tagErotic CouplingsThe Tall Man Cometh Ch. 2

The Tall Man Cometh Ch. 2


What an afternoon I was having!

I had done two things for the first time today: 1. Made love in a public restroom. 2. Made love with a woman BEFORE our first date.

If you'll remember, Camille is 5'1", I am 7'1", and I have a bit of a fetish for women significantly shorter than myself.

We left campus right after our afternoon interlude and drove back to her place.


Cami was driving, and I scooted over right next to her. Whenever we would stop at a red light, we'd kiss very passionately for a moment. Once, we actually forgot ourselves and only broke the kiss when a car honked at us from behind, signaling that the light had turned green. While we were moving, I nuzzled and kissed her neck and ear.

We quickly got out of the car once at her apartment; then she leapt, literally jumped into my arms. I caught her and cradled her into a comfortable carrying position (without even a slight effort). She pointed out her apartment and I walked quickly to the door. Although I was tempted, I decided against kicking the door in and allowed her to open it with a key.

Once inside, I closed the door with my foot and resumed kissing her. My erection was now in full force, in anticipation of what was about to happen.

"Down," she said between kisses. I complied and put her on her feet. She then grabbed my hand firmly and pulled me towards her bedroom. Once we were in the room, I turned and reached for her, but she quickly pushed me onto the bed. Somehow, she mustered enough force to actually take me off my feet.

"What," I started to ask a question, but she climbed on top of me and pushed her left index finger onto my lips, silencing me.

"There's a time for talking, and a time for fucking," she said in a deep, lusty voice.

No arguments from me.

There was something deliciously kinky to me about this little woman giving orders to me, a giant compared to her. It was really driving me wild.

She leaned back and started to take her clothes off in a determined, aggressive sort of way. Her movements were neither fast nor slow as she disrobed, but she did tug pretty hard and did not waste time. We locked eyes as she did this, and I saw a fierce sort of confidence there.

She took her shirt off over her head, and revealed the milky-white flesh of her torso, the color of which was interrupted only by the whiter hue of her bra. That came off next, and revealed a pair of breasts more perfect than I had thought. Even out of their brassiere, they were still high and firm, and still as perfectly round as they looked in the bra. She got off of the bed just long enough to pull her shorts and panties off.

We were not rushed as we had been on campus, and so now I got a good chance to appreciate how firm her thighs were, how very smooth the skin all over her body. She had not damaged her skin with sun-exposure, and I definitely appreciate it now. I got a brief glimpse of her vagina, and saw that she had a very thin mound of almost transparently blond hair between her legs.

Her eyes were a very bright blue, which complimented her overall look quite, quite well. The Kool-Aid-red hair contrasted with the rest, but only to make her look a little kinkier.

She made a lovely sight standing there before me, this gorgeous little nymph.

"You going to wear all that?" she asked, a smile on her face.

I had gotten so caught up in watching her undress that I had forgotten to do so myself. I quickly rectified that situation.

Once I was naked, she came after me. She started by kissing my inner thighs, about halfway up my knees. She would kiss me in one place and then move ever so slightly higher.

My erection was already almost painful, and she was just driving it to new levels of hardness with her teasing.

Finally, she was at my crotch, and she feinted towards my prick, then moved down to my balls. She was watching my face and laughed a bit when she saw me grimace. But that disappointment faded quickly as she started licking my balls. She began with gentle and slow licks, then gradually increased the speed and pressure of her tongue movements so that, after a moment, she was practically juggling my balls with her tongue.

The sensation from this was so odd that it drove me crazy. It was pleasurable, but she was ignoring my cock and all the nerve endings there. I never pay that much attention to my balls, and had never realized how good it can feel for them to receive attention.

After a few minutes of this treatment, she moved upward to the pole that my penis had become. She lightly ran the side of a finger up it, swirled that finger around the underside of my flare, and then wrapped her hand around the head. She just held me like that, then licked very slowly up its length. She stroked her hand, which was so tiny on my member, up and down a few times, then kissed the head a few times.

Then she just rubbed her cheek against my penis, and started moving up my body. As she moved up, she rubbed against my cock with her breast, then her flat little stomach several times (which I found particularly enjoyable), and then her thigh. Finally, she was above my member and, rather than taking me into her, she closed both thighs around it. I could feel the heat and wetness from her vagina on one side of my prick, and her thighs around the other sides.

I started humping in between her thighs, and she reciprocated. Even though the motion seemed a to be bit awkward, she managed to hump her thighs up and down in time with my thrusts.

While we were doing this, she reached up my chest and grabbed my pecs. First she lightly scratched my nipples, then squeezed and rolled them a bit. Then she started mauling my pecs just like I've done to some girls' breasts.

Then, without warning, she shifted her hips forward and spread them. Free from her legs, my cock smacked forward so that it was pointing right at her quim. Cami then slammed back, impaling herself on my length. The whole movement had taken about one second.

I groaned loudly, getting very close to coming right there. She just held very still while my cock twitched in a non-ejaculatory orgasm. I was stupefied by this, I was having an orgasm without coming. I suppose that this is what multiple-orgasms for men are like.

Once that had passed, I looked down and saw her smiling mischievously. Even though she mostly dated women, she knew her away around a male body at least as well as I did.

Then she started humping her hips, both laterally up and down my body, but also vertically on and off of me. She was moving in a sort of small circle.

Because of the height difference, her face was alongside my pectorals while I was inside her. She clamped her lips down on my left nipple, and then she resumed mauling my right breast with her left hand.

I reached around with my left arm to squeeze her buttocks, intending to start shifting her up and down on me as we had done before. But she would have none of that. She used her free right arm to grab and pin my left arm. Surprised by this, I left my other arm lying still on the bed. Nonetheless, she moved her left hand from my nipple to my right arm and pinned it as well. She kept on licking and sucking my nipple, and held both of my arms down with a surprising strength.

And then she started really moving on my cock. Her movements were aggressive, like mine are when I am thrusting into a larger woman. She would thrust back hard onto me, then squeeze my dick tightly on the upstroke. Back and forth she went, grunting harshly. I began groaning as well, but my groans always followed hers, were always in response to hers.

With my arms (voluntarily) pinned and her moving so powerfully, all I had to do was sit back and absorb the sensations coming from my cock, my nipple and from the rubbing of our skin.

After just a few minutes of this, I felt another orgasm coming on.

I got close to the edge, my eyes screwed tightly shut, and then she was gone.

I opened my eyes and saw her scooting off to my side.

"Come on," she said.

I gathered her meaning and turned towards her. I reached for my dick, but her hand beat me to it. She grabbed it firmly, aimed it at her body, stroked it a few times. And then I came.

And came and came.

Despite this being our second romp of the afternoon, I think I fired off ten or more rapid, powerful shots of spunk before I was done. When I opened my eyes, her body was covered above the waist with my seed.

She released my member with a last stroke.

"Back in a minute," she said, then hopped off the bed.

She returned almost instantly, wiping herself off with a cloth.

"I knew it would make a mess," she said, then jumped down onto the bed next to me. "And sorry to surprise you at the end there, but I really wanted to know what your cock looks like when you come. I like, very much."

"I'm not complaining," I said, then kissed her. "That was the most incredible thing," I said, but could not finish the thought. My mind had not yet recovered from the ground-shaking orgasm she had given me.

"Just returning the favor," she said, referring to our first interlude.


I hope everyone realizes that I am just reconstructing this story from memory as well as I can. And I only remember it so well, as my brain was basically inundated with pleasure the whole time.

At any rate, we fell asleep with our legs twined together. I woke sometime later to see her looking at me.

I kissed her.

"No girl has ever paid that much attention to my pleasure," I said sleepily. "That was absolutely incredible."

"I just did what I would do to any of my girlfriends," she said, smirking.

In retrospect, that makes a certain sort of sense.

"Hmph," I said in mock offense, and rubbed my semi-hard penis against her.

"Mmm, my new best friend," she said, reaching down to squeeze it a bit. "Oh shit," she then said quickly.

"What?" I asked, coming out of a daze.

"It's almost seven o'clock."

"That's nice," I said, not knowing if she meant A.M. or P.M.

She climbed off the bed and ran, nude, out into the apartment.

When she didn't come back, I just rolled over a bit and relaxed, still basking in the glow of our frolicking.

Then I thought I heard the front door open.

"I have a surprise for you," Cami called.

I came back from my light snooze, then opened my eyes to see the best surprise of my life...

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