tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Private World of Nina

The Private World of Nina


Nina was barely conscious as she felt herself being carefully lifted from the car. She was desperately trying to remember what had happened and how she got there as she felt his hands cradle around her limp body, holding her against his chest. Her mind was a jumbled mess of racing thoughts, as she struggled to reassemble the images from that night. But the thought at the forefront of her mind was who was carrying her and where was she?

He transferred the weight of her body onto his left arm, as he opened the door to the house. He was careful entering the doorway, as to not hit her head against the frame. He could hear her starting to stir; she was waking. He marched up the stairs to the far bedroom. He gently laid her down on the bed. He took a moment to admire her simple beauty, before he moved to her, and began to remove her clothes.

There, she was naked. It was an image he had only dreamed about until now. And here she was, finally his. Movement was coming to her lifeless body, and he knew she'd be fully awake soon. He quickly moved to her side once more and took each of her wrists in his hands and raised them up towards the head of the bed. He fastened each wrist in the restraints and tugged on them slightly, checking to make sure she was secure. And then, he waited, ever so patiently as her eyes began to flutter open, focusing in on his face.

Recognition was settling in. She knew him, though not well, but she recognized his face. He worked just the next hall over from her office. He was quiet and shy. She always thought he looked so sad. When she'd pass him in the hallway, she'd offer a polite smile. Who was he, and why was he doing this to her?

He ran his fingers down the side of her face ever so softly; it was as if he was touching her for the very first time. He continued to trace the curves of her body, down her side past her breast, to her hip and around her buttocks. She jumped at his touch. Her heart was racing, pounding in her chest. She wanted to scream; she knew she should. But she couldn't. Something was stopping her. He ran his hand across her stomach. What was he going to do to her?

Her breathing was uneven, and she began to take in quicker, shallower breaths. She could feel the wet streaks down the sides of her face as tears formed in her eyes and then spilled overflowingly down her cheeks. She looked into his eyes again, and they looked troubled, worried. He took his finger and wiped the tears off her face. He then took his hand and cupped the right side of her face in his palm, and ran his thumb across her cheekbone. It was like he could sense her fear, and it saddened him.

He leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead. As he started to move his head downward, he stopped just for a second and gazed into her eyes. Then he moved to her mouth and kissed her lips. His kiss was deliberate, and almost rough. He was letting her know she was his. Emotions began to overwhelm Nina, as she processed what was taking place. But the one thing that caught her most off guard, was that a part of her, liked it.


Ryan knew what she wanted; what she wanted but would never say out loud. They were her fantasies, her innermost secrets. He had known them for months, but tonight was the night they would come true.

He recalled the first time he noticed her. Sure he had seen her around the office floor, or in the elevator, but that wasn't it. He had been working late trying to reconfigure a system error he had encountered when running a routine diagnostic. It could have waited until Monday, but he had an expense report due & a video-conference that day, and he figured he might as well fix the problem now, and come in late Monday morning. That's when he heard her voice. He had thought everyone had gone home for the weekend, but when he peeked out into the hallway, he could see the light to her office still on.

I wish Cynthia had given this to me sooner. I was hoping to stop by the hospital on my way home to see Dante, but it's too late now. I'll go by in the morning. He's in a coma after all...

He was wondering what she was working on so late, and wondered why it couldn't wait until Monday. And who was this Dante person in the hospital? He figured he'd stopped by her office to see if she needed anything, when he heard her again...

Ugh! This isn't even my client! Robert needs to keep better track of his files. Why do I do this? This should be his problem, not mine. Well, technically, it isn't mine; it IS his. But I know he'll come strolling in late Monday morning, and with the contract meeting Monday if this report isn't filed in time, we'll lose this client...

Ryan started to laugh to himself as he listened to her rambling on, debating with herself out loud when... he nearly fell against the wall, holding his breath. It wasn't possible. No. He forced himself to peek around the corner once more. He could hear her rambling on through her thoughts, but her lips were not moving! He could hear her clear as glass, but her mouth was shut. It was impossible. He dashed back to his office, gasping. He was hearing her thoughts...

The rest of the weekend he couldn't sleep. He replayed every moment of that late evening in his head. He had to have been dreaming. He was working late, and was tired. Dreaming was the only explanation.

Monday morning he got to work early, before most people had arrived. He was on edge; he had to see her. He tested his theory out on those who started to stroll into the office. He watched them intently as they strode to their cubicles. Nothing. Not a sound. He went back to his chair and started to roam through his email.

Okay. So I'll just quickly go over Robert's files once more. And then I'll put the finishing touches on mine. Then I'll send Cynthia these edits... WHAT?! Oh gosh! The meeting has been moved up to 9 AM. Ugh. There's not enough time! And I haven't even gone over the Covington account since Thursday...

Ryan had run to his doorway just as she passed by catching the last bits of her strained thoughts. He took in a deep breath, and sighed silently to himself. Her mouth never uttered a word.


For the next 6 months, Ryan watched her. His eyes mesmerized by her. She was 5' 7'', with brown hair that had natural auburn highlights weaving through it. The length fell down her back, a couple inches past her shoulders. She was small for her size, maybe only weighing around 115 lbs. She had breasts that were just the right size, he thought, not too big and not too small. Her small frame suited her. Her pale skin had a hint of bronze to it, and she had these deep brown eyes that he loved to try and catch a glimpse of. He had to know the reasoning behind this mystery. He had to know everything about her.

At work he tried to leave her be, for most of what was on her mind was her work. It bothered him that she seemed to take on the work of others in the office who didn't seem to be as compelled to complete their tasks as she did. People like Robert, who chose to do the bare minimum of their job and leave the rest behind for others to finish; and by others, Nina. Ryan figured that at least 5 of the last 12 clients the company landed contracts with in the past year, was all do to Nina finishing the files for those such as Robert. He wondered what would have happened had she just left Robert's mess for Robert to finish cleaning up. He decided to stop listening to her for a while, because such things angered him. It was what entered her mind when she left the office that interested him.

Almost every night Nina went to the hospital to visit Dante, who Ryan found out to be her brother. He was in a coma due to a climbing accident, and had been for nearly 8 months now. Ryan admired the devotion to her brother even though he was not conscious to appreciate it. She'd stay at least 2 hours usually, talking to him, telling him about her day (well, she'd omit the parts about how she basically kept the company in its good standings due to her taking on the work of others, but nonetheless...), or reading him a few chapters from one of the classics. She was a good sister. When she was with Dante, most of her thoughts swelled around memories of them growing up as children. Ryan liked these; it gave him insight to who she was. What he found most interesting of all, is that after the death of her parents when she was 19, she got a full-time job interning at a law firm, while she continued to attend college, and took custody of then, 14 year old Dante. Between their inheritance and her job, she was able to support herself and her brother until Dante was old enough to take care of himself. She graduated at 23 and has been working with the company for the last 4 years; she was now 28.

After she left from the hospital, Ryan would follow her home. He climbed up into the tree to the side of her apartment and watched her through the windows. He watched her cook herself a simple dinner and then head to the shower. Then she'd crawl into bed, usually with a book, and read for a while until she turned the lights out and went to bed. Sometimes, Nina would leave the window open and this is what Ryan waited for. With the window open he could hear her mind at work. She'd run through the day, checking to make sure she didn't forget anything that needed to be done the next morning. She thought about Dante, and Ryan could sense her sadness. And finally her thoughts started to drift into dreams. It was here Ryan started to explore her secrets. Soon Ryan would climb down from the tree and leave her to sleep. It was hard for him to do, for he grew to care for her. He longed to do something for her to bring her happiness. For now, he would head home and reflect on all he had learned.


It was like he knew her every thought, the way he anticipated her every secret need. His gentle touch set her at ease, almost blocking out the fear trying to rage inside of her. His tender eyes looked at her with sincerity; she wanted to trust him. He continued to glide his hands over her naked body; caressing her, as if he was trying to assure himself she was real. Soon he lowered his head just above her left breast and slowly took her nipple into his mouth. He lightly sucked on her, massaging her with his tongue, while his hands moved to her hips. She gasped when his hands moved to the small of her back just above her buttocks, and then slowly ran down under her backside. He moved his mouth to her right nipple and started to suck and taste her with his tongue as his hands now slid down her bottom and rested just underneath, on the backs of her thighs.

All that could escape from her mouth was a barely audible whisper, "please." He stopped and looked up at her. He wished that in that instance he could make her understand that this was all for her. But words could not convey what was going to take place. He had to just show her. She would thank him in the end. She had to, he thought.

He moved his lips next to her ear and whispered to her, "Shh. Just relax. I am not going to hurt you." She sucked down a sob, and tilted her face towards the ceiling to force the tears back into her eyes.

Ryan reached his left hand up to her hands bound securely above her head. He cupped her fingers in his, and then slowly dragged his fingertips down the side of her right arm to just underneath her right breast. He then took his hand and carefully tilted her chin back down to meet him, and kissed her again. This kiss was not as rough as before, still passionate, but she could feel tenderness in it this time. She could feel his breath on her face, and it had a sweet scent to it. She tried to focus on what it was in an attempt to try and settle her mind a little.

She was distracted but a moment, before she could feel his hands behind her shoulders, sliding down her back. His mouth was kissing a trail down her sternum, to her bellybutton, and then stopped just at her pubic hairline. She didn't like hair down there, so she was clean and shaven. It wasn't for anyone, for she had never been touched there before. She was a virgin, and he knew it.

Her mind knew where this was going, and her heart started racing again. She tugged on the restraints that bound her wrists, and her legs started to squirm. "Shhh." He whispered again, "Just relax."

Darting his eyes from where he was about to go, up to her eyes and then back down again, he concealed the slight smirk on his face. He had watched her lips utter, "No, please," but in her mind she was picturing what he was about to do, and in her mind he heard her sigh, "yes."

Ryan positioned his mouth just in front of her clitoris, and moved in slowly, as to not startle her too much, as he softly guided his tongue against her. He moved his hands to her hips once more as she arched her back and drew in a deep breath. For several minutes he pleasured her, massaging her clit with his tongue, sucking on her ever so gently. She could feel herself growing sticky & wet, dripping from her vagina, and she started to cry a little from shame and embarrassment. Her body was betraying her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She arched her back again, as his tongue went to work, and she could hear the moans starting to escape from her mouth.

His mouth worked harder at her clit as her moans grew louder and more frequent. He then, without moving his mouth from her, shifted his position a little, and she could feel him slide a finger into her pussy. His finger was gliding in and out of her, touching her sensitive skin. She didn't understand her body, and was overwhelmed by all the new sensations that she screamed out ending in almost a screech, "AHHHHH-HHMM!" She was now panting, and she felt like she was sitting in slime. What had just happened?

Ryan moved away from her and walked into the bathroom. She found herself fighting back her dissatisfaction that he had walked away from her in this state. But then the fear returned as she saw him enter the room again, wearing just a towel around his waist. He climbed back onto the bed, and removed the towel from his waist. He moved to her legs, and climbed between them as he pulled them apart. Everything inside her was telling her to fight back! To kick and scream, and try to get away, but she was petrified, unable to move. She felt him place each of her legs up and over his shoulders as he leaned towards her. He lifted her bottom just enough to slide the towel underneath her. He finally grabbed a condom and slipped it onto his penis, now erect and ready to work.

He inched closer to her, and positioned himself. He spread her legs a little further apart, and she could feel the tip of his manhood at the entrance to her virginity. He took his hands and placed them up on her knees, and ran them down her thighs. Then he leaned himself forward a little, and she could feel him start to enter her.

"Please." She pleaded. But he seemed to ignore her as he again ran his hands down her thighs once more as he continued to insert his penis further into her vagina. Her lubricant aided him as he slowly slid into her. He didn't want to hurt her anymore than he had to. He knew being her first time there would be some pain, but he promised he would still be gentle.

She could feel him widen her the deeper in he went. She thought for sure her heart would beat out of her chest. She let out a whimper of pain as he stretched her more. She didn't think she could take much more, "how big was he?" she thought to herself. And then, with one final thrust, he was all the way inside her. She yelped in pain, and begged him to pull back out of her. But again he ignored her pleas. Instead, he patiently remained still, allowing her to adjust to this new fullness she was experiencing. He spoke to her kindly, telling her to take deep breaths, and to try to relax. With one hand he supported himself against her, and with the other he went to work messaging her clit once again.

Nina took in a couple deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves, and to relax. She felt his hand move to her clit, and started to feel that sensation of desperation and pleasure begin to consume her again. Distracted by his stimulation, she was able to relax her vaginal muscles around his penis. As he felt her relax, he knew it was his cue to move again. And slowly at first, in rhythm with the fingers on her clit, he thrust in and out of her.

Nina was afraid of the pain when he started to move his body again, but to her surprise, mixed with the pain was a new pleasure, and she reluctantly welcomed it. Soon the pain was subsiding, and there were only the pleasurable sensations. Her hips began to move in sequence with his thrusts. Moans were escaping from Nina's mouth again, and Ryan took the cue and initiated moving faster and harder. Between his hand and his penis, Nina could not hold herself back any longer, and her cries grew louder. She wasn't sure what it was that she needed or wanted, but as her body continued to move in time with his, she needed something.

"OH MY GOSH, OH NO OH!" Nina cried. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I need, I need, UHN UHN UHN!"

Ryan knew what she needed. She needed release, and she was on the brink of her first big orgasm. He didn't want her suffering any longer, so he moved faster and harder in and out of her, until she finally reached her climax.

"OH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Nina screamed, as she arched her back and pulled down against the restraints. Ryan felt her legs lock against him as her vagina convulsed around his manhood deep inside her. The feeling was sensational and he felt a sense of great pride knowing he had given her such pleasure. He started to ease up on his thrusting and slowed his fingers on her clit as she came down from her climax. When he felt her body go limp and relax again, he pulled out of her and crawled up to cradle her body in his arms. He released her hands from the restraints, and turned her body onto her side. He allowed her hands to relax and just held her in his arms as her breathing slowed. He stroked her face and smiled down at her, kindly.

He could see that she was exhausted. He still had plans for her, still had places on her body to explore, but that could wait. He wanted her to rest a little. So he lifted her up off the bed just enough to pull the covers back and then placed her back down underneath them. He pulled the blankets up around her, kissed her forehead, and let her drift off to sleep. Once he was sure she was out, he climbed off the bed, threw on some sweat pants & a sweatshirt, and headed out of the room. Just before he closed the door, he turned back and whispered to her, "Sleep well my beautiful Nina. For I have more planned for you in the morning."


Nina wasn't sure what it was that woke her, and she almost was annoyed that it had. She felt so warm and comfortable in the bed that she didn't wish to be awake just yet. She went to stretch her arms & legs, and let out a whimpering, "OW." Her body ached, and her head spun. All that had taken place last night was still a jumble in her head. She remembered stopping by the diner last night after she had gone to see Dante because she was too tired to make dinner. She had opted to enjoy a beer with her food and wondered if that had turned out to be not such a good idea. She remembered paying the bill, and then walking to her car parked just off to the side of the back lot. She had almost made it to her car when she had reach in her bag to take out her keys, and had dropped them to the ground. She bent down to pick them up, but when she stood, she felt light-headed and faint. She couldn't remember actually making it to her car, but she must have, right? She was home in her bed. She opened her eyes to welcome the sunshine, and suddenly had a sinking feeling feel her stomach. This was not her bed, and this was not her room. She shot up to a sitting position in the bed, and quickly regretted it. She felt a pair of gentle but firm hands on her back and shoulders guiding her back down on to the bed. She rolled back towards him so she could see his face. As she made eye contact, recognition hit her and the images, emotions and feelings from last night, with him, flashed through her mind. It was real. Last night really happened.

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