tagNonHumanThe Untold Story of Hell Ch. 01

The Untold Story of Hell Ch. 01


Katya had been waiting for her lover. Her cream-colored lace lingerie clung to her body as she answered the door. The back of her silk robe flapped in response to her haste.

"Hurry get in here before someone sees you," Katya snapped at him as she opened the door.

Edward stepped into the apartment. He moved closer to Katya to kiss her. Katya held up her hand and blocked his advance.

"What did you bring me?" Katya asked.

Edward fumbled in the pockets of his trench coat. He found the treasure in the second pocket that he searched. He presented her with a small jewelry box. Katya snatched the gift from his hand and opened the box.

"Oh, this will do," Katya said as she gazed at the earrings ablaze with rubies and heavy diamonds.

Katya slid the jewelry box into the pocket of her robe. She leaned her cheek toward Edward, giving him unspoken permission to kiss her there. After he kissed her cheek, she led him to the bedroom.

Giving Edward a bit of a show, Katya slowly undressed. She lowered her robe and laid it across the armchair in her bedroom. After sliding the straps of her negligee down her shoulders, she held it against her body as she lowered it over her curves. A cream-colored thong was all that remained. She caressed her body, as she loved to do. After tracing the edges of her thong with her red, manicured fingertips, she slipped one hand inside the front of it. Parting her fleshy folds with her finger, she eagerly sought her clit. She moaned as Edward kicked off his shoes and quickly began throwing his clothes from his body.

"Hurry up! We don't have much time," Katya snapped.

Edward rushed to finish removing his clothing, almost stumbling to the floor. Katya laid on the bed, aware of the beauty of her nakedness. She caressed her shoulder, brushing her long, black hair from it.

Edward clumsily kneeled beside her on the bed. He removed her thong and kneeled between her legs. Katya parted her red lips as he pushed his cock into her slit. She feigned a moan as he thrust into her. With her eyes closed, Katya squeezed her nipples.

"Faster!" Katya demanded when Edward paused to adjust his wire-rimmed glasses.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

Thrusting into her wetness with all his might, Edward drank in the beauty of her nakedness below him. He wanted to suck on her dark nipples, but Katya was busy teasing them herself. Edward focused on making himself climax, for there was no pleasing Katya. The bedroom doorknob jiggled.

"Katya, open up!" a voice demanded from the other side of the bedroom door.

"It's my boyfriend. Get off me!" Katya pushed Edward as she whispered her hushed command.

Edward scrambled to get dressed. While Katya walked to the bedroom door, she threw on her robe.

"Sorry, honey. I didn't know it was locked. Just a minute," Katya yelled through the door.

"You're not fooling anyone, Katya. Where is he? Let me at him!" her boyfriend threatened.

"Where is who? Honestly, darling, your imagination has run away with you. I am sick. I just came in here to lie down and now you are banging at the door. You're giving me a headache. Why don't you go make me some tea?" Katya explained.

"I'm not going anywhere until you open this door," her boyfriend stated.

A panicked Edward looked at Katya for guidance. She grabbed his shoulder and pointed to the closet. Edward grimaced at the obvious hiding place, but without any other options, he complied.

Katya unlocked the bedroom door as Edward shut the closet door behind him. Katya's boyfriend nearly knocked Katya to the floor when he flung the door open. This gave Katya the idea to act like she fainted. After she collapsed on the floor with her eyes closed, her boyfriend stepped over her.

"Nice try, Katya. I'm done with your tricks," her boyfriend said.

After a moment spent debating whether to stay with her fainting act or abandon it, Katya sat on the floor.

"He's in the closet! He seduced me!" Katya wailed as she gripped her robe closed.

"Seduced you! Probably more like paid you!" her boyfriend laughed. "What was it this time, Katya? A bracelet? Earrings?"

"Thomas! How could you say such things about me?" Katya stood from the floor.

"Oh, it's quite easy when you have evidence," Thomas said as he emptied a folder of photographs on the bed.

The photographs featured Katya in the company of many different men. The men photographed with Katya were distinguished business men and a few select politicians. After Katya peered at the pictures, she pushed them to the floor.

"This means nothing," Katya attempted to dismiss the evidence against her.

"You can come out of the closet now. Just get out of here!" Thomas yelled.

Edward partially opened the closet door and looked at Thomas.

"Get out!" Thomas yelled.

Edward ran out of the bedroom. His heavy footsteps could be heard as he ran to the front door.

"Coward," Katya snickered.

"I'm done, Katya. I can't even bear to look at you. Get out!" Thomas demanded.

"But, honey," Katya cooed as she moved close to him, allowing her robe to fall open.

Katya put her hand on Thomas' shoulder. He grabbed her hand and clutched her wrist. He held it in the air before throwing her arm away from him. Katya almost fell from the force.

"Get out of here before I do something we will both regret," Thomas threatened.

"You would throw me out in the cold like a stray dog?" Katya cried.

"If the shoe fits..." Thomas said.

Katya screamed as she threw off her robe and started pulling clothes from their closet. She got dressed and grabbed a small suitcase from the closet floor. As she tried to plan where she would go, she selected a few outfits and threw them into the suitcase. After closing the suitcase, she grabbed her purse. She snatched the jewelry box from the pocket of her robe and stuck it in her purse.

While Katya went into the master bathroom, Thomas took her suitcase and carried it to the front door. He threw it down against the front door.

"Hurry up, Katya! Get out of my house!" he yelled.

In the bathroom, Katya put a few make up items in her purse. Under the tampons in the box, she retrieved a few pieces of jewelry she had hidden there. Lastly, she grabbed her pills from the medicine cabinet. The pills were sleeping pills her doctor had given her months ago.

She hurried to the front door. She looked at Thomas one last time, with her eyes pleading for mercy. He opened the front door and threw her suitcase into the hall. As she walked away from her home, Thomas slammed the door closed.

As Katya rode the elevator down to the lobby, she put on her sunglasses to hide her tears. Katya was not crying for the loss of her relationship with Thomas, though she would miss that meal ticket. Katya was feeling sorry for herself.

Her heels clapped against the marble floor of the lobby. She debated whether or not to use the payphones in the lobby to make phone calls to determine her next move. After deciding to flee the scene first, she rolled her suitcase out the front door.

After the doorman held the door for Katya, he hailed a taxi for her at her request. The taxi driver jumped out and put Katya's suitcase in the trunk. After he took his seat, Katya instructed him to drive her to the Cat's Meow.

"The Cat's Meow?" The strip club?" the cab driver asked.

"Yes. Just drive," Katya said not wishing to explain her destination.

Katya regretted the need to return to that hell hole. She had worked her way up from there. At the Cat's Meow, she had met Brad, the wall street broker. The frown in her face deepened as she remembered Brad. He had treated her well enough, buying her diamonds, expensive perfume, and clothes. She had even moved into his penthouse. Then, he changed when he learned she had several wealthy suitors. "What did he expect? Of course, everyone wants me," she thought.

Thomas had rescued her from Brad's moodiness, as Katya called it. Brad had struck Katya in a jealous rage when he discovered that she had been the mistress of a wealthy colleague. She had run to Thomas' open arms and wallet. Now that Thomas had thrown her out, she was alone.

The taxi pulled up to the strip club. For a strip club, the place was classy and catered to society's elite. As she approached the large, front doors, one door flew open. Leaving the strip club was her old friend, Celeste.

"Oh, my God! Katya!" Celeste said as she ran and threw her arms around Katya's neck.

Katya pulled away. "God, Celeste. We're not high school cheerleaders," Katya said with disdain that flowed so naturally from her lips. "Is Mr. Goodman here?"

"Um, yeah. He's in his office," Celeste said, disappointed at Katya's reaction to her.

Celeste walked away from Katya without another word. Katya carried her suitcase into the building. She had expected the bouncer to carry it for her when she saw him at the bar, but he didn't move from his barstool. Katya sighed and continued to the back office. After knocking on the office door, Katya entered.

"Katya, nice to see you again. What brings you here?" Mr. Goodman said after he removed the cigar from his lips.

"I need to use your phone," Katy said.

"I know you didn't come all the way here just to use the phone," Mr. Goodman chuckled. "You want to dance again, don't you? I knew you'd come back," he said.

"I may have to, but I'd like some time to use your phone to try to avoid it if I can," Katya explained.

"You want to use my phone so you won't have to dance? Why would I let you?" Mr. Goodman asked.

"Knowing what I know about you and our dear Celeste, why would you even ask me that? I'm sure Mrs. Goodman would love to hear what goes on..."

"Fine, go ahead. You do what you need to do. I'll be at the bar when you are ready to beg for your job back," Mr. Goodman interrupted her blackmail.

"I beg for no one," Katya hissed.

"Honey, you beg every time you straddle the pole," Mr. Goodman said as he left the office.

Katya felt the bite of his words. When she danced, she was begging for dollars. She knew that and despised her circumstances. She sat at Mr. Goodman's desk and picked up the phone. She dialed the number of one of her wealthy suitors.

"Hello, darling. I need you," Katya purred into the receiver.

"Katya? I can't talk right now," the gruff voice answered.

"But, darling, I want you."

"I'll tell you what you want. Your boyfriend threw you out and you need another wallet to leech. I know all about it Katya. He has pictures. He showed them to me. He actually came to my office and showed me the photos! He threatened to show them to my wife if I help you," he said.

Katya nearly dropped the receiver. "He showed you the pictures?"

"Yes, and he told me that he was going to go to all your lovers and threaten them as well. We can't help you, Katya. Maybe, one of them is stupid enough to risk his reputation and marriage for you, but I certainly am not," he said before he hung up.

With her mouth hanging open, Katya slowly replaced the receiver on the phone. She mentally sifted through her list of lovers in desperation for one that might help her. She knew there was no one. Katya sat in silence several minutes before leaving the office.

As she approached Mr. Goodman at the bar, she fought back tears. Mr. Goodman was talking with the bartender as she prepared for tonight's service. Mr. Goodman stopped talking and watched Katya as she walked toward him.

"Any luck?" he asked.

"I'd like my job back," Katya said.

"Fine. You can dance tonight after Destiny, but you better fix your attitude. I'm doing you this favor because the best clients love you. You better be prepared to show them what you want. Get ready to beg for your supper," Mr. Goodman taunted.

Katya whipped around and strutted towards the dressing room. After the tears flowed, she cleaned herself up and selected her outfit for tonight. She went back to the bar. The bartender took pity on her and gave her a bottle of wine after Mr. Goodman returned to his office.

Katya drank a few cups of wine before the other girls arrived. By the time it was her turn to dance, Katya was drunk. Dressed in a shimmering pink bikini top, matching g-string, and black stilettos, she ascended the steps to the stage. She almost fell more than once.

It took Katya a moment to adjust to the lights and loud music of the club. As she began to dance, she was aware of the men's hoots and whistles. The recollection of the words that Mr. Goodman had said assaulted her. She was a beggar now.

She almost fell when she bent down to welcome a few dollars that were held toward her. Men's thick fingers slid dollars into her g-string. While she removed her top, she caressed her ample breasts. She flung her hair back and attempted to move her body seductively to the music. Feeling dizzy, she had to grab the brass pole to steady herself. It was obvious to her and others that her performance was lacking.

One group of men began booing her pathetic dance. Soon, others chanted for Celeste. Mortified, Katya covered her breasts and ran from the stage. She tripped and fell before making it off the stage. One of the bouncers ran to help her off the stage.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she collapsed on a chair in the dressing room. She covered herself with a robe and plucked the few dollars from her g-string. There was a knock at the door of the dressing room. Mr. Goodman entered.

"I think you lost your touch, Katya," Mr. Goodman said. He had been prepared to mock her performance, but changed his mind when he saw her tears. "Look, maybe you just need to go back to one of the smaller clubs. Get some more practice. Once you dance like you used to, come back here. I'll let you try again. But, you need at least a few months of practice before that."

After Katya nodded, Mr. Goodman left the room. Katya avoided eye contact with the other girls as she got dressed and gathered her belongings. She took the rest of the wine with her as she walked out the back door. Once in the alley behind the strip club, she broke down crying.

She had nowhere to go. She didn't even have enough money for a hotel room. She thought of waiting until morning and pawning her jewelry. That thought was shameful to her. After the humiliation of pawning her jewelry, she'd have enough money to stay at a hotel for maybe a month. Then, she'd be homeless again. The thought of prostituting herself crossed her mind. "More begging. I beg for no one," Katya told herself.

Dancing in a seedy strip club was also like begging. She had little chance of even making enough money to survive. She leaned against the brick wall of the club and lowered herself to the ground. She sat against the wall, drinking what little wine she had left.

Before the last few gulps of wine, she took the sleeping pills from her purse. Dumping the contents of the pill bottle into her palm, she cried as she made up her mind. She took the pills, four or five of them at a time. She wanted this to be over. As the massive dose of sleeping pills overwhelmed her system, her life drifted from her body.

"I just want it to be over," she whispered with her dying breath.

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