tagLoving WivesThey Are Not Mine!

They Are Not Mine!


This is a burn the bitch down story. The question is not if she will get caught, that is a given. The question is not if she will be punished, it is how badly.

So if you can't handle that -- DON'T FUCKING READ THIS STORY.

You will also note that not once do I name anyone, I just identify them in other ways.

And yes I do change tense and person, it is called life, keep up people.


We had a wonderful marriage; at least I thought we did.

She was a beautiful woman, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and the love of my life. I loved her from the first time I saw her in a class in college. We were in love from that first minute. We dated only each other and I never even kissed another woman after I met her. I never wanted anyone else. She was my entire life.

I had only had a few girlfriends and most of my romantic experience was with her, my one true love, and her alone. She was the standard by which I measured all carnal pleasure and emotional stability and I found those that went before me to be lacking, and none would follow.

We married right out of college. I got a good job but I was also a trust fund baby too, but no one knew that, not even my wife; that was part of the terms of the trust.

But she had a problem; she hated sex except when she was pregnant. Of course I did not know that when I married her, but I found out after the first year and the first baby. I would have still married her, because I was just so deeply in love with her.

We did not have much sex when we first started dating but that was because she was a virgin and was shy and reserved. But after we got married I realized that what we originally had that first year was a veritable waterfall of delight compared with what marriage had in store for me.

We had honeymoon sex and lots of sex when we first got married but that is to be expected, but then there was a change. She got pregnant early in our first year together and after she was pregnant I got sex every day, twice a day, three times a day, if I wanted; and I wanted. She only sucked my cock to keep it up but I ate her pussy all the time. She was always dripping wet for me. I came home from work and she was hot and dripping. She would ride my face and suck my cock a little and I mean that woman could juice like no one I ever heard of.

Then she had our first baby and it all changed.

When she was not pregnant it was only twice a month and then only with a rubber on. I got the bloody pussy. I only got sex when she was spotting just before her period and a day before her period ended. Other than that, nothing, and I mean nothing. Once in awhile I got sex during the month, but not very often, and then she would get pregnant and she did not want to get pregnant. So she would blame me but then despite the blame it would be constant sex until the baby was born and then it reverted to nothing again.

She said I was just too potent for her to have sex with, unless I had already gotten her pregnant, which was always a late night accident. It was strange but she always accused me of having sex with her during the middle of the night and I would wake up in her bed or in my bed with her next to me, but I really did not remember having any sex.

She was always sweet and loving to me though. I don't remember ever getting a cross word from her. While there was no intercourse she was big on kissing and would kiss me like she had not seen me for a month when I first got home from work. I mean I got more tongue that any man ever got when I walked into that front door.

And we went out to dinner all the time and everyone loved my wife. She was charming and friendly and an asset to my attempts to move up with my work and in our home lives. My bosses loved her, my co-workers loved her, she was a favorite of the neighborhood cookouts, and everyone thought she was fantastic, the perfect wife. I was so proud to be her husband I showed her off all the time.

I know that she could have taken a pill but it was bad for her and it made her sick. She could have used an IUD but you know what they say about them. How do you remove an IUD, you take it out of the baby's hand. She did not want me fucking her with a rubber on when she was fertile because she was afraid it would break so no sex even then. I wore one when I got my twice a month allocation but that was all.

But she was tender as a ripe peach. She could walk by a counter and get a bruise. She always had them. I would ask about them and it was either a countertop or she fell over, tripped on the steps, or hit a shelf in a store, and since she had rather large breasts they were always bruised too. I felt so sorry for her.

When she was not pregnant there was no oral and no anal, there was no anything. There was never any anal for me anyway. She did tell me I could eat her pussy or her ass but if I could not fuck her too I left her alone. I mean if she is not going to suck me off while I eat her out I really don't care how dripping she is, I am not going there. A man has to have some pride. I tried but even if I ate her pussy she would not suck my cock, she said she did not want my sperm inside of her unless she was already pregnant. After a while I did not eat her unless she was pregnant and would do something for me too. She was pretty self centered in that respect, but I still loved her and she was still sweet to me all the time.

First she demanded a separate bed by saying it is sexy to come to me in my bed and she hated a wet spot so I had to sleep in it. Then she said I snored and we got separate bedrooms. It was lucky I had a large home that I inherited from my family, but it was part of a trust and I did not tell anyone. She never knew how much money I had, but she had no problem spending without knowing.

But there were some times every few years when I would get a little during the month and sure enough she would come up pregnant. She cussed at me like crazy but as she was already pregnant it was sex two and three times a day until the baby was born and then nothing. She was always dripping and hot for it when she was pregnant. I thought myself lucky to have a wife that was that horny for me, even if it was only when she was pregnant.

I was good to her when she was pregnant, not just sex wise either. I brought her special treats to eat, I gave her hours of back and leg and foot massages. I rubbed her forehead and oiled her body to limit stretch marks. I would keep a baby monitor in her room and she would call if she needed anything and I would come in during the middle of the night and do what ever she needed. I talked to the baby through her stomach.

Because she had problems carrying a child to term I fixed her favorite meals and I even cleaned the house and did the laundry, anything to limit the possibility of a miscarriage. You would be surprised at how many times we washed the bed sheets, she was clean like that. She wanted our nest perfect for my and the children. If you are a man and your woman is carrying your child you do everything you can to show her how much you love her and appreciate what she is doing for you. All this I did and I worked too.

When each baby was born I was there, and I was there at Lamaze classes before that. I invested a lot of time into the birth. When we were going to leave the hospital for home I would carefully carry her from the wheelchair to the car seat, with a special padding so it would not hurt her. I took the long way home where there were fewer bumps on the road to irritate her body. After all, she was the way she was because of me and her love for me, so I did what I could to make her life comfortable. At night I fed the baby, she did not want to breast feed. I bathed the baby, I changed the diapers. I had a second baby monitor for the baby's room but she insisted that the baby sleep in my room, not hers or a separate room, so that I would always be there for the baby and for her too. I walked the baby in the middle of the night. I lived and breathed her baby as she slept the night away. Did I mind, not even for a nanosecond!

As they got older I went to the pre-school and enrolled them. I fed them in the morning and dressed them for their day. I bought them clothes, they were living dolls I got to play with every day and they brought joy to my heart. I read them stories and I played with them when I got home. She said it was my turn as she had the baby all day and I was at work being lazy so it was my job when I was there. Actually it was not a job, it was a pleasure. I loved my children.

When the second, third and fourth ones came I did the same things for my wife, she who carried in her the obvious creation of our love. She worked me like a field hand. The second one was a bit harder as I had a two year old to watch also. But I managed and soon I was sleeping in the babies' room on a cot I brought in. I had the children bond with each other too. It was important, they were family and family should stick together all the time. Nothing should ever get in between family, it was a lesson I learned early in life, before my parents died in an auto accident.

By the time the third one came around I had a four year old and a two year old and it was not easy either. But nothing worthwhile is easy and my wife did take care of them during the day.

She had five beautiful children and I worked hard to keep them and their mommy in comfort. The fifth was just recently. All five are girls. The oldest is ten, then eight, and six and four now only one year old.

The hardest thing to learn is that none of them are mine!

How I found out is not important, what is important is that I now have all the proof I need to destroy her, but I needed to make it hurt, really hurt. She needs to hurt as badly as I do and her lovers too. Lovers, what a joke that word is, the whore's cunt fuckers, and they will hurt beyond their ability to even feel pain.

I knew before the last one was born that none of them were mine. She had four steady fuck buddies and she had given them each a child; isn't that precious.

I was supporting her and she was giving other men babies. Fucking them bareback every fucking day, taking the pill, and going off when she wanted to give them a baby and name me cuck.

They got together all the time when I was not around. We had a cabin, it was also in the trust, not far away and she would go there and fuck all four of them, all at once. She would take the babies and ignore them or lock them in a room.

Why the long break in between the two last kids, well she got herself a new permanent fuck buddy, a horse cock half black and to her reasoning he needed to breed her too, it was only fair.

So the obvious question is how was she going to pass off a black baby on me? That was an easy one, in her mind. I am Sicilian and the fucking Islamic Moors enslaved my island and most of southern Italy for over a hundred years, sacking Rome a few times, long before the Crusades. So when she had a half black breed her, the bastard was one quarter and she said it was mine. I have a cousin that has a daughter that looks like she is right out of Africa and a DNA shows she was his, so it is somewhere in the gene pool.

She even tried this bull shit of faking a DNA for the last one, a nigger baby. She already had fuck buddy's DNA in a container so she gave me a similar container right there in the hospital. She knew I felt something was up and had for a long time. She had the black bitch bastard giving a DNA sample via a cheek swab and when I went out to ask the nurse for a pen I came back and watched her put the names on the tubes and put them into the envelope and hand it to me for posting. My tube with my DNA went under the covers and her half nigger got my name written on it and off for the DNA match.

I mailed it off, knowing the results would show the father was the name on the tube and that was her black breeder and not me. I ran a second test, even thought I did not need it. I was not the father for this one either.

I already had video of her and her new black buck fucking a baby into her as well as the others too. Apparently my whore of a wife needed a lot of cock so she got it, but almost always the same guys did the fucking, until blackie showed up. He was a new one in the breeding pit. But breeding or not they all fucked her daily, or at least two of them at a time did, but not always the same two. And she was not immune to the charms of other men. If you wanted to charm her into sex all you needed to say was something like "Give me some pussy you whore" or another charmer for her was "Suck my cock slut and my buddies and I will make you airtight." Any smooth talker could do it. You have no idea of the video and audio I have of her.

I put a video in her car that captured fucking inside and on the front hood and rear trunk, with audio. I had an audio recorder in her purse, inside of the handle. Fucking cunt was not as smart as she thought.

They used the cabin for the big orgy but my house for less than all of them, but that was not the rule, sometimes they did the orgy there too. I had my own bedroom and that is where they usually had them. Not usually in her bedroom but mine. You would not believe what they smeared on my bed and pillow.

I knew it and never slept on the bed or in the bedroom. I slept in the walk in closet on the floor. She slept someplace else and so did I. I had a sleeping bag in the closet in a brain box, you know those large briefcases that pilots carry with all the maps and stuff in them. Well I had one and it had a down sleeping bag in it and blow up mattress. All the time I was doing this I hated her more and more and planning my vengeance. It would be total and there would be no mercy.

The stupid cunt loved to talk so this is what I found out from watching more than two years of her fucking other men. Why did I wait two years? It takes time to do what I wanted to do and to do it right. It did not cost me anything compared to what I intended for it to cost her.

After you see what I learned you will understand my desire to hurt her, and I mean hurt her badly, as in total and complete destruction. And I don't mean just killing her, that would not take long enough and I wanted her to pray for death, cry for death, and for death to be something for her to look forward to. And her main fuck buddies were going to have the same reward for what they did to me.

She told her new fuck buddy and the others why and how, although I still don't understand it and I don't think they did either. Hell I don't think she knew. She just did it.

She said, "Hate is not rational, it just is. I hated him from the first moment I saw him and from that moment I enjoyed hurting him, injuring him, damaging him, taking from him that which he valued most, defiling it knowing that one day, long after he could ever do anything about it, I would hurt him to his very core, even if he now does not know it as I am doing it; one day he would.

"That is the beauty of it, I hurt him and he never knows it. It is like I was cutting him, just a little nick here and one there, until one day he realizes he is bleeding to death. It is enough that I know it, that you my friends know it. It does not have to be rational, it just is, so don't fucking worry about It." she told them.

"That is the way I felt about him and still do. The sap was just so easy to fuck over and I loved the feeling of doing it. The first day he kissed me I had sucked off a guy and let him cum in my mouth just because I had the feeling he wanted to kiss me and I had another guys cum dripping out of my ass and pussy too. The first night he fucked me I told him I was a virgin and bled on him. Actually I was on the rag and even had a guy fuck me and cum in me before he did. I fucked anyone I could before I met him and after I met him.

"I deny him sex but give it away to you guys daily. He has never had sex with me where he did not get to stick his puny cock into another mans cum. He can't fuck worth a shit and I have faked it every time, when I even bother to fake it; most of the time I just lay there and yawn and not even pretend to be involved. After you guys fuck me I can't even feel that little thing in me. He has never eaten me except to taste another man's cum. I never suck his cock to completion and it goes without saying that he has never cum in my mouth, even by accident.

"I intentionally get pregnant and watch him play his stupid fucking "loving husband and father" game and I laugh behind his back because it has never been his kid. There were a few times when it might have been his child so I just killed them; I have had almost a dozen abortions.

"We go out to dinner and I know everyone who works there. I go into the bathroom and suck a few off and maybe let one cum in my ass or pussy. I love sitting there playing the loving wife with another man's cum inside of me. I love to kiss him "thank you for a wonderful dinner" knowing another man has just cum in my mouth. We go to neighborhood events and I get fucked at least four times when he is right there talking to the neighbors. I just go into a bathroom or garage or even next door and do it. At times when I am pregnant I have them fuck me and I tell him I am so hot that he needs to eat me and then fuck me. The fucking is boring, but what I enjoy is that he is eating some neighbor's cum out of my pussy. And I love to sit on his face and have him eat me and my lover's cum knowing that I am also dripping cum from my ass onto his face.

"I meet him every day with a kiss, right after you guys leave me with a mouth full of cum.

"Why do I do it? I do it because I fucking hate his guts. I want to humiliate him every possible way. I want everyone but him to know what a whore I am so they all know what a whore he is unknowingly fucking, when I even let him fuck me. It is not rational, it is not logical, it just is."

I listened to years of such rants and I have listed them above, but they came in pieces for me. Each one killed a little more of me. I was almost ready. All I needed was just a little more time to do what had to be done and not suffer any penalty for doing it. What I needed was information and the more information I got the better off I was. Now I could have my vengeance many different ways and I would enjoy each of them. At first each way I thought of would give her half of my money and I did not like that, but I thought of a few tricks and I loved them. Another thing I could not do was fuck her while I waited. Hell I would not even kiss her. I never touched her from the time I found out, not even holding her hand; ok there was one circumstance that I did. She never noticed the change, not until she was pregnant the last time that is. She was not giving me any pussy anyway so I just begged off the bloody pussy too.

Since I quit fucking her the minute I found out about her fucking other men how did the bitch convenience me the little nigger was mine, she drugged me and told me that I fucked her as she slept. I did not take the drug, I heard her talking about it and knew it was going to happen, and she did not even pretend we had sex until the morning. Hell the bitch did not even give me a blow job and then jack me off onto her body. In a way I am glad, the last thing I wanted was to be inside of any part of her. No she accused me of going into her room in the middle of the night and raping her and she had a "cum" filled bed to prove it. I had the video of her actually just doing a little "gang bang" there the day before and she did not wash the sheets. I also had DNA samples that I took from that day and sent off for analysis.

The one thing I could count on her not doing, was fucking in front of the kids. For some reason she did not think it was a good idea. Too many witnesses for her to deny it happened.

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