tagIncest/TabooThree is a Magic Number Ch. 06

Three is a Magic Number Ch. 06


All characters are 18+

Chapter 6: Fight For Your Right To Party; Or, Three Is Never A Crowd

I woke up the next morning, and I was having the best dream ever. I was sitting in the garden at aunt Ruby's with Julia, just like we had been sitting a couple of weeks before. Julia sat on my lap, and we were making out pretty heavy. My cock strained against the fabric of my pants, and she ground her pussy mound against it. She slid off of my lap, and I felt the warm, wet feeling of her mouth engulfing my erection. God, it felt so good, so right. But something was odd; I hadn't taken off my pants. Dreams are like that sometimes. I was also lying on my back. Then it hit me, I had just woke up from a dream, and Julia wasn't here. My mood fell. I was alone, but strangely enough, my cock still felt wet and warm. I lifted my sheet, and peered under it, and saw a mass of curly red locks centered above my rock hard shaft.

"Well, good morning, sunshine!" My sister's green eyes peered up at me through her wild hair. She pushed the sheet over her head, and off of my body. There was a distinct sucking sound as her lips released my spit-slickened cock.

"Good morning, handsome," Katie said with a smile. "I needed to taste your cock all night, and I just couldn't wait anymore for you to wake up." Her hand was wrapped around my cock, and stroked it lazily. "You called me Julia when you were asleep. Were you dreaming about her?" I wondered how to diplomatically answer this question. My sister had a fiery disposition, which matched her hair.

"Yeah, K, I was dreaming about her. I'm sorry." She smiled radiantly at me. This didn't mean that I was off the hook, but I was hopeful.

"Don't be sorry, love. We are all three together. It's ok if you dream about her when you are with me, or if you dream about me when you are with her. It's natural to dream about the people that you love." Her lips parted around my cock; and just like that, the conversation was over.

I was already very excited when I woke up, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last long up against my sister's cock sucking abilities. I moaned softly, and she took this as a cue to quicken her pace. She bobbed frantically on my cock, her right hand counter stroking my cock from the bottom of my shaft all the way to where her lips stopped. I felt that familiar tingling in my balls that meant that I would cum soon. The sensation built and built, like waves crashing over each other on the ocean's shore. I exploded in Katie's mouth. The rush of cum from the head of my cock was so great that she couldn't contain it all in her mouth. It squirted out of the corner of her mouth, and dripped on my stomach. I never actually felt it at the time, because I was lost in the white hot fire of an intense orgasm; all rational though had left my mind, and my entire world existed between my legs, and inside my sister's sweet teenage mouth.

My orgasm wound down, and I was left sweating, and panting. It was a good thing that I was lying down, because my knees were shaky. Katie sucked the remainder of cum off my now too sensitive head, and released it with an audible pop. She moved to the glob of cum that had escaped her and landed on my stomach, and began to slowly lap at it with her tongue, like a kitten; a sex kitten.

"God, K. That felt so fucking good. Thank you!" I was very sincere in my gratitude. The last few days had been difficult around the house. Things had been tense ever since we returned from Aunt Barb's funeral. I suppose that a great deal of the tension arose from the fact that my parents now knew that my eighteen year old sister was pregnant; although they didn't as yet know that I was the father.

"You're welcome, Jack. Damn, you sure do cum a lot. I've never seen anyone get the volume that you do." She was giggling as she said this. "Not even the guys that I've seen in porn." I thought that she was maybe bullshitting me a little bit, but I decided to let it slide. She slid up next to me in bed, and cuddled up close. She still wore a ratty white tank top, and a pair of yellow cotton panties. I thought that this was entirely too much clothing for what I had in mind.

"You are way overdressed, little sister." She giggled.

"I just want to cuddle, love. Mom is in her office, working. We both know that if you do anything to me now, she will hear it for sure." She was right. We had two things working against us. My mom's office was located right across from my bedroom, and my sister was very loud, and seemed to be unable to be quiet with any amount of reliability.

"So what do you have planned today, Katelyn?" She giggled at my full use of her name. I never used it, instead preferring to call her Katie, or just K.

"Nothing much today, Jackson." She grinned widely at me, and it was as if the sun shone directly on her face, instead of just streaming in weakly between my closed blinds. "Tonight Becky Sorenson is throwing that party. Julia and I are going, and I hoped to talk you into going with us." I never liked parties. There were always too many people there for me, and at least one drunken brawl broke out. I preferred to hang out with just a few close friends at a time, rather than a bunch of people that I barely knew. Things had been weird between my friends and me lately anyway. I knew that it was the secret of my relationship with my sister and Julia that had driven a wedge between us, but they didn't understand. My best friend Murphy even asked me if I was on drugs. Drugs? Really? That was his answer? I ached to spend time with the girls, and I knew that if I didn't accompany them, I would be in the dog house.

"Sure, K, I'll go with you girls. I'll probably get into a dozen fights trying to keep guys from hitting on you two, but I'll go." She giggled at that. I don't know what she thought was funny about it. It was the truth. Anytime that those two went anywhere guys hit on them. I didn't mind that much, because they are both ridiculously hot. Hell, I was related to both of them, and it didn't stop me.

"It's not going to be that bad, Jack. We will turn down everyone, and will just spend time with you, and some of our girlfriends." I hoped that it would really be that easy, but I was skeptical. "What do you have planned for today?"

"I'm going to take my car out for a long drive." I guess Katie heard the sadness that tinged that sentence. When I turned sixteen, my parents offered to buy me a new car. I'm sure that my parents had a nice family car in mind when they made the offer. When my sister turned sixteen ten months later, they bought her a Chevy Malibu. This is a nice, sensible car that is appropriate for a new driver. I'm sure that this is what they had in mind. When they presented me with the idea, I asked them for an approximate price that they were willing to spend. After giving me the number, I found the car of my dreams. It was a triple black 1991 Porsche 944 Turbo S. It was only $15,000, which was quite a bit less than my sister's Malibu. My parents argued against it, citing the exorbitant cost to repair such a vehicle, and the astronomical insurance rates. I agreed to get a part time job in order to help pay for the extra insurance, and they bought the car. It was worth every hour that I spent washing dishes in the back of Casa Blanca. The first time that I pulled up in the school parking lot was like a scene from an eighties teen movie. Every head turned in my direction, and people's mouth's even hung open in amazement. I had fifteen guys standing around it, admiring it from every angle within seconds. That was my claim to coolness in high school. After that moment, I was elevated to at least middling popularity. If nothing else, I was the guy that drove a Porsche.

I knew that I would have to sell my car soon. I had a baby on the way that I would have to help support, and I couldn't afford to insure and repair my black beauty. Katie had argued against my selling it vehemently. She knew how much that my car meant to me, and recognized the sacrifice that I was making for her, and our baby. I knew that we would be living together in the fall, and that we probably really only needed one car between us. Her Malibu was much more family friendly than my Porsche. Where would we even put a car seat? It had to go, and I would use the money for stuff for the baby. She argued this point too. She said that mom and dad would help out with the baby expenses. It was true, but dad was also determined to find this National Guard soldier who knocked up his little princess. I suspect that my dad has employed a private investigator to find this Corporal Bill Wallace. The level of originality of that lie left a lot to be desired. I hope that my dad didn't recall Katie, Julia, and I watching the Blu-ray of "Braveheart" the week before she told that big whopper. The truth has a way of coming out in the end. I am painfully aware of this, every second of every day. If the worst happens, and we are found out Katie and I will need that money. I'm hoping that I will be included. I guess that depends on whether my father murders me with his bare hands, or not.

"Please don't sell your car because of me, Jack." Tears leaked out of her eyes onto my pillow. I appreciated that she was thinking about me first, but I knew in my heart what I had to do.

"It's not for you, sweetheart, it's for the baby. Money will be tight for us, and I doubt that I could keep that car while in college anyway. That is all without little Epiphany." She smiled at my use of the name. I had started calling the baby Epiphany because when I found out about it, I had a moment of revelation; an epiphany. Sure, it didn't happen at an opportune time, but that is frequently the case with babies. The responsibility of it all caused me to momentarily freak the fuck out, but after I got my head around it, all that mattered was that I loved this young woman, and that I would love our child. That was my epiphany.

"I love you, Jack." She held be close, and nuzzled her face into my neck. I still felt her tears; falling wet against the skin of my neck. "I love you too, Katie. I will always love you." She kissed my neck gently.


"Yes, K."

"You need to shave." She slowly sat up, kissed me on my lips softly, and got up out of bed. I loved the way her curly red mane flowed over her shoulders, and down her back. Her hips swayed enticingly as she walked to my door. I felt my cock twitch. Today might be a very long day.


I returned from my car ride in a bit of a melancholy mood, but my mom had news that raised my spirits instantaneously. A letter had arrived from Northwestern University Department of Admissions. It read simply:

Dear Mr. King, We are happy to invite you to attend Northwestern University. Your admission has been granted, and you can register for classes starting August 25th at 12:00am CST. Please confirm your attendance at your earliest convenience at the web link below. Sincere Regards, Sylvia Tanner, Dean of Admissions

My mom watched me read this letter with trepidation. She knew that although I had already been accepted to the University of Michigan; I really wanted to go to Northwestern.

"Well?" She didn't know how to interpret the stupefied look on my face.

"I got in, mom." I jumped up and down with excitement. "I GOT IN!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. My mom screamed with joy, and grabbed me in a bear hug. This is an impressive feat for a barely five foot tall woman. I heard a commotion behind me.

"What the hell are you two so excited about?" It was Katie, and she looked slightly irritated by our shouting. She had been in the other room watching videos on her laptop.

"Jack got into Northwestern, Katie." My mom let go of me, and we both stood waiting for her reaction. The smile that spread across my sister's face would have made the noon day sun in the desert pale in comparison. She launched herself into my arms with such force that it almost threw me off balance. A fine boyfriend I would be if I dumped my pregnant girl in the floor. She clung to me with a ferocity that I had not heretofore experienced. She was actually crushing my ribs a little. "I'm so happy for you Jack! I'm so happy for us." My mom smiled, totally misinterpreting the meaning of this touching exchange.

"Now you two can go together. You could even share an apartment. I bet that it would be cheaper that way than it would be to pay for two separate dorm rooms." Katie pulled back, and smiled at me when mom said this. Her eyes danced with mischievous fire.

"Yeah, mom, I sure bet that it would. It will be even cheaper, because Julia is going to split it with us too." My mom smiled to herself. I bet that all the money that she was saving was dancing a jig inside her head. She was a strange lady. She loved bargains, but never minded buying quality, or spending the money that it took to get that quality. I think that she ended up with some kind of sweetheart deal on her Cadillac. It saved her almost $10,000.

Later, Katie and I went to get ready for the party. She took the first shower, and I took the second; figuring that she would need the extra time for her makeup. She rarely wore more than just lip gloss, and a little eye liner, but I knew that she would wear more to a party; even if the dress was casual.

My taste in clothes has always been simple. I never usually follow the latest trends when I pick my clothes. I choose quality merchandise, and I usually stick with a few popular brand names. I get a little excessive with my choice of shoes, but everybody has to have at least one weakness. I pulled on a pair of loose-fit black Levi cargo shorts, and slipped on a white tank top, and tucked it in. I put on a black Detroit Red Wings jersey. I always loved this one, because the team never actually wore it to play in; but it never failed to draw attention because it was so bad ass. I slipped on a pair of ankle socks, and looked through my shoe organizer in the closet to choose a pair that would match the rest of my outfit. After some consideration, I put on a pair of retro Air Jordan 4's, in the classic Chicago Bulls motif of white, red, and black.

In the days since I returned from my vacation, I have felt a new confidence that I had never felt before. No matter where I am, I always feel that I should be the center of attention. Katie told me the other day that she like the new "swagger" in my walk. She said that it was sexy. I agreed. I felt sexy, and I think that my two wonderful ladies are to thank for it. I always felt cool pulling up somewhere in my car, but once I got out, I felt a little dorky. There never seemed to be much carry-over. Now I walked into a room like I had the biggest dick, the most beautiful women, and the coolest car; and basically all three were true. I was sad that I would soon be selling my 944. Damn, I loved that car.

I sprayed on a small amount of Issey Miyake cologne; a little cologne goes a long way, in my opinion. I put on my watch; a simple titanium Movado, and walked down the stairs for the inevitable wait for my sister. My sister wasn't the high maintenance type of girl, but she was a girl; and high maintenance, or no, it took a bit of time for her to reach perfection.

I only waited about fifteen minutes before she emerged from her room, and walked down the stairs. The sight of her took my breath away. She was a vision in all white, like an angel. She wore tight white leggings that accented the curves of her ass, hips, and legs. She wore a white micro tube top that seemed to barely hold her large breasts in place, and left her flat freckled midriff bare. She had a beautiful stomach, and I knew that she wore this sexy outfit for my pleasure alone. Over the tube top, she wore a very sheer, see through white blouse. I was so in awe at the rest of her body, I almost failed to notice that her cute little feet were clad only in white strappy sandals.

"So what do you think big bro?" Her words seemed to jar my mind back to reality.

"Wow, Katie. Just wow. You look awesome." She reached out, and took my hand, and slowly spun into my arms. She smelled wonderful. Her perfume was fruity and musky at the same time. I wished that my mind could have actually said how I felt at that moment. "You look awesome" was a vast understatement. I never have been much of one with words though. "I am the luckiest man on Earth, Katelyn King." Her smile warmed my soul again.

"You look pretty good yourself, Jack." She giggled a bit. "You look like you might be dressed for pickup basketball, but you do look good." I knew that compared to her, I was underdressed, but I knew that I was dressed pretty much like every other guy would be at the party.

Katie was our designated driver, since she obviously couldn't drink. I would be glad when she went to the doctor on Tuesday, that way we could officially confirm her pregnancy, and make sure that everything was ok. We got in her Malibu, and drove the half a mile to Julia's house. We let ourselves in, because Julia was still getting ready. She was not "putting her shoes on" getting ready; she was "I just got out of the shower, and I'm deciding what to wear" getting ready. My sister pushed me down on the couch, put the remote in my hand, and gave me a loving kiss. She then scampered upstairs to help speed the process up. Julia was ordinarily low maintenance, except when it came to social functions. The girl that took thirty minutes to shower, and dress for school, took four times that if it were a party, or a special event. I flipped the TV onto WWE Friday Night Smackdown, and zoned out while watching wrestling.

The girls came downstairs some time later. I heard their quiet conversation, and turned around to see what Julia was wearing. Katie looked angelic in her totally white outfit. Julia went to the opposite extreme. She wore a very tiny red dress that clung to every curve. It was so thin that I could almost make out the tiny bumps on her engorged areolas. She wore no bra, and her nips stuck out like two brand new pencil erasers. It was so short that when she turned to show it off, I could see the bottom curve of her ass. The outfit was finished off by a pair of five inch red sparkly heels that would have shamed half the hookers that worked Woodward Avenue. If Dorothy was a total slut, then her ruby slippers would have looked just like those. She posed one way, then the other; allowing me to check out every curve of her lithe teenage body. My cock immediately doubled in size inside my shorts.

"You look great, Jules." She smiled at my sister when she said this. I was still too dumbfounded to talk at how incredible that my girl looked in that red dress. At first glance I had only noticed how incredibly short and tight that it was; now I got a more in depth assessment of it. It was short and tight, but probably the sexiest thing about it was the two triangular shapes that were cut into the design of the dress. In the front of the dress was a long thin triangle that went from below her naval, all the way up between her breasts. This almost gave you a pussy view at the bottom, and it displayed the inside swell of her pert teenaged breasts at the top. In the back of the dress, there was a long thin inverted triangle cut into the fabric. It ran from a couple of inches from the top of the dress, and ran down so that the bottom point of the triangle intentionally showed the top of her butt crack. This was so sexy that I really just wanted to tear the dress to shreds, and fuck her senseless right there. The dress was made of some stretchy material, because as she moved, and posed, the triangles kept her covered at all times, and the skirt barely rode up at all.

"I think I might have died and went to heaven. I can't believe that I'm with the two most beautiful women that I've ever seen." Both smiled at the compliment, knowing that I was totally sincere in what I said.

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