tagIncest/TabooThree is a Magic Number Ch. 01

Three is a Magic Number Ch. 01


All characters are 18+

The events in this story take place after events in "A Back Rub for Julia." It is not necessary to read it, but it will explain a few things.

"Sexting: Or, How To Make Your Sister Suffer In Silence"

It had been three long days since the three of us had returned from vacation. My parents, my sister, my cousin and I went for a week to our vacation house in Northern Michigan. A family emergency had arisen, and my parents left three days early, leaving us to finish vacationing unsupervised. My parents knew that we wouldn't burn down the house. We are pretty responsible, for teenagers. There was one thing that my parents didn't know: we had been fucking each other like rabbits on meth all week. They had given us three nights, and two and a half days of not having to worry about getting busted. It was like a little slice of heaven on earth, but the time since our return had been anything but heavenly. My sister, Katie, and I had been in a constant state of separation. It was not a conspiracy that kept us apart, but a series of unfortunate circumstances. I had not even laid eyes on my cousin, Julia, since her mom had picked her up upon our return. We had only communicated through text messages.

The main cause for our temporary estrangement was the family emergency that I mentioned before. Our great aunt Barbara was gravely ill. My workaholic father had been taking time off to visit his favorite aunt in the hospital, and he would invariably ask either me, or my sister to accompany him and my mother. He was quite insistent on this, and I thought it strange that he never asked us both at once; just one, or the other. And he would not take no for an answer. I toyed with the idea that he might suspect what Katie and I were up to while we were up North, but quickly quashed the idea. I really didn't think that he had a clue.

Tonight was Katie's turn to go with dad. In all honesty, I had been going twice as much as Katie. Great Aunt Barbara merely treated me with a practiced indifference; whereas she treated Katie horribly. Aunt Barb made a habit of snidely comparing everything that my sister did with Julia's accomplishments. It is true that Julia seemed to excel at everything she tried, but there was no reason for Aunt Barb to try and make my sister feel shitty all the time. Katie was good at everything that she did, but she just didn't push herself socially the way that my cousin did. I tried to be a good "boyfriend," and take most of the heat off my sister. I suggested that I go every night, but Katie wouldn't have it. It was a matter of pride for her to put up with Barb.

To make a long story short; it had been a LONG three days. Katie and I hadn't been together sexually since we'd been back, and had only been alone unsupervised for a few minutes. That only led to a make out session, and a major case of blue balls. Our situation was starting to become desperate, and a hundred scenarios where my sister and I could be alone ran through my mind, each one riskier than the last. I needed to be patient, and wait until the opportunity presented itself.

I was lying in bed listening to The Jedi Mind Tricks on my iPod, when my phone lit up. I picked it up and looked at the screen. It read, "New text message." I picked up my Droid, and slid my finger across the screen to unlock it. I hit the messaging center icon. It was a message from my sister.


Hey sexxxy boy :) I just wanted to let u know that I'm not wearing panties under my little skirt. These leather seats feel amazing on my bare ass. I'm riding right next to dad, but I'm really thinking about riding u :p

That little skank knows that I'm probably in my room, and wants to get me all horned up. Two can play this game. I hit reply, and began to type.

Re: Katie

I was just thinking about u, babe. I am laying here naked, thinking about how nice it would be to kiss u all over. Kiss ur neck... kiss ur nipples... ur belly... ur...

A smirk spread across my face, as I waited for her reply. The joke was definitely on her, because I was at home, and can do whatever I want. She is stuck in the car with my dad, and then will be at the hospital with my sick aunt. No matter how horny I make her, she will just have to suffer in silence. Thinking about making her dripping wet seemed to be having an effect on me. My shaft started to thicken. I gave it a little rub through my basketball shorts, and my phone chimed with another message.


Mmmmmm... Now my nipples are hard, jack. Are u touching yourself while u think about me?

On a whim, I slid my shorts and boxers down, and kicked them off, onto the floor. My semi erection flopped to one side. I stroked my shaft softly, right under the head. I thought about how amazing my sister looked in that tiny white tennis skirt. I can never figure out how she can pull off some of her outfits without looking trashy. But Katie is always a class act, even when dressed provocatively. I thought the quick kiss she gave me, just after dad walked out to start up the car. I was fully hard in less than ten seconds. I switched my phone to camera, and clicked a photo of my cock. I brought it up to send as a response, and included a caption:

Thinking of u

I waited for her reply, while stroking myself absentmindedly. Her response took only about forty five seconds.


OMG!!!!!! I wish that was inside of me right now. I don't even care where. God that's fucking hot!

My response was immediate.

Re: Katie



Yeah, babe. Anywhere. Did u have someplace special in mind that u wanted to put it?

I hesitated for a second. Someone once said, "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies just one." So I sent my reply.

Re: Katie

I was thinking about putting it in your ass :p

I thought that I had been hard before, but thinking about fucking my hot little sister in the ass took my dick past hard, all the way to petrified. My phone chimed again.


I think i just creamed on the seat thinking about that. I hope dad doesn't notice the wet spot on the leather. I think that I'm ready to try it. Are u game?

Am I game? I laughed to myself, as I typed my reply.

Re: Katie

I am all for it, k. The only thing is getting time alone to do it. This won't be quick, and as noisy as u get, we would have to be alone. I would settle for just getting to be together the normal way

My hard cock throbbed with every beat of my heart, as I thought being naked, and sweaty with Katie. I thought about sliding my harness inside of her, and I began to stroke my cock in earnest. I gripped my shaft with my right hand, and pumped in up and down, so that only the skin moved, that way there was no friction. I felt a low moan escape my lips. My phone chimed, just when it started feeling really good. Damn.


Are u touching yourself? I wish i could, but i can't. I'm kinda grinding my thighs together, but it's just not getting the job done. I rubbed my little pussy while thinking about u fucking me this morning. OMG!!! I came so hard! I can't wait until we can be together. Fuck, I can't wait until I get to the hospital, so I can be alone in the bathroom. Lol. Does that turn u on jack? Thinking about me rubbing my pussy only a few feet away from our dying aunt, and our dad, all the while thinking about my big brother? Damn, I am 1 perverted bitch :)

I sped up my stroking as I thought about her masturbating in the hospital bathroom. I thought about her propping her leg up on the sink, so she could slide her hand under that tiny little skirt, and rub that sopping wet snatch of hers. I saw the first traces of precum beading on my head. It wouldn't be long until I jizzed everywhere. My phone chimed again.


We're here. Send u a pic soon :)

Just the thought of a dirty pic sent my sex drive into overtime. I was so aroused that it was almost painful. I slowed my stroking to half the prior pace, so that I wouldn't cum until I at least got to look at the pic. An agonizing five minutes went by. I would tease it, and then let it rest. A giant bubble of precum glistened on my head, and became too heavy so that it ran down my head onto my stomach. I was playing with the drip when my phone chimed.


We are riding up in the elevator. I'm so wet that it has dripped down my leg twice since I got out of the car. Good thing the parking garage was dim, or dad would have seen that huge spot on the seat. I wiped it up while he was trying to figure out where the elevator was. Now my hand smells like pussy. OMG! I AM SO FUCKING HORNY!!!

This little factoid made my struggle to keep from cumming a hundred times more difficult. I stopped touching myself altogether, fearing that I could be pushed over the edge any second. One minute soon turned into eight, or ten, or eternity. Finally my phone chimed.


I have a surprise for u. Give me 5 mins

Five minutes? Why didn't she just ask me to take a vow of chastity? I still refused to touch my cock, but it still pulsed with every heartbeat, because it was being stroked by every perverted fantasy that was going through my mind at a million miles a second. After about five years, my phone chimed.


Photo attached. View now?

I started stroking myself gently in anticipation. I could feel my orgasm approaching with the force of a freight train going downhill. The picture that popped onto my screen was nothing like what I had anticipated. It was a photo taken in the mirror of the hospital bathroom. It showed my sister, totally nude, and Julia kissing her softly on the neck from behind. The caption on the photo was:

Wish u were here :p

I was shocked by thick spurts of jizz splattering up against my hairless chest. The moment felt so pure that it was almost a divine event. I closed my eyes, and my orgasm washed over me. My cock hadn't even stopped bucking when my phone chimed again. When I could finally look, it was another pic, that I quickly opened. It showed Katie's pale thighs open, and beneath her little wisp of red hair was Julia's hand, buried finger deep in my sister's cunny. Actually, two fingers deep. This one had no clever caption.

I reached into the floor, to grab my t shirt. I needed to mop myself up. I had cum an unbelievable amount, for someone that was not a porn star. My phone chimed again. It was another pic. This one showed the top of Julia's honey brown hair buried between my sister's freckled thighs. It was captioned:


I typed my response wistfully.

Re: Katie

I love u girls too. I hope that u 2 are being quiet

Two minutes later, I got the reply. I was a pic of Julia, still in between Katie's thighs, but now I could see her face. Wetness gleamed from ear to ear, and from nose to chin. She had the biggest grin that I've ever seen. I would have called it a shit eating grin, but I was well aware of what she had been eating moments before. A text right after read:


We have to clean up fast, and get out of here. I will meet you in your room at 3:30 tonight, be awake, and have your door unlocked :)

I had set out to make my sister suffer by being horny around my dad, and not being able to do anything about it, but I guess that the tables have turned. I was the one who was alone, but I won't be alone tonight.


Thanks to all the people who waited, and waited for this. I know that you were expecting more, and there will be more soon. I'm moving next week to the Detroit area, so things have been hectic between my job, my divorce, and the move. Send me your comments, or questions. I will try to get back to you quickly. It will be much easier with actually having the internet. A special thanks to my buddy Phill, who does my edits. Chapter 2 will be coming soon.

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