Adams-Leiberwitz with her husband and two children arrive as do their other sister, the Nobel prize winning scientist Chelsea Kennedy Adams-Tyler who comes with her son, Grant Lincoln Adams-Tyler. His father unfortunately could not attend because he was Secretary of state and dealing with a crisis in China.

Grant's son Thomas was now Senator Thomas Adams and had been bonded and then married to Michael and Eric's daughter Audrey was also at the celebration. They have three beautiful daughters. Danielle is Governor of the great state of New York and her husband is Academy Award winning actor, Jeffrey DuPres. She is on her way to a great political future, while Beth has won the Pulitzer Prize. She came out when she was 15 and lives with her wife, the supermodel, Jamie Finch and their three dogs.

Alicia joins them. She has just been nominated for the Supreme Court. She is married to her submissive, Senator Dwayne Handson. She has a beautiful daughter who looks just like her.

Grant thinks back at his life and how happy he has been since marrying Kate. His memoir is a bestselling book called, My Three Lives and discusses his life before being President, after becoming President and after leaving office.

Constance passes away from cancer three years earlier. Tommy is inconsolable and dies a year later leaving Samantha alone. Death takes her three months later. Their son Tommy with his husband, Kenneth came for the celebration.

Michael is alone. Since Eric's death three years earlier of a heart attack, he has stayed to himself. Grant and Kate convince him to move in to their guest house in their upstate New York home and he does. They all have dinner every day. It is the first time that three ex-President's live under one roof. Michael's children kiss their father and he has a good time at the party.

Mandy arrive with James and their two sons and daughter. It was a complete family affair.

After the party and some press the former Presidents went to bed. Grant stayed between Kate's thighs licking and sucking her until his dick got hard. It took a bit more effort to get him hard and he has refused to take Viagra. His arm is bothering him, but tonight nothing would stop him from fucking his wife.

He warms her ass with a light spanking before plunging his dick into her pussy. "My darling, I still love fucking you after all this time." He says as he moves in and out slowly savoring the moment.

Kate moans, "After all this time I still love you fucking me. "

"We've been through a lot my love and now tonight with all the children it's been a really good night." Grant says moving his hips.

"Less talking, more fucking Mr. President." Kate giggles. Grant moves inside her and all too soon feels his release. "I'm sorry honey, I couldn't hold out any longer." He says easing his cock out of her pussy and lying down beside her.

Kate instantly goes and sucks his dick clean. Lying next to him, Kate strokes his face, "You've already made me come twice with your mouth, so go to sleep."

Grant pulls Kate close to him. He sleeps calm and peaceful holding her. In his sleep he dreams of his life, his beautiful wife that he loves more than life...sometime in the night, he Grant Lincoln Adams passes away.

When Kate wakes the next morning she knows he is gone. "Grant, please don't leave me." She cries. Tears stream down her face and she presses the intercom for Michael. Michael comes as quickly as he can and as he sees Grant's body so peaceful he too starts to cry. Before calling anyone else, he phones Paris and Madam Xyla, the new Madam who said she would arrive as fast as she could.

The next calls are to the secret service who immediately come. Kate is given a shot by the doctor because she is crying hysterically. Michael is by her side the entire time.

Grant's body lies in state at the Capitol Rotunda. He looks as if he is sleeping. Hundreds of thousands came out to pay their last respect to President Grant Lincoln Adams. Next to President's Kennedy, Lincoln, Obama and Clinton, Grant is said to be one of the most influential Presidents to have ever lived. Grant's biggest legacy was the law making sure that every woman had the right to choose and giving gays equal rights to marry and receive the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

In the quiet of the Rotunda, after everyone has left, Kate, Michael and Madam Xyla who arrived from Paris come into the room with Niko, her bodyguard. The Military honor guard leaves them alone to say their final goodbyes.

Madam hugs Kate and goes over to the body of the President. She kisses him and wishes him well on his journey. She tells him she will see him again.

Madam and Niko leave. Kate and Michael stand together with the body of the man they have both loved. Tomorrow will be the funeral in Washington and then the burial in New York, at the Grant Lincoln Adams Presidential Library, but for now they have this time. Kate and Michael stay for a long time, each in their own thoughts, finally Michael takes Kate's hand, kisses the back of it and they leave.

After the funeral and burial, Kate goes into a depression. She resigns from the Court. She is tired and needs to rest. Michael is the one who keeps her from going crazy. He spends all his time with her and two years later late one night, Kate takes Michael to her bed. It is a natural thing and for the first time since the bonding, Michael makes love to Kate. He loved Eric, but Kate has always held a special place in his heart.

In the morning, they agree not to marry but just be together. They travel and spent time with their children and grandchildren. Kate and Michael go on several diplomatic missions for President Theodore Adams. They have just returned from a trip to Japan when Michael falls ill. He is 92 and Kate 87. That night Michael dreams of Eric and Grant waiting for him and Kate and in his dream he went to meet them. He died that night. Kate has the same dream, but in her dream Grant takes her in his arms and says, "it's time we were together again."

Her great granddaughter, Katherine finds them the next morning, holding hands, they have died together in their sleep.

The family decide that all three of them and Eric will be buried together at the Presidential Library in New York. Kate is buried next to Grant while Michael is buried next to Kate and Eric was exhumed and reburied next to him. They were now all together.

Kate is remembered as a wonderful First Lady, a dynamic one term President and as a mother and wife. She had a lot of firsts in her life. She was the first woman to marry a divorced President while he was in office, she was the first black female President and she was the first black woman on the supreme court.

To her family she was a wonderful mother and grandmother who loved her husband. Her great granddaughter Katherine visits her grave nearly every day. She talks to her grandmother and tells her that she would be leaving for Paris in a few weeks. She thanks Kate for helping her become the strong woman she is.

Every year on each of their birthdays, white and pink roses are sent to be lain on the four graves. They are sent by the Madam and each subsequent Madam does the same.

25 years later

A child is born to the Queen of England. Queen Victoria II named after her great, great, great, great grandmother -- a baby boy. He is named after her great, great, great, great grandfather, Albert. He is the heir to the throne. He is a beautiful baby boy. In his former life he had been a girl; a black girl whose name had been Katherine Morgan. He knew this and would remember this until he turned five, then it would all fade away. But on this his christening day, he knew that he had been Kate.

At the christening ceremony was a young girl who was half back and half white. Her father was white; Lord Henry Hempsworth; a very distant cousin to the Queen while his mother was a beautiful light chocolate colored American, Lady Julia Hempsworth. They were chosen as god-parents to the new prince. This young girl, whose name was Diana had in her former life been a boy named Grant Lincoln Adams.

After the christening the young girl who was four and a half asked if she could hold the new baby. Her mother frowned, but the Queen said yes and the new baby boy was placed gently in her arms. She kissed the beautiful baby boy and whispered in his ear, "I've found you my love and we will again create a wonderful life together."

The baby opened his blue eyes and smiled.

In France, Madame Zenobia had seen all of this. In another twenty years they would be here and begin their journey. It was a cycle; life, death and rebirth and she smiled. In her former life she had been Giselle LaClay and she knew all of this would happen.

The End?

I would like to thank all the reader's who have commented, voted, emailed me personally or just read this series. You all have brought me great joy and I sincerely thank you.

I also would like to thank EL James for bringing BDSM out to the open as did the author of the Story of O and a sincere thank you to Shondra Rimes who gave me an idea to take her premise to another dimension.

But I especially want to thank Literotica for giving me this forum to write and Jerry O for editing.

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