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The Snow Maiden



A/N: Winter Holidays 2013 Contest Submission. Thank you for reading and please be sure to vote!


32ºF: Water Freezes. Snow can fall. San Franciscans speak of L.A. favorably.

25ºF: Californians weep pitiably. Canadians go swimming. Alaskans eat ice cream.

-The Annotated Thermometer. Original Author Unknown.


Daniel felt the sudden cold breeze off the harbor on his face and could tell that the weather was about to change. In his opinion it was about time as it was nearly December and the snow line had yet to come all the way down the mountain to sea level. That was unusual for southeast Alaska as some years they had people out trick-or-treating in two inches of snow. Right now it was just plain cold and dry. Hell, even the lower 48 already had a few feet of snow and that was just wrong.

With the sudden cold front moving in, Daniel hoped that they'd get a decent snowfall. It was way too early for skiing, even up in the mountains overlooking the town, but there would be some areas that sledding would be good. His coworkers always kidded him about being too old for sledding but Daniel disagreed; you're never too old to any kind of winter activity.

It was pitch dark already at a few minutes till seven in the evening. Despite the cold, all Daniel wanted to do was unwind a bit after work by partaking of his favorite snack at his favorite hang-out downtown; the local ice cream parlor. He quickened his pace as he needed to get there before they closed for the night.

You know that you have good ice cream when Alaskans are willing to eat it year round.

As he got to the door he heard a woman scream in such a way that it sounded like the wind was carrying it. Daniel frowned, pausing at the door to the parlor, as he wondered what was going on. He peered out into the darkness in the direction that the wind was coming from, trying to see if he could see anything.

At first all he could see was the advancing front of snow as the wind blew it into town. Then, right behind it, he could make out the lithe figure of a girl as she seemed to run directly behind the advancing weather. The hard wind and the wet snow hit him, nearly blasting him back down the sidewalk from where he came. Daniel managed to stand his ground as the girl got closer. "Help! Help me!" she cried out as she darted by.

That was when he then saw the two men with nets running full out in their attempt to capture her. They were making cat calls and other lewd suggestions as to what they were going to do to the woman when they got her. The men ignored Daniel as they were zeroed in on their prey.

Without even thinking twice, Daniel stuck out his arm and clotheslined the first man as he tried to run past him. Daniel shuffled his feet slightly to deliver a powerful side kick to the second man who ran right into it. Both men fell to the cold sidewalk hard. The first man's head bounced off the concrete, knocking him out, but the second man was doubled over in a coughing fit, holding his gut. "Dude, what the fuck?" he shouted up at Daniel.

"I'd leave the lady alone if I were you, buddy," Daniel said as he stood over the man, "and I'd leave the nets on the fishing boats the next time you come on land."

The man pointed in the direction the girl had run off to. "Do you even know what she is?"

"A better question is: Do I even care?" Daniel retorted as he unzipped his jacket and opened it enough for the man to get a glimpse of his security badge underneath. It wasn't regular police or state troopers, but it'd hold more weight with said agencies than a couple of morons chasing an innocent woman down the street. "So I'll tell you what; you take sleeping beauty there back to wherever the hell you came from, leave the lady be, and I'll consider forgetting this little incident ever occurred. Get it?"

The man glowered at him as he saw no other alternative, "Got it."

"Good. Now git," Daniel pointed back the way they came. The man took a minute to rouse his partner in crime before helping him to his feet and retreating from the scene.

Daniel watched them go to make sure that they didn't decide to do basic math and come up with the fact that they actually outnumbered him. A store light suddenly winking out off to his side caught Daniel's eye and he swore under his breath; the ice cream parlor was now closed for the evening. He mentally shrugged as he turned to walk off in the direction of his apartment. It wasn't so bad in the long run; he'd take the good deed over a good dessert any day.

The winter storm was now howling all around him as he left the shelter of the building. Daniel got across the street when he saw her standing there waiting for him. He did a double take in the direction that he'd thought she had ran off and wondered how she got in front of him without him seeing her. "Hi," she said cheerfully, "I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me from those bad men."

As he got closer Daniel couldn't help but gape at her like an idiot. The first thing he noticed about her was that she had long white hair framing her young face that seemed to openly defy the buffering wind around them as it hung all the way down to her shapely hips. Not even the pure white cloak that she wore seemed to be affected by the elements as she stood there before him. Her ice blue eyes seemed to sparkle and her pale skin seemed to glow in the light of the nearby lamppost.

Daniel's eyes drifted down her body as she stepped closer to him. He could now see that she wore a white leather corset, with matching leather panties from the looks of it, that lifted her modest breasts up to show some very nice cleavage. Her hips and thighs were bare, with the exception of what looked like a couple of snowflake tattoos on either hip, but her toned legs descended into a pair of thigh high boots that matched the color and material of her corset. In his opinion, she was looking every bit like the kind of winter queen that one would see in fantasy art.

As his cock stiffened in his pants in arousal, he mentally prayed that she was at least out of high school. He wouldn't be robbing the proverbial cradle being a twenty two year old man hooking up with an eighteen year old girl.

When Daniel didn't respond at first, the girl regarded him with curiosity. "Are you alright," she asked, "does a feline have your tongue?"

"What?" he croaked out as he found his voice. "Oh, it's cat."


"Its 'cat'; 'Does the cat have your tongue'," Daniel said. He winced, hating having the first thing out of his mouth to a beautiful woman to be a silly correction about a simply expression.

But the woman took it in stride as she nodded thoughtfully. "Ah, yes. I understand now. Your turns of phrases can be quite entertaining," she said with a radiant smile. "But please, could you tell me now how I could repay you for the kindness you have shown me this evening?"

Daniel ruefully thought about the dessert that he missed out on right before he thought of other ways that she could 'repay' him but immediately dismissed them. He mentally chastised himself for even thinking lewd thoughts about a woman who'd just been in danger. If his mother were alive she'd probably kill him for even considering the thought of bedding a woman that he'd just saved. Shaking his head to clear those thoughts from his mind, he gave her a sad smile. "There's no need, ma'am. I'm just happy to help."

The woman seemed surprised at this. "Nothing?" she asked, blinking at him in disbelief. "Nothing at all?"

Daniel shook his head again. "Nope, just be safe out there," he said as he moved to continue on to his apartment.

"I just have to perform my duty in this area," the girl said quickly before he could leave. "It should only take a couple of your hours at the most. Would you be willing to meet with me afterwards?"

Daniel was shocked that someone this beautiful would ever give him the time of day. Let's hear it for good karma. "Uhm, sure...my apartment building is just up the road here; it's the one that has the twenty-four hour coffee shop in the lobby," he said, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. "How about you meet me there when you're through?"

"Perfect!" the girl clapped and squealed with glee. To his surprise she gave him a quick peck on the cheek before prancing off at surprising speed.

Daniel chuckled to himself as he started walking off. This night might not be too bad after all. He then paused, realizing that he didn't even get her name. When he turned back to ask he drew back in shock. By all rights he should have been able to see her retreating form down the street. Instead all he saw was the swirling snow that blew all around the town.


About three hours later he wasn't exactly surprised when she didn't show. Outside the snow storm was now raging and there were a few inches of accumulation on the ground. The wind howled as it blew, shaking doors and windows as well as whistling as it found small openings in which to get into the building. He finished his coffee off and tipped the barista before walking up to his apartment. The stairs were good exercise and it helped him work off the tension in his body from the fight and his sudden hard-on. Once upstairs he took a hot shower and then climbed into bed without bothering to put even his boxers back on.

His thoughts inevitably went to the girl he'd saved. He wondered who she was and why those men were chasing her. Then again, it was winter in Alaska and there were more cases of rape and domestic violence here than in any other state. The really sad part was that it only got worse the further north one went as the ratio of men to women dropped. Daniel made a mental note to file a report with the police about it in the morning just in case.

Right as he was about to drift off to sleep his windows blew open from a sudden gust of wind, letting in some of the snow. Daniel winced at the sudden blast of cold in his room as he dashed over to close and lock the window. He rubbed his hands up and down his biceps to try to get warm again as he looked out the window while he shivered. The snow was starting to pile up now as if it were making up for lost time.

He turned back to his bed to dive back under the covers on his bed and that's when he saw her already there. "Hi!" she said in that same cheerful voice as she lounged on his bed as if she'd been there the entire time.

"WHOA!" Daniel yelped in surprised as he backpedaled. His foot found a patch of snow that'd come in with the wind. Daniel's arms wind milled as he attempted to remain standing. He crashed backwards against the wall next to the window, his head bouncing off of it hard enough to crack the plaster. He sat there dumbfounded for a moment as he got his breathing and his heart rate under control. "Where...where the fuck did you come from?"

"From the window you just closed," she said as if it were a normal, every day thing.

Daniel would've swore that he was dreaming if it weren't for the throbbing at the back of his head where he'd hit the wall. Pain was a sure sign that you were awake. His eyes narrowed on her as he remembered something that one of the men had said earlier. "Who, or what, are you?"

She smiled, "My name is unpronounceable in your tongue but it translates roughly into 'Lily of the Snow,'" she said. "I am one of what some of your kind call the Fae."

"You look...young."

Lily chuckled, "It is my job to bring forth the winter months for this part of the world every year. I've been doing this longer than you and your bloodline has existed as aging does not affect us as it does humans."

"What like Jack Frost or something?"

She waved her hand dismissively, "He only oversees Winter at the command of our Queen; he does not usher it in." She stood up and walked over to him in such a way that reminded Daniel of a Victoria's Secret runway model. Lily took his hands in hers to help him to his feet before giving her a gentle kiss on each cheek. Instantly, his headache disappeared and he felt all warm inside.

"Wow," he whispered as he looked down on her beautiful face, "that...was amazing."

Lily smiled again as she tugged on his arms, guiding him back toward the bed. With one hand she unclasped her cloak and tossed it away. Daniel did another double take as it silently floated across the room to hang itself on his coat rack by the door next to his parka. Lily took his cheek into her hand to bring him back around to face her. "I saw your thoughts and felt your feelings when I asked you how I could repay you. We Fae firmly repaying our debts," she said, placing a finger to his lips to silence his protest. "No, do not fight this. This is what you desired and I freely give it to you for this night, Daniel; my Winter Protector."

"I-I don't know what to say," Daniel stammered out as he was suddenly overcome by lust from just their close proximity. His cock twitched back to life and it rubbed against the leather of her corset that concealed her midriff.

"Then do not say anything," Lily said in a husky voice as she framed his face in her slender hands. She brought her blue tinted lips to his and kissed him deeply.

Unable to hold back any longer, Daniel moaned deeply as he took her into his arms as he took over the kiss. His body exploded with a hunger that he had not known in quite some time. He couldn't even remember when he'd last been with a woman as work and college monopolized most of his time. Their bodies intertwined; her pale skin a stark contrast to his tan hue. Daniel picked her up and dropped down to the bed with her in one fluid motion never once breaking their kiss.

An overwhelming need swept over him and he mounted her right then and there as Lily lifted her arms up in order to get rid of her gloves. When she brought her hands down to wiggle out of her one piece corset, Daniel was there to help her out of it and her panties to leave her naked before him save for her boots. His cock stood up to salute her beautiful nudeness and he slowly lowered himself down upon her body.

Her pert breasts pressed against his muscular chest and he could feel her nipples harden against his skin. He was practically breathless with anticipation as he kissed her again this time continuing to make out with her as he slowly ground his hips into hers. She let out a whimper of pleasure as she felt his pubic bone crush her moistening sex. As the base of his cock rubbed her clit she couldn't help but to lift her legs up to wrap around his thighs in a welcoming gesture. "Daniel, take me," she breathed as she ran her hands up his strong arms to grip his shoulders.

"Whatever the lady desires," Daniel smiled. He lifted his hips just enough to position his cock up against her damp slit. He reached down to gently spread her womanly folds so that he could slip inside of her. Her repeated gasps as her body accommodated his size were like gentle wisps of wind on his ears. Daniel took great care to easy himself down onto her delicate frame until she got used to his weight pressing down upon her. Once his cock was fully sheathed inside of her tight pussy, he remained motionless as she adjusted her position slightly underneath of him.

Daniel looked deeply into her eyes just before he began to thrust into her. While he kept himself propped up with one arm so that he wouldn't crush her, he brought his free hand up to tentatively feel one of her heaving breasts. He cupped it gently at first and then slowly kneaded it, enticing her pale pink nipple by softly brushing his thumb over it in long, deliberate strokes. Lily hummed with pleasure and she squeezed him with her thighs, goading him on to increase his speed.

More than willing to do as she wanted Daniel sped up his tempo; his hips rocking into hers at a good pace. Lily arched her back, rolling her hips up in time to meet his thrusts, gasping every time he plunged into her. She fluttered her pussy, gripping and releasing his cock rhythmically while it slid in and out. Then as she rapidly approached her peak she squeezed him hard with her pussy and her thighs, digging her heels into his back. Lily cried out as she climaxed, her pussy convulsing around him as she rode out the waves of pleasure.

Daniel was unable to hold it in any longer. Her pussy clamped down on his cock right as he drove into her the head of his cock grazed her cervix. The sensation sent a jolt of pleasure through his body to send him over the edge. His cock swelled and then blew its load deep into her, filling her womb. He clenched his teeth and grunted as he drove into her one last time as his cock continued to spurt forth its fluid almost endlessly.

Their shared orgasm seemed to last an eternity to Daniel. When their release ended they slumped together, bodies shaking and their chests heaving from the pleasure. Lily's hands snaked around his body to cradle his head, guiding him down so that he could rest upon her soft breasts. Delirious from the sex, Daniel felt himself drifting off to sleep as her hands idly stroked his head.


A sudden beeping woke him up some time later. Groggy, Daniel groped around for the clock for a minute before he found it. He slammed it with his fist and rested his head back down onto his pillow. He jerked awake when he realized that it was his pillows that he was wrapped around instead of Lily. Daniel's head jerked around as he searched for her, eyes squinting in the sunlight that was now streaming in through his window from the break in the snowstorm. His heart sank when he realized that he was alone.

There was no trace of his snow maiden in his apartment as he went through his morning routine in preparation for work. Daniel sighed as he realized that it all must have been one really intense, but really erotic, dream. He chuckled ruefully as he put on his uniform and grabbed his jacket as he got ready to leave for work. It all seemed so silly now; the beautiful Fae, the fight with the trappers, the 'thank you' sex...totally absurd.

Right before he went out the door he realized that he was missing his badge and he spent another few minutes looking around for it. When he finally found it propped up on the window sill he froze as he saw the flower that it had been leaning against.

With a shaking hand, he reached down and picked up the delicate snow lily that his badge had been protecting from the sun's harsh winter rays.

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