tagNovels and NovellasThree More Wishes from Jordan's Mom

Three More Wishes from Jordan's Mom


(Special thanks to mmang126 & Jevex for their proof-reading and editing of this story.)


Withdrawing my now deflating cock from my wife's pussy I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling reliving the events leading up to the last few moments.

Jordan's mother and I had met after Jordan had reneged on a bet he had made while we were playing poker. She had agreed to go on a date with me in payment for what he had owed and before the evening was over we had become lovers. Who would have ever thought a 35 year old woman and a 19 year old guy could have fallen so hard for each other? We just couldn't get enough of each other and soon landed up spending almost every night together; sometimes making love, sometimes fucking like a couple of wild animals and sometimes just cuddling in each others arms and falling asleep watching TV.

As soon as I graduated, I asked Elle to marry me and with tears streaming from her eyes she had said, "YES", but had almost immediately pulled from my arms and informed me that she was moving.

"Why; is it something I've said or done?" I asked.

"In a way, although it was actually something we both did?"


"The test came back positive."

Stupidly, I replied, "What test?"

Smiling, she whispered, "I'm pregnant!! I've already been to see a friend of mine who is an OB and she said I'm about two months along which means it probably happened the first weekend we were together."

A million thoughts seemed to flood my mind at the news but the facts were that I loved her, I wanted to marry her, I wanted to be the father of our child, and I would go wherever she went to do it. Pulling her back into my arms I had told her how I felt and we immediately started making plans for our new life together. The only two people who knew the truth were my parents and though they weren't overly happy about things they didn't try to stop us.

The problem with our plan had been Jordan. There was no way we could tell him about us; he was the typical "poor, little, rich kid." He had been spoiled and gotten everything he ever wanted in life especially after his father had been killed by a drunk driver. The combination of the money from his dad's life insurance and the settlement against the drunk driver had left him "comfortable" and pretty much independent except for his reliance on his mother to get him out of trouble which she had to do more and more frequently as he grew up.

Finally, Elle had come up with an idea and told him that she was moving to a new town to open up a new medical practice but that he should continue to stay in the house while he was enrolled at the local university.

Now, five months later, we were married and living almost 1500 miles from the town where we had met. Several weeks before, Elle and I had talked and decided that it was about time to tell Jordan about us so we had invited him for a visit. What we hadn't planned on was him walking in on us while we were making love. Needless to say the announcement about her and I hadn't gone the way we had planned and Jordan was downstairs waiting for us along with his girlfriend, Trish ... my ex-girlfriend.


Lost in my thoughts and memories I was barely aware of Elle slipping away from my side until she stood up at the side of the bed and grabbed her robe.

"I guess we better go down stairs and deal with this."

Rolling over I looked at her as the morning sunlight shown through the window behind her. No longer the 36-24-35 she had been when we had our first date she was a more voluptuous 38D-50-36 and I loved her even more. At 5-foot 9-inches tall she carried her pregnancy well. Her brunette hair had grown and now hung almost to her waist and had taken on a more auburn look due to the highlights caused by the West Coast sun and her tan was now an "all over" tan since she hadn't been able to find a swimsuit that fit and frequently sun-bathed nude in our backyard.

"AHEM! Did you hear me?"

"Yes, I did but I was enjoying the view you're providing by wearing that robe. It's almost see-thru when you stand in the sunlight. Are you sure you don't want to wear something else?"

Elle looked down and saw her shadow on the floor. A small smile appeared on her face as she replied, "Hey, this is our house and I happen to like this robe. Everything else I own is either too tight or too warm; besides which, after what just happened, Jordan has already seen everything there is to see ... and more."

Laughing I got out of bed and wrapped my arms around her. "I guess you're right. Just give me a chance to put on my track pants and off we go."

Quickly putting my pants on, I took Elle's hand and headed downstairs. If I had known what was waiting for us or what was about to happen, I would have had Elle wait in our bedroom but as they say hind-sight is 20/20.

Entering the room we saw Jordan was pacing back and forth, his anger seeming to fill the room.

As soon as he saw us he exploded. "GET THAT FUCKER OUT OF HERE, MOTHER! THIS IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME!!"

Squeezing my hand tighter Elle replied. "No, he's staying right here. He is my husband whether you like it or not and this is his house as well as mine, so you can either calm down so we can talk or you can ..."


Sensing what was about to happen Elle moved back just as I moved forward to block Jordan's punch. Luckily I was no longer the "98-pound weakling" I had once been or the punch would have knocked me off me feet. Instead it simply stunned me for a few seconds as the stars cleared from my head. Straightening up I clenched my fist as a look of terror crossed Jordan's face, but Elle's terrified voice quickly overtook anything I had planned on doing to Jordan.

"Oh my gawd, KEVIN!! Something's wrong!!"

Spinning around, I saw Elle was sitting in a chair, the lower half of her gown saturated while Trish was kneeling on the floor next to her holding her hand.

"I think my water broke!! Oh gawd. It's way too soon. Call an ambulance, hurry!!"

Looking back at Jordan the anger erupted from my voice. "This is it, you're done. Get the fuck out of my house and don't ever show up here again! If you do I promise you won't like what will happen!"

Jordan knew when it was best to retreat and quickly moved towards the front door before looking back at Trish. "ARE YOU COMING?"

Trish continued to hold Elle's hand and didn't say a thing.

"FINE! FUCK YOU TOO. STAY WITH THESE TWO. I DON'T NEED ANY OF YOU!!" he yelled as he left, slamming the door behind him.

The ambulance arrived quickly and after doing their assessment the Paramedics loaded Elle in the ambulance and took off for the hospital with lights flashing and siren wailing. Quickly jumping into the car and I followed the ambulance, with Trish sitting next to me.

"I hope she's ok," Trish said timidly.

"Me too! For her sake, the baby's sake ... and Jordan's sake because if anything happens to either of them the world won't be big enough for him to hide from me!"

Trish sat silent the rest of the way but quickly got out of the car and followed me in when we got to the hospital. Doctors and nurses moved in and out of the room with practiced precision until her OB came out to talk to me. "Everything is fine, now. It was touch-an-go for a little bit but she and the baby are doing great. Do either of you know what happened to cause this?"

I quickly told him of the morning's events before he replied. "Well it could have been caused by several things. First, I know that you and Elle enjoy a ... mmmm ... healthy sex life but considering how far she is in her pregnancy that could have had some small effect. But more likely it was the stress caused by the confrontation with her son. You said he was gone now. Do you know if he will be coming back?"

Looking at Trish for an answer and getting none I replied. "I'm not sure. This young lady came with him but chose to stay and help Elle when she collapsed."

Shifting his look to Trish the doctor waited for an answer.

Whispering she replied, "No. I don't think he'll be coming back, especially not for me."

Surprised I kept my mouth shut and realized there was more to Jordan's visit then Elle or I had been aware of and that we'd need to talk to Trish about it as soon as possible. Distracted by this I almost missed the doctor's comment entirely.

"... n go home tomorrow. I'd like to keep her here overnight for observation. But when she gets home she's going to be on very limited activity. I still what her to go outside for short periods of time each day and she can start taking short walks again in a few days but I want someone is with her at all times. You'll also need to keep her stress levels down ... so no more repeats of today's events. Do you understand?"

Nodding my head the doctor told us we could see Elle.

When I walked into the exam room I almost thought I had walked into the wrong room for a second. Gone was the vibrant, healthy woman that I had made love to that morning instead she had been replaced by a shadow of her former self as she lay there looking up at the ceiling, only shifting her head to look at me as I entered.

"Kevin?" she whispered.

"It's okay, Elle. I'm here."

"They say I almost lost the baby."

"I know." I replied as I slid my arm under her head and kissed her forehead.

Gently sobbing she looked up at me. "I'm so sorry, Kevin. This is all my fault. If I hadn't invited Jason here ..."

"Shhhhhhh, it's not your fault sweetheart. If it's anyone's fault it's mine and Jason's."

"NO, it's not. It is Jason's fault and Jason's alone," came Trish's voice from the doorway.

Looking over my shoulder I saw her standing there tears running down her face as she spoke.

"There are a lot of things you two don't know about. A lot of things have happened since you left but now is not the time to get into it. Let's just say that if Kevin hadn't stepped in Jason would have hit you ... just like he has me."

Elle reached out towards her, "Come here, Trish."

Trish slowly walked to the bed and took Elle's outstretched hand.

"I'm so sorry, Trish. I knew that Jason had a temper but that was usually only when he had too much to drink. I should have stopped him along time ago but ... he's my son and one thing that parents don't like to admit is that their child isn't prefect," Elle said as she squeezed Trish's hand. Then looking around she continued "And just where is Jason? Is he here?"

Opening my mouth to reply, Trish beat me to it. "No, he's not here and I doubt that he'll ever show his face again after what he did here."

Elle lay there a few seconds before suddenly looking at Trish again, "But what about you?"

Tears began to stream down Trish's face again as she replied, "I was just extra baggage according to him, but that is part of what we'll talk about after you get out of here. But for right now you need to get better and I need to start looking for a place to stay."

Elle's response was immediate and didn't leave any room for debate, "Nonsense, we already had a room set aside for you and Jordan so why not stay with us? I'll only be here overnight and then we can straighten things out." Then looking back at me she asked, "That is if it's okay with you, too."

What could I say? The frail woman I had seen when I walked in the room had disappeared and my wife was suddenly back, because of Trish.

I barely had the words, "No problem," out of my mouth before Elle was saying, "Okay then it's settled. Trish will move into the guest bedroom for now and when I get out of here tomorrow we'll discuss what to do from there but for right now I need to get some rest and you need to get Trish settled in at the house. So, if you don't mind ..."

Leaning forward I gently kissed her before saying "Yes, dear," which had become a joke answer between the two of us whenever the other person seemed to be getting bossy.

Elle reached for the pillow to throw it at me as I quickly retreated out the door with Trish following; a large smile on her face.

After reaching the car we headed to a local restaurant for some take-out and then headed home. Suddenly Trish leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Surprised I looked at her. "What was THAT for?"

"Two things; first, for giving me a place to stay and second for showing me what love is really about. I had thought I was in love with Jordan; that's why I left you and went with him. I realize now that I had no idea just what love was. Seeing you and Elle today I understand what it's supposed to be and why Jordan was so jealous of what was going on here."

"What do you mean by that?"

Sighing, Trish replied. "When Jordan got the letter from his mom that she was married and pregnant he went ballistic. He started having a tantrum just like a little boy and landed up breaking all kinds of stuff at the house. We had already been having trouble but this just seemed to send him over the edge. When he stormed out I wasn't sure he'd ever be back. In fact, he didn't come home for three days and when he did he just started yelling that we had to leave right away. I barely had time to grab what's in my suitcase before we were racing out to town."

"So he didn't know I was married to Elle and the father of the baby."

"HELL NO!! If he'd have known that I think he'd have chartered a plane or broken land-speed records to get here. He didn't know a thing about that until we walked in on his mom and you in bed. Oh, and by the way you may want to get your locks changed, Jordan had a key and we were there almost twenty minutes before he decided to break up your fun."

"Twenty minutes? What the hell was he doing all that time?"

"Checking things out. Looking to see if he could figure out how much different things cost. He even made a comment about how easy it would be to sell some of the stuff on-line or at a pawn shop."

Stepping on the gas I made it home in record time and wasn't surprised to see Jordan's car in the driveway. Pulling in directly behind it I told Trish, "Give me ten minutes and then call the cops," as I climbed out.

Entering the house I quickly took stock of the items sitting on the floor just inside of the door. Jordan definitely new which things to take and which were the most expensive. A feeling of regret overcame me for a moment as I thought of what life must have been like to bring you to the point of stealing from your own mother, until I saw a gold picture frame that I had given Elle on our Wedding Day; the glass was broken and the picture was missing. Anger quickly overwhelmed any feeling of regret as I slipped off my shoes and went "hunting." From the items in the pile I knew which rooms Jordan had already been in and which ones he'd still need to check so I headed for those. Elle's library was a shambles; her medical books and papers thrown everywhere and her Medical Diploma pulled from the wall and smashed on the floor. The guestroom and baby's room were no better. Silently I headed for the only room left, our bedroom. Glancing in, I saw Jordan rummaging through Elle's drawers as he made comments about how she had no right to certain items that had belonged to his father and how she had become nothing more than a slut and a whore. Upon hearing his comments about Elle my anger was replaced by blind rage as I walked silently into the room. "Hey, dumb fuck!!"

Jordan spun around and never even saw the punch that I placed just above his stomach driving the wind from his lungs or the second one to the side of his head that knocked him off of his feet. Just as I was about to place my third punch to the side of his head, I heard the sirens approaching and put my foot on Jordan's shoulder kicking him over onto his side, a look of astonishment and fear covering his face. "Don't worry I'm not going to do anything more to you. That's up to them now," I said as I pointed towards the lights from the police car that now reflected off the window. Then leaning down I snarled, "Just remember that your mom is now my wife and the baby she's carrying is mine so if you EVER try to hurt them again you better run and I mean far, far away. But even that won't be far enough 'cuz I'm gonna come lookin' for you and when I find you, I'm gonna break every single fucking bone in your body. And if you don't believe me maybe this will help." Standing up over him I brought the heel of my foot down on his knee as hard as I could.

Trish later told me that she heard Jordan's scream all the way outside in the car.

Leaving the room, I found the police entering the house with their weapons drawn. Quickly raising my hands I identified myself. The officers had me wait outside as they checked the house and found Jordan where I had left him. An ambulance was called and I watched as Jordan was arrested and taken away before going back into the house to start to clean and straighten the mess but Trish was already well ahead of me. Within two hours we had the mess cleaned up, books put away and pictures back on the wall, with the exception of the picture of Elle on our Wedding Day; that wasn't found until much later, but that's a different story.

Trish seemed a "natural" around the house as she cleaned, swept, put away her belongings and reheated our dinner. After eating we talked about the day's events but Trish still insisted she'd tell us everything after Elle got home so we each headed off to bed.

My head barely touched the pillow before I was out and it seemed only seconds before I was awakened by a scream from Trish's room. Jumping out of bed, I ran to her room and burst in only to find Trish sitting there; a look of terror on her face and tears running from her eyes like a faucet. Not a word was spoken as she rolled over and pulled the covers up over herself. Unsure of what else to do I sat down in an overstuffed chair in her room just so she'd know she wasn't alone.

Whispering, "Thank you" she fell back to sleep and so did I.

When I woke up later, Trish's bed was empty, but the smell of breakfast cooking filled the house. Sure enough, French Toast, OJ and bacon were waiting and quickly devoured.

The ride to get Elle seemed to take forever and was even comical when we arrived and found her sitting in the "Waiting Room." Her first words were, "Well it took you two long enough."

The drive back by comparison seemed to fly. Elle and Trish talked and laughed together like two long lost friends and it wasn't until we got home that anything was said of the previous day's events. Elle, being the mother that she is, immediately contacted a lawyer friend of hers who said they'd take Jordan's case.

"Ok, that's done. Now back to the present and looking at Trish, "past and future."

Trish knew what was being asked as she settled onto the sofa next to Elle. "I told Kev part of this last night, but basically it comes to this. After you left, Jordan started getting into all kinds of trouble and since there wasn't anyone to get him out of it he just kept getting in deeper and deeper. When he heard from you and that you were married and having a baby he went right through the roof. He started screaming about being abandoned, and betrayed, and that you didn't love him anyone. That was when he decided it was time to leave town and come out here to 'fix things' but that he 'needed to do something' first; which was probably the dumbest thing yet.

A few months ago, Jordan started using 'crack'; not all the time but more and more often. Anyway last time he made a buy he found out where a local dealer kept his stash. So he decided to rip it off; the only problem was that someone saw him. That's why we had to leave so quickly. While we were driving here he came up with this whole big plan to make your new husband look like a wimp and force him to leave so he'd have you back for himself. He even talked about you giving the baby up for adoption so it wouldn't be around. Anyway, that all changed when we walked in on the two of you and he saw who your new husband was. The rest is history."

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