tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Prison Secretary Ch. 01

The Prison Secretary Ch. 01


I believe the setting of this story is fairly accurate. I based it on two online accounts I read regarding reception into this type of facility.


Angela had started her summer job only a couple of weeks prior. She had just completed her sophomore year in college where she was majoring in criminal justice. Her career goal was to eventually enter law school and become an attorney. She was an extremely intelligent young woman of 21 who was also quite stunning looking even though her physical attraction was something that she had just recently blossomed into. In high school, she had been slightly overweight, had worn thick glasses and always exuded the appearance of a "brainiac". However since starting college, following a year break after high school; she had lost a considerable amount of weight, her complexion had cleared up, she had gotten contact lenses and her body had fully bloomed into womanhood in an excitingly curvaceous way.

As a precursor to her goal and through the influence of her older cousin, a police captain, she was able to obtain an administrative and clerical job working at a state run correctional facility for the summer. This wasn't simply a prison for young men but actually a boot camp where men were sent by the courts as a last chance to turn their lives around in a positive direction and avoid a lengthy jail sentence in an adult penitentiary. The facility was like a detention center only with strict military style discipline and rigorous training coordinated by men who seemed more like drill sergeants than corrections personnel.

Angela's supervisor was actually the C.O. of the officers and one of the chief administrators for the institution. He was a much older yet very strong man in his forties. He was very kind to her and she would always be amazed at how he would suddenly transform into the drill sergeant's role and curse and shout at the inmates to the point that drove some of them to tears. When she was interviewed for the position she was surprised to learn that because of recent court decisions; Hayes vs. Marriott and Canedy vs. Boardman, it was now common for female corrections officers as well as female administrative staff to sometimes be in the presence of naked male inmates. This initially took her aback a little but at the same time because of her career goal she was not about to turn down a summer job because she was a prude. As she was in an administrative position for the C.O. she would sometimes have to accompany him when he would deal with the inmates in various capacities.

Angela was surprised to find on her very first day of employment that there were several other female staff members of various titles within the institution, be it officers, instructors, drug counselors, administrators and secretaries. However men still filled three quarters of the positions at the facility. The inmates were all young men between the ages of 18 and 29. During the first two weeks as she worked at her PC in the air conditioned office she would sometimes look out her third floor window and be able to see the young men being drilled; marching, doing pushups and running in the hot and humid weather on their side of the barbed wire.

It was an afternoon on the Monday of her third week of work when the C.O. told her to follow him to the receiving room as eight new inmates would very soon be arriving from the county jail. It was part of her training to witness every portion of the facilities operations. She brought along a clipboard and several folders which contained each of the new inmate's criminal records that they had received via fax and email. The receiving area was a large, drab room with a table and three chairs. There was a door on each of the four walls and behind the table was a large glass window which viewed into the hallway of the administration building. She had walked down that hallway a few times before and had seen glances of what goes on in this room and was therefore a bit nervous.

Already seated at the table was a female corrections officer named Sonia. Angela had gotten to know Sonia very well throughout past two weeks and liked her immensely. Sonia was a very attractive Hispanic female with long black hair that was tightly pulled back in a bun. Despite her femininity, whenever she was in the presence of the inmates she would adopt a very cold and professional attitude that would appear quite intimidating.

After a few moments the C.O. entered the room accompanied by two more officers. The two officers were ex-military types and were absolutely huge men built like brick walls; their uniforms looking more like drill sergeant's fatigues than a prison guard's. All the male corrections officers were very threatening looking yet Angela liked them as they were always very sweet and respectful to her. The C.O. instructed Angela to take a seat at the table next to Sonia. A long orange line had been painted on the concrete floor diagonally from the table in the center of the room. Angela knew that this would be where the inmates would eventually line up once they had entered.

"The bus is here," said the C.O.

Sonia began to open the folders that Angela had brought along while explaining to her the simplicity of what information was to be entered into each file.

The C.O. approached Angela. "You will hear some very abusive and obscene language from the officers, it's part of the overall program and I hope you won't be offended."

Angela didn't know whether she should appreciate his disclaimer or feel belittled by it. However she knew that he meant well though what concerned her more was what she was about to witness rather than hear.

Suddenly the two doors on the other end of the room opened. The room became brighter as the sunny daylight of the afternoon filled the drabness. Angela could hear the sound of a diesel engine idling outside which she knew was the bus which had brought in the latest candidates for reform. Both officers walked outside. Moments later, she immediately began hearing them shouting at the inmates.

"STAND IN LINE, HURRY UP, MOVE IT!" shouted the officers repeatedly.

After a minute or so, one of the officers walked back into the room followed by the eight inmates who marched in a perfect straight line behind him. The other officer walked behind the inmates shouting at them to hasten their pace. Once the last officer had reentered the building he slammed the outside doors shut so hard it almost made Angela jump in her seat. The inmates all wore the bright orange prison jumpsuits provided to them by the county jail; their ankles and wrists, chained and handcuffed.


Angela had a list of what the procedure was for the indoctrination and reception of the new inmates. She had read it earlier and knew that she was in for quite a sight. Basically she had very little to do except observe, though she was free to look in each one of the folders. She was sad to see that out of the eight men; three were African Americans, three were Hispanic and only two were Caucasian. She disliked seeing such a disproportional number of minorities in the system. Even though she knew they had more than likely committed serious crimes, she was also aware of sociology and the flagrant racism that existed within the criminal justice system. She herself came from an upper-middle class suburb and always felt lucky and privileged.

The officers still continued their rancorous oaths while they removed the handcuffs and ankle chains from the inmates. Some of the men were very intimidated by these large and well-muscled officers that were right in their face screaming insults and hurrying them along in constant impatience. Whenever the inmates would look anywhere except forward one of the officers would immediately begin shouting; especially if they dared look upon Sonia or Angela. Angela on the other hand was free to look directly at them.

One of the men barely looked 18 years old. None of them looked much older than 22. Angela stared at the last young man in the line. He was Caucasian and seemed to have a strong resemblance to someone she went to high school with. She reached for the inmate's folders where each man's name was labeled on a tabbed exterior and was stunned upon seeing the name "Anderson, Sean R.". She did in fact go to high school with him and knew him only too well. He was a tall, muscular, good-looking young man but he was also extremely arrogant and obnoxious and at times would pick on her in front of her fellow students. He had always hung with a bad crowd; hence his present circumstances she thought.

One of the men yet again turned to regard Angela to which the officer immediately shouted. "I'll TEAR YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF IF YOU TURN IT JUST ONCE MORE. GET ON YOUR FACE, FRONT LEANING REST POSITION!" This was the standard order which meant the inmate should drop to the floor and proceed to do pushups.

As Angela looked upon some of the files she noticed that three of the inmates were involved in gang activity. All of these men had been in the county jail for probably at least a couple of months and had no female contact. Angela knew that she and Sonia would probably be stared upon almost as apparitions by the inmates; fortunately the officers prevented the men from getting much more than a very quick glance. As attractive as Sonia was, Angela was even more stunning. She had long brown hair and lightly tanned, perfectly unblemished skin with mysterious green eyes. Her lips were full and very sensual. She was dressed conservatively yet sexy with a white blouse and a black skirt that came halfway up her healthy thighs. Presently she had her legs crossed and was wearing black high heels. Her top was loose fitting but could not hide how busty she was.

One of the inmates was still straining his body doing pushups as the officer cursed him when Sonia stood up. "I WILL READ YOUR NAMES. YOU WILL GET INTO ALPHABETICAL ORDER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT!" she shouted.

Angela was amazed at how loudly Sonia could yell. She began reading the names as the men moved about quickly. The inmate who was doing pushups heard his name read and immediately rose to place himself in the proper place in line only to be screamed at by the same officer to get back down on the ground again to resume his toiling. Inmate Sean Anderson was now on the far left side of the line within only a dozen feet of the table that Angela was seated at.

The C.O. and one of the officers came to the table to quickly talk to Sonia regarding the files while the other officer continued shouting at the men. Angela suddenly noticed that Sean was staring directly at her. She could tell by his expression that he recognized her even though her appearance was much more attractive than before. Angela regarded him stone-faced as he had a very lustful look about him that repelled her. He had a bruise on his eye that looked like it had been healing for a few days; no doubt a fist from a fellow inmate had made that mark. His bottom lip was also puffed out and swollen. Sonia noticed the inmate blatantly staring at Angela.

"TURN FORWARD NOW!" She yelled.

One of the officers left the table and approached Sean; getting right in his face. "YOU GET YOUR EYES FORWARD AND KEEP THEM THERE OR YOU'LL BE GOING TO THE FUCKING STATE PRISON TODAY!" Sean immediately complied.

"WHAT DID THIS ONE DO?" shouted the officer.



Angela could tell Sean was very angry but he was powerless to do anything. The boot camp facility was a last chance for these inmates for if they failed here they would be immediately transferred to a real prison for an appropriate sentence for their offense. However even without that threat, Angela could see that the officer had arms the size of tree trunks that could crack Sean's head like a walnut and by the look on Sean's face; he knew it. Angela recalled how mean he had behaved towards her and to others as well. He truly was a bully and now he was being bullied himself and more importantly; he was scared. This thought made her smirk for just a moment even though she did pity the inmates a bit as one of them began to make face contortions as if he was trying to keep himself from weeping. She remembered though that these men had committed serious crimes and that this program was giving them a chance to redeem themselves. Years ago they would have gone directly to prison with hardened inmates. The program was designed to tear the inmates down from their arrogant attitudes and then start rebuilding their self-esteem and their respect for the rights of others through drilling and counseling.


Angela looked to Sonia who returned her stare with comforting expression as if she was telling her that everything was okay. Angela knew that this was part of the reception procedure but was not aware of how she would react to it. These were young men, all her own age and younger, most of them in excellent physical shape. As they stripped off their orange jumpsuits one of the inmates paused as his underwear was the only thing left between himself and complete nudity to which one of the officers again verbally assaulted him; swearing and yelling.


The inmate quickly complied and awkwardly placed all his clothes in front of him. The men stood completely nude and at attention on the orange line at an angle from the table. Angela always maintained a professional demeanor while she was at work but she always felt that what she contemplated in her mind was her own business. She felt guilty a bit as she was actually quite fond of the spectacle she was seeing as she viewed the healthy physiques of the stark naked inmates that were lined up at an angle before her. Angela looked to Sean who was noticeably blushing, almost turning beet red. He had indeed recognized her but was now too humiliated to even look her in the eye in his present state of undress. Some of the inmates were very well endowed and Sean was no exception. The inmates could not even savor a quick glance at her or Sonia without being disciplined by an officer however Sonia and Angela could easily have lengthy looks at the inmates; or as much as they could without it becoming noticeable to the C.O.

Angela's heart raced upon seeing each man's organ freely hanging completely exposed to her sight. Only ten years ago, no women would have been allowed to regard such a spectacle as this, not even a female corrections officer. The rules and regulations had changed considerably. She stared discreetly at the rippling muscles of the men. Some of them had many tattoos which Sonia pointed out to her as being gang related symbols. One of the African-American inmates had a healed stab wound on his chiseled stomach while a Hispanic man had what appeared to be an old bullet wound on his bulging deltoid. Another one of the inmates had scar tissue from what looked to be a severe burn on a portion of the left side of his chest. Angela checked the medical section of his file and was surprised to see the words, "USMCR, purple heart, Anbar Province, May 2005."

Each man was ordered to lift his penis and hold it upright so the officers could check for any small quantities of narcotics. One of the men was uncircumcised and was even told to pull back his foreskin before they were all instructed to lift their testicles up. Behind the table where Angela was seated was the large glass window that viewed out to the building hallway where from time to time administrative staff would walk by, including secretaries from the office. The inmates would have absolutely no privacy for the months that they would be in the program.

The officer then yelled. "ALRIGHT, TURN AROUND, MOVE IT!"

Angela could not help but admire the physiques and the firm glutes of some of the inmates. She knew that Sonia was watching as well.


She could tell that some of the inmates were very embarrassed while others were simply angry. Yet they had to comply as one of the officers came by with a pen flashlight and checked each man's anus. Sean was bent-over and less than a dozen feet from Angela when he turned his head so he could quickly capture a glimpse of her luscious legs that were sensuously crossed. Angela noticed that he was looking at her. He had become so mesmerized by her legs that he wasn't aware that one of the officers was behind him at that very moment.

"ALL OF YOU STAND UP AND TURN AROUND!" The officer yelled to Sean. "ON YOUR FACE NOW!" Sean responded by falling to the cold concrete floor and began doing pushups in the nude.

The seven other inmates stood very straight and at complete attention. One officer stood to each side of the line as the C.O. stepped in. He began to shout out to the inmates the basics of the program; they were no longer allowed to speak unless spoken to, they would address each officer as sir or ma'am, they would be under a program of total control from that point on. More rules were spoken to them for several minutes while the men stood naked and at attention. Sean continued to strain; trying pathetically to keep performing his pushups but after several minutes was barely able to continue. He kept pathetically trying as he made several grunts and groans while his body glistened from exertion; his shoulders bulging. Angela had full view of all of this as he squirmed and strained while naked at her feet. The C.O. began to shout out the rules and regulations of the facility followed by a threat of what would happen if there were to be an infraction. The men began to understand the very thin ice they were on and that they were only one step away from a real penitentiary. The C.O. spoke of the serious offenses of being caught with contraband, fighting and rape. Finally Sean collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

The C.O. turned the men back over to the officers and exited the room. The officers screamed Sean back to attention. He tried to rise as quickly as he could but was almost in a daze from his physical exertion.


The officers then ordered the men "right face" and marched them out of the room through one of the side doors. The side door led to another area where they, while still naked, would have their heads shaved. They would then be marched to the adjacent shower room and then to yet another area where they would be issued their uniforms and boots.

As Sonia and Angela sat in the now silent, empty reception room, they each looked to one another and giggled.

Angela smirked, "We really shouldn't be laughing, the poor guys". Sonia looked at her to which they both started giggling again.

"You're right, that's enough, this isn't Abu Ghraib, let's be professional here." said Sonia while smiling.

They continued looking over the inmate's folders; jotting down pertinent medical information while they still heard the faint yells and curses of the officers echoing in the other rooms. About a half an hour later one of the secretaries from the office walked in and handed Sonia another folder. The secretary was an African American woman name Keshia. She stood next to the table talking to Angela and Sonia when the inmates were marched back into the room; still naked but carrying their uniforms and boots. The inmates were able to catch a good look at all three women as they marched until the officer ordered them to halt, right face and to keep their eyes forward again. Keshia left the room; not even noticing the men. She had worked there for several years and had completely adjusted to what went on.

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