tagBDSMTo Take Advantage of Her Sister

To Take Advantage of Her Sister


{Author's Note: This story follows on from To Take Advantage Of A Friend. It stands alone, but might be more enjoyable after the other story}.

Jane's body lay taut and tense on her bed. Her forehead and chest gleamed with a thin sheen of sweat, and her nipples poked chewingly at the ceiling. She had been close to orgasm for over an hour and was desperate to cum. But with both hands tied to her bed posts that choice was mine, not hers.

"You're so ready, aren't you?" I whispered, tugging lightly at Jane's nipples. "But I know you like to hear my dark thoughts when you cum, don't you? And most of all you like to hear about little sister Anne?" Jane's head thrashed wildly. Yes? No? Or just make me cum? "You like to think about me fucking Anne's tight little asshole?" Another thrash. "Imagine that. You watching my cock slide in. Out. In. Out. Anne's poor little hole wrapped tight around it. Think of Anne's face, Jane. The pain of being assfucked, the violation, but somewhere also in there the pleasure at being taken like that."

Jane was over ten years older than her nineteen year old sister, and I suspected that although they were outwardly cordial, underneath there was plenty of sibling rivalry seething away. Jane was cold, slim, sensible, while Anne had a fuller sexier figure and seemed to take life in a far more laid back way. It was a contrast, physical and mental, that only piqued my interest in them both.

I slipped my hand between Jane's legs, and teased a finger up her slit. Soaking wet. Whatever her mind told Jane about the badness of fantasizing about Anne, her body always betrayed her, and I wondered if Jane got a kick out of her more popular sister getting mistreated in the way I described.

"I've decided you're going to help me fuck Anne, Jane. She is going to be here, in your bed, on all fours, offering me her ass to fuck and for you to watch." My fingers moved to Jane's clit. " And then when I've cum in Anne's ass, Jane, you're going to clean my cock for me, aren't you, right out of little sis's butthole?" Jane thrashed and swore, cumming badly, overwhelmed by this final release.


As Jane and I walked up to the door of Anne's apartment, I was surprised at my own ruthlessness. Could I really do this?

"Mike, thanks so much for coming." Anne led us through into her bedroom. Even being in the place where Anne slept and probably fucked gave me a ridiculous thrill. Anne pointed at a small desk with a PC on it. "Here it is."

Now I am not an IT guy. But one of the curses of my life is that I can find my way around computers pretty well. So whenever anyone has a problem with their computer, rather than subject themselves to an hour and a half of IT support, they pop their head around my office and ask if I can help. At last, at long long last, I was going to get some payoff.

I sat myself at the desk, Jane standing behind me and Anne just to my right. The presence of the two sisters with me as the focus of their attention was delicious.

"It just started acting weird during the week, right?" Anne nodded. Of course it had. While Jane and Anne had been out for a drink I had slipped into Anne's apartment and made a few simple little alterations. "You got anti-virus stuff? Norton?" Anne shook her head. She was one of those people who used her computer to write letters and pick up e-mails and that was it. Lucky old me.

I double-clicked in a few random places, for show rather than effect, then slipped a CD into the PC. "This will take a few minutes, Anne, any chance of a drink?"

She looked embarrassed. "That's so rude of me. What would you like?"

"Do you have any wine?"


As Anne disappeared into the kitchen Jane hissed in my ear "I take it you're behind this?"

I smiled. "Calm down, my slut. You know it's what you want. You were talking about it only last night." The color flooded Jane's face. She had been tied on all fours over her toilet, her nipples pressed hard into the cold porcelain. While I had tickled her clit and teased a slim vibe in and out of her asshole she had talked about watching me cum on her sister's tits and face. Before I had always done the talking, so hearing the words from Jane's lips had been delicious.

When Anne walked back in the room with three glasses of wine I announced simply "You have viruses."

"Really? I don't go on the internet much."

"No, well let's have a quick look." I clicked on the History pull down. It amazes me how many people don't know it's there, let alone how to delete stuff on it.

The list that came up was long and interesting. I could sense both Jane and Anne blushing deeply. At the top were a couple of news sites, and hotmail, but thereafter Anne's history was exclusively porn. And not just any porn either - words like "teen" and "lolita" kept appearing. I feigned embarrassment. "I'm sorry, Anne, I shouldn't have clicked..."

"You don't think I use those sites do you?"

"No. Sorry. Who else uses this PC?"

There was an awkward silence. I was conscious of Anne's full breasts in her navy tee just six inches or so from my face. "Well, no-one, but I know I haven't looked at anything like that."


"See for yourself. It's in here."

"Could anyone else have access to the apartment? Workmen or something?"

"No. Oh shit. Jason."


"We dated a few months back. He had a key which he never gave back. I never thought anything of it. I thought he was in Africa or something. Oh shit. Fuck I never thought he was the type."

"But you have a password on this PC, right?" She shook her head. No of course not.

"Anne, given the kind of places he seems to have been looking, do you mind if I check a little more?"

"Um, no. I mean I've got nothing to hide."

I did a search for jpeg files. Within 30 seconds we were all staring at the screen in horror. After allowing ten second or so for it sink in, I minimized the picture.

"Anne there's about ten thousand pictures like that on this computer."


I stood up and walked away. "Okay. I'm feeling just a little uncomfortable here. It seems you're saying someone else who's in Africa has been doing this."

"You're not accusing me of downloading that stuff?"

"I don't know, Anne. What I do know is my fingerprints are now all over a computer that the cops would just love to get their hands on. For all I know they've already traced this PC."

"They can't do that."

"They can and they do." It wasn't strictly speaking true, but truth was a long way away from my thoughts. "If they checked your credit card records, would they find anything unusual?"


"Are you sure?"


"You check your statements when they come in?"

"No, but..."

"You have them now?"


"And you shred all the card receipts?"


"Okay so Jason," - I laid on as much sarcasm as I could muster - "could have used your credit card details to access kiddie porn sites on your computer. And conveniently Jason is in Africa."

"Mike please - don't be ridiculous. Of course I haven't downloaded that stuff. That's sick."

"Okay but shouldn't I just call the cops now and let them decide?"

The color left Anne's face. "You can't do that."

"Anne this is serious stuff. You could go to jail. Do you expect me to cover up for you?"

"I haven't done anything."

"Then I'm sure the cops will believe you. Look I'm sorry but I've got to go."

"Mike, please, don't go to the police, even having them here is too horrible to imagine."

"Okay. I'm angry and I'm upset, which is not a good time to think about this. I'll call you in the morning, Anne. And don't think about getting rid of the computer or anything, it sounds to me as if Jason," - the sarcasm was still heavy - "has been pretty thorough on this one."

As I was walking down the road away from Anne's apartment, Jane came running up after me.

"I said I'd try to persuade you," she said, breathless. "Bring you around." I waited for the inevitable tirade of abuse. "I've never seen my spoiled selfish brat of a sister look so terrified," she continued. Stunned, I turned to look at Jane. Her eyes were glinting in a novel way. "I hope that means you're going to be real bad to me tonight, Mike, because my cunt is soaking."


Back at Jane's apartment, I decided to take advantage of the monstrous sensation of power I was experiencing. "Okay get undressed except for your panties." I stripped with Jane, until I was completely naked. "Let me check your panties." The gray cotton of the crotch of Jane's panties was completely soaked through. "I'm going to tie your hands behind your back now." Jane reached back obediently. "Some new bathroom games for you now Jane."

I guided Jane through into the bathroom. "Kneel in the bath." She looked nervous and apprehensive at this new direction, but I was sure that the pleasure she gained submitting to my every fetish would carry her through.

She looked magnificent kneeling on her heels, those beautiful long nipples engorged with excitement at the unknown pleasures to come.

I climbed into the bath in front of her, my erect cock bobbing in front of Jane's face. "Suck my cock." Jane had become an efficient mouth-only cocksucker over the past few days, and I could only take a couple of minutes of her mouth bobbing up and down on my shaft before I pulled away.

"Okay Jane why do you think we're in the bath?"

She grinned mischievously. "We're gonna take a bath?" Funnily enough all our intense perversion seemed to be lightening her up.

"Hah. No. Well I'm not. Go on guess."

She thought a little more, and then shook her head. "No I really don't know." I believed her.

"Ask me to pee on your titties Jane."

"Eeuuw that's nasty."

"Sure it is." I grabbed hold of her head and brought her face close to my cock. "Now ask me to pee on your titties or I'll do it all over your face."

That was enough. "Okay. Please pee on my titties Mike. Please don't pee on my face."

"I'll do what I want." It took a long time for my stiff cock to let me pee, and the look of scared anticipation on Jane's face didn't make it any easier for me to relax. But then we were both watching as a thin stream of pee splashed onto Jane's little tits. Her nipples were still nicely erect I noticed and she actually gasped at the first contact.

I emptied my bladder onto Jane's chest. When I had finished I grabbed either side of her head again. "Now suck me off."

"But you've got pee on the end of your nnnnngh." I had shoved my cock in her mouth to answer that complaint. After that she slurped obediently and took the entire load of my cum down her throat.


Next morning I was round at Anne's apartment by eight. Jane had gone ahead - so far as Anne knew Jane and I were "just good friends" and it suited me if Anne still thought it was that way.

Anne looked tired, wary, and frankly angry when she opened the door. I was sure she was dying to scream at me not to be such an asshole.

Jane was sitting on Anne's couch. The atmosphere was tense but eventually Anne broke it by simply asking "Well?"

"Okay Anne, here's the deal. I am prepared not to go to the cops." Anne let out a huge sigh - she'd really believed I'd do it. "But, frankly, I want something in return. I'm not convinced by what you told me last night, and if I'm going to be involved in covering this up for you, well that doesn't come cheap."

"What do you want?" It was funny that Anne was as naïve as her sister in anticipating my desires.

It wasn't easy to say. In fact I felt a jerk. But I had to. "You. I want you Anne."

Anne looked around at her sister, incredulous not only at the request but that I had the front to make the demand in front of Jane. "You want to screw me?"

"No." Anne looked briefly embarrassed at her presumption, but then I continued "Not exactly. I want you however I want you. The choice of screwing or something else more appealing being mine."

Anne looked around again at Jane, as if her big sister must come to her sister. "Jane tell him not to be such a jerk."

"Stop being such a spoilt baby Anne." That brought Anne's face around with a start. "You're asking my friend to cover up something serious. He doesn't owe you anything. The least you could do is show him a little gratitude for a while. Who knows, doing what someone else wants for once in your life might even turn out to suit you?" I could see from the look on Jane's face that this was what was really driving her - the desire to see little sister put firmly in her place.

Anne for her part was shocked. None of this was how she'd expected. "What, you mean, like suck you off or something?"

"I mean, like, come over here." She stood there, thinking, then figured that little command couldn't hurt. She walked to a couple of feet away. "Now turn around."

She stood her ground, one hand on her hip. "Oh fuck you."

"It's simple Anne. You don't do everything I want, right now, then I am getting straight on the phone to the cops. I'll tell them everything, just like you told me, and they probably won't even arrest you, just take away the computer. But take it from me, the cops are nice and thick with the media, and you are just the type of story those guys love. Makes a nice little change from the usual kiddie-fuckers, right? So either you turn around, right now, or I go straight to the cops."

My little tirade seemed to flatten Anne a little. She turned again to her sister. "Jane?"

"Oh don't mind me, sis. I reckon a little bit of Mike might be good for you."

There were tears in Anne's eyes. She wasn't used to being forced into anything, let alone anything as unknown as this. But then slowly, oh so reluctantly, she shuffled around until her back was facing me. "Good. Now pull down your jeans for me."

Once again Anne looked across to her sister. Maybe she was seeking support, but she must also have wondered why Jane was still in the room watching this terrible thing happen to her. "Jane's staying," I said simply. "I want her to."

Anne fumbled nervously with the belt on her jeans, and then the button, but then finally they were sliding down her thighs. She was wearing a pair of white panties, like the ones I'd stuffed in her sister's mouth a few days before. "Nice," I murmured. "Now pull down your panties and show me your ass." There were more than a couple of moments' hesitation, then Anne's panties were down around her thighs too. She had a lovely ass, firm and round with a neat little horizontal crease under each buttock. I even thought I detected a family resemblance to Jane - now there was something to consider comparing.

I sat down on a chair. "Anne come over here and bend over my knees."

Her jaw dropped. "You're not going to spank me!" It was all too unbelievable.

"Sure I am. But not hard, don't worry. It's the act not the pain that I'm interested in."

She stood there a moment, utterly defeated. Another glance to Jane, who somehow remained impassive on the couch. Then Anne shuffled awkwardly towards me, before resting herself lightly across my knees.

I brought my hand up. "Ready?" I brought it down quite gently, the lightest of slaps. Even so Anne jumped and squirmed. "See? Next one's a little harder." Slap. I'd left a little red mark on Anne's right buttock. "Next one's as hard as it's going to get." There was no violence involved and nothing more than a little physical discomfort. The mental discomfort I hoped was a different matter.

I lightly spanked Anne's ass about a dozen times, and her cheeks were glowing a gentle red, but there's something about a pretty butt across my knees that always gets me distracted. First I traced a finger down the length of Anne's ass crack, but then I found myself probing deeper.

"Ask me to inspect your asshole, Anne."

"I..." It's funny how often words are more difficult than acts.

"Ask me."

"P-p-p-please inspect my ass." It was as good as it would get.

"Pull your cheeks apart for me." She reached behind with both hands and complied. I stroked my fingers all around Anne's butt while she held it open for me. I gently rested a finger on her asshole. "Ever had it up there?"

"Sometimes." Well that was a difference from big sister. Jane had been an anal virgin until she had let me loose on her bottom.

"You like it there?"


I glanced across at Jane. She was not so impassive now, her face was flushed and I sensed she'd been rubbing herself surreptitiously. "Come over here Jane."

Jane uncoiled herself from the couch and sauntered over slowly, every bit the old hand at Mike's nasty games. As Jane approached Anne lifted her hands away from her ass, embarrassed at exposing her asshole to her sister like that. "Open your ass for me, Anne. Open it. There's no reason why Jane shouldn't see it." Anne still didn't comply so a hard slap across her ass reminded her who was in control. She opened her ass again, this time for Jane as well as me.

"Okay Jane, take off your panties." There was a second's hesitation as Jane realized just how far she was now being brought into the scene, but then she was naked from the waist down and I had her panties in my hand.

Anne meanwhile was coming to terms with what was going on around her. "Shit Jane, you do this stuff for him too?"

"Like I said little sis, doing stuff for Mike might be good for you."

I looked at the crotch of Jane's panties. It was wet through. It seemed Anne doing stuff for Mike was good for Jane too.

I slipped my fingers down to Anne's cunt for the first time. She was soaking. "Yes I'm wet you asshole," she growled, "but don't for a second think I get off on this. It's well known women get like that in all kinds of situations."

"Sure sure," I murmured soothingly, "and you won't cum while Jane looks at your asshole, will you? Jane, kneel behind your sister's ass." Jane complied, and I slid my fingers either side of Anne's clit, which was throbbing just like I expected.

It was a delicious tableau, Anne bare-assed across my knees and Jane knelt dutifully behind Anne's bottom. I could feel from my stroking that Anne, reluctant or otherwise, was close to cumming, and there was one more thing I needed to make the scene complete. I held Jane's panties in front of Anne's face. "Look how good it is for big sister, Anne," I said. Anne tried to move her face away from the soiled panties, which was a bad move because I decided it was easier to rub them right over her face. Then she tried to shout something bad, and that only allowed me to poke Jane's wet panties into Anne's mouth. Anne was bucking and kicking now, although her hands were still somewhat bizarrely opening her ass for her sister. It took me some time to realize that her anger had in fact turned into a violent orgasm, but when I knew I kept her cumming and twisting and screaming until I knew it was pure cruelty to go any further.

I half carried half walked Anne over to the couch where she could collect herself. Jane I could see was inflamed with unfulfilled need. The humiliation of her younger sister had exceeded her most terrible expectations.

As Anne started to show signs of life on the couch she muttered sulkily "Can I go now?"

I laughed. "Of course not." I looked across at Jane. I was sure I could rely on her. "For the next bit Anne, Jane's going to tell you what to do for me."

"Get on your knees Anne," said Jane, a hard edge to her voice. She was going to enjoy this, I knew. "On all fours. Kneel like a bitch for Mike to fuck your asshole."

Anne looked shattered, drained. Her sister's complicity seemed to have taken away any last reserves of rebellion. She slumped off the couch, her bare butt facing roughly in my direction.

Jane and I walked over to Anne, and without me saying anything Jane undid my zip and slipped my hard cock into her mouth. It was delicious, but unnecessary, and after about a minute of her ministering I pulled away. "Okay sis," she said, "open up your ass for Mike to fuck it." Anne reached wearily behind to comply, and the contrast with big sister couldn't have been more complete. Jane's eyes were on fire.

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