tagLoving WivesThe Stained Blouse Fantasy

The Stained Blouse Fantasy


For the longest time I had a fantasy of watching my wife having sex with another man. That fantasy goes something like this.

I am standing in the middle of a dark parking lot of our favorite bars with people off in the distance. I am watching my lovely wife kneel at the altar of another man's cock preparing to receive the sacrament of his forbidden seed. Watching him shot his load of thick white cum all over her face, her cleavage and then all then over her dark blue silk blouse. I am watching her looking up at him with her sweet innocent eyes as if he is a god and the only man on earth. She is holding his tool in her hand while the drops of his semen slowly fall onto her waiting body.

She takes his dripping cock in her hand and begins milking the last few drops of his precious seed onto the wedding ring that I put on her hand when we exchanged our vows. I stand there watching her clean his spent cock with her mouth licking the tip and the opening to get every last possible drop. I take a picture with the camera on her cell phone so that she will be able to show all her girlfriends just what a bad girl she is.

At home I undress her slowly removing the cum stained blouse while looking deeply in to eyes and then giving her a soft and tender kiss. Then putting the blouse in a large zip lock bag so it can be enshrined as proof of her beauty, sensuality and power as a women.

The next day I take her out to a fancy department store and help her pick out a new and much more expensive replacement which I hope will enjoy the same fate. That evening I take her out to a nice dinner to celebrate her sordid actions and to help her search for a young well hung stud that will provide her with her next great erotic adventure.

A couple of months later after a hot shower we are laying naked on the bed enjoying a drink and we begin talking about how we might entertain ourselves for the evening. I bring out the plastic bag with the stained blouse and the pictures I took that night. I take the red stained blouse out and hand it to my wife and she holds it up to her face and smells it then looks at the pictures.

I take out one her favorite vibrators from a drawer next to the bed. I begin to describe what I saw that night in detail, all the finer points including how I felt watching her with him. I describe my raw emotions of jealousy, sexual arousal, envy and the love I had for her at that moment and how much I wanted shoot my own load all over her.

As I recount the whole erotic seen including how he looked, her actions and his physical response to her I slowly begin rubbing her clit with my finger. Her eyes close and she takes a deep breath as she feels her clit getting some attention. I let my fingers drag a trail up and down the length of her slit, rubbing across her clit before trailing back across her opening.

I take the vibrator and start sliding it in and out as I nibble on her clit and suck it into my mouth. I slide that vibrator in and out with a slow steady rhythm and she is starting to buck and heave as her pending orgasm grows in intensity. The vibrator is going in and out of her and her body is shaking violently. The toy's head moves between her slightly swollen and dripping slick lips, over her opening... up her length across her clit...and then reversing direction... back down to her wetness.

The orgasm is gaining in power and she feels it getting ready to break and send her into waves of pleasure and every muscle in her body is tensed and ready to be released. Her body tightens completely and the vibrator is sliding in and out and then suddenly she hits the top and then convulsions of pleasure take over. As she reaches her climax I increase the speed and strength of my thrusts just slightly to support her to and through her peak and then easing and slowing my actions as her orgasm peaks.

At that moment I feel her pussy squirting cum all over the place and I continue to suck on her clit. The vibrator continues the assault while she is still squirting cum all over me. She begs me to stop, as she cannot take any more so I remove the vibrators and begin cleaning her up with my tongue. Tears are rolling down her cheeks and she is sobbing and shaking like a little girl.

I pick up the stained blouse from the floor where she dropped it during the peak moments of her pleasure. I put the blouse back into the bag and return it to the drawer with her other trophies. I walk over and kiss her on the cheek and tell her we need to do this more often. She smiles and I ask her if she wants another drink before we start round two.

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by Anonymous

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by Annatartywife08/05/14

lovely descriptions

Loved the orgasm descriptions, tense and squirting lovely x x x

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