tagNonHumanThree Candle Lover

Three Candle Lover


It was still early, even for a Thursday night, when Sarah got home from the office party. She was still new at the company, and only went to keep up professional appearances. It’s not like anyone took her seriously anyway. She was young, and at five-foot gave the men even more reason to treat her like a little girl. If they thought she wasn’t aware of their comments about her body, they were mistaken.

She was used to men looking at her. Sarah had always gotten comments about her figure and striking blue eyes, but she was determined to prove she wasn’t just some pretty doll-eyed (and brained) office decoration. She avoided using too much makeup, and drew her hair up into a tight braid or bun. She kept her suits at a reasonable length, and tried to avoid low cut tops for the same reason: she wanted to be judged by the quality of her work, not by how attractive she was.

She walked around her apartment taking off her coat and shoes, and went to check the messages on her answering machine. She took down her long, curly dark hair as her machine clicked and whirred. There was only a message from her mother calling to check on her. She’d have to remember to give mom a call tomorrow. Nobody else has been calling for a while.

It’s hard to meet people when you don’t leave your apartment for anything but work and groceries. She hasn’t talked to her friends in months. Even her best friend stopped calling over two weeks ago. Any potential dates have been stopped short, with excuses and explanations of how or why she couldn’t go out. It wasn’t always that way, before she got the box from overseas six months earlier on her twenty-third birthday. She never did find out who sent it…

The box was smaller than a shoebox, but it changed her in ways she hadn’t thought possible. When she opened the box, she found a set of scented candles inside. The three candles were only a little bigger than votives, and smelled exquisite. They were all light lavender, with black marble swirls throughout. Though they looked the same, the scents were strikingly different. There was a heavy musk, a sweet fruity scent, and a light floral.

She discovered just how special the candles were quite by accident. The first time she lit the floral candle was during a bath. As the sensual floral scent surrounded her, her skin began to tingle. It felt as if the water lapping across her belly and breasts was caressing her. It sent such strong impulses all over her body, that when she snaked her hand down to release her building pressure she climaxed the moment she touched her sensitive clit. The orgasm was the strongest she had ever had, and lasted for over a minute.

The candles slowly became an obsession. Sarah used them singly, and together, each combination a wonderful delight to her senses. The floral was touch. It brought new exotic sensations whenever anything touched her skin. The fruit was sight and sound. She found when using the fruit while sleeping or relaxing in her bath that she would have remarkably vivid dreams.

The musk, however, was pure pleasure. What the fruit teased with, the musk exploded into an audio-visual concert that left Sarah breathless with desire. What the floral hinted at, the musk brought into reality. She could hardly contain her excitement as she prepared for the night.

Sarah lit the candles, and moved toward her bed. She could smell the beginning of their scents as she turned off the lights and slipped onto her black silk sheets. She loved the way her light creamy skin contrasted against the dark bedding. Already she could feel the first sensual stirrings that she had been waiting for all night. Her breath came in shorter gasps as the silk massaged her body. The music started next; a soft, slow melody with a bass line that reminded her of a heartbeat. Then the visions began.

She could see shadows twisting and turning along her walls. Each shadow took on a human shape, briefly twisting into obscure sexual positions all around her bed. The music beat a steady rhythm into her spine, while the silk sheets wound themselves around her wrists and ankles. By the time the shadows took on more solid forms, she was bound hand and foot to her bed.

Sarah felt like she was on fire. Her whole body hummed with pleasure, thanks in part to the music coursing through her. The first warm touch on her calf left her shaking. It was only after she felt it slide up her leg, and another on her arm that she was able to see the smoky tendrils. They caressed her face, and wound through her hair. The exotic shadow show increased in speed and graphic portrayals, each one becoming more solid and defined.

As She watched, more translucent smoke shaped itself around her. The smoke was surprisingly solid, and she had several areas of it stroking at her. The sheets continued to move under her, causing shocks along her back. She could feel them tighten around her wrists and ankles as she was lifted into the air above her bed.

Sarah could feel every inch of her body covered with a warm, uniform pressure. The music was still pumping within her, but the smoke clouded her vision. She could feel the warmth sliding up her legs, across her hips and stomach, inching up to her breasts. She moaned softly as each of her nipples was squeezed between the tendrils, softly at first, but harder as she writhed within the smoke. She felt her juices flowing from between her legs. The smoke did too, and shaped a tendril to stroke her wetness. It worked just like a tongue, lapping at the inner folds of her pussy. The smoke started to pulse with the music, contracting her entire body with each beat.

The tongue-like tip slid along Sarah’s pussy lips, flicking her clit each time it passed by. A second tendril slid its way into her pussy while the first one continued to tease her clit. The second one then started to expand as it began to pulse to the music. The tendril grew until it filled every inch of her. Another tendril formed and probed at her anus. It too worked its way inside her, throbbing, until she was claimed completely.

She felt her orgasm rising. She tensed, and the tendrils started stroking and pulsing faster. The tendril stroking her clit surrounded it, and turned into a sucking mouth instead. The probe in her tight ass twisted and throbbed, and the smoke in her pussy was stroking her inside, pressing against her. Her nipples were being twisted and pinched even harder, and she squealed when she could feel her pussy muscles start to contract. She screamed her first orgasm into the smoke, and another tendril formed and filled her mouth. She was now completely surrounded, and every opening in her body was filled to the limit.

Sarah had never experienced such possession. Her skin was on fire, and she could feel the bass beat from the music pounding at her from inside. As each part of her body was penetrated, stroked, and sucked, the thrumming music began to build up to match her own heartbeat.

Another climax began, and Sarah whimpered with fear and excitement. She could tell whatever was happening, was going to be more intense than she had previously endured. Her nipples were flicked and pinched with renewed vigor. Her mouth was caressed and sucked, almost simultaneous motion with her lower lips and clit. Every part of her ached and yet felt better than it ever had before. The massaging actions of the smoke relaxed her, and developed into its own delightful pattern.

She could feel the fire start deep in her belly. It trailed up to meet the sparks at her breasts, and they too were sucked in time with mouth and pussy. Her muscles began to tense, and she felt the smoke within her ass begin to undulate and stroke in time to her contractions. The smoke in her pussy pushed up, and it felt like it was trying to meet up with the stroking, sucking half that was attached to her clit.

She moaned low in her throat, and the smoke reached back to meet it. The vibrations spread out onto the smoke, and it was absorbed and transferred to everything that touched her. The fire sat behind her eyes, and she began to shake. Her orgasm burst like a water balloon, only it never went empty.

She floated within her climax. Each breath she took intensified the sensations. Her whole body throbbed and contracted with her, and the smoke met and matched her pulse for pulse. Each wave brought her higher and higher, with no end in sight. Her mind finally shut down several minutes later, and left only her body to endure the endless pleasure.

Sarah woke with a start, reaching over to flip the switch on her alarm clock to off. She sat for a moment, tangled in her sheets, and thought about the night before. She slid out of bed, and padded out to the kitchen. She picked up the phone and called her mother. They chatted a bit as she made and ate breakfast, and she said her goodbyes while she cleaned up. Then she called her secretary at work.

”Hi, Janice? I’m not coming in today. No, just a little something I picked up. Yeah, it’s pretty intense; I hardly got any sleep last night. No, don’t worry … I’m sure it’s nothing serious. I’ll see you Monday, okay?”

Sarah hung up the phone and went back into the bedroom, singing under her breath while she re-lit her candles.

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