tagNonHumanThe Untold Story of Hell Ch. 02

The Untold Story of Hell Ch. 02


A warmth seemed to awaken Katya. The memory of her suicide by a sleeping pill overdose was hazy and dreamlike. Her hands were bound in front of her. She was being pulled forward. When she took a step forward, she felt the resistance of hot, heavy chains around her ankles. She also realized at that moment that she was naked as were the others.

She was not alone. Her chains were attached to the chains of the soul in front of her. More people were behind Katya as well. The line of people inched forward at the command of an intimidating demon at the front of the line.

The black demon loomed above the mortals under his command. When the demon pointed at a long, narrow bridge, the first person in the line hesitated. The demon's whip sliced through the air as a threat to those at the front of the line.

On the other side of the bridge, a huge, stone arch was guarded by two more, large, black demons. They stood in front of the black gate that covered the archway. "The gate to hell?" Katya thought, but she had no answers.

Slowly, the line of people progressed over the shaky bridge. Every shift of the bridge terrorized Katya as they walked across it. Under the bridge, Katya could see a deep crevasse. There was no visible limit to its depth. Several people screamed as the bridge lurched from side to side. Katya refused to show fear. "I'm already dead. What more could happen?" she told herself as her resentment toward the weakness of the others grew.

As they reached the other side of the crevasse, a demon ushered them forward. While others bowed their heads in shame and cowered in fear, Katya held her head high. When they reached the area in front of the gate, it clamored and screeched as it opened.

After walking through the archway, they approached a group of black demons that waited for them. Two of the demons walked along the line, inspecting the people. One demon grabbed Katya's jaw and looked into her eyes. The heat from his hand burned her skin. The demon slid one hand down the front of Katya, groping her breasts and feeling her flat stomach. Katya gasped as one of the demon's fingers rested above her slit before he shoved her to the ground.

The demons seemed to argue until the one who had inspected Katya took hold of the chain and moved forward. The demon's pace caused a few people to stumble and struggle back to their feet. Screeching, the demon yanked the chain which was counterproductive. Several people fell and were dragged as they scrambled to get back on their feet.

"Come on!" a deep voice thundered. It took Katya a minute to realize that the voice was the demon's.

As the demon led the chained people along a rocky path, Katya began to feel the pangs of thirst and the tortuous heat. After a journey that seemed to take hours, the demon stopped. He was joined by a large, black dog with teeth bared. The demon seemed to command the dog as it growled at Katya and the others, but didn't dare bite them.

"As long as you do as you are told, the dog will not hurt you. One command from me, and he will attack. Understood?" the demon explained as he unchained the group.

The wings of the black demon flapped as he unchained Katya. An evil grin spread across his face as he released Katya's wrists and ankles. Once everyone was freed from the chains, he pointed to a mountain of rocks.

"Those rocks! Move them all! You will carry them there and make a wall," he said as he pointed to a clearing where the wall was to be constructed.

Katya sighed and walked toward the pile of rocks. Every movement in the horrific heat was difficult. Her pace was much slower than usual, though faster than when she had been encumbered with the heavy chains.

"Come on! Move!" the demon yelled.

The dog barked and nipped at their heels. Katya and the others ran from the dog. When she reached the pile of rocks, she lifted a small one. The smallest one she could find weighed at least thirty pounds. She struggled to carry it to the clearing, which was about 150 feet from the pile. Some of the people worked together to carry larger rocks.

By the time Katya delivered the rock to the clearing, she was exhausted. She walked back to the pile and repeated the process. This time, she had to stop and rest on the way to the clearing. The demon yelled at her to get up. She stood, picked up the rock, and continued.

Katya pushed herself to keep up with the others the best that she could. Some of the men were able to move much faster and carry larger rocks. Katya didn't try to match her pace to theirs. She just didn't want to be behind all the others. Katya wasn't the only one struggling. Katya was working beside three others who were desperately trying to keep pace in order to avoid unwanted attention from the demon. Any time one of them lagged behind, the demon gestured to the dog. The dog would bark and nip at their heels to force them to move faster.

As the others worked, the demon swooped down and took hold of Katya's wrist. He pulled her aside. Before saying anything, he traced one of her nipples with a finger.

"Would you like to keep working with the others, or would you like an easier life?" he asked her while continuing to fondle her.

"An easier life!" Katya said immediately. She would have done anything to avoid the hard work in the oppressive heat.

"Hmmm... good," he said as he jerked her toward a large, flat rock.

The demon ordered the dog to watch the others before he turned all his attention to Katya. He told Katya to lie down on the rock. The rock was scorching hot against Katya's skin. She reminded herself that anything was better than manual labor in this heat as she laid down.

After she was lying down, the demon forced her legs apart. He inserted one of his black, spindly fingers into her. She arched her back and yelled as his finger entered her slit.

"Yes! Yell, bitch!" the demon growled.

He pushed her thighs apart and upwards. His monstrous cock pushed against her clit. Katya, desperate for any pleasant sensation, wiggled her hips slightly in an attempt to rub her clit against the head of his cock.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" the demon said.

Letting go of one of her thighs, he stepped back and pressed her clit with his finger. She moaned as he rubbed her clit. After he slid that finger into her wetness, he continued to rub her clit with his thumb. Katya writhed in pleasure. She avoided looking at the face of the demon, for that's what nightmares are made of.

Though the demon's caress was rough against her sensitive clit, Katya still enjoyed the lust and pleasure that burned inside her. Katya shuddered and whimpered as the fingers of the demon brought her to orgasm. He bit her nipple as she trembled. The demon kept teasing her sensitive clit. Katya begged him to fuck her even though she doubted his cock would even fit inside her.

"You got what you want, now give me what I want. Fight me, bitch! After I fuck you, I'm going to beat you!" the demon yelled.

As she turned to crawl away from him, he grabbed her and forced her down on her back. She kicked and clawed at the demon. He laughed and held her thighs beside his hips. She kept fighting as he forced his cock inside her wetness. Katya screamed and scratched him. Only more turned on by her struggle, he pounded her pussy. While he thrust into her, he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head against the rock.

Though Katya feared what the demon might do to her after he fucked her, she couldn't help but be turned on by the demon's forceful sex. He wanted her. Maybe if she fought him, he wouldn't hurt her too much so that he could do it again. Katya became wetter at the thought of being repeatedly raped by the demon. She soon cried out as she reached orgasm again.

"Oh, you love this as much as I do, don't you? From now on, you're my bitch!" the demon said.

His statement eased Katya's fear of any beating. She struggled to get free, as she knew the demon enjoyed holding her down as he fucked her. Some of his thrusts were painful. Katya winced a few times as the demon pounded into her.

The demon bit her nipple again as he pushed into her. Even though Katya was looking away to avoid seeing him, she can feel his hot breath on her body. After letting go of her wrists, he gripped her hips and thrust faster. His wings flapped, which sent a chill across Katya's naked body. His fingernails dug into Katya's hips as he came. The hot semen flowed into Katya, burning her sensitive skin even as it dripped from inside her.

When the demon was finished with her, he pulled her up by her arms and set her feet on the ground. He twisted some of her long, black hair around one of his fingers.

"You may rest for now, but don't wander too far. I may want you again soon," the demon said before returning to check the progress on the wall being built.

Katya sat on the ground. After checking her superficial bruises and burns, she sighed and resigned herself to being the demon's whore.

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