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Total Woman Academy 01


Ned lay on his back in the fluffy white linens with the covers pushed back. His cock was planted firmly in Angelina's cunt and he felt the wonderful soft friction being generated by her motions. Ned's half dazed eyes saw her shadowed, upright body in the moon glow that filtered through the curtains. Angelina's long strawberry hair swayed gently behind her back and her breasts bobbed as her body moved with the rhythms. Her areoles became darker with pert nubs engorged on her nipples. Her head was high and tilted back. Her blue eyes appeared drawn to a distance spot beyond the room. She rose and fell slowly and steadily astride his pelvis.

Angelina had been taught that, after insertion, a stable rhythm provided both partners with the best sensations. She tried to keep her thoughts uncluttered and her body's actions focused on giving Ned as much pleasure as possible for as long as possible. Her toned thigh muscles worked like pistons to that purpose. Angelina practiced power yoga for muscle tone and meditation for stamina. Her whole being was now fixed on the sensations of Ned's swollen cock in her cunt and she sustained her even strokes. When Ned desired a change of position or speed, he would give her an indication.

Ned mentally counted the number of strokes she performed in this upright position. He had guided her into these up and down strokes soon after they had started her sexual performance. He knew it could be tiring for the young woman but it was one test of her abilities. Angelina had already surpassed the benchmark number of strokes for passing her sophomore level. He decided that the count was sufficient for this step in his evaluation assessment of her.

Ned removed his arms from underneath the pillow behind his head. He moved his hands to Angelina's knees propped beside his torso. She issued a slow quiet breath at this modest touch. Angelina's attentiveness returned dimly to the room and she awaited his command without altering her unhurried movements. Ned gave her knees a few gentle push pull signals.

Without any overt acknowledgement, Angelina complied with Ned's direction. On the next stroke, she sank fully to the bottom, hesitated and began the new forward and backward motion desired by her evaluator. She moved her buttocks backward along his legs and she felt Ned's cock knob drag along the length of her cunt wall. It brushed her G spot and slid towards her vaginal lips. Stopping just on the verge of it falling out, she raised her hips and pushed forward to entirely reseat his cock. Angelina fell into the new tempo. Ned was delighted with the tidiness of the transition and thought Angelina's techniques were showing adequate improvement.

Before her thoughts faded back into the calm mindlessness, Angelina recalled the way this test session had commenced. Ned woke in the night and was aroused by her warm body lying next to his. Angelina was lying on her left side faced away from him. He gingerly caressed her naked right flank. Angelina came out of her slumber and dutifully rolled over to face him. Making eye contact to be sure he was truly awake, she waited for Ned's instructions. Angelina saw Ned glance downward and her hand reached there and enclosed his erection. He touched her other arm and she shifted her high leg, then her whole body over him and sat astride his pelvis. She moved the bed covers away from their bodies clearing a workable play space.

They began the dance of love. Angelina rose and engulfed the tip of his stiffened cock in her cunt. Moving downward, she followed the pace and length of the strokes that Ned's hands on her butt guided her into. Content with her compliance, Ned had relaxed back into the sheets with his arms behind his head and began the mental count of strokes. After Angelina performed adequate repetitions in the up down category, Ned was pleased at the way Angelina had retooled flawlessly and pumped her hips in the new cycle.

Ned felt the approaching end of this evaluation step. The prickly tingling started in the nerves of his toes, spread up his legs and crashed into his groin. His breathing shortened and gusted. He leaned his head back deeper into the pillow and growled low as the first pulse jetted up and out of his cock. His eyes screwed shut. He saw stars and polygons of color under his eyelids as the following three bursts erupted.

Angelina saw Ned's head tilt back, heard his pre-orgasmic sounds and returned her focus to the room and the task before her. She prepared herself for the imminent finale of her labors. Angelina halted fully embedded at the precise moment when Ned's cock was set to gush. She clenched hard with her velvety tube to add resistance to the effort Ned would need to ejaculate. She trusted that the squeeze would enhance Ned's climax and maximize his approval.

As his essence charged into her receptacle, she felt his pelvis strain upward as his back arched. She clamped her cunt tightly and held on. Her primal senses joined his burst with an orgasm that washed across her. She hoped Ned's cock could feel her orgasmic cunt contractions.

Their heat ebbed and hazy consciousness slowly returned. Angelina opened her eyes and watched Ned for signs of his next requirements of her. His eyes opened, he curled a slight smirk of satisfaction and motioned with one sideways head shake for her to dismount. Angelina unsheathed his shrinking flesh and glided to her back by his side. She rested her neck in the crook of his arm. He pecked her on the cheek. She rolled on her side to face him and he kissed her again on the lips. "That step went well", he said and, turning his head away, gradually fell back asleep. Angelina moved her free arm and cradled his deflating cock in her hand, held it lightly and still so she would be aware and ready when the next step was required. She wanted Ned to report favorably on her progress.

Angelina dozed. Ned woke with the dawn's light filling the room. Angelina's palm cupped his flaccid organ in gentle contact. With a total of four test sessions since yesterday, he had her almost fully evaluated and halfheartedly lifted her hand free. She opened her eyes at his touch and smiled invitingly. Ned sighed and shook his head 'No'. In the bathroom, Angelina filled the tub for his morning bath. Ned lowered himself into the warm floral scented bubble bath.

Angelina kneeled naked beside the tub and leaned in as she washed him. Her hair was twirled into a bun with some loose tendrils hanging around her head. Her breasts dangled teasingly below her chest. When she moved to sweep Ned's body with water and bubbles, her nipples dragged in the suds. Ned gazed at them fondly and would have caressed the proffered globes but time was short. Angelina had a later appointment to keep.

After Angelina toweled Ned dry, he dressed and packed for the day's journey. Angelina cleaned, preened, packed and followed Ned out to the car. Today Ned would deliver Angelina to the Total Woman Academy in the nearby city. Angelina would continue her Junior year studies at this facility now that she had finished her Sophomore year at its companion facility in another city.

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