tagInterracial LoveThe Tribal Threat

The Tribal Threat


Jason and Tom were welcomed into the tribe that they sought after their long journey across the African terrain. This was not to say that their presence was immediately accepted. Upon arriving, the chief of the small tribe seemed ready to dismiss them until Jason and Tom presented the tribe with gifts of two large pots, some colorful fabric, and a hunting knife.

Tom had been reluctant to present the knife, not knowing if the chief would make immediate use of it on the intruders. However, Jason knew that such metal objects would probably be the best received of the gifts since the tribe had no way of making their own. Jason was right. The chief inspected the knife. While maintaining a stern expression, he agreed to tolerate the presence of the intruders.

The goal of the trip was to learn from the tribe. While most trips to the tribes have historically been to teach or convert tribes, this trip was quite different. Tom and Jason wanted to document how the tribe interacted with their environment and lived peacefully and respectfully off the land.

The men of the tribe would spend hours every day hunting or gathering roots. The roots were a vital source of moisture in this barren land. Jason and Tom had accompanied the men on their hunting trips. They noted that many of the younger men spent as much time talking and joking as they did hunting. The women of the tribe spent their days preparing food, caring for the children, and tending to the tribes small garden. When the men would return from the hunt, the women would immediately begin to prepare a meal from whatever fresh meat the men provided.

Jason and Tom had expected these traditional roles in the tribe. What they did not expect to find was the not-so-subtle power that the women had over the men. They witnessed this display of power during one of their first evenings among the tribe.

They had been asleep in their tent when both were awakened by a commotion in the tribe's elder's tent. Jason scrambled from his sleeping bag, eager to find the cause of the disturbance. After grabbing his arm to hold him in the tent, Tom signaled for him to be quiet. Tom was able to translate the contents of what seemed to be an argument between the tribe elder and his wife.

"She's not happy. The argument is about us. She said that the men of the tribe have been doing poorly in hunting and have neglected trying to provide for the women," Tom translated.

"What does that have to do with us?" Jason asked.

"Shh!" Tom whispered. After a pause of listening to the argument, Tom continued his translation. "She said that the women of the tribe may turn their attention to us instead of selecting a husband from the lazy tribesmen. Basically, she wants the elder to whip the tribesmen into shape for fear of losing women to us. She went so far as to give him an ultimatum. He either gets the tribesmen to prove their worth or we will have to leave."

With the night fallen silent, Jason and Tom went back to sleep after deciding that there was nothing they should do in response to the argument. Before long, the light of dawn awakened the tribe. A new commotion awakened Jason and Tom. This time, it was the normal activities of morning.

Mothers hushed fussy babies that were slung in fabric around their neck and one shoulder. Even with this ongoing distraction, the women worked to prepare the morning meal before the men would leave for their daily hunting trip. Jason and Tom joined the group of men who had gathered while waiting for their breakfast.

Jason and Tom both noticed that while the women worked at a quick pace to prepare the meals, the men did nothing but talk amongst themselves. In light of last night's argument, they wondered if the women were working at such a pace throughout the day. If so, they could empathize with the women's frustration with the men.

After the tribe ate breakfast, the elder requested the presence of Jason and Tom before they accompanied the men on their hunt. The elder first shared a strong tea with Jason and Tom. Tom, who had studied the tribe's customs before the trip, informed Jason that this signifies trust and what is shared should stay secret. Tom and Jason sipped from the tea before passing the cup back to the elder.

Tom translated as the elder spoke. The elder expressed his wife's concern and shared a plan that could benefit all. With obvious resignation, the elder told Jason and Tom that he wanted them to be of great help to the women. He wanted Jason and Tom to help the women and show them the appreciation and attention that they have been lacking. Then, the elder would shame the men and threaten to marry off their women to Jason and Tom for they have proven to be more loving husbands.

Jason and Tom were immediately concerned by the plan. What if the men would become angry and hurt or even kill them? What if the women decided that they wanted Jason and Tom for husbands for real? What kind of conflict could this plan cause? Jason and Tom worried about these concerns and more. However, the chief and the elder were tolerating their stay. If they turned down the elder, their likelihood of being able to stay would be minimal at best.

After discussing their options, or rather lack of options, Jason and Tom agreed to follow the elder's plan in secret. As the men left the village, Jason and Tom followed. Though they have not been much help in hunting, they enjoyed spending time in the area around the tribe. Today, the group of men ventured into a wooded area. Jason and Tom had noticed that the men rotate where they hunt and are not choosy about what form of meat they secure. It wasn't long before the group of men stopped and sat in the shade of the trees. The chief and elder lectured the men on their laziness. The elder told a short story about how he and his father would hunt all day, and even when they would return with nothing, they had more honor than the lazy.

The men reluctantly stood and turned their attention to listening and searching for any signs of game. A few of the younger men grumbled and complained in their native tongue. The chief told the young men that they were to return to the village where the women could watch them as they continue to act like children. Seemingly unsure of the chief's sincerity, the young men stood still. The chief stood firm and told them to leave the hunt.

The hunt continued with the remaining men. Well before noon, one of the men was successful in a large kill. The men carried the dead bushbuck back to the tribe. The deer-like animal would be plenty of meat for the whole tribe for the day.

As the men entered the village, the women of the tribe seemed eager to claim sections of the bushbuck. Recent failed hunts had meant that the meals had consisted of roots, grubs, and vegetables from the garden. Everyone was happy to receive the meat. The young men who had been sent back to the women joined the group of hunters until the chief sent them to look for their own dinner.

As the hunters sat while the women worked, the elder glanced at Jason and Tom. They took that as their cue and walked over to the women who were busy preparing the meal. Tom, speaking the best he could in the tribe's language, asked some of the women if they needed help. One of the young women showed them how to cut the meat into cubes and allowed Jason and Tom to help. After most of the meat was cut, another woman motioned for Tom and Jason. Soon, Tom and Jason were helping with many parts of the meal preparation. Jason noticed some looks of disapproval from some of the men.

After transforming the fresh meat into a variety of tribal dishes, the people of the tribe gathered and ate at leisure. Jason and Tom continued to pay special attention to the women throughout the meal. A few of the younger, unmarried women returned this attention. They brought food to Jason and Tom and sat close to them. Some of the men of the village did not seem very happy about this. One of the older men called his daughter away from Jason and Tom.

Tom noticed a lot of bickering among the men. He approached the elder and asked if it was wise to continue. Instead of being concerned, the elder seemed pleased and instructed Tom to continue with the plan. As is the custom, the women of the tribe danced for the men. Later in the dance, the women selected men to join them. Two of the young women walked to Tom and Jason and pulled their arms to encourage them to dance with them. Jason and Tom joined the dance, though they struggled to follow the moves more than actually dancing. The bare-breasted women were not shy about getting close to the men during the dance. Jason had to remind himself that the dance was not sexual because as the woman's breasts grazed his body, it sure seemed that way.

Under the moonlight, the tribe continued to enjoy the end of the day. After a productive hunt and good food, most of the tribe seemed at ease. Only a few men were talking loudly among themselves in a corner. The elder called the tribe together to speak to the entire group. Tom translated for Jason.

The elder first congratulated the hunters for a good kill. He pronounced the hunt as an act of a real man. Next, the elder said that the hunt was only part of being a man. Keeping a woman was another. To provide for her and the family and keep his wife happy is a measure of a man, the elder explained. The elder went on to say that Tom and Jason had proven their worthiness of being called men by being on the hunt and helping the women.

One of the young men called out a disagreeable remark. Tom explained to Jason that this was not typically accepted behavior. A few of the younger men joined the dissention by calling Tom and Jason "women" for cooking with the women. The elder motioned for the group to be silent. A real man knows the ways of men and women and works towards harmony. You lazy, young men do not deserve to be called men. Therefore, I am giving wives to Tom and Jason until you prove yourself to be more worthy than they are.

Jason was waiting for Tom to translate the last statement that the elder made when Tom's face paled in the light of the fire.

"What?" Jason asked.

"He's giving us wives," Tom explained.

Stunned, Tom and Jason watched as the elder called the two young women who had danced with Tom and Jason to him. With the chief's nod of permission, the elder signaled for Tom and Jason to join their new, temporary wives. The elder explained to the men that they will need to prove their worthiness for such beautiful, young wives before he performs any more marriages.

The elder gave Tom and his new wife the temporary use of a hut near the elder's hut. It had been previously used to store some community property, but the elder had the women clean it out during the day.

The elder called the men forward and ordered them to congratulate the new couples. As the couples were directed to their new living arrangement, the elder further chastised the men. He told the young, unmarried men to show themselves to be good providers and to appreciate women if they ever wanted to be married. The married men were threatened with the loss of their wives if they failed to do better.

When Tom and his new wife entered the hut, his wife lit a small lamp that hung from the center of the hut. His wife guided him to a pile of mats on the floor. She spoke softly, encouraging him to lie down on the mats. Tom protested at first, but his new wife was very convincing. Not that it took much convincing. Tom had been without any form of sexual contact for quite some time. However, Tom wasn't sure that sex was supposed to be part of this temporary marriage.

His young wife undressed him. Apparently, there is not much foreplay in the culture, because the only foreplay was his wife spitting on his cock and rubbing and stroking it until it has erect. His wife stood in the lamplight and undressed. Tom watched the fabric fall from her dark skin. Her breasts had already been bare. Knowing the culture, he assumed that his new wife was a virgin or a very young widow. Being that she was so young, probably barely eighteen, and childless, the previously unwed virgin seemed to be the most likely scenario.

After revealing her naked, dark curves, she straddled his hips while he lie on the mats. Tom couldn't help but wondering if the men of the tribe were even lazy when it came to sex. As she lowered herself on his cock, Tom thrust upwards and surprised his young wife. He gripped her hips and thrust into her again, feeling her begin to stretch around his cock. With one more thrust, he was inside her tight, obviously virgin, warmth. She rocked her hips slightly as he continued to thrust deeper. Her breasts dangled before him as he thrust.

Daring to risk any misunderstanding, Tom signaled for her to stand. Tom stood and asked her to get on her hands and knees. He wanted to view her round ass while he fucked her. While gripping her dark, round ass, Tom entered her, doggie-style. After thrusting into her tightness several times, Tom felt reassured that he had not violated any taboos by the groans of pleasure from his wife. The contrast of his white hands against her dark skin turned him on more than he had thought it would. Tom had never had sex with anyone of another race. The fact that this was so unexpected and the novelty of being with an African woman drove him to orgasm very quickly. He felt it was best not to push her into more sex, as it probably was not usual for the tribe. He consoled himself that the men of the tribe may take time to prove themselves, which would give him a few more nights of newlywed bliss.

Jason and his new wife also enjoyed each other that night. Without Tom to translate, Jason was feeling a bit uneasy about being alone with her. She made it easy on him. As Tom's wife had done, Jason's wife motioned for him to lie down. Jason laid on the sleeping bag on the floor of the tent. Tentatively, Jason fondled her breasts and felt her nipples as she undressed him. She didn't seem to mind, so he continued to feel her breasts as she slipped the fabric off her waist and straddled him. She spit on her hand and pulled a little too hard on his cock. He stopped her and showed her what felt good.

The tent had no light, but a small flashlight for emergency use. Tom and Jason had been trying to preserve the batteries, so Jason decided that the darkness would have to do even though he wanted to watch her better. He relied on feeling instead. It wasn't long before he was hard and ready for her. She eased herself onto his cock. She had some difficulty, so Jason thrust into her. She cried out. Jason then realized that she had been a virgin. Feeling bad for her pain, Jason caressed her body as she got used to his cock inside her.

As she began to rock her hips, Jason held onto her hips and guided his young wife. He thrust into her tight warmth. While she grinded on his hard cock, Jason reached down and rubbed her clit. Pretty soon, his young wife let out the most adorable little whimper as her body shook and her pussy clenched his cock. He thrust harder through her orgasm until he climaxed. It wasn't until after he spurt his seed inside her that he thought about the possible consequences. "What if he or Tom fathered a child with their new wives?" Jason worried.

Jason and Tom slept soundly next to their wives. Jason was eager to discuss the recent turn of events with Tom and possibly the elder in the morning. However, the physical and emotional toll of the day and surprising sexual release had made Jason succumb to sleep rather quickly.

In the morning, Jason and Tom met for breakfast with the rest of the tribe. Their wives were busy working with the other women. Surprisingly, so were the men. The elder greeted Jason and Tom and thanked them for their help. The men of the tribe had spoken to the elder first thing in the morning. They apologized for their behavior and promised to prove themselves to be men. The elder warned that they would be held to that promise. The men assured the elder that their recent laziness was a thing of the past.

The elder informed Tom and Jason that the men had requested that if they show themselves to be worthy, the elder would send Tom and Jason away. Apologetically, the elder said that he felt their request was a fair one and that Tom and Jason would have to leave. Tom and Jason understood that the men had now seen them as a threat and competition for the women and they would have to go. Sorry that they would have to leave, but impressed by the roles that they got to play to the benefit of the tribe, Jason and Tom packed their things and prepared to leave. After sweet goodbyes to their short-term wives and manly farewell to the elder and chief, Jason and Tom left the tribe and started their journey home.

Jason had kept his worries about fathering a child secret from Tom, though Jason thought about that possibility for years after their adventure. Tom had also considered the possibility, but did not discuss it with Jason. Due to the fact that a return trip after being forced to leave could be dangerous, perhaps not knowing was best.

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