tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTime Spine Ch. 08

Time Spine Ch. 08


The next day was Arthur's day with the spine, and James was planning on taking a trip to the city. At the last minute, he called Sarah and asked her along. It turned out she was free, and they spent a great day together. She knew all kinds of cool little galleries and coffee shops, and the day seemed to fly by in a joyful blur.

They were getting along really well, and he was starting to realize he really liked this girl. She was truly something special. He looked forward to getting to know her a lot better.

That night, around ten, Arthur zapped into the room. One minute James was alone, the next his best friend was sitting across from him.

"Jesus!" shouted James, "Don't do that!"

Arthur was grinning lecherously through a thick beard. "Hah! Got ya!"

James threw a pillow at his laughing friend and said, "Take a look at that beard. What the hell?"

Arthur shrugged. "I don't know. It seems to grow more the longer I stay in time freeze. Today I spent most of the day that way."

James was almost afraid to ask, but he did any way. "So, what did you do, anyway?"

"I pushed it to the limits, my friend," he said with a wicked gleam in his eye. "First off, I went and got these new clothes. Just walked in, picked them out and left."

He scooted over closer. "Then, I went by the bank and got some spending money." He threw a stack of hundreds on the table."

James just sat ogling the money. "Do you mean to say you brought stolen bank money to our fucking dorm?"

Arthur was giggling under his breath, positively filled with glee. "No. Nobody stole it, buddy. It just disappeared. No camera spotted a thief, no one demanded money. It just. Disappeared." He snapped his fingers.

James shook his head with disbelief. His friend was far more daring than he.

Arthur stood and walked over to the mini fridge, grabbing a coke. "And, my dear old pal, I did it. I fucked a girl."

"You what?" James exploded. He supposed he shouldn't have been surprised, but he had hoped his friend would develop some kind of morality to go with his godhood. "Listen man, that's rape!"

Arthur sat down next to James and said, "Don't tell me you didn't think of it. I know you did." The smile faded. "I just had the balls to actually do it."

James shook his head. "It's not right, Arthur. You know it's not."

Arthur's smile returned. "It's not rape, you idiot. Rape is an experience that a woman has. It is humiliating and destructive because she has to live through it. The women I just fucked did not experience anything other than a confusing sudden orgasm."

"The w-women?" James stuttered. "More than one?"

Arthur's smirk deepened. "Three. The first three I wanted, I took. It was amazing, James. I posed them any way I wanted them, licked and stroked their bodies, then fucked them. It was the biggest turn on of my life. I've never felt so powerful."

James knew what he was talking about, but he was still trying to get his mind around the fact that his friend had just committed triple rape. "Please tell me you used a condom."

Arthur just smiled bigger. "My friend, you have no idea what a turn on it was to bend a woman over out on the quad, in full view of everyone, pose her according to your fancy, and fuck her until you cum deep in her unsuspecting twat."

Arthur's eyes grew hot. "Then, with my semen deep within their bellies, I dressed them, put them back in position, and started time. It was so fucking hot, James, seeing them double over in sudden orgasm. Knowing their hot little cunts were contracting with pure ecstasy. Knowing my sperm was planted deep inside..."

"Jesus, Arthur, that is fucking rape." James shook his head, eyes wide, "You might have something about them not having to experience the actual rape, but fuck, man. They'll have to experience the god-damned pregnancy, won't they?"

Arthur shook his head. "You don't understand. You're still going by the old rules. We are fucking gods. We should spread our seed. We should impregnate every woman on this campus!"

James looked at his friend with a mixture of awe and disgust. He knew exactly what feeling Arthur was talking about. He had felt the power. But impregnating strangers? That was so far over the line James didn't even know what to say.

He grabbed his friend by the arm. "Look, you've got to tone it down. Stores suddenly losing merchandise? Banks losing cash? Women getting randomly pregnant? It's too much, mate. We'll be caught."

Arthur grinned madly. "How? How exactly will we be caught?"

James could not for the life of him think how. Unless they shared the secret with someone who told on them, they were perfectly safe. The process was too internally closed. Arthur had robbed a bank, a store, and committed three rapes without his real-time body ever even leaving the room. For some reason, the idea that they couldn't be caught was even scarier to James. There were no authorities that would put the brakes on this. No one was going to step in and stop them. They truly could do anything they wanted, and that was a bit frightening. Godhood could be intimidating.

They went to sleep that night after talking a bit more. James was thinking about the idea that the redhead he'd almost fucked would not have had to experience the actual rape. Did that make it okay? God, of course not. But he'd never been with a woman that hot before. How badly he'd wanted to push inside her slick, ginger cunt.

He fell asleep amid turmoil and strife.

Tomorrow was his day to be a god.

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