tagLetters & TranscriptsTo My Baby Boy

To My Baby Boy


Baby boy,

I wish you were here. My bed is still half-empty. Sometimes, it seems as if my bed misses you too. It feels so cold while it is no longer cradling our love. Come back to me soon. Be safe and find your way home.

This house doesn't feel like home without you. I keep the television turned on in an attempt to fill the emptiness. The sound from the TV also helps drowned out all the little creaks and miscellaneous noises that make me nervous without your strong presence. It sounds silly, I know. But, I only feel truly safe when you are here.

I respect what you are doing. I know you have a job to do. The mornings that I don't hear from you are so warped. I anxiously wait for the time when you will call or when I will be able to see you via webcam. You've definitely shown me the value of webcams. I love to see your face as you read my messages. That smile after I type something amusing or those sexy, bedroom eyes when we talk about our passion.

Then, there are those few times when I get to just watch you with your bare, dark chest and strong arms as you type a response to me. The only day the webcam betrayed me was the day I saw your gun at the close of our usual pleasant conversation. That gun snapped me out of dreamy thoughts of you and thrust me into reality. Please be safe, baby boy.

I know that if anyone can handle your job, it's you. But, I have other jobs for you. I'm making a to-do list of the kinds of jobs that occur in tangled sheets which will remain neglected until your return. I look forward to wrapping my lips around your cock again, bringing it to life with my tongue. Will I be able to deepthroat you after our time apart? I hope so, but I am sure you will let me practice until I can. I look forward to waking you up by sucking on you. I'll be licking and sucking you until I get to taste you as a preview to the day's events. You said that you don't intend to leave our bedroom much for the first several days after your return. We have a lot of loving to do. I miss you so much.

Remember the time you took me to the hotel just to get away? We lit some candles and spent the whole night loving and enjoying each other. When you make love to me, it is as if the rest of the world melts away. It's just you and me in existence at those moments. Then, we focus on pleasing each other. I know that you love how you can evoke my moans so easily while you tease me with your tongue. I love you, baby boy. It's only natural for my body to respond to you.

There are nights when I think about how good your cock feels inside me. I get out my toy and close my eyes. I try to remember every taste, smell, and sensation of you. As I ease the toy inside me, I imagine that it is your cock pleasuring me. Once I get wet enough, I can put the toy in farther and mimic your thrusts.

Sometimes, I can almost feel your hands on my hips as I imagine you taking me from behind. You know by now that I have a good imagination. So, it's not a stretch for me to picture you pounding my pussy doggie-style. Smacking my ass or pushing on the small of my back, you bring me to new heights, baby boy. I know you like pulling my blonde hair while you fuck me from behind. We always seem to get what we need from each other.

I love when I suck on you and I get so turned on that I just climb on top of you and ride your hard cock while you play with my bouncing breasts. I also like when I ride you in the reverse cowgirl position while we watch porn together. But you know what I like best? I love it when you pin me to the bed and fuck me hard. It is so hot when I pretend to fight you off a little bit and you pin me back down and take what is yours! I'm glad that we can feel free to try new things with each other.

I can't wait until you get back! As the days pass, the time for your return draws nearer. But, the progress through the calendar is painstakingly slow. Hurry home to me, baby boy. I need you!

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