tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Switching Rings Ch. 05

The Switching Rings Ch. 05


Steve awoke before the roosters on Wednesday morning, knowing they only had until a little after nine before they changed back. He really had become insatiable in this ripe female body. He could think of little else other than pleasing Jenn and being fucked senseless. Everything else he did was just going through the motions. When he was in this body, he needed sex. The thought of it consumed him completely, and he couldn't care less. It was what he was as a woman.

Once again, Jenn woke to her cock being sucked, and she was quite satisfied with that. Jenn was finding the fact that Steve had turned into such a slut to be an incredible turn on. She petted Steve's head and watched as he bobbed up and down on her cock. She was now very much enjoying the fact that the couple had mirrored one wall and the ceiling over their bed, and she watched Steve feeding on her cock very much like a voyeur would watch the goings on. Jenn grabbed Steve by the hair and controlled the pace with which Steve was sucking him, wanting to prolong the pleasure. Wordlessly, Steve understood and complied. Although he very much wanted to have Jenn fill his mouth with her cum, he was also very much enjoying having a mouth full of cock. Truthfully, he was worshipping Jenn's cock, and he was ecstatic to have the opportunity. The couple spent nearly forty minutes like this, before Jenn grabbed the hair on both sides of Steve's head and began to face fuck him. This turned Steve on even more, and when Jenn came, it caused an orgasm to ripple through Steve as well. Steve didn't let go of Jenn's cock until every drop had been milked from it.

Jenn pushed Steve onto his back and layed down next to him, playing with Steve's huge tits and kissing him deeply. Jenn knew just how sensitive these tits were, and what Steve's hot buttons would be, not the least of which was hard pinching of the nipples and smacking of his weighty breasts. Within minutes, Steve was writhing on the bed, and he could feel the hardness of Jenn's cock pressed against his thigh once again. Steve was whimpering and squirming as Jenn continued to toy with him. Finally, Steve asked...begged Jenn to fuck him.

You need me to fuck you? Jenn teased.

Fuck, yes, retorted Steve. Honey...I need it. I need your fucking right now. Fuck...

You are a slut, Steve.

Fuck. I know. I know I'm a slut. Yes I am. You're slut, baby. Please...please baby. You HAVE to fuck me. I can't take anymore.

I think you LIKE being a slut, Jenn said as she eased her cock deep inside Steve.

Breathlessly, Steve replied. No...no I don't like it at all. I...I love it. I love it. I...need it like I have never needed before. Fuck me you bastard. Hard. I want to feel you. Break me. I want....I....

Steve started to cum, and it was so intense that the spasms of his cunt just sent Jenn right over the edge. Jenn pounded Steve as hard as she could until she finally collapsed on top of him, covered with sweat and panting like a dog. They held each other tight, and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms, spent and exhausted. They slept until mid afternoon, and didn't even wake up when they switched back into their own bodies again. Finally, Steve opened his eyes around three thirty, and frowned a bit when he realized her was back in his own body. He gently slipped away from Jenn and went into the bathroom to pee. After he finished, he stood looking in the mirror for a few minutes. His body almost felt a bit alien to him, but that feeling dissipated as the day went on.

The couple spent the rest of the day unpacking, doing laundry, buying groceries, and the like. Steve spent some time going through email and dealing with some work issues which had been piling up. That evening, the couple enjoyed a delicious dinner of steak, salad, and baked potatoes on the back deck. After dinner, they relaxed by the pool and sipped on some wine as they discussed all that had occurred.

I think we need some ground rules, Steve suggested. We had all day to do as we pleased while we were on vacation, but now that we are home, we need to construct some boundaries, I think. Jenn sat quietly and listened.

I think during the work week, we should refrain from using the rings during the day. I have a lot of code to write, and I can't do it if all I'm thinking about is sex, said Steve. I also think we should only use the rings on alternate days at most, and for three hours at a time. I want to have sex most often as a man. While I can't speak for you, I am concerned that I could become addicted to sex in your body. It tends to overwhelm me, and that scares the hell out of me.

What about the weekends, asked Jenn?

What about them?

Can we maybe use the rings a bit more on the weekends?

Well, we can switch back and forth all weekend, said Steve.

No-I mean...can we stay switched for a longer period of time?

How about this, said Steve. Each of us gets to pick one weekend per month and choose how we spend it. I may choose to remain a man the entire weekend, or to switch back and forth every three hours. My weekend, my choice.

And I may choose to make you my cum slut for the weekend, replied Jenn. Her grin broadened when she saw Steve blush from her words. I think you may be right, she playfully teased. I can easily see you becoming addicted to becoming my cock sucking whore. You are so damned good at it.

And so it went for the couple as the weeks went by, alternating nights as each other, the sex exhilarating. The couple was insanely happy, and they understood each other perfectly. It seemed as if one always knew exactly what the other was thinking, which made complete sense, of course. On the last weekend of the month, Jenn decided that she would have Steve be a woman for the weekend. He had remained a man for the weekend two weeks prior, and she wanted her chance to play now. The two of them had decided that they would begin weekends such as this at nine pm Friday night, which, after touching the rings a total of four times, would carry then until six pm on Sunday evening.

After touching the rings, Jenn took over. Steve was tied on his back spread eagled on the bed, and Jenn literally spent hours playing with him. She used a variety of dildos, vibrators and fuck toys. She used some oils that made the blood rush into Steve's clit, increasing the sensitivity and Steve's need. She used her fingers and her tongue. She bit and licked and twisted and tweaked his nipples. She mounted him and fucked him several times. She alternated between driving Steve mad with need, giving him relief, and taking her own. She dangled her cock in front of Steve's face and had him lick it clean. Lying on his back, Steve was able to watch every bit of it on the mirrored ceiling. At some point, the watching became less about being a voyeur, and much more about watching Jenn's body. The way she moved, how her muscles bunched up and flexed and contracted, her beautiful, large, meaty cock. Steve was swooning over this man, and it made Jenn's ministrations all that much more incredible. On and on it went until dawn, when she finally released Steve and allowed him to curl up for some sleep.

They were awakened by the ringing phone, and Jenn got out of bed to answer it. She did not at all look pleased after she got off the phone.

What is it, Steve asked?

Major client meltdown, said Jenn. I'm going to have to fly out to Colorado today to deal with it. It looks like it will probably take all week to resolve things.

Well...what are we going to do? said Steve. I mean...we're stuck like this until tomorrow night. Can't we hold off until then and then I'll go?

Unfortunately, no, replied Jenn. Look, it sucks, but what are you going to do? I'm going to check flights. Could you make us some breakfast?

Sure, replied Steve. He pulled on a robe, and headed off to the kitchen to whip up some omelets and brew coffee. He was just plating the meal when Jenn came into the kitchen.

The earliest flight I could get was for seven tonight. You realize that we are going to have to extend our time like this before I leave, don't you?

Yeah, I've already been thinking about it, Steve said. With this, he pulled open his robe, reached a hand down to his pussy, slipped a couple fingers inside himself, and then held them up in front of Steve's face. The fingers were wet and creamy. Evidently, that which Steve was thinking about seemed to be turning him on.

After breakfast, Jenn and Steve touched the rings again, and Jenn bent him over the kitchen table and fucked him as hard as she could. By the time she came, they had moved the table halfway across the kitchen. She grabbed Steve by the hair and pushed him against the wall, kissing him roughly and manipulating his pussy and clit with the strong fingers of her hand. She was relentless, making Steve cum four times in a mere few minutes, and then, touching the rings once again, Jenn pushed Steve to his knees and fed him her cock. Steve took his time and reveled in Jenn's full cock. Jenn let loose a stream of words about what a slut Steve was, what a good little cocksucker, how proud Jenn was of her, on and on, all of it turning Steve on immensely. Once again, Jenn cumming had a profound effect on Steve, and he, too, had an orgasm as Jenn filled his mouth with cum. As has become his habit, Steve sucked and licked Jenn's cock completely clean, and begrudgingly allowed Jenn to pull it out of his mouth and away.

Come into the bedroom with me while I pack, Jenn told Steve. As she selected items, Jenn calmly discussed how the week would go with Steve. He was not to touch himself this week until Jenn gave him permission. That permission would only come while they video chatted and Jenn could watch and speak to him. Steve was to expect daily instructions from Jenn to properly...prepare herself for their evening chats. Steve listened carefully to Jenn's instructions, and found himself looking forward to following her commands.

It was agreed that Steve would drive Jenn to the airport. Just before they left, Jenn called Steve over and inserted those balls on a string into Steve's pussy. She couldn't resist commenting on how wet her little slut was, and Steve blushed and flushed, and secretly squealed that he was, indeed, Jenn's little slut.

Jenn arrived in Denver very late, and called Steve from the hotel when he arrived. Steve had been dozing, but he woke right up when he heard Jenn's voice. No video chat tonight, Jenn said, but the couple did masturbate to each other over the phone, with Jenn whispering sweet dirty nothings in Steve's ears.

Each night that week, the couple enjoyed each other's company over the miracle of video chat. On Tuesday, Jenn had given Steve instructions to make himself up very heavily and very slut like. Jenn normally didn't wear much in the way of makeup, so she was a bit shocked by the heavily made up Steve when they connected that evening. She made sure that Steve understood just what a whore he was by the time they had finished that evening. It was hard to ignore, as Jenn had made him write the word whore across his tits with permanent marker. It shocked Steve that the next morning, seeing it there turned him on immensely, and he struggled through the day in anticipation of some well needed relief that evening.

Jenn had spent the entire week thus far commenting on Steve's beauty, and really pushing home the fact that he was a female, a good girl, his woman. She complimented Steve endlessly, and was quite literally wooing him the way any man would a beautiful woman. On Wednesday evening, Jenn began to push boundaries a bit.

As Steve was rubbing his clit, Jenn began a new series of taunts and questions with Steve.

Mmmm. You are such a good little girl, Stevie she began. I'm beginning to believe that this is who you were meant to be. Maybe...maybe I'm going to keep you this way, huh? Would you like that, you sexed up bitch?

Steve grunted and panted as he continued to work on his cunt, but Jenn could see that the words were having an effect on him.

Oh yes, I can see how you like that thought. I can see how you would like going through life with a needy little cunt. Spending your days thinking about the next time I will allow you to please me by sucking my cock. Walking around all tits and ass and pussy all day long, waiting to be used. Waiting to service me.

The words pushed Steve over the edge, and he had an intense, prolonged orgasm. His screams were so loud that Jenn had to mute the sound on the computer in fear that people in the next room might think he was killing someone.

This talk continued the rest of the week, and when Jenn arrived home on Friday evening, the two of them fucked and sucked each other all night long.

Despite all that, the couple reverted back to their agreed upon schedule in the ensuing months. Slowly and imperceptibly, however, they began to lose track of days, and Steve would find himself in Jenn's body much more frequently than they agreed. Somehow, in the middle of fucking, Steve would find himself lying there all female and with Jenn's cock in her mouth. Within six months, Steve found himself in Jenn's body for days at a time. As much as he loved it, he knew they had to discuss it.

One morning, Steve and Jenn chatted about it during breakfast.

Yes, I've noticed too, said Jenn. I think...you know, once before early on we got a bit concerned about liking this too much. Our solution, and I think it was the right one, was to stay switched for a while, so we appreciated it more when we got back into our own bodies. I think it's time for that again.

Jenn, said Steve. I have been female for a week at a time, and it isn't helping.

We need to be more drastic, Steve. Look. Being a woman is a pain in the ass. We do this for some time, we fuck and get all sexed up. That isn't life, Steve. Let's give you tits and a cunt for two months. Let's let you see what it's really like going through life as a woman. Getting your period. Dealing with your hair and makeup every day. Fretting over what to wear. Dealing with perverts leering at you and making comments. Dealing with a body this size every single day. I guarantee that after two months, you'll be ready to change back and through the rings away.

I don't know, said Steve, but in his heart, he had already made up his mind. They have been presented with an extraordinary opportunity to do what no one else could. How could they not take advantage of it? Besides thought Steve. I wouldn't mind a vacation from work. Let Jenn write that code every day. I'm going to take it easy for a while.

They spent the next few days touching the rings the appropriate number of times and mauling each other, and later that week, Steve lay in bed as he watched Jenn get ready for work. This was sure to be an interesting two months, he thought as he admired Jenn's naked body. He could barely contain his excitement.

End of Part Five

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