tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Weather Girl Ch. 03

The Weather Girl Ch. 03


The small staff of the TV station had gathered by the coffee pot, which was at the far end of the news room and far away from Mr. Maletta's office. As Dana went over to that side of the room, she noticed that the noise coming from the boss's office was nearly impossible to hear. She assumed that this was where they gathered, when she was used by him and cried out loudly at his abuse. She took it as a sign of respect for the women he used, and that the staff tried to distance themselves from the scene of his bizarre behavior.

However, as she approached the others, she heard them talking about another whore on the news crew. The heartless bastards merely assembled there to gossip and make filthy comments about Maletta's women.

Up until yesterday, he had never used his position to coerce any of the hired help to provide him with the intimate pleasure of their company. Dana's terrible financial situation and her daughter's need for surgery, coupled with her poor ratings as the weather girl, had put her in a position to be fired. She had begged and pleaded to keep her job, and then made it obvious to Mr. Maletta that she would do what ever he wanted. She flat out told him she would do anything to please him.

Everyone knew about the hookers that came by the office to please him. And the cries of their torment could be heard outside of his office door. He paid well for their services and rarely saw the same girl twice.

Dana was certain that his violation of a strict company policy about relations between management and employees was triggered by her offer and, of course her enormous breasts. His blatant, lustful gazes at her 44 EE chest had been obvious. She had lived with those leering glances all of her adult life. But Bobby Maletta, in his capacity as owner and manager of the small town broadcast studio, had openly glared at her bouncing mounds. And now she had given herself to him as a common whore, in exchange for his help with her bills and her daughter's operation.

Once he had crossed the line, he apparently wasn't going stop at just having Dana to abuse. Somehow, he had been able to secure a second whore from within the ranks of the station. Poor Kim Wilson was now in there with him and her cries were leaking out for all to hear.

As Dana walked up to the group at the coffee counter, Tom White, the old sports reporter, said, "Well I see the weather whore has decided to join us. Aren't we lucky?"

Dana knew that she would have to contend with these types of degrading comments from the rest of the staff. It was only yesterday that she was the prudish untalented woman doing the weather report. Now they viewed her as a slut who screwed the boss to keep her job. Well, they were right.

Mr. Maletta got off on abusing and humiliating the women he fucked. He had had made his intentions quite clear to Dana. If she wanted his help then she had to openly be his whore. He would degrade her in front of others for his own sick emotional needs. She had even agreed to fuck anyone else whom he ordered her to pleasure. His joy at seeing her naked breasts swaying before him and watching them bounce, as he slapped them cruelly, was matched by his joy at her self debasement.

She glared at Tom and told him, "Go ahead Tom, get it all out of your system." Dana hoped that would shut him up. But it only encouraged him to continue with his insults.

She had deliberately not put on her jacket, leaving her with nothing more than her extremely sheer blouse and the black bra, with the holes cut out for her nipples. Mr. Maletta had told her he expected her to make it clear to the staff that she was his slut now and he wanted her to look the part.

Tom sneered at her, as he looked over her huge breasts on display beneath the thin blouse. "You have no shame at all, do you? You go into his office and scream bloody murder, as he fucks you; but you love it that's obvious. You finally got him with those fat cow udders of yours. And now, I suppose, we'll have to put up with them flopping around the news room. How long do you think he'll keep you around? Do you really think that a whore like you will last very long with him? He likes a lot of woman. You're just another in a long line of easy cunts that have strolled through here. You'll be gone in a few weeks. But don't expect any of the rest of us to buddy up to a whore like you."

His comments hurt like hell, but she wasn't about to let him see it. If she garnered sympathy from any of them, Mr. Maletta would notice it. It would ruin his joy at watching her be degraded in front of the others. And that just might trigger the very action that Tom was suggesting was inevitable. She would do anything to save her five year old daughter, Betsy. And if that meant acting like a whore; then a whore she would be.

Dana looked Tom in the eye and told him, "How I keep my job is not your concern. We all use what we can to get ahead." She hefted her huge bosoms in her hands and said, "I use these. I'm woman enough to admit it. I'm trying to earn a living, just like you."

With righteous contempt, he replied, "Yes, but I'm not on my knees sucking some guys cock. You might as well walk the street and turn tricks. As a matter of fact, we would all prefer you did that than to do your whoring around here."

With equal contempt, she shot back, "Well I'm going to be the best damn whore he's ever fucked. I'm going to suck his cock and let him do what ever he wants with me. There's nothing I won't do to make him happy. So what are you going to do? He sure as hell isn't into fucking an old man like you. So what are you going to do to save your job, when the time comes; and you must know that time is near."

Tom White was finally silenced by her outrageous statement. The pompous ass had thought he could humiliate her in front of his fellow workers, but he had failed. Her willingness to admit that she was a whore, had taken the wind out of his sails. While his words had stung, she had found strength in her determination to do what was necessary to help her daughter. And that made the role she had to play palatable.

After an awkward silence, one of the cub reporters, Billy, quietly said, "Well honestly, I like your new look Dana. I think you look fabulous."

She turned to him, thrust out her chest and told him, "What you really mean is that you like to stare at my tits. Well go ahead, I don't mind."

As the kid shamelessly leered at her oversized breasts, the intercom phone on her desk buzzed. She left the coffee klatch and moved quickly to answer it. Mr. Maletta was calling and in his normal mean gravelly voice ordered her to, "Get your fat tits in here slut. You've got some clean up to do," and then he hung up.

She knew that her position at work was going to be like this or worse, until she had figured out a way to pay him for his financial assistance. The problem was, she couldn't see her way clear. So she would be his whore to use whenever it pleased him, for quite a while.

She nearly forgot to disrobe, before entering his office. There was as yet no where to put her clothes, so she folded them, as she peeled them off and placed them on the floor. When she turned to go in, she saw the cub reporter, Billy, taking in the full measure of her charms. He had been the one to try and show a little kindness, in the face of Tom's vulgar assault, even though the kid's interest was obviously her huge boobs. She lifted one large breast to him and kissed the nipple, and then blew him a kiss. He grinned sheepishly, as she entered Mr. Maletta's office.

What she saw shocked her. Kim was totally nude and on her back on the sofa. Her legs were spread wide and she had obviously just been fucked by their brutish boss. Dana knew that she had no choice, but couldn't fathom why in the world Kim Wilson would allow him to use her.

She looked back at Mr. Maletta and saw an evil grin on his face. He informed her, "Kim's my new slut. She doesn't quite have the same status as you, but she'll fuck me when I want her too. Your job, for now, is to clean her cunt for her. Get down on your knees and suck my cum out of her pussy."

He threw Dana a challenging glare and she realized that he was testing her to see if she was going to obey him. She had let him know that she would reluctantly be with another woman, if he so demanded. But she hadn't foreseen Kim as a woman that she would have to be with. She was Dana's only real friend here, and that friendship was rather new and fragile.

In spite of Dana's own dilemma, she wondered what poor Kim had gotten herself into to be at Bobby's mercy.

She walked over to the sofa slowly, letting her huge breasts sway for Bobby's viewing pleasure. After all, she thought, I still have to protect my delicate situation here. I don't want to cause him to back out of our deal.

Before she reached the sofa, Bobby had her in his grasp and began clutching at her heavy hanging bosoms. She made no attempt to stop him. In deed, she arched her back giving him easier access to her bulbous melons. He hefted them and grunted like an animal, as he groped her tender flesh. Then, without another word, he pushed her down at Kim's wide spread legs.

When Dana gazed at the loins of her friend, she saw that Kim was a real blond. She had trimmed her pubic hair to a tiny bikini cut. The fur was thin and light blond, easily revealing the folds of her swollen pussy, from which, oozed Maletta's thick gooey cum.

Dana had been with another woman, a girl really, when she was eighteen. They had both been curious about sex and pleasured each other just once to see what it was like. It was actually quite innocent, and while she had enjoyed it, going Lesbo was just not her cup of tea.

Knowing that Bobby was watching, she moved her face down to Kim's pussy and began by licking the swollen labia clean. Then she drove her tongue gently into Kim's tunnel and got the full flavor of Bobby's cum mixed with the lubrication of her friend. She made as much noise as possible to impress upon her boss that she was doing a good job of it.

He said, "Maybe tomorrow I'll have you two bitches eat each other for me. You know, put on a little show for the boss. Then I'll fuck one of you. We'll see how it goes."

He grabbed a handful of Dana's hair and pulled her back away from Kim's abused loins and tossed her on the floor. To Kim he said, "From now on I don't want to see any more panties covering that cunt. It's garter belt and stockings or crotchless pantyhose. When I tell you to suck, you suck. When I tell you to fuck, you fuck. You understand?"

Kim had tears of shame running down her face, as she answered, "Yes sir."

He smugly looked at Dana and then back at Kim. "Another thing bitch. The same dress code applies to you as it does with Dana. Sexy stuff out there, but before you come in here, you strip and leave your clothes out there. Lingerie is OK, but nothing else." She nodded her agreement.

He sat in his chair and looked over the two beautiful babes he now had under his thumb and told them, "Get out and report to makeup. I already gave that fagot instructions on how I want you bitches to look. We're going with heavier eye makeup and long sexy looking hair. Just let him do the work and don't complain to him about it. He's under orders, just like you two. Now go."

Dana helped Kim quickly dress then walked out with her. She was dying to know what Bobby had on Kim that would cause her to surrender her considerable charms to a beast like him.

Once outside his office, she realized that her clothes were missing. Some son of a bitch had taken them. She knew that Billy had seen her put them there, but she doubted that he was behind the prank. Tom was the most likely suspect. That rotten fucker. She wanted to rip his balls off, but she knew that Bobby would find her predicament hilarious, so he probably wouldn't help her deal with it.

When she explained the situation to Kim, her friend looked concerned for her and told her, "I've got a spare running suit in my car. Should I get it for you?"

"Thanks, but no Kim. I'm going to deal with this. It's no secret what I do in there for him and he wants me to be a whore, so why hide the obvious."

Before leaving to confront Tom, she asked Kim, "I know it's a difficult subject for you, but just how did he rope you in?"

Kim looked away and teared up as she spoke. "The station in Atlanta wants to see recordings of some of my work. Bobby said he could send some of my best stuff, or he could send them my screw ups. It was up to me what he sent them." She looked back at Dana and confessed, "When I first started here, I screwed up a lot. I improved quickly, but the record of my flops is well documented. He could ruin my career. So, as he said, I'm the new fucker around here. He did promise not to be too abusive. He pointed out that he had you for that."

Dana hugged her and said, "I'm so sorry that he's got to be such an asshole. At least you have a shot at a better position. You're pretty and smart and talented. I'm really not all that smart and I know I'm not very good at the weather. All I've got going for me are these two big tits. I just hope they hold up long enough to save my little Betsy."

Kim gave her a peck on the cheek and told her, "Just in case your clothes have completely disappeared, I'll go get that running suit for you."

Kim went one way and Dana headed straight for Tom White's desk. Other than stockings, heels and the stupid damn bra with the holes in it, she was nude. She ignored the stares from the others and pulled up abruptly before a shocked Tom White. Loudly she asked, "Where are my clothes, you fucking piece of shit?"

He was caught completely off guard and looked quite guilty. "I...I ah...I don't know what you're talking about." Then he regained a bit of composure and said, "You shouldn't be running around like that. You look like the low life slut that you are, with your fat tits poking out and your shaved pussy drooling for another session with the boss."

Dana wasn't derailed by his insult. She changed directions on him. "Listen smartass, I've got a show to do and I'll need those clothes to go on the air. So unless you want to explain to Mr. Maletta why my fat tits are hanging out, you'd better give them back."

She could see him considering what she had said, as his eyes ranged over her naked form. She made no attempt to hide her charms. From the corner of her eye, she realized that the rest of the office staff was staring at her. She wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. It was humiliating to stand there and argue with him, while he enjoyed the pleasure of her nudity; but she forced herself to ignore her demeaning situation.

With a smutty grin, he told her, "Oh hell, alright! I hid your things in your desk draw. I was just pulling a prank. What difference does it make to a whore like you anyway?"

When she turned to walk away, he smacked her on the ass and said, "A little too much pork on your rump, but a real nice set of tits."

She didn't look back as she flipped him the bird and shouted, "Fuck you."

Dana retrieved her clothes and without putting them on went to the prep room for the people who would be in front of the camera. There was only one man who did both makeup and hair. Conrad (Conni) was a real sweet heart and he was quite gay, but Dana thought the world of him. He was funny and very good at what he did. He would be working in a bigger market studio, if he wasn't a drag queen. Mr. Maletta let him come in to work dressed any way he wished. Kim had told her that Conni did the work of two people, but was paid for one job. It saved the company money.

When she plopped down in the chair to be prepped, he gave her a worried glance. She began to cry and said, "Oh God Conni, I'm a dirty whore."

He shushed her and shot right back, "Oh baby, don't you sweat it. All of you are whores of some kind, even that old fart, Tom. And as for being dirty...what good is a whore if she ain't dirty. I know what goes on around here, believe you me. Everybody thinks I'm just the dumb cocksucker that does the makeup, but I see things and I hear things. We're all just doing the best that we can; so you hang in there sweetcheeks."

She laughed and they chatted about what Bobby wanted her to look like and how her hair should be done. He never said a word about the fact that she was nude, when she walked in. Bless his heart.

By the time Conni had finished, she looked like a porno queen, at least that's what Conni told her. Her eyes were loaded with black liner above and below her eye lids, the dark eye shadow was heavily applied and her cheeks were hi-lighted to an extreme limit. Her hair had been mid length, but with the addition of extensions, she now had long flowing tresses, which hugged her face and fell about her shoulders.

Conni helped her dress and told her, "Mr. Maletta wants the viewing audience to see a little of your black brassiere beneath your blouse, so only use the bottom two buttons on your jacket. Oh, and leave the top four buttons undone on your blouse, because he wants to see a nice burst of cleavage."

The prep room was small and had but two chairs in it, one for hair and one for makeup. Kim had quietly taken a seat next to Dana, as Connie finished her preparation. When Dana stood and took in her image in the full length mirror she said, "Great, I look just like he wanted. After this broadcast, it'll be official. I'm a whore. Men will be masturbating every time the weather slut is on the tube."

Connie broke out in laughter and offered, "Honey, I suspect men have been jerking off, while fantasizing about those big hooters for a long time."

Kim looked her over and, in a kind way, said, "Well I must say that it's inappropriate for a news program. But of course that's not our call. On the other hand, you look hot as hell. You are definitely going to generate some interest in our viewers." Then turning to Connie she sighed and said, "Alright sweetie, it's my turn to get whored up."

Dana sat next to Kim, as the prep artist did his thing. He really was very good at his job. She didn't want to go back out into the news room, until it was time for her to ready her report. After all, she needed to know what the weather was going to be. She wasn't a meteorologist, but she had extensively studied the trade and knew how to translate the technical information to the laymen who watched her report.

Finally Mr. Maletta came by to see how they looked. Showing no sympathy for the feelings of the two women he said, "Well now, let's get a good look at my two news whores." Connie showed remarkable sensitivity by turning away and ignoring the crude comment.

He had Dana stand then move around a little bit. "Come on bitch, make those tits move. Give 'em some action. Now bend forward like you're pointing at south Texas. That's better, now we can see that amazing cleavage."

He then pointed at Kim and said, "You'll do for today, but starting tomorrow, it's going to be much shorter skirts and tighter shirts." He thoughtlessly grabbed Kim's breasts and said, "Maybe some tight sweaters and when you got on a blouse, leave the top buttons open. You ain't got as much tit flesh as the freak here, but what you got looks great."

He seemed very pleased when he left, but they were mortified.

Dana went to her desk and used her computer to log onto the national weather service files for TV news professionals. It gave her the info she need to patch together a decent weather report. She worked up a standard broadcast report and practiced her presentation, while timing it. Getting all of the info into a specific time slot was the key to keeping the news broadcast on schedule.

People moved about, while she prepared and the other faces of the news were rehearsing just as she was. No one bothered the talent doing this critical period. It was a strict rule in every radio and TV studio in the country. Tom White walked by and glanced at her, but he honored the concept of prep time, by not interrupting her efforts to rehearse. Dana thought it's probably the only thing he does honor.

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