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Thursday Morning


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I have been taking the same bus to work for 6 months now, same time, same direction, every morning the same faces.

The journey usually works pretty well - I get on near the start of the line, so will usually get a seat.

For the past two weeks, I couldn't fail to notice a new face on the bus. A striking young woman, perhaps ten years younger than me. You would climb aboard on the stop after me, and after the second consecutive day that I saw you, I made a point to look out for you on every journey.

Everything about you screamed for my attention. Tanned skin, wavy brown hair caressing your shoulders, your plump lips always looking so inviting.

You were always respectably dressed, I assumed you worked in an office up in town - every day you would get off the bus a few stops before mine.

Your clothes were well fitted, and showed off a perfect figure...a tempting curve that ran all the way from the nape of your neck, around the delicious swell of your breasts, in at the waist and then your hips. As you turned, you would reveal an inviting, round, perfectly proportioned ass. You usually wore a white blouse, a couple of buttons undone so that when you reached up to steady yourself on the handrail, a hint of your cleavage would be revealed. Some days your well-toned thighs and ass were dressed in a pencil skirt, others, in a snug pair of fitted pants.

My description reveals that I perhaps paid you a little more attention than was polite. Although after week one your image was seared into my mind, we had never so much as said a word to each other. I would watch you climbing aboard each day, finding your usual seat, on the opposite side of the bus to me. Occasionally, you noticed me looking, and although I flushed at the thought of being caught, you would just flash me a quick, confident smile before taking your seat.


That Thursday morning, as I approached the bus stop, I could see there had been some problem with the service. There were maybe three times as many people as usual waiting for a bus - I overheard two other commuters complaining that the last two buses had not shown up. I was not optimistic that I would catch my bus this morning, let alone get a seat. It would be standing room only in the sardine tin that is a rush hour London bus commute.

As the bus pulled up, I climbed up the step, and squeezed my way down inside, eventually finding a pocket of space by the rear doors. The bus pulled away, and soon stopped at your stop. There was no chance of me looking out for you today - I could barely see past the heads crammed in front of me. There was a little commotion at the front of the bus, as the new passengers jostled for space on the already busy vehicle. Distracted by 2 school kids joking about who had elbowed who, I did not see you approach. In fact, I didn't realise you were so close until I looked up and saw you standing right there, with your back in front of me. I noticed you wore heels, which made you just an inch or so shorter than me. The heels also had a pleasing effect on your ass, defining that round shape which was now a hair's breadth of distance away from making contact with my thighs.

The bus pulled away, and caused you to step back, at which point you found yourself leaning on my broad chest. I instinctively stepped back, finding just enough space to maintain a modicum of personal space for you. Then the bus hit a pothole, you lost your footing in your heels, and again, I found you leaning back on me. This time, I had nowhere to move, so I stayed still, expecting you to move forward again when you regained your footing.

To my utter shock and delight, in fact, you did something quite different. You did indeed regain your footing, but you stayed exactly where you were in relation to my body, in fact, I felt you begin to push back, more deliberately this time.

My breath began to quicken, unsure what was happening. As if to answer, I felt you slowly grind your hips, forcing your ass to brush across my crotch.

As this private fantasy unfolded, the journey continued. We were now approaching town, and at every stop, a few more passengers got off.

Your brazen movements continued for a minute or two more. Still we had not said a word to each other, but you must have become aware of the effect you were having on me, as the blood rushed between my legs, and my breaths became deeper.

By this point, a few empty seats had appeared. We were now the only people standing on the bus, but neither of us wanted to break the spell and move from where we stood.

I felt you reach behind, take my hand from where it rested by my side, and place it on your stomach. Your fingers entwined in mine, you forced my fingers to slide between the buttons of your blouse, my fingers making contact with your soft, bare skin underneath.

Emboldened, I pulled you tight to me, leaning my head forward toward your neck, and let out a deep sigh, reverberating in your ear and setting off alarm bells of desire in your mind.

At this intensified intimacy, you turned your head, and said, in a soft, husky voice, you're coming with me.

The bus pulled in to a stop - it was neither of our usual stops, and I looked at you quizzically as you pulled me off the bus.

Not even stopping to explain, you grabbed my hand, and began to run...we crossed the street, you pulling me along, turning right and heading 20 yards down the road, we eventually stopped...at another bus stop.

I looked at this beautiful, sexy stranger and just raised my eyebrows in question. I was already involved in a situation I could never have hoped would become a reality...I had no words. You looked me deep in the eyes, a wicked smile on your face

"I'm Carole...and you are...?

"Hi...um...I mean, Jon."

"Well Jon, we're not going to work today, you are coming home with me."

I just stared deeply into your eyes, dumbstruck, as our faces moved closer together. We felt each other's breath on our faces, and you placed your arms around my neck. You pulled me toward you, and our lips met.

Your mouth opened as your tongue slid across my lips. A gentle touch of your tongue on my lips sent my mind into a frenzy. Our lips locked together, pressed firmly, we became as one, as I felt your tongue slide over mine.

Your fingers now clenching through my hair with one hand as the other found its way down to my ass. Your breath barely catching as you felt the warmth of my tongue against yours.

I was totally lost in these exquisite sensations, when you suddenly broke off the kiss, and waved down the approaching bus. We hopped on - this one, travelling in the opposite direction to the commuters, was mercifully empty. Rushing down to the deserted back row, we were quickly back in that warm, tight embrace. You took my hand and placed it inside the top of your blouse. The soft swell of your breasts encased in the delicate texture of your lacy bra.

I felt your hand slide down my chest, picking at the buttons of my shirt, undoing one, you slide inside, your gentle hand rubbing the soft hairs of my stomach as you sensed me breathing deeply in and out.

We remained in that position until you pulled away, signalling for the driver to stop, and told me, "we're home!"

This time we walk together, hand in hand, side by side. Fingers locked together, squeezing tightly, we walk without saying a word, for five minutes, until we reach your front door.

As we step up to the porch, I wrap my arms around you, and pull your body against mine, making it difficult for you to reach into your purse for your keys.

Eventually you find them, unlock the door, still showering my lips with kisses.

You slam the door shut, and I push you back against the wall of your hallway. Our kissing has now taken on a new urgency.

As we both let out little sighs and mews of pleasure, our fingers work on the buttons of the other's shirt, eventually undoing the last one, pulling off our shirts, revealing our torsos, naked but for your blue bra. Without hesitation, you reach behind, undo the clasp, and pulling away your bra, you reveal the most inviting breasts, my large hands pressed against each one. I can feel your hard nipples rubbing the skin on the palm of my hands.

Your hands move down to unbuckle my belt, unfasten the pants, and at last the pressure between my legs is released. I feel your hand gripping the thickness of my shaft, through my tight black boxers. As you begin to pump your hand up and down, my own hands slip down to your pants...I find the little zipper which loosens them just enough, so that when you wiggle your hips, they slide down your legs.

You step out of them. We are both wearing nothing but you in your panties and me in boxers, as you guide me toward your bedroom.

Falling onto your generously sized bed, we once more resume our embrace. Side by side, arms around each other. I claw at your back as you tussle my hair. Our legs entwined, I can feel your thighs clamped around one of my strong legs. You begin to buck your hips, grinding your pulsing pussy against my leg. I can feel your panties, sodden, sliding over me.

You push me onto my back, grab my boxers and pull them right off. You straddle me, still in your blue lacy panties, now with a wide stain created by your creamy pussy. Sitting on top of me, legs either side of mine, you lower yourself down.

I gasp, almost fighting for air as you slowly bring your mound to rest on the length of my shaft. Rocking back and forth, the swollen head rubs your clit, your pussy lips opening as my cock, along with your tight panties, slide inside a little.

That becomes too much to bear. You lean forward, holding your weight on your arms as you push your body up, and I reach down, sliding your panties right down, letting you kick them off.

I put my hands around your waist, and roll you onto your back. I look at you briefly, lying there, completely naked, legs and mouth both apart, waiting for me.

I move myself above you, my legs together between yours that are spread wide. My hands either side of your head. I see you gazing up into my eyes, as your hands reaches down, both of them encircling my achingly hard cock, pulling the tip towards you.

As I lower my head, my lips meet your open mouth. Your tongue slides over mine, as you tug on my cock, and the sensitive tip makes first contact with the radiant warmth of your beautiful pussy.

Releasing my cock, your hands reach around, fingers digging into my ass, and you pull me all the way inside you. As you lift your legs, locking your heels around the small of my back, the warm, pulsing walls of your cunt pull me in deeper and deeper.

We both lose control. As I feel you claw at my ass, bucking your hips, I thrust in and out of you. In and out, your delightful breasts shaking as our bodies rock together, in and out.

I hear your sighs become louder...calling my name....whimpering...I feel your pussy beome even wetter....then it tightens, squeezing me hard....my breath is out of control...so deep...pushing inside you...filling you up....

You arch your back, screaming my name, your mouth clamped onto my shoulder as your cunt squeezes harder than ever.

Burying my face in the nape of your neck, I say your name in a low moan

Together, we reach the most beautiful, intense, intimate, passionate climax.

My seed is released deep inside you, our bodies convulsing, it seems to go on forever...

Finally we stop, breathless, exhausted, relieved. So, so happy.

I collapse on top of you, no longer able to support my body weight. You let me lay there a while, enjoying the sensation of the slippery wetness between our legs.

Your pussy gives a small deliberate squeeze, your cunt feeling my cock is still hard inside you...

"Maybe" you say, a sly grin on your face, "we should clean that off in the shower."

I just look back in your eyes, a big stupid grin across both our faces, as our lips meet for a long, slow, deep kiss, my cock sliding slowly out of you, as I lie down beside you, wrapped in your loving arms.

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by Kat051106/13/14


I'm a sucker for the accent...very sexy, as is your voice. More so, though, is the story itself. Both sexy and romantic. Looking forward to listening to your others.

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