tagIncest/TabooThis Is Just The Beginning Sis...

This Is Just The Beginning Sis...


I had just turned 18 a few months back. For some reason I thought that 18 was the magic number, that I was free after the party was over. Boy was I wrong. Nothing had really changed at all. I still didn't get to hang out a lot with my friends, get any alone time, or do most of the things I wanted to do. However, it was a beautiful day and I didn't want anything to ruin my rare good mood so I put it all out of my mind.

I was out in the backyard laying face down on a chaise lounge trying to catch some bronze on my porcelain skin. I had my iPod beside me with my headphones blaring Maroon 5 in my ears. I had untied the straps of my black bikini top and was drifting in and out of sleep as the sun warmed my body. I didn't get a lot of time alone so I was taking for advantage of my older brother being gone for the day.

I started to turn around to ensure that my tan was even when I was straddled. He sat down hard across my shoulder blades. His weight forced the air out of my lungs and his legs pinned my arms down. He roughly grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair and pulled my head up and forced a ball gag into my mouth. He pulled the elastic strap down over the back of my head as the ball wedged firmly between my teeth. He blindfolded me as my hands thrashed about but to no avail. I tried to scream for help through the gag but it was too muffled for anyone to hear me. I jumped as he brought his hands down to my shoulders and started to slide his body back along mine. When his thighs slid over my ass he stopped as his balls settled into the soft niche between my thighs and he pressed firmly against the crack of my ass. He held my wrists and crossed them over the small of my back, tying them together with rope. I kept trying to scream and move but it wasn't doing me any good.

He stood up and grabbed me by my arms, lifted me to my feet, and shoved me in the direction of the house. I blushed in shame as I realized that my bikini top was no longer covering my tits.

He shoved me onto the sofa and I lay quietly, crying, my breasts on display for this stranger. He pulled me up into a standing position, bent my body forward, and let my body fall over his shoulder. He carried me to a chair. My body began to slip on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around my naked thighs and his fingers teased the backs of my legs. I was squirming as he teased the satiny skin of my upper thighs, squealing into the ball gag.

He sat me down in front of the chair. Then holding my arms, he pulled town over the stretched chair back and I fell into the chair. My arms caught on the back of the chair and my back slid down across the chair until my ass came to ret just below the bottom of the chair. My legs lay draped over the canvas strip that ran between the two front corners of the chair, my small feet dangling in the air.

He curled his fingers through my hair, pulling my head forward and rubbing my face across the front of his shorts. I tried to pull my face away as I felt the firm bulge of his cock pressed against my cheeks. He held my head firmly and I tried to plead with him but my words were only muffled noise to him.

He eased the grip on my head and sat down across my thighs as his finger slid softly across my cheek and then down my neck to the tops of my breasts. I tried to squirm away as his fingers teased my tits. His fingers closed around my nipples and he pinched them gently. He twisted my nipples and I trembled and squirmed. He pulled on my tender nubs and teased me until my nipples were hard between his fingers.

He stood up and unzipped his shorts. I heard the unmistakable sound of the zipper as it opened and froze. He kept hitting my cheek with his cock as I fought to pull away. He rubbed the tip of his cock over my cheeks, my nose, and my lips.

He held my head with one hand and reached down and pulled the gag from my mouth with the other. I fought to keep his cock out of my mouth but he held me firmly and I realized that he was not going to be denied. He pressed the tip of his cock to my lips and then, pulling my head forward, the tip pressed between my lips and he slid into my mouth.

He slid my face up and down on his cock and yelled at me to suck him. I began to suck on his cock, tears streaming down my face. He started to fuck my face hard. I gasped for air between each thrust. He thrust deep into my throat and held my head firmly. Then he flooded my mouth with gobs of his hot, sticky cum. I could taste the saltiness of his cum as it slid down my throat. He pinched my nose and I swallowed hard, trying to gasp for air. He released my head and replaced the ball gag.

He grabbed me by my ankles and before I knew what was happening he lifted my legs and pulled them apart, threw my legs over the sides of the chair. I fought to close my legs but I could not get the leverage I needed. I felt his hands crawling all over me and heard the sound of fabric ripping as he tore my bikini bottoms from me.

He knelt between my spread thighs. He reached out and grabbed my tits and I felt the tip of his cock press against my body, just above my pussy. He lowered his hips and pressed his cock between my open thighs. He thrust his cock upwards into my pussy. I felt him flex his cock inside of me and I thrashed about in a futile effort to get off of his cock but the only thing my thrashing did was excite him further.

Suddenly light flooded my vision as he pulled the blindfold off of me. I squinted as I tried to adjust to the light and then he took me by the head, bent my neck forward and forced me to look down between my thighs to see his cock pressed into my pussy. I was terrified to look up at him. He rose up quickly on his knees and I screamed as he filled my pussy to the limit. The force of his thrust raised my body out of the chair slightly and then my full weight slid down the length of his cock and I was impaled on his cock. He pulled my head up to look at him and I screamed in horror as I realized it was my own brother who was raping me. The look on his face was seared into my memory forever.

He rammed his cock up into me over and over as I screamed and begged him to stop. I grew louder and louder with each penetration. I could hear the slapping of his body as it hit my open thighs. I couldn't stop crying as he forced me to look him in the face as he ravaged my pussy.

He thrust a finger into my asshole and probed my sphincter with his finger. I screamed, pleaded with him with my eyes and with my tears to not hurt me anymore. He got into a rhythm as his cock penetrated my pussy and he jammed his finger into my ass. He was hammering into me with no signs of stopping. As he continued to thrust up into my pussy he quickly thrust a second finger into my ass and then he erupted and sent his cum spewing into my pussy. I sagged down into the chair, weeping.

He reached for my legs, lifted them, and wrapped my thighs around his waist. He cupped my ass and slid his hands up around my back standing up and letting my entire weight slide down onto his cock. I couldn't stop crying as he walked over to the sofa with me hanging on his cock. He sat own and adjusted my legs as he slid back. He lifted his feet onto the coffee table and pressed my body back until I leaned against his raised thighs. My legs straddled his as his cock remained buried in my pussy. He began to torture my nipples, pinching and twisting them as I squealed in pain.

He took my arm and pulled me off his body and I lay sprawled out on the couch. He was gazing at me. He untwisted my legs and sat down next to my head. He lifted my face and I could smell the scent of sex on his cock. He shoved his cock in my mouth a few times and then stood up, lifting me to my feet and bent me over the back of the sofa. He grabbed his belt from his shorts on the floor and began to hit my ass as I screamed into the gag. I writhed in pain and felt my ass welt up as he beat my ass red.

He pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed my body forward, sliding his cock into my ass. He felt like he would split me in two and I fought to keep him out of my ass. He held me firmly by the hips as he thrust his cock forward, filling my ass to the hilt. I screamed as I was impaled on his cock.

He ravaged my ass, pounding away like a jack hammer as he called me his dirty little cunt of a sister. He increased the speed and depth of his thrusts and then with a loud grunt his filled my ass with his cum. I sagged over the back of the sofa as he continued to shoot cum into my ass.

He turned me around and knelt on the sofa with his cock at my cheek. He removed the ball gag and pressed the tip of his cock against my lips. I refused to open my mouth and his hands wandered over my tits and he began to pinch my aching nipples hard. I cried but I wouldn't open my mouth. He picked up the belt again and without warning laid a lash down hard against my pussy. My mouth opened to scream and he shoved his cock all the way into my mouth until it was buried in my throat. He fucked my face until I thought I would pass out from the lack of oxygen.

Finally he was done. He untied my hands. "This is just the beginning sis." Then he turned and walked out of the room.

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by Oleguy02/01/14

Wrong category.

To my mind this painful story should ne in "non-consent" etc.
Did not care for it. No * from me.

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