They Were Not Goldilocks


It was morning before we got up. And yes I did get up a few times to look at my daughters. That was the first time that I noticed that Loretta did it too, with her daughters, my lovers, as well as with her grandchildren. We were a good fit we were all a good fit.

At breakfast we were all happy, all seven of us, well eight if you counted Sandy and my baby. We had become lovers, real lovers, and we loved everything about each other. We took the kids to the zoo; ok we took ourselves to the zoo, the babies were too young to notice anything except that they could feel their mothers were happy. By now they would drink from either mother when hungry, they called them all "mama", and I was "dada".

There was now a certain freedom and openness between us all and there was the envy thing I loved so much. I was the envy of every man around. I could see it in their eyes, they knew I had four of the most fantastic women in the world with me and they loved me and I loved them. And then there was my babies, ok our babies, and the love we all shared through them.

Seventy virgins hell, give me four X-hookers any time. From that time on it was all the women who decided who I slept with, but there were always at least one in bed with me. And when it was their periods, they had them all at once, they still slept with me.

Then Loretta who was sleeping with me during her period began what I would come to discover as their attempts to see how far I would go with them. I thought they would be open with me but apparently they thought they were doing something so bad I would not love them for doing it. They were wrong. My fear was they would not love me for my perversion.

Loretta wanted to know if I thought it was horrible to make love to her during her period. We all ready did anal during that time but she wanted to know about bleeding bothering me. I made sure she got the message loud and clear, I took her right then and kept on. During that cycle I had all my lovers and they had taken a step to see how far I would go with them. We made love when they had periods and every hole was available and I mated with them all. It was just as important that they wanted me to be with them as it was that I was with them.

Then there was the day that would determine if there was going to be the trust that all of them needed. It was the call. It came just four months after Sandy gave birth to Elaine. It was about two and a half years that we were living together.

He kissed his women good-by and told them that after six months they would be notified same as he always said. This time it would be nine months before he returned.

We watched him go, this time there was foreboding between us all. Calvin was everything to all of us and we talked about him every day. The babies slept with his unwashed sheets cut up so that each of them would have his scent around them as they slept. We did not wash his used shirts so we could wear them and smell his presence. The first few months were the hardest, when the sixth month came around, we were devastated, the promised message appeared on the TV's that were connected to the computer system.

The man came and talked to us, it was not as bad as it could be, but it was bad. They did not know if Cal was alive, the negotiations had taken a bad turn.

After nine months I finally came back to a full house. They were all over me and even the baby, my Elaine even seemed to recognize me and called me "dada." They had showed the baby movies of me and always called me "dada" and had her smell my clothes to keep the scent memory alive. When she smelled me the word "dada" just naturally came out. Everyone was around hugging and kissing and crying a little too. My Lynn and Amber were there with us, crying happy tears, just like there mothers.

It had been a very tough negotiation; actually I was in a prison camp for more than six months until I escaped. I knew they could have come and gotten me but that would have been a bad idea. I knew I had something to come home too.

Did you get the instructions I left and is everything "alright?" I asked. Tina left and then came back with a large envelope, still unopened. It was everything I had signed over to them, but it was unopened.

Cal we did not follow your instructions. We all agreed not to open this, it would have meant that we thought you were not going to come back and we could not live with that. Take it back, and let's just plan on never having to open this.

Now that was trust, and that was love. They knew everything was in that envelope, every cent I had was signed over to them and our children. Again I had given them everything and they gave it back telling me by their acts, not just their words, and that it was a package deal and I was part of the package.

We had all taken a step into the abyss together and it was not as dark or deep as we thought. Four women who had spent their lives being used took a chance on me and they found love. I took a chance on them and found love and peace of mind, my nightmares were fading too when I was back with them.

The next year we were all at a neighborhood party, we went to a few of them, but not many. It was part of my lovers trying to expand my options, they called it life. Two things happened.

First Tina had been talking to a female neighbor and her husband and she came back and told the group we were in that the woman had said her husband had the biggest cock she had ever had and that Tina should give it a ride. Tina needed to sow some wild oats while she was still young. A few of the group asked Tina to point out who she was talking about and she pointed out the woman and her husband. Tina was still giggling when two of the people with us broke away and headed for the couple Tina identified.

Tina was rolling with laughter. One of the group said that the man and woman who were talking to Tina were not married to each other, but to the people who went over to them. Tina was still laughing when she said 'I know."

Some people just don't get it. They thought the fact that Tina, Sandy and Helen were in various stages of pregnancy and were of mixed race they were sluts, they weren't. They were my women.

One of the men with us said 'You have three women pregnant at one time?" "Sure do" I beamed. I was going to be a daddy again and I loved every minute of it.

That is when Loretta spoke up and said I was wrong, I did not get three women pregnant. The men were about to laugh at me until Loretta held up something in a small zip lock baggie; it was a plastic thing and it was blue. "You have four women pregnant at the same time lover."

The next nine months were going to be very interesting and so would the next few years. We would have babies everywhere. I was in heaven. While it was four that time, in the next few years there was not a time when at least one of my lovers was not pregnant and two was not unusual. We were breeders we loved our kids and we made a home for them.

Some people want a lot of children and some don't. Some want to "be themselves" or not "lose their identity" in children or being married. That is fine for them, just not for us. It gets back to choices and my lovers and I had made the choices we wanted to make. Part of the choice was based on pure luck, because we found each other, that is the luck part. Then we took a chance on each other and then the wild cards hit, Lynn and Amber. Who the hell knew I would fall in love with them first. Who would have thought that new life would have such an effect on me? That was part of luck.

In the next years Loretta gave me three more girls, even though I told her not to after the first one. She gave me that little girl pout and accused me of not loving her. I spent the next half hour telling her how much I loved her until I saw her laugh and knew I had been had. She would have three in all, and I would be there when they were born.

My other girls gave me three babies again, and I was there for all three like I had been for my first ones, Amber and Lynn. We had so many babies around that they were going to make us get a day care license. With so many women around lactating there was never a problem with feeding, all of the kids fed from what ever tit was available. Ok I got a few tastes too.

But I was concerned and I wanted not only the children to think of themselves as part of a family but as individuals too, so I came up with a few ideas to keep things fresh, if that is possible.

I decided that we needed some alone time so I set up date night and I took Sandy first. It was a nice restaurant and I had on a coat and a tie and Sandy had on a very nice dress. But we had to agree that there was something wrong, it was not working out. We could be alone together at home but in the off world this was not right. Sandy told me to go home and she was going to stay. I had long learned to trust my lovers so home I went. When I got there I was greeted by Loretta dress up to go out and she had Amber and Lynn with her, also dressed up. Back at the restaurant Sandy had moved on and she was now sitting at a table for five waiting for the rest of us.

Some people think they have to maintain some separate identity but we don't think that way. It did not feel right being out without some of our family and so we did date night, but we had at least three of us and maybe a few kids too. Amber and Lynn, being the oldest, felt grown up being out on date night with her moms and dad.

Eventually Amber and Lynn would find out about their sperm donor but by then it did not matter, they had to know for medical reasons, but for now they were our children and even after they learned the facts, they would still be our children, no different than our other children, their sisters.

After date night we would go home and spend the night together; not the children, the moms. Yes it was both of them with me. This was a first, but not a last. We all loved each other. I had two women to please and two ways to do it. This was not new to them either, that was another one of their secrets, but again they were not being paid for it and it was not forced, again it was love, or I thought it was. They said it was and I believed them. From that time on it was not unusual to have two of my lovers with me at one time. It was not the rule but it was not unusual either. Again I let them make that decision and they kept it equal between them. Did I care if there were times they were just with each other, of course not. We did love each other and it kept us fresh, the combinations were guaranteed to keep us satisfied and excited. I could understand there own passions with each other, for years that was all the love they actually had.

I made love to two women at a time on date night. It was slow, loving and burning. There were times that my lovers and I fucked, and hard too, but loving was what we did most. And the sex was magnificent, they did it all with and for me and I would do the same with and for them. There was never any doubt that they knew a lot about sex and enjoyed it, so there was no "what will he think of me if I do this?" crap between us. As I said before, two at a time was not unusual, but all of us liked one on one, I just made sure to let them decide which and when.

They told me they intended to keep me not just satisfied but so content that I would never look at another woman, as if I ever would. The rule was always there, what we had we had and we did not share, except among ourselves.

The mom's thing was surprising too. All of our girls called all four of my lovers "mommy." They feed at the same breasts and were changed by the same person, usually me if I was home. I loved to do it, even in the middle of the night. So off to school one day with the girls in tow and they asked for Mrs. Pierce and Loretta, Tina, Sandy and Helen answered "Yes." That got them going.

So they asked who was Ruth's mother and they all said they were. So they asked 4 year old Ruth to go touch her mommy. Ruth smiled and walking over to Loretta touched her, then walked to Tina, Sandy and Helen and did the same with all of them. Ruthie was so proud of herself. We were all proud of her too.

And yes all of my lovers were named Pierce now, as are all our children. We did a legal name change because I could not bring myself to marry just one of them but I wanted them to have the same name as our children.

Our life is not for everyone. The women in my life had a hard time before me and so did I before them. I am not just a meal ticket with benefits and they don't stay because they are grateful. They stay because we love each other.

They were not the only ones going to school, my lovers needed to go too. Yes they are hot and yes they got hit on but you know I can't spend my life worrying about that, I let them handle that. Helen did have a funny way of getting the point across to some guy who did not understand – she had Sandy or Tina show up with 8 or 9 little girls that would run up to her yelling "mommy mommy" and coupled with a "no" when asked out that would usually end it.

There was only one time I had to get involved because someone was playing too hard and did not understand "No." I politely and quietly asked him if he ever saw that Bruce Willis movie where the kid says 'I see dead people" and he said he had. I smiled, leaned into his ear, and told him I see dead people too, he looked funny when I said that, then I whispered that they were all alive when I first saw them. Then he looked down and saw a SW 45 caliber 5 shot chief sticking in his stomach and decided he did not actually want my lover. We smiled and waived as he ran to his car. Yes I understood the off world and I protect what is mine.

Then I got the call from the "office" and it came over the TV instead of the secure phone. As usual I was asked if it was a secure line. I again said no, but then Loretta said it was and gave a number as did each of my lovers, Tina, Sandy and Helen. I was surprised but they always surprised me. I was told that I would be on a "leave" for two years, nothing more than one week and nothing from when Tina, she was due first, had our baby until Loretta had hers, and for six months thereafter. Something about a family leave act. After that he said it would never be for more than a week. Then he laughed and said I would be begging for another prison camp by the end of two years.

When the call ended I had to ask, "How did you get a security number?" "We are in the system daddy" Helen said.

They put us in when you were away for all that time. They had been watching us and when we refused to open the envelope they came to us. They told us what was in it, how much money was in it, that we could live the rest of our lives in luxury all we had to do was open the envelope, file the documents, and take the money. It would all be ours. The house, the cars, the stocks and bonds, the foreign accounts, we would have it all. And men we could have any man we wanted, we were young and beautiful and there was no doubt we could please any man we wanted. We told him the only man we wanted was you and he laughed and said it was spoken like true lying whores.

I felt sorry for the man baby, because we beat the hell out of him before the others came in and pulled us off of him. We told him to take his envelope and get the fuck out. He left but the envelope stayed. We never touched it, it stayed where he left it, and we even cleaned around it. We only touched it when you got home and we handed it to you.

It was just before you came home that he showed up again and gave us our clearance numbers. So now you know why we have them but we have a question for you.

"Why would an ID card from the Department of Commerce for the Contract Negotiation Division have you authorized to carry deadly weapons?" Well shit, Loretta must have looked at the back when I showed them the card a few years back. I did not respond.

Then they gave me a little slide show.

Over the years Loretta had gotten pretty good with the internet and would search all the sites for news during the times I was away on negotiations. She found lots of pictures of long gone third world dictators where they had been deposed and disappeared. Lots of the pictures had people in the background as part of American and other countries negotiating teams, bidding on raw materials and resources. She even had stories about how negotiations were going and how some new leader would suddenly accept American assistance in exchange for raw materials, after the old leader was deposed. In most of the cases I was in the pictures. Sometimes I was in a suit and tie, sometimes in less formal wear.

"Why are you there all the time and in in the pictures. Why is that daddy?"

I just smiled at the mothers of my children. I used a program that the government gave me and permanently deleted the folder that all of the material was in and I mean permanently deleted it. Not a scrap of data was left.

"I'm sure I don't know; I understand that there are a lot of people that look like me, I am nothing special. As for bad people dying, maybe someone wants the off world to be the kind of place that our world is for us."

The issue never came up again.

Would our life last forever? Life has no guarantees. We stopped making babies when I reached 45, and that gave me 20 plus years to raise the last ones. It also gave my lovers time to decide if they wanted to stay with me or move on. I was betting on them staying, but again there were no guarantees. It appears that moving on is not on our agenda. No matter what happens I will love them for the rest of my life. They are my life but they know I don't share so if they need to move on, they can.

I will always love our children just as much as I love their mothers. I stepped into the abyss and I am glad I did, I hope my women are still happy now and in the future, but like the sleeping arrangements, I am there for them, and I let them decide.

Now there is always laughter in my world and for that I am eternally grateful.

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God I hate typo's. And the auto fill function on a small screen compounds the problem. So please excuse the typo's and poor word choices in my previous post. Working with a small screen and time constraintsmore...

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Good story!

Good story. I do wish that just once someone would use my baby, a Star PD model .45 (Sure she needs a bit more TCL than the ubiquitous AD's and Colt's usually referenced, but she has never let me down)more...

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