tagFetishThe Twins

The Twins


'What time is he coming?' Sylvia asked excitedly, pulling back the curtains and scanning the outside.

'I've told you twenty times,' her twin sister Sarah sighed, exasperated, 'at two o'clock.'

They both checked the clock. It was five past two.

'He's late,' Sylvia observed.

'Clever girl,' Sarah snorted.

'Maybe he's not coming,' Sylvia offered.

'He's got to,' her twin said, looking out of another widow. 'He's got nowhere else to live since Auntie Madge died.'

Timmy slowly walked up the country lane hauling his large wheeled suitcase behind him. It was deep country all around him and no other people were to be seen. He was the only passenger to alight from the Greyhound and he watched wistfully as it sped off in a cloud of dust.

Wiping a patch of sweat from his brow, he trudged onwards. Ahead he caught sight of a large country log house partially hidden by trees. This is it, he thought. This is to be my home for a while.

He hadn't seen them since he was small and hoped his older cousins were nice girls.

'I can see him!' Sylvia excitedly shrieked.

'Where?' her sister asked, peering out, then: 'Oh, yes. He's not bad looking, is he?'

'Look at that face,' Sarah exclaimed. 'I could sit on that for hours.'

'And that nose, just look at the size of it!' shrieked Sylvia.

'I vote we get right to it, and fuck all the pleasantries,' offered Sarah.

'What, no reminiscing and jawing about the good old times?' Sylvia asked, grinning.

'Naw, we just say hi and get on with it 'cos to be honest I'm in need of some real fun real soon,' Sarah said, her nipples starting to react with anticipation.

'I think we're going to have whole lot of fun with this one,' Sylvia sniggered, her hand automatically smoothing across her protruding buttocks.

They were both dressed in stretchy tight beige slacks and tight tops. They always dressed exactly the same, and as they were identical no one could tell them apart. Their parents had died a few years back and left them quite wealthy. And as they were now over eighteen there was no need for a guardian although their last remaining aunt, Velda, still lived with them. She was a lifestyle dominatrix and encouraged her nieces in female domination.

'Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps,' Sarah sniggered.

They both rushed to the door when the bell rang. They paused, automatically tidying their hair, before opening it.

'Hi,' they both chorused, beaming. 'Come on in. It's Timothy, isn't it?'

'Timmy,' he shyly corrected.

'Lovely to see your face again after all this time,' Sarah said pleasantly. Her sister liked the irony and stifled a laugh.

Timmy introduced himself and the girls chattered about nothing and left his bag in the hallway while they ushered him towards one of the back rooms.

'It's been a few years,' Timmy said. 'Do you remember me?'

'Of course we do,' Sylvia said. 'You once said we'd got big bums.'

They both laughed and Timmy self-consciously joined in.

'This is where you'll be staying, ' Sarah told him, opening the door to let him in first.

Following him in Sarah said, 'We think you'll like it, it's got all the creature comforts.'

The room was dark for some reason and it was hard to make things out as he entered. The girls were behind him, and not knowing why, he sensed a feeling of unease. The girls closed the door with their prominent bottoms. It shut with a slam and Sylvia turned on the lights.

Startled at what he saw, turning towards them, he said, 'what's all this?'

The twins stood with their backs to the door grinning from ear to ear. He was trying to work out why half the large room was decorated with wall restraints, chains, an X cross, a low leather-padded table with wrist and ankle restraints, another device he couldn't image its purpose. In contrast half the room was divided into a type of nice bedsit with all the mod cons. Strangely, there was also a wrestling mat in the unusual side of the room.

Turning to face them he demanded, 'What the hell is all this?'

They both moved as one, the twins pushing him towards the wrestling mat. There was not only a four inch difference in height between the girls and the shorter him, but what he didn't know was that they were top athletes at their college, dominating all the sports.

'What... are... you... doing...' he stammered, as they badgered him onto the mat.

Sarah was the first to make and move. She grabbed him in a jiu-jitsu hold and threw him over her hip onto his back on the mat. The landing winded him and he desperately struggled to breathe. The girls stood over him laughing at his plight.

'We're experts in martial arts, Timmy,' Sylvia told him.

'You don't stand a chance,' Sarah said, pushing her foot down on his chest to prevent him from getting up.

'Why... are... you... doing... this?' he managed to gasp.

Sylvia sat down on his chest, facing him. Sarah sat on his legs and firmly held his arms to his sides effectively immobilising him. Sylvia's weight made it hard for him to breathe.

''Please... let... me... go...!' he whined.

'Timmy, Timmy,' Sylvia whispered down to his terrified face. 'We're only going to make you do things you've never done before.'

'You do want to make us happy, don't you?' Sarah chimed in, enjoying the sense of overpowering him.

Sylvia slipped down from his chest to his neck, sitting full-weight on his throat. Now he could barely breathe at all, his small inhalations were all but wheezes. He stared helplessly up at her smiling face, her eyes ablaze with excitation.

'Just look at the entire thing as an experience,' Sylvia continued in her inauguration induction.

'Look at it as being your new life begins from now,' Sarah butted in.

'Look, it's my speech, sis,' Sylvia snorted in mock annoyance, shifting her crotch around in arousal at her tormenting their victim like this.

His face was going quite red from his predicament. She was heavy and her buttocks were crushing his windpipe.

'So, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted,' Sylvia continued. 'Some folks like suffocating people like us girls, and there's some folks that just come along like ships in the night and they're just asking to be smothered.'

'And there's folks who like to sit on faces,' Sarah chimed in again, not to be outdone by her sister's speech-making prowess. 'And they like their pusses and asses licked, and...'

'Yes, yes, dear sis,' Sylvia cut in, ' thank you for your contribution.' She eased her weight off her victim's throat enough for him to gulp down air. They both laughed in delight at his anguished gaspings.

'Timmy?' Sylvia said, shifting herself forward to sit down on his face, 'do you like female bottoms?'

She cleverly held his head from escaping from her overbearing weight with her heels and ground her bottom down into his face in the enjoyment of dominating like this.

'You did say to us once we had big bums,' Sarah sniggered.

'Yeh, I remember him saying that. But when was it?' Sylvia asked her twin, stretching out her legs to sit full-weight on the suffocating Timmy's face. She ensured his pointy nose was pressing into her anus to highten her enjoyment and his humiliation.

'Wasn't it when they stayed over for Christmas,' Sarah replied, exerting some force to prevent him from moving his wriggling arms and legs.

'Oh yeh,' her sister went on. 'We were playing with Timmy in the snow and everyone else was inside...'

'And we decided we wanted to wrestle with him,' the other twin continued.

They both laughed. 'And he didn't want to, did you Timmy,' Sylvia said, shifting her bottom just enough to allow him a short intake of much needed oxygen.

'And just as we were about to do to you what we're doing to you now you squealed like a girlie and we had to stop because everyone was coming out to see what was wrong,' Sarah explained.

'But, Timmy,' Sylvia said smirking and smearing her bottom over his smothering face, 'there's no one to hear your screams, not this time.'

They both laughed out loud as one, as their helpless victim lay beneath them being squashed.

'This is just too perfect!' Sylvia breathed.

'Just too perfect,' her sister agreed.

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