tagFetishThe Sole Of The Matter

The Sole Of The Matter


Beau had come over to get the last of his things that he had left at my apartment prior to our recent breakup. It wasn't like we hated each other or couldn't stand the sight of each other. I never understood couples who broke up and said that they no longer loved the other person. I mean, seriously, at one point you were in love with them. How does something as pure as love ever morph into hate?

As I was saying, it wasn't like we hated each other. We had spent the last seven years together and our breakup had been amicable. I don't think that either of us had fallen out of love per say but rather we both came to a point where we realized that we couldn't get past our differences. We had tried everything we could think of to make it work from couple's therapy to compromising and everything in between but there were some pretty big issues that neither of us was willing to budge on.

I wanted to eventually get married and have kids. He did not. I wanted to go to church and have someone to pray with and do devotions with while he mocked everything about my faith. I wanted more than just vanilla sex. Don't get me wrong. I love vanilla sex but I have some kinky tastes that I like to indulge from time to time and they freaked him out. Our sex life had basically been the same routine for seven years though I had managed to talk him into indulging my foot fetish a couple of times. Other than that he wasn't really into trying anything new. In the end we both decided that breaking up was for the best.

Besides these issues Beau was pretty much my dream guy. He was quite a bit taller than me. He wasn't ripped but his muscles were defined and toned and his job kept him in shape. His smile made my heart melt. His lips would curve up into a slow grin and his brown eyes would narrow a bit, crinkling in the corners, his smile animating his whole face. He had dark brown hair that was so soft I couldn't help but to run my fingers through it. And his feet... okay so this is one of my kinks...I love feet. I mean I really LOVE feet. It is one of the first things I notice about a guy. He has to have nice feet if I am going to date him. Beau had beautiful feet. He never went around without boots or tennis shoes on but when they came off when he climbed in bed they were so soft and strong and just screamed at me to nibble on them.

He was strong and kind. One of the many things that I loved about him was that no matter what if anyone needed help he was the first to stop and help them. I remember one occasion when we were heading to dinner after spending some time at the mall. We were almost out of the ridiculously crowded parking lot when we came across a couple who had locked their keys in their car. Instead of driving past Beau stopped. He got his tools out of the back of his truck and with some patience and prior practice (he tended to lock his keys in the truck at least once a week) he got the door unlocked. He was always like that.

He was loyal to a fault. He had one friend who for the life of me I never understood how they were friends to begin with who made me realize just how loyal he was. Steve, his friend, was a total douche bag and that is the nice way of describing him. Beau stuck up for him and stood by him even though Steve repeatedly did things to lash out to hurt him. Steve stood from Beau, sold one of Beau's guitars without his consent so that he could get money for drugs, talked badly about Beau behind his back whenever the two didn't agree on things, and I could keep on going but I will stop there because that is really all you need to know to understand just how bad of a friend Steve was and just how loyal Beau was to stick by him through all that bullshit. As you can clearly see, Beau was a good guy.

Beau and I hadn't seen each other in about ten weeks, since the night of the breakup. We had decided that we both needed some space. I was caught off guard when he called me to ask if he could come and get the rest of his things from my apartment. It wasn't that I wasn't happy to hear from him or anything, just surprised to hear from him. I had polished off a bottle of my favorite honey mead when he called and I knew I was tipsy but I told him to come on over.

He showed up shortly after and as soon as I opened the doors and laid eyes on him my panties got instantly wet. He had that effect on me. He was wearing his Levi's that hugged him in all the right spots and hung in a way that always drew my eyes to his ass. He wore his favorite Avengers T-shirt, the one that I had seen and knew he had to have and bought it for him just because I loved him and knew it would make him smile. His Harley Davidson leather wallet was tucked into his back pocket with the silver chain swinging from his hip. Every time he wore that I thought back to the first time he had met my family. My nephew and niece were fascinated with the chain and used it to pull him around their house. I saw him playing with him and knew he would make a wonderful dad if he would actually consider having children. I saw it now and that image flashed in my mind making me smile a sad smile.

We exchanged rather awkward pleasantries before he went and gathered up his things. I don't know what came over me but as he got the last of his things, instead of pushing him out the door I asked him if he wanted to stay and have a beer and watch the latest episode of our of our favorite television series, NCIS. He smiled that shy smile of his and agreed and I popped open a couple of bottles of Blue Moon.

We settled into the sofa to watch the show. As time passed and a few more beers made an appearance we both ended up in our usual spots on the sofa. I am short, really short. I was so excited when I finally hit five feet tall a few years back because I was no longer legally classified as a dwarf. Anyways, with me being so short it is not comfortable for me to sit on the sofa with my feet on the ground because I cannot actually reach the ground so I had my legs up on the sofa, stretched out. Beau was in the middle and as I stretched out he took my feet and propped them up on his thighs as had become second nature to him after all of our years together. Without thinking about it he started to rub his strong fingers into the soles of my tiny feet making every muscle in my body relax. That man knew how to give a good massage!

At some point in the show I stopped actually hearing and seeing the television screen and all my attention was focused on what Beau's hands were doing to my feet and calves. He would run his thumb down the center of my foot and I didn't just feel it in my foot. That move went straight to my nipples, making them ache. I wanted to rip my bra off and free them from the painful lacy confines but I resisted. He was stroking the tops of my feet, gently rotating my ankles in his strong hands, pressing into my arch, pulling and squeezing my toes, and then he did the thing that went straight to my pussy... he grasped my foot behind my ankle, cupped his hand under my heel, and using his index finger he slid his finger between my toes, back and forth, over and over. I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips. His eyes stayed focused on the television but that slow smile of his crept up on his perfectly tanned face as he just continued with what he was doing. I was writhing in my seat, trying to stop myself from getting aroused any further but with the alcohol in my system and the way he was touching me I couldn't stop the freight train of an orgasm that was quickly approaching. With one final brush across the arch of my foot he pushed firmly into the pad of my middle toe and I was swept away by my orgasm.

At that point everything in the world disappeared, everyone, every worry, every concern, every single thing vanished. I crawled over to straddle his lap, my hands cupping his face. I loved the way his rough stubble felt against my soft hands and how his tanned skin contrasted so perfectly with my ivory skin. I leaned in and kissed his lips. It was slow and soft, a few kisses placed on his lips before he reached his hand around me and ran his fingers through my hair and pulled me in to deepen the kiss. He held me firmly against him while he slipped his tongue inside of my mouth and sucked on my lips. He bit my lower lip gently. He licked my lips in a slow, ticklish manner, sucking on my lower lip tenderly before sliding his tongue back in my mouth and sucking on my tongue. His hands were playing with my hair again and as the kiss continued to deepen he pulled my hair back from the roots with one hand while his other hand slightly squeezed me right under my breasts. He kissed me hard and deep, our tongues dancing, his claiming mine. My toes were curling. He pulled away for a moment and with concern in his eyes he asked me, "Bae, are you sure you want to do this?"

Somehow, though I am not sure how, I managed a yes as I was still lost in the succulent orgasmic kiss. I slid down off the sofa and positioned myself on my knees between his legs. I took his shoes and socks off and as always, I just couldn't help myself when I felt the smoothness of his feet. I leaned down and slowly sucked on his toes. I loved the way he moaned when I bit gently on the pads of his toes. Reluctantly I eventually put his feet down. Looking up at him with my green eyes I reached up and undid his belt. I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid the zipper down. I tucked my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and he lifted his ass up just a bit to help me to get his jeans and boxers off in one movement. His beautiful seven inch cock sprung up to greet me as I discarded the garments. I ran my hands under his t-shirt and lifted his shirt up until his hands were in the air and he took it the rest of the way and threw it aside. I quickly stripped out of my jeans and purple Racerback tank top so that I was only in my purple bra and panties before him.

I licked my lips as I stared at his long, hard cock. I love to suck cock which is probably the understatement of the week if I am being honest with you. I cannot get enough of it. I love the way it feels in my mouth, the way I have all the control over the situation, how wet it gets my pussy, how the cum tastes and feels as it slides down my throat sending me into an orgasm... I love it!

I lowered my mouth to his cock and licked his slit, tasting his sweet precum. I kissed the insides of his thighs and placing my hands on his abdomen I took his cock into my mouth and enjoyed the velvety steel feel of him. I made an O with my hand, placed my hand on my lips, and moved my mouth and my hand in tandem. I placed the back of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and slid it backward to create a vacuum, sucking on his cock as he threw his head back and moaned. I kept up a teasing pace until he was moaning constantly. I held the base of his cock and rested my chin on the underside of his cock as I placed the soft, silky underside of my tongue on the super sensitive spot of his cock located below the head. I quickly swept it from side to side enjoying the way he thrust his cock up as the feelings began to take control of his senses. I looked up at him with a devilish gleam in my eyes.

I loved the look on his face, one of such intense pleasure that if you didn't know better you might think he was in a bit of pain. I could tell he was trying really hard not to cum right away and it made it all the more fun for me to tease him. I made my tongue as flat as possible and slowly ran it along his shaft from the base to the tip. I took a break and gently blew on his cock smiling to myself as he shivered. I took his cock all the way in my mouth until he was touching the back of my throat and slowly bobbed up and down, alternating from slow and steady to fast, building up his anticipation as I changed up the variation. I held his cock in my hand and looked up at him, licking the front of my teeth. I tilted my head sideways and pressed the flat side of my teeth against his cock, running them up and down its length making him gasp. I nibbled my way up the side of his cock, taking the skin lightly between my lips and tugging gently. I took my tongue and traced a path down the middle seam between his testicles.

His breathing was heavy, his eyes were focused on me, and I knew he wouldn't be able to hold back for much longer. I stood up and pulled him up with me. I lay down on my back and leaned my head off the edge of the sofa. He took the cue and inserted his cock into my mouth, slowly fucking my mouth. I leaned back a bit more and gave him a straight path from my mouth to my throat, making it easier for him to thrust deep. I grabbed his ass with my hands and pulled him forward, giving him the okay to fuck my throat at will. He grabbed my face between his hands and thrust deeply into my mouth with a few quick strokes before he grunted and filled my throat with his cum. As I swallowed down every drop I moaned against his cock as my own orgasm took over. He slowly slid his cock out of my mouth and came around and kneeled down on the sofa between my legs.

He slid my panties off and propped my legs up on his shoulders. He gently pulled the lips of my pussy apart and looked at my inner lips, licking them teasingly. He licked his way to my inner thighs and licked them, kissed them, coming dangerously close to my pussy only to back away. He licked the crease where my leg joins my pussy, nuzzling his face into my pussy, brushing his lips over my slit without pressing down on it. I was trying desperately to get more of him closer to me. He continued to tease me until I was begging him for more. Then he put his lips right on top of my slit, kissed me gently and slowly increased the pressure of the kiss. He used his tongue to separate my pussy lips and ran his tongue up and down my pussy. He kissed lovingly at my opening before diving his tongue in and tongue fucking me.

He put his finger in my mouth, making me suck it and then he found my clit and made slow slippery circles on it. As I was writhing beneath him he eased two fingers into my pussy to replace his tongue and began to finger fuck me. He slid them inside, slowly at first, then a little faster. He was fucking me rhythmically, speeding up as my breathing got heavier and heavier. He brought his tongue up to the top of my slit and slowly licked my clit. He licked harder and pressed into me. He flicked his tongue against my clit quickly causing me to shudder. I was quickly approaching another orgasm when he made his lips into an O and took my clit into his mouth. He started to suck gently and my moans encouraged him to suck harder. I lifted my hips into the air screaming at him, begging him to never stop. He held on, keeping his hot mouth on my clit. I grabbed his head and held his face against my pussy, clamped my thighs around his head, and screamed his name over and over as I rode out one of the most intense orgasms of my life. As I started to come down from the orgasm he pressed his tongue along the underside of my clit, leaving his lips covering the top, and moved his tongue in and out of my cunt along with his fingers until I was having orgasm after orgasm and babbling incoherently.

He backed off eventually and let me catch my breath. My vision started to return to normal as I smiled shyly at him. I caught sight of his cock throbbing between his legs and I got up and pushed him down so he was lying on the sofa. I lay on the other side, my back to the arm of the sofa and my feet towards him. I slowly dragged my feet all over his body, massaging him with them. With one foot continuing to massage his body I gently put some of my toes in his mouth, encouraging him to suck on them. I loved the way his tongue felt on my toes. I slowly dragged my feet down his body towards his cock. I started to gently rub his inner thighs with my feet until he was squirming. Then slowly and carefully I moved my feet towards his testicles and I started to massage his balls with my feet causing him to moan. I pressed gently on his balls with just a tiny amount of pressure before releasing them and steadily applying a little more pressure. I tickled his balls teasingly with my toes. I waited until he was groaning my name before I stopped the foreplay. I used the sole of one of my feet to push his cock against his stomach. I slowly rubbed my foot up and down along the underside of his cock and ran my open toes over his balls. I loved the way his cock throbbed as I opened my toes and tried to put it between my toes. I grabbed his cock between my soles and started to run my feet up and down his cock.

I kept the pace slow knowing that he it would drive him crazy and as he continued to moan my name I knew he wouldn't be able to stop what I knew was coming next, what I wanted to cum next. He couldn't take the slow pace anymore. He growled, stood up and grabbed my feet. I giggled and then sighed blissfully when he took my feet in his strong hands and wrapped them tightly around his cock. He threw his head back and began to fuck my feet like his life depended on it. It felt so wonderful feeling his throbbing cock thrust between the soft soles of my feet. He picked up the pace and I knew from experience he was about to cum. I opened my mouth just as he went rigid, pressing my feet tighter against his cock as his first spurt of cum landed on my face. He was moaning as another spurt landed in my mouth. I swallowed it down greedily. Another spurt landed on my tummy and pooled in my belly button. The last of his cum slid down my feet. With a look of complete satisfaction he feel to the sofa. I dipped my finger in the cum he had deposited on my body and slowly scooped it up, licking it off my fingers until there was not a drop left on me. He pulled me to him with a smile on his face and I cleaned up his beautiful cock.

As we cuddled up next to each other he placed his hand under my chin and made me look him in the eyes. "For you Bae, I would do anything."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/06/14

Very hot!!

Really good story worthy of a "5". Would love to meet a woman that was into feet like i am. Mmmmmm, the things we could do for eachother...and to eachother!!

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