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Tied to You


I was dressed as you wanted me, with nothing on but nipple clamps. You had me securely tied to the bed. You lightly spanked me with your hand until there was a rose color on my bottom. You pulled me up by my hair until I was on my knees. I leaned back against you, and could feel you behind me, with no clothes on. I relished in the feeling of u, just knowing that You wanted me.

You pulled something out from behind your back and I couldn't tell what it was. I discovered it suddenly when I heard the sound of buzzing. It was a egg shaped vibe that you had seen me looking at earlier in the adult store. You laughed when I gasped as I felt it running over my clit and I knew that tonight was going to be a long one. The egg buzzed slowly, lightly, and I could feel myself getting close but you also felt it and said "No. Absolutely not"

I moaned but obeyed. And then the egg was gone and I could feel something very cool and wet against my bottom hole. You were going to insert then egg into me. I moaned but did not say our safe word because I wanted this.

You pushed the egg in and I could feel it fill me. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle it but I did it was done. One of my virginities was gone. The other would come later. You set the egg on a higher buzz then it was before, and moved to kneel in front of me presenting yourself to me. You whispered.. "Suck me my pet now" and I leaned in and started to lick the sides. And then the head as the precum leaked. I loved the way you tasted and I wanted more of it.. the feeling and taste of you was one that I would relish for the rest of my life. I slowly sucked u, rolling you around in my mouth and feeling you touch my tonsils.

I wasn't sure if I could deep throat you but I was going to try. I started to swallow you but I gagged. You saw the expression on my face and said "don't my pet, just suck Me.." I sucked as hard as I could and I could almost feel the cum rising in you but you pulled away from me. You quickly got behind me and turned me over until I was facing you.

The clamps on my nipples made them so hard and the vibe in my bottom was one that made me shutter with pleasure. I looked at you with trust and you leaned down to kiss me. Slowly you lowered yourself in you were lying on top of me, aligned with me fully.

I felt you push into me and my breath became shallow. You pushed inside of me and didn't stop until you were inside me all the way. I could feel both you and the vibe inside me and the feeling was incredible. You slowly pumped inside me as i watched u .Unable to help since I was tied so securely to the bed. Every thrust made me breast jump and the orgasm come closer. I could feel it so close and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop it

I looked at you and begged "please, sir, please let me cummm but you said "no not yet" and continued to pump me slowly.Before long we both were sweating and breathing hard and then you said the words that I longed to here. "cum my pet, cum for me". I came hard and long and I screamed loudly, knowing that the people in the hotel room next door could hear me. as soon as I started, you did also, and I felt your cum shoot into me and it sent me into another orgasm. We snuggled after, you still inside me and you smiled me letting me know that I had been a good girl. We laid like that until we slipped into sleep.

Next morning I awoke with a feeling of wonderment in me. I was no longer a virgin. I had given that one special thing to the person that I loved more than anything. Just then it came to me, I love this man. Even though we live hundreds of miles away from each other, I loved you. I smiled as I looked at your sleeping face. You seemed so peaceful, so innocent which was a change from the Master you had been last night.

I stretched until I could lightly kiss the side of your face, feeling the stubble of a beard that was on the verge of growing. I tried to do so lightly so that you wouldn't awake but you did. You smiled at me and I knew that I would remember this day for the rest of my life. I returned your smile and just then my stomach rumbled. I was so embarrassed. I looked at you and could see that you were trying to with hold the laugh that you so wanted to get rid of. Finally it was too much for you and a laugh bubbled up from your lips, a sound so rare that I knew what my life's work was from that moment on. I was going to make you laugh if I could for the rest of my life.

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