The Spanking Contest


"Yeah, that's what she said," Ava replied, still idly rubbing the gel in.

Another few awkward moments passed before she spoke again.

"So what about it?" she said suddenly.

"What about what?" he said.

"Is it really that big?" she asked.

"I really don't know, I haven't seen too many other guys, and the ones I have seen I didn't measure," he said.

"Right, right, of course," she blushed.

More awkward silence.

"So can I see it?" she asked.

In Mike's tequila addled state, with his sister's hands rubbing all over his ass, he couldn't think of a single reason why not. He rolled over and his hard cock popped straight up into the air. Ava's hand immediately came up to her mouth, hiding both a blush and a smile. For the next several minutes, Ava just sat there and looked at her brother's cock, which was steadily growing stiffer from all the attention from his hot, half naked sister.

Finally she spoke. "That's quite impressive, little brother," she said softly. Her eyelids were drooping, she was clearly wasted. "You know what though?"

"What?" Mike asked, almost dreading what she would say.

"My ass still hurts," she said giggling.

"Get back down here," Mike said. "Let's get some more cooling gel on you."

Mike got up on his knees as Ava moved back onto the pillows. She sat up suddenly on her knees and pulled her shorts all the way off. "It's only fair I guess," she said as she looked again at Mike's cock.

She laid back down on the pillows, her beautiful naked ass pointing high in the air. She looked back at Mike almost dreamily. "Go ahead little brother," she smiled. "Tap that ass."

Mike grinned and gave her ass a thump with his finger, then he went back to rubbing the gel on his sister's still-red ass. It was a different feeling now though, with both of them naked from the waist down. His semi-erect cock was bobbing just inches from her thigh as he rubbed his hands all over her back, ass and legs, and he was finding it difficult to keep it from becoming fully erect. He got the sense that she was enjoying it too — she was sighing and cooing and wriggling under his hands. Mike could tell she was drunk, and he was drunk too, and he was thinking that he'd better stop while he still could.

And that's what he kept telling himself. One more minute. One more time around. His hands caressed gently over her ass, coming so close to her pussy that he could feel the heat coming off. She didn't seem to mind at all how close he was coming, and she didn't even protest when he got a little too close and brushed the outer lips of her pussy.

It was then that he realized why she didn't react. Ava had dozed off. In fact, she was so out of it that she didn't respond when Mike tried to gently wake her.

Mike stood up to assess the situation. Suddenly he didn't have a reason to feel awkward about thoroughly checking out his sister's hot body. He walked around her slowly, looking at her gorgeous curves and golden tan lines in the candlelight. The gel was still wet, and her skin looked shiny. Her legs were close together so he couldn't see much of her pussy, but what he could see looked beautiful. Half of him wanted to cover her with a blanket and go to bed, but the other half was rock hard. He took another shot of tequila, took his shirt off, and got back down on his knees beside her. Just a few more minutes, he told himself.

He went back to gently rubbing his hands on her body. Her shirt had ridden up past her lacy pink bra, and without thinking about it he popped the clasp so he could access that part of her back. As his hands gently caressed her body, he began playing a game to see just how close his cock could come without making contact with the side of her body. He was also finding it very difficult to not let his fingers wander close to her pussy. He kept thinking she was going to wake up at any second, and he was pretty sure she wouldn't want to wake up with him fondling her.

Eventually tequila won out over restraint, and Mike held his breath and ran a gel covered finger delicately down the length of her pussy. The gel added some moisture, but Mike was also pleasantly surprised that how warm and wet she already was. She made no sign of waking up, so Mike let one finger slide past her outer lips and slip inside. He was shocked at how easily his lubricated finger slid inside her, and still she made no move to awaken. Gently and slowly, he began to slide his finger in and out, feeling her getting softer and wetter.

Suddenly Mike felt Ava stir, and his blood went cold as he thought about trying to explain why his finger was inside her pussy. But instead of waking up, she let out a contented sigh, and shifted a bit on the pillows. When Mike's heart slowed down, he noticed that the result of the shift was that now her legs were spread. Even though she was asleep, she seemed to be inviting him in.

Mike had a sudden vision of what it would be like to be on his knees behind her instead of beside her, taking his sister doggy style. He told himself that from that position he could do a better job of rubbing the gel into both cheeks. He told himself it would be erotic, but not sexual, to be behind her like that, and maybe he would see how close he could put his cock to her pussy, but not touch. He told himself that under no circumstances would he put his cock into his sleeping sister.

He moved into position behind her, put some more gel on his hands, and began rubbing it into both of her ass cheeks, moving in long circular motions that moved onto her lower back and then drifted around to her stomach and hips. The gentle curve of her back was amazing, and as he looked down at his rock hard cock he realized that it was aligned perfectly with her warm, wet pussy, and it was just inches away from making contact. He reasoned that if he just barely made contact, just to see how it felt, she wouldn't notice, wouldn't wake up, and then he was going to cover her up, go to his room and jack off.

He put some gel on his cock to make the contact even less noticeable, then he gently, carefully eased his cock forward so that it lightly touched the outer lips of her pussy. He had planned to move back right away, but it felt way too good on the tip of his cock. She was so soft, and warm, and wet, he imagined that she wouldn't even notice the contact. She didn't move or make a sound, so he figured it was ok.

Rational thought left him, and he eased slowly forward, feeling the head of his cock slip into her. Just the head, he thought, just to get the feeling. She was so relaxed that there was no resistance.

Mike looked down at where the head of his cock was inside his sister's pussy, and he made the decision that he wasn't going to go any further, but he would stay like this for a little while. He went back to rubbing her ass and back, and when his hands found her hips he had the overwhelming urge to pull her back onto him and sink his dick as far as it would go. Amazingly, he resisted...for a while.

Mike wasn't really sure if Ava moved backward or if he moved forward. Suddenly he just became aware that his cock was sliding into her, almost like he was moving into quicksand. He was almost dizzy as he watched his hard cock moving further and further into her, until he was completely engulfed. She was so warm and soft and wet going in, but once he was inside her she became tight, almost like she was holding her inside him. His hands came off her hips and went up to either side of his head, and his mouth hung open, in an expression of shock. He was afraid to move an inch, either in or out, but that was okay, because his dick was in heaven. Then, to his horror, he heard her speak.

"MMMM, that good...feels nice," she whispered in a dreamy stupor.

Mike covered his face with his hands, horrified at the idea she was waking up but unable to speak or move. If he pulled out she would surely wake up. Then she spoke again.

"Let's go to the beach later," she stammered out. "Beach later."

Mike stayed as still as possible, realizing his sister was having a dream or just talking in her sleep. He stayed frozen for several minutes, his cock still planted inside her. His body was begging him to grab her waist and thrust back and forth, but he was afraid to move. Finally he decided that she had gone fully back to sleep, and he eased his cock slowly out of her.

He had every intention of pulling it all the way out. He was going to pull it out, put a blanket on her, go to his room and jerk off, and then go to sleep. But it felt so, so good sliding slowly out, he convinced himself that it would be okay to slide it back in, just one more time. Slowly, softly, so it didn't wake her.

Just one more time turned into two and three more. He was being so careful to keep it smooth, not to go to deep, just ease it in and out. He could hear her breathing deeply, still sleeping comfortably. He continued his soft, slow rhythm, not going too deep or pulling out too far, just moving back and forth a few inches. Then he felt his cock tightening, growing bigger, bulging up with an orgasm he couldn't stop, and he took a few more short strokes before pulling out. He grabbed her little pink shorts off the floor, wrapped his cock in them and exploded, all the while looking at his sister's sweet hot body laying in front of him.

It was several minutes later before he was able to rise to his feet. He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up, throwing some cold water on his face to clear his head. Then he walked back into the den and stood over his sister, still sleeping peacefully, her ass still stuck in the air, the wetness of her pussy gleaming in the candlelight. He quickly assessed the scene for evidence of foul play. He clasped her bra back and cleaned up her shorts as best he could. He briefly thought about carrying her back to her bed, but decided if she woke up it would be awkward. He got a blanket off the couch and was getting ready to cover her with it when he stopped for one last look.

She looked so hot in the candlelight he was having trouble bringing himself to covering her. He wanted one last look. As he looked down on her and replayed the events of the evening, he felt his cock growing hard once again. He sat down on the couch and jerked off until he came once again, then he put the blanket on her and stumbled back to bed.

As he laid on the bed and thought of the vision of his cock sliding in and out of his sister, he wondered how much she might remember about what happened. One thing was certain—if she ever wanted to challenge him to another ass-slapping contest, it was on.

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by Anonymous

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by SPEN STERLING01/20/15


I re-read this story and unfortunately have to agree that there is a non consent issue here. I screwed up the end section of this and I am going to take it down and re-work it within the next few weeks,more...

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by AverageBear01/02/15

There's a little issue of consent...

Not sure the sister was sober enough to give consent when things got out of hand, but when she fell asleep, it clearly should have been over. It's not just rape-ish, it's rape. A real turn-off for readersmore...

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