tagIncest/TabooThree is a Magic Number Ch. 02

Three is a Magic Number Ch. 02


All characters are 18+

Unexpected Events: Or, Porn Star Money Shots For Dummies

I lay down at ten thirty, with the intention of sleeping most of the time between then, and three thirty. Three thirty was when my little sister was supposed to sneak into my room, so we could have sex. This would break our three day dry spell, and, after those pictures that Katie had sent me from the hospital, I really needed to get laid.

I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't get my mind to shut down. I thought about Katie and Julia, and about how our polyamorous relationship will work. I was both excited, and terrified by the prospects. Both were wonderful women, though they were very different in personality, and temperament. Being one third of that love triangle might be the best thing in the world some days, but I'm sure that it will be an impossible mission on some others. It was still a new situation, but I had already decided to give both of those girls my all.

Sleep continued to evade me, so I popped in one of my favorite movies, "From Paris With Love." I watched the screen in a trance barely being able to pay attention to what was happening in the movie. My phone chimed, and lit up, showing that I had a new text message. I unlocked the screen, and read:


I can't wait until later Jack. I'll be down in a min. We will just have to be extra quiet, so they don't hear us.

A huge grin slid over my face, and I felt my cock thickening in anticipation. After about ten seconds there was a rather loud knock at the door. It was strange for her to knock like that. My sister knew that I always leave my door unlocked at night.

"Jack, honey; are you awake?" It was my mom. Shit! I quickly typed in a reply to Katie, it read simply:


"Yeah, come in mom. I'm awake." The door opened, and my mom came in wearing her well-worn red robe. It was her "comfortable" robe. She still wore it despite the fact that she had two brand new robes that my sister and I had purchased for her as gifts. It would have brought a smile to my lips if it weren't for the excellent chance that my sister could pop into my room in the buff any second. "What's going on?"

"I have some bad news, sweetie." My mom had a grave expression. Just then Katie slid through the open door, and stopped behind mom. My sister's eyes were huge, and a look of panic was on her face. Mercifully, she was wearing a modest T-shirt, and a pair of plain cotton panties; which for her was pretty much the norm. My mom turned to her and said, "Katie, its good you are here. There something I need to tell you, and this way I only have to say it once." I sat up in bed, confused.

"I couldn't sleep, and I was going to have Jack rub my back. It always relaxes me." I cringed inwardly at my sister's impromptu explanation of her presence in my room. It always makes you look guilty if you give an explanation before someone asks for it. It was too late now though.

"Of course, Katelyn," my mom said in a distracted way. "Sit down, please." I saw the fear in her eyes, but she made herself sit woodenly on my bed anyway.

"What's going on mom?" I said again, before Katie bumbled around anymore, and raised even more suspicions.

"Your father just got the call. Your Great Aunt Barb passed away this evening. She went peacefully in her sleep, so she didn't suffer any more. There was no attempt to resuscitate her, as she had a "do not resuscitate" order in place." It seemed as if Katie and I released the breaths we had been unknowingly holding at the same time.

"That's horrible mom," I said. "How is dad taking it?" Katie got up and hugged mom. She wasn't crying over Barb, but I could tell that she was still upset. My mom patted my sister's flowing auburn locks in comfort.

"It wasn't unexpected. He is taking it as well as can be expected. She was always his favorite aunt. She practically raised him after his parents died." Katie was crying now. I heard her faint sobs. I felt bad, but I couldn't bring myself to tears over a woman who treated my sister so badly for so many years.

"When is the funeral?" I couldn't think of anything else to say, and it felt too awkward just to sit there and look at them. My mom slowly extricated herself from my sister, and Katie sat down next to me, and hugged me in a sisterly embrace.

"Well," she said, as if answering this question was uncomfortable, "I guess it will be later this week. The problem is that Barb's sister, Ruby, wants her buried close to her in South Carolina, and the funeral will be held down there."

"In South Carolina?" Katie said rather indignantly, especially since she never even liked Barb. "That's bullshit! All her family lives up here in Michigan, why shouldn't she be buried up here?" K let go of me, and sat up on her own.

"I guess Barb left all that stuff up to Ruby, and that is what she wants. We will all be going down there the day after tomorrow, and staying until the funeral is over. I know that you never got along with her, Katelyn, but your attendance is non-negotiable." My sister got a petulant look on being commanded to do something, but it was just the standard look that went with her being commanded to do something.

"I understand. I will go, and do what needs to be done for the family. I just feel so bad for daddy."

"Your dad will be O.K. You two need to try to get some sleep. You should only stay in here a few minutes, Katie. I know it's tough on you two, but if you stay up all night talking you won't be able to do what needs to be done tomorrow."

"Yes, ma'am." She said sweetly. My mom turned, and walked to the door, then she turned to say one more thing.

"Kids, I know that your Great Aunt Barb wasn't the friendliest person in the world, especially to you Katie, but she loved you both dearly."

"I know, mom." My sister said this in a completely convincing voice, but after she looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Goodnight, kids."

"Goodnight, mom," we chimed in unison, like we did when we were four years old. We sat looking at each other for at least three whole minutes after my mom closed the door gently behind her.

"I really do need a back rub now," my sister said with a sigh. "I thought we were busted for sure." She slipped her shirt up over her head, and lay down on my bed. I slipped into the old habit robotically, rhythmically rubbing her skin softly, first with my fingers, then alternating with my nails. I could feel the tension melting out of the muscles in her back. She said nothing for a long while, but I was happy to let her relax, and to just be close to the woman I loved.

"I feel like such a cunt." She said this bluntly, and without preamble.

"Why's that, K? That's just silly." I let my nails go softly over her magnificent panty clad ass, and she giggled.

"I spent all my life hating Aunt Barb, and now that she's gone, I will never be able to make it right between us. Now all the memories that I have of her will be bitter, and I will never have a chance to make any more with her." I let her say what was on her mind. "That really makes me feel shitty, Jack. Do you understand where I'm coming from?"

"Yeah, I do K. I really do." I planted several soft kisses on her shoulder blades while I thought about how to form what I wanted to say into something intelligible. "Katie, she was responsible for the state of affairs between the two of you. I watched my whole life the way she treated you. Until you were twelve, you tried really hard to win her approval. It was like nothing that you did was ever good enough: not one single fucking thing! After you turned twelve, it just seemed like you had had enough, and figured out that no matter what you did, you would never get the approval that you wanted from her. I was so proud of you. I thought you were amazing the first time you told her off." She laughed, and I could hear her smile.

"I remember that. I was grounded for two weeks during summer vacation. Mom wouldn't let me do anything but sit in my room. She took away my T.V., and everything. I remember you sneaking me your cd player and headphones, so I would have something to listen to." She turned over, and faced me, her smile etched firmly on her luscious lips. "You are so wonderful, Jack." She leaned in slowly, and kissed me; first softly, then with increasing heat. My cock, which had been lifeless since the bad news, began to stir in my boxers. The kiss stretched on, and when it finally broke, I sighed.

"What?" she queried, apparently about my sigh.

"I don't know if it would be right for us to do it now, after hearing about Aunt Barb." She leaned in, and kissed me hard. I resisted at first, but after a few seconds I relented to her devouring of my mouth with her hungry kiss. She broke the kiss abruptly, and smiled a wolfish grin.

"We should especially do it now, big bro. We are alive. What is a better celebration of being alive than making love?" Her logic was impeccable, and, with how hard my dick was from kissing her, I was not inclined to argue.

"We have to be quick about it," I said, "and we have to be quiet. Mom probably isn't asleep up there, and she might be waiting for you to come back to your room."

"OK," she mumbled, as she slid her panties over her hips. "We'll skip most of the foreplay, and get down to the nitty-gritty. I'm soaking wet anyways." Before I could reply, she was using both hands to try to pull my boxers down. "A little help here, Jack!" I scooted my hips up, and she slid my boxers down, and pulled them over my feet. She pushed my shoulders flat to the bed, straddled me, and looked me directly in the face. I expected a kiss, not more talk. "I need you to listen to me for a second, Jack"

"Yeah, K, I'm listening."

"I want you to let me know when you get ready to cum, because I want you to pull out."

"O.K. No problem, but we could always use a condom. I have some in my nightstand."

"I don't like the way they feel. I love being with you bareback, it feels so good, but we can't keep letting you cum inside me, at least until I can get to the doctor, and get on the pill, or something."

"Yeah, sure K..." My response was cut short by her kiss, which was fine with me. I needed her more than oxygen, and it seemed that she needed me the same. As our tongues dueled, I felt her line my cock up with a dainty little hand, and push back against it, sliding me slowly inside her. She broke our kiss, and shuddered with a small orgasm.

"God, Jack, I've wanted you so bad over the last few days. I never thought that being home would be so hard for us." The only hard thing I could think of was my cock. I pushed up against her, shoving more of my man-meat inside her tiny wet twat. She leaned back, to get better positioned to ride me. Her head hung back in ecstasy, as I grabbed her hips, and pulled her farther down onto my steel hard pole. She was tight, unnaturally so. I know she did exercises to keep it tight, and nobody in the world was more appreciative at that moment than I was. I could feel that keeping this brief on my end wouldn't be a problem.

She put her hands on my chest, and started moving up and down on my cock; and every four or five strokes, she would put a little twist in her hips. This was something entirely new. She grinned again at me when our eyes made contact, then she threw her head back again, as she slammed harder down on my cock, driving me inside her as far as I could go. Every time she would twist her hips, my toes would curl up just a little bit. I moved my right hand, and I started to play with her clit with my thumb, in time to her grinding. This was an excellent strategy on my part, because it let me focus a tiny bit on something other than how amazing my sister felt inside.

I looked up at her, and her skin seemed to glow in the moonlight. A slight sheen of sweat coated her freckled skin, and her red hair curled in burnished copper ringlets, as she rode me like some majestic Greek goddess of incestuous sex. Her breath seemed to come in pants, then in gasps, then I felt her pussy tighten, and convulse in an insanely intense orgasm.

She stopped riding me, and sat rigid on top of my cock. I hardly missed a beat, but began to thrust up into her with the same rhythm that she had been using to ride me. I could tell that she was struggling with all her might not to cry out loudly, and she was doing a hell of a job. The only sound she made was a half moan, half gurgle. After about thirty seconds, she lay down against my chest limply, still tensing with the occasional random pussy spasm.

She lay there for maybe a minute, then sat bolt upright and pulling herself out of my embrace. "I'm sorry, babe. We need to take care of you."

"It's fine, K. You can take another couple minutes to enjoy your afterglow." Her look of determination was enough to shut me up. She was right, we were trying to do this quick, and, although I had been cooled down a touch by her break, I was still pretty damn close to my own orgasm. I gave myself a mental high five for lasting longer than her after the addition of the hip twist. She rode me slower than before, because she knew that slower was better for me, and she seemed to increase the amount of hip twists. My enjoyment of them must have been evident on my face, because she started doubling up on them. No matter how good it felt, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. He large, firm breasts bounced and swayed with her efforts, and I was hypnotized by her beauty.

Then she loaded the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. Between the twists, she began to tighten her pussy when she pulled back, effectively milking my cock. My eyes rolled back in my head, and then she rolled her hips twice, and milked me on the way back. A low moan escaped my lips.

"Oh God, K! I'm close!" I whispered, but only in the loosest interpretation of the word. I expected her to spring off me, but she milked twice more, and did two more hip rolls. It took all that I had to hold back from cumming. My back arched, and my toes curled, and at the last minute, she slid down my body until she was head to head with my cock, grabbed it in her tiny hand, and pumped it furiously. I could hold it no more, and I let loose, spurting huge globs of jizz across her lightly freckled cheeks, over her left eye, into her beautiful red hair, down her slim neck, and onto her firm teenaged breasts.

"Holy shit, Jack!" she exclaimed in a low voice. I started giggling, and couldn't stop. She was covered in spunk, from the tits up. I knew that I normally came a lot, but this was a humongous load for me. I think it would probably be a huge load for the average Tijuana donkey show. She looked at me seriously for a second with her one open eye, and she began to giggle too. She made a show of pulling some from her face with her finger, and licking it off, before she did the prudent thing, and, retrieved her shirt from the floor, and toweled herself off. "Maybe next time I will just swallow it, instead of going for the porn star finish." This made the both of us giggle even more, until she made a shushing sound, and became a bit more serious. She stood up, and pulled her panties on, and slipped her semen drenched shirt over her wild mane of curls. "This is going to be really hard, Jack. Living so close to you and not being able to touch you all the time feels so wrong. We are not doing anything wrong. Our love is beautiful, and right. It is the single best thing to ever happen to me."

I was touched by her words. I stood up, and took her in my arms. "It will be easier when we are away at college, Katie. After we get back from South Carolina, we will go look for a ring, so we can pretend that we are married when we go away. We have the same last name, so nobody will suspect a thing."

"I love you, Jack." She pulled away, kissed me gently, and silently left my room. I stood there for several minutes before I sat down. Would it be as easy as that? Would college solve our problems, or just give us new ones? I lay back in bed, and it wasn't until after the sun came up that I finally found solace in dreams.


Thank you everybody for waiting for this chapter. A lot has changed in my life recently, but that is no excuse. I guess sometimes it is easier to write than others. I wrote 99 percent of this in one sitting. Thanks to my good friend Phill for the edit. Send me your comments and questions. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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Beautiful. I can never get to the next installment quickly enough. I need to read about Julia now, I hope.

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