Three More Wishes from Jordan's Mom


Elle quickly grabbed the phone again and made two calls; the first to her lawyer friend and the second to the police. In both cases she relayed the new information that Trish had provided and was guaranteed that "measures" would be taken to insure Jordan's safety. That being done she returned to the present situation.

"Okay, so the issue of Jordan is taken care of, now how about you, Trish? What would you like to do?"

"I'm not sure. I hadn't even thought of it."

"Well in that case, I have an idea," I said. "Elle is going to be off of her feet for the next couple of months and when I'm not around because of work and classes she's going to need some help. So why not stay here? We could hire you as a housekeeper and companion if you're interested."

A look of confusion spread across Trish's face, "I'm not sure. I mean, I'm your ex-girlfriend and the ... mmm ... ex-girlfriend of Elle's son. It seems kind of weird."

Elle picked up a piece of paper and wrote on it. "Trish the fact that you were Kev's girlfriend once really isn't a problem. He's my husband now. As for Jordan, well ... I don't think you had anything to do with that or you wouldn't have told Kev like you did. So what do you say? I think a house keeper and companion should get paid so what do you think of this?" she said as she handed Trish the piece of paper.

Trish's eyes nearly popped from her head as she saw the figure on the piece of paper. "I've never made this much money in my whole life."

"I'll take that as an acceptance of the offer then."

"YES, absolutely."

"Good. Now if you'll help me to the bedroom I think I need a nap and then we can talk about what a housekeeper-slash-companion does," Elle said laughing.

Trish truly was a natural when it came to running a household. Within a week she had taken charge of the cleaning, shopping and cooking, answering the phone, and taking messages related to Jordan's case, which she filtered to keep Elle's stress down, in addition to helping Elle get around or take care of other more personal needs.

Then one night after Elle and I had gone to bed we were awoken by the sound of Trish's voice at our bedroom door.

"Can I come in?" she said in a timid voice.

Elle and I responded almost simultaneously, "Sure."

When Trish entered it was obvious to both of us that she had been crying.

Elle patted the side of the bed, "Come on over here. What's wrong?"

Trish sat down looking at the floor. "Well ... I know this is going to sound crazy, but ... remember when I told you about how Jordan would get carried away when he had too much to drink?"

Elle and I nodded our heads but didn't say a word.

"Well, sometimes ... not always ... he got carried away and he ... ahhhh ... he ... ahhh" unable to find words to explain Trish stood up and dropped her robe off of her shoulders.

What we saw made Elle gasp and my blood boil with anger at any man who would do such a thing in the name of love. Trish's back was covered in bruises along with small, thin scars and when she turned around her chest, abdomen and the area between her legs were covered with same bruises.

"Oh me gawd," Elle whispered as she reached out to Trish.

Sensing the movement, Trish quickly pulled the robe up before looking at us.

Unsure of what to say or do I sat there while Elle took Trish's hand and drew her back onto the bed. "He did that?"

Trish simply nodded.

"Oh my gawd. I'm so sorry. How could I have raised a son to do that to a woman?" Elle said as she started to cry.

Trish responded quickly as she leaned over taking Elle's head and pulling it to her chest. "It's not your fault. I didn't some in here to upset you. It's just that I ... I have terrible nightmares sometimes and just wanted to stay in here with you two; like Kev did the first night I was here. I just feel a lot safer when I know someone is around."

Looking at me Elle replied "Yep, that sounds like my Southern Gentleman" as she moved to the center of our King-size bed and lifted the covers. "Why don't you just climb in here? The chairs in this room aren't very comfortable and there's plenty of room."

Trish looked at me and I nodded that it was ok.

Seeing where Trish was looking, Elle laughed, "Don't worry about him. This is every man's dream come true; to be in the same bed with two women who find him attractive."

Trish stiffened at Elle's comment.

"Oh, don't worry about it, sweetie. I've known from the first day when you caught us going at it, that you were attracted to him. He is pretty good looking after all and one hell of a stud in the bed."

Trish started to pull away but Elle continued.

"I understand entirely. Hell, if I could I'd be jumping his bones right now, but given the situation how about you sleep on this side of me and Kev will stay on the other side of me. Ok?"

Realize that Elle had it all figured out Trish slowly slipped into bed next to her and pulled the covers up.

Feeling somewhat left out I turned the light off and proceeded to slowly drift into a sleep filled with erotic dreams that seemed so real it was hard to tell the difference between them and the sound of Elle's gentle moaning beside me until I opened my eyes and saw one of the most erotic sights of my life. There beside me was Elle with her tits completely exposed and Trish gently sucking on one of her distended nipples. A moan escaped my lips at the sight as my cock began to feel as if a piece of steel was suddenly forming in it.

Hearing me, Elle turned to look at me. Her eyes were glazed with arousal as she gently bit on her lower lip to keep her own moans from escaping before slowly raising a finger to her lips as she mouthed the words. "She's asleep."

Recognizing her need I gently leaned forward and whispered, "What do you think would happen if I started sucking on your other nipple while I tickle your clit?"

Elle's response was immediate as she hips began to move her hips against me hard cock.

Pulling back I noticed her eyes were now ablaze with desire and a light sheen of sweat had formed on her upper lip ... a sign that she was very close to her orgasm. I could see her struggling to control her body's responses as her breathing became faster causing her breast to lift towards me as its nipple hardened and lengthened. Quickly I descended on it, capturing it between my lips and began to suckle, while my hand moved over her body to rest above her aroused pussy.

No longer able to hold back, Elle moaned as she wrapped her hand around my cock and began to rub it against the velvety, smooth skin of her thigh while she stroked up and down its length.

Instinctively, I began to pump my cock against her as I slid my finger across her clit and into her aroused pussy.

Simultaneously, I felt her pussy clamp down on my finger as she began to spiral off into her orgasm as the cum from my cock boiled over to spray her hip and ... to the surprise of both of us she began to squirt milk from her nipples.

At the feel and taste of the milk Trish's eyes flew open, "Oh my gawd. What ...?" She started to say before Elle put her hand behind Trish's head and gently pulled it back to her nipple.

"Please don't stop, Trish. Please suck on my tit. Suck hard and drink my milk. Gawd, it feels so fantastic. Mmmmm, I never breast fed Jordan so I didn't know how wonderful this felt. Please, suck my milk. Both of you suck my tits. Play with my tits ... squeeze them ... drink my warm, sweet milk. My whole body feels like its floating and the only thing holding it is your lips on my nipples."

Without saying another word Trish leaned forward and gently kissed the nipple while she squeezed Elle's tit causing the milk to spray across her face and Elle's breast. Quickly she began to lick the dripping milk from Elle's chest before returning to her nipple and capturing it between her lips.

"What are you doing Trish? Ohhhh gawd, that feels so good. Yessssss ... that's it. Bite my nipple. Pull on it with your teeth. Ohhhhhhh, gawwwwwwdddddddddd." Elle whispered. During our time together I had seen Elle have many types of orgasms, including ones where she was screaming as loud as she could to those that left her quivering and unable to speak but I had never seen one thing this as she seemed to completely melt as every muscle in her body suddenly relaxed.

Gently removing my finger from her and releasing the nipple from my mouth, I moved up until I could slide my arm under Elle's head so she could nestle against me. It was only then that I saw that Trish was doing the exact opposite as she was the one nestling against Elle as she lightly kissed the side of Elle's breast.

It was then that Elle whispered, "Thank you. Thank both of you," as she fell asleep.

As I looked down at Elle, I saw Trish looking up at me and the same look of contentment seemed to cover it until she stuck her tongue out and seductively wet her lips and smiled. The look of surprise that covered my face caused Trish to quietly giggle as she snuggled closer to Elle and closed her eyes to sleep. But sleep wouldn't come for me. Each time I closed my eyes the sight of Trish sucking on Elle's tits and the seductive smile she had given me surged through my head until sometime just before dawn I sled into an exhausted slumber.

Several hours later, I woke up and found that I was alone. After washing up I headed towards the kitchen and found Elle and Trish sitting there talking. Both were completely nude and didn't seem to be the least bit embarrassed by the fact.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Elle said.

I tried to keep from looking at Trish but trough my peripheral vision I saw that her brunette hair now hung loosely across her shoulders and ended just above her breasts which stock out from her chest and were capped by dark pink nipples that seemed to be growing as I watched. Looking up I noticed that her eyes no longer had the depressed, lonely look that had been there when she had arrived but were sparkling with happiness and joy and that the bruises I had seen on her the night before seemed to diminishing in the light of the day.

"Good morning, sweetheart," I said as I kissed Elle's forehead and began to sit down.

"And what about our guest? Doesn't she deserve a 'good morning' too?"

Glancing over I replied, "Morning, Trish."

Before I could say anything more Trish stood up revealing the rest of her body to me as she walk up next to me and without another word bent over and kissed me. Not a little peck but a full-lip contact kiss that seemed to last far longer then it should have.

Surprised by her actions I pulled, "What the fuck?"

"Now, now, sweetheart. There's nothing to be concerned about. After last night's events Trish and I have had quite a long talk and there are some things that we need to ask you."

Concern, confusion, and curiosity all seemed to overwhelm me as I sat there waiting for Elle to continue.

"First, and I want you to be honest, what did you think about what happened last night?"

Momentarily I sat there silent as I gathered my thoughts. "I guess I was surprised at first, but then I saw how much you were enjoying what Trish was doing and after that everything just seemed to come naturally. I admit I was really turned on watching what she was doing to you and by your reaction. I didn't even mind that I landed up straying all over your leg instead of somewhere else."

"That's what I thought and was hoping. You see, Trish and I feel pretty much the same way. Until last night neither of us had been with another woman and we were both so surprised at how good it felt that we want to continue with it. That doesn't mean we don't want you in bed with us but that we want to get to know more about what it's like to have another woman as a lover and more specifically what turns each other on."

Hearing this I simply nodded.

"With that being said I need to ask you something else."


"Do you remember the first weekend we were together you said you had three wishes you wanted to fulfill?'

"Ya, I remember. The first was to take you on a date. The second was to make love to you and if I recall you asked if you could make the third one which was to get you pregnant."

"That's right. Well, Trish and I want to do the same. We want you to help us fulfill three wishes that we have. Are you interested?"

Sitting there momentarily I looked first at Elle and then at Trish. Both had the same look of concern and desire as they waited for me to answer.

Looking back at Elle I asked, "Ok, before I answer that can I ask you a question?"


"Is there any chance that these three wishes could hurt our relationship together?"

Now it was Elle's turn to sit there and think about whatever the wishes were. "No, I don't think so. In fact, I think they may actually help us to grow closer together as a couple by helping us to understand each other's needs and desires."

I replied immediately, "Ok, just so long as no one gets hurt; I'm in."

Instantly, the looks of concern left Elle's and Trish's faces and were replaced by looks of joy and excitement."

Trish now spoke, "Good. Now that it's settled, Elle and I have some things to do and unless I'm wrong you have 45 minutes to get to your class. So we'll see you around seven o'clock tonight at which time we'll tell you what wish number one is."

The rest of the day was nothing more than a fog. If my life had depended on it I couldn't have told anybody how I had gotten to classes, what the lectures covered, or how I got home, but at 6:55 I pulled into the driveway of the house prepared for anything ... anything that is except for what did happen.

The house was dark and quiet when I entered except for a light that reflected from the livingroom. So, like a sailor following the beam from a lighthouse, I followed it. Unlike the sailor I wasn't rewarded by a view of land but by two contrasting and yet equally beautiful women.

Elle was sitting in a chair, the vision of a mature woman. Her hair was loose and hung across the front of the sheer white gown she had been wearing the day before. The gown was buttoned at the bust so that her large breasts were covered but fell open as it descended down over her pregnant abdomen revealing her shaved womanhood nestled between her long tanned legs and a pair of clear 3" high heels that gave the illusion that she was floating when she walked.

While Trish stood at the fireplace dressed in a sheer black teddy that barely came to the bottom of her buttocks, the vision of womanhood in its youth. Her hair was pulled back and tied in a ponytail removing any obstruction from the view of her body beneath. Her breasts rode high and were capped by with darker areola and nipples that appeared to be pushing further outward with every moment. Her skin had an olive tone to it due to her Mediterranean heritage and was smooth and inviting. From what I could see her abdomen was flat and toned while her hips were rounded and muscular; a combination a friend of mine had once called the perfect combination for having children. Here legs seemed to go on forever which was accentuated by a pair of black high-heels with what appeared to be black fur on the front, while her womanhood was hidden by a black thong that little to the imagination.

Elle finally broke the spell when she asked, "So, it appears you like what you see."

"Hell, yes. A guy would have to be dead or blind not to appreciate the way the two of you are dressed."

The tension was instantly broken as Elle and Trish began to laugh at my reply.

"Well, in that case I think you're going to love the events of the evening and even more as we tell you what our three wishes are, but first why don't you sit down and get comfortable." Elle said as she looked down at the growing bulge in my pants. "In fact, you may even want to let that out before it breaks in half inside of your pants."

Doing as I was told I sat down and pulled my cock from the front of my pants and began to lightly stroke it.

"No, no, no, none of that sweetheart," Elle said as she saw what I was about to do. "There will be more than enough time for that later but for right now you just need to sit there and enjoy."

As if by some previous plan Elle stood and Trish moved to stand behind her. "Now; for our first wish. Trish and I told you this morning about our desire to learn more about making love to another woman and we also agreed after you left that we wanted you to be there to see it so ..."

Elle turned until she was looking directly into Trish's eyes before she leaned forward and lightly touched her lips to Trish's. The intensity of the moment was more then either expected as Trish wrapped her arms around Elle and pulled her closer. No longer the timid pressing of lips, the kiss escalated quickly as Elle thrust her tongue into Trish's mouth and Trish's hands slid up to cup and fondle Ell's breasts. As if by magic their gowns seemed to disappear and both stood entwined in each other's arms totally naked.

Both were quickly oblivious to my presence as they touched and explored each body's. The aroma of their combined arousal filling the room as they began to rub against each other and their mutual wetness showed in streaks along each others thighs. A long forbidden desire quickly overcame both of them until Elle pulled away gently, panting. "I can't believe how good this feels, but I'm not sure how much more I can take. Every nerve in my body is screaming to be touched. It's like my body is on fire."

But Trish didn't seem to hear her as she leaned forward and took Elle's left nipple in her warm mouth, rapidly progressing to suckling like a child once again, while she pulled at the hardened nipple.

Elle stood there, resisting the temptation to do more as she let Trish do what seemed natural to both of them until Elle felt the beginning tremors of an orgasm building. It was only then that she pulled away from Trish. "I think we better sit down before I fall down," she whispered as she moved back against the couch and sat down delicately.

Trish stood above Elle revealing her body in its completeness. Her skin glistened from her arousal and her nipples seemed even harder and more inviting than they had previously. The thong that had previously obscured my view of her womanhood had disappeared along with her top and now revealed a trimmed area of hair the formed a triangle pointing directly to her wet, distended labia. Until she dropped to her knees and placed her hands on Elle's thighs and whispered seductively, "Spread your legs for me."

Elle complied instinctively as Trish moved forward to examine her pussy closer. The lips were full and deep red, gaping slightly to reveal the pink inner folds. A single drop of her natural juices decorated the opening while her thighs were coated with them.

Trish moved closer, kissing and licking Elle's inner thighs and felt a shiver run through her body. Gently she teased and toyed with Elle's outer lips with her fingers as her tongue glided to the sensitive crease where Elle's thighs merged.

Unable to hold back Elle moaned softly as Trish moved closer to the entrance to her pussy. Then just as Trish was about to explore Elle with her tongue for the first time, Elle pushed her away. "Not yet, this isn't just about me. This is about both of us, so now it's your turn." she said as she pulled Trish up and kissed her passionately.

Once again their hands were exploring each other's body and their moans began to fill the room. Then Elle moved until she was now the one on her knees and Trish was the one sitting with her legs spread wide and waiting. Yet Elle hesitated as if waiting as she looked up at Trish.

The moments seemed to last for hours until Trish understood what was being asked without words. Elle, with the full understanding of a doctor, was waiting for Trish to give her permission.

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