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Total Woman Academy 01a


Ned drove through the gate into the wide driveway of the mini-estate. The few acres of grounds were surrounded by a tall wood fence which was decorative to be trendy but functional to be secure. Although newly constructed, the building had classic Greek revival architecture with brick sides and a white colonnaded entrance. Inside the mansion were many bedrooms, baths and large common rooms but outside it looked like the rest of the upscale neighborhood.

Ned helped Angelina alight from the car as the front door opened. Mrs. Jones, the housemother, walked down the porch steps and waved a hello. "Ned, so glad you're here. You must be Angelina. I am pleased to meet you. Congratulations on completing your sophomore year. Your new classmates are waiting inside. Some will be new to you but you may recognize other classmates who were transferred before you. Anyway, go on in, they are in the great room to the left."

Ned stood by the housemother while Angelina skipped up the steps and entered the front door. Shortly, the excited buzz of conversation from inside showed that Angelina was getting a warm welcome. Chuckling, Ned exchanged bijoux cheek kisses with the housemother, Mrs. Jones. She laughed and said, "Ned, how do you manage to handle all of these evaluation assessments and transfers?"

"Well, it's a tough job but someone has to do it." Ned replied with a laugh.

With interlocked arms, they ascended to the house. Inside the front door, Ned glanced left into the great room and heard the excited chattering. A dozen casually dressed attractive young women surrounded Angelina. They were rejuvenating old friendships and making new ones. It looked like a sorority party. Mrs. Jones pulled Ned down the hallway to her office in the rear of the house. "You need to file Angelina's assessment report before you focus your attention elsewhere."

Total Woman Academy was a private school established to a single purpose. Producing suitable companions for the movers and shakers of this world was the goal. Intelligence, beauty and poise were the basics.

Intelligence was rooted in a worthwhile college education. With modern distance learning capabilities, accredited engineering, science, business and finance degrees were obtained over the internet without ever stepping onto a college campus. Fluff degrees in fields like phycology, history or poetry were not allowed for Total Woman students.

Beauty might be only skin deep but it can be bolstered and illuminated by diet, exercise and grooming. Balanced meals were furnished from the facility's kitchen. Onsite group and individual aerobics, yoga and weigh training created a healthy physique. Preventable Illness caused by risky behavior was to be avoided. The student learned to use proper cosmetology. Blemishes could be veiled and vitality radiated. Cosmetic surgery was forbidden, along with tattoos and piercings.

Poise would set the graduate apart from all others. Poise is the runway model's strides and poses. It's the self-confidence of proper manners. It's the engagement of all the student's capacities to make another person feel wanted and appreciated. Sensuous capabilities were not ignored. Many of the mental and physical exercises were developed to free the student's mind from unfounded social inhibitions.

Within the world's elite inner circles, a Total Woman Academy graduate was eagerly sought and the stock was limited. Candidate students were referred by various discrete channels. Some referrals came from alumni, others from elite pledge contributors and some from anonymous recruitment on college campuses. All students received full scholarships and support.

Financially, the Total Woman Academy sustained itself through donations. Many Academy graduates marveled at the rewards to their social lives and careers molded by the Academy system. They established alumni funds and maintained connections for candidate and graduate referrals. Many of the staff, Ned included, were financially independent and provided their services gratis. Finally, there was a very exclusive group of pledge contributors who contributed generously, participated occasionally in the training sessions and were allowed to rarely and demurely escort students to their business gatherings as social intimates.

Ned was tasked with transporting the promotee students between facilities. Ned was an engineering and financial professional in his own right. During the long drives between facilities, he involved the transportees in discussions of technical and financial matters, both classic topics and current events. He probed for their knowledge and understanding of how their academic studies applied to the real world. During travel stays, he assessed the student's level of her sensual capabilities. He recorded his assessment of the student's intelligence, beauty and poise that he tested during the trip.

Ned plopped down at the computer terminal and logged into Angelina's record. Their in-transit discussions showed she was very intelligent and was keeping up with the academic texts and lecture materials. Angelina comprehended the material and was able to apply it to current events at a post-Sophomore level. He noted a few topics where she would benefit from tutoring by upper classmates or self-paced online resources. But intellectually, she was on schedule.

Ned noted that Angelina's beauty was not stunning but certainly grabbed a lot of second looks. She was physically fit, her natural coloring allowed her to use cosmetics sparingly and she enjoyed dressing in flirty but respectable fashions. Ned certainly approved of her stamina. He recommended increased intensity in the physical training only because she would plateau below her potential if not continually challenged.

During the final drive today, Ned had asked Angelina about her sensations during their late night session. Angelina described her experiments at mentally floating away from the here and now using Yoga techniques. While her body stirred in uninterrupted cyclical motions, she was able to ignore its pain or fatigue signals. She focused her mind elsewhere and enjoyed the pleasure signals only. Ned noted this trait and recommended that Angelina tutor this technique to the other students.

Ned logged off and walked out of the office. Documentation duties accomplished he was now free to wander and explore. Down the hallway, he passed the great room. Most of the students had returned to their individual studies elsewhere on the compound. Angelina was still there seated on a stool with two new acquaintances standing over her and peering down her wide open mouth with a penlight and a wooden tongue depressor. Ned stopped to watch through the open doorway. The students saw him, turned away giggling and ceased their examination. Junior students were introduced to oral sex and he guessed they were initiating Angelina to the topic.

Ned climbed the central staircase to the upstairs bedrooms and classrooms. Several classrooms were occupied by students wearing headphones and typing on computers. As distance learners, they could enroll in a college anywhere on the globe from anywhere on the globe. Some colleges spooled the courses on servers and these could be accessed 24/7 at the student's convenience. Others required real-time attendance through a two way video connection. Ned passed the door to the common study room. Students in small groups were studying or cross tutoring classmates. Most of the bedroom doors were closed but a few were open showing the modest quarters of the students. Flute music emanated from one and inside a skimpily clad student was lounging in bed with a book on Yoga meditation. Ned stopped to say hello. The student stood up and politely returned his greetings. Ned admired the way her breasts and hips were domed by the shear loose material. The single translucent layer teasingly revealed the darker circles and triangle at nipple and groin. Ned advised her to seek out Angelina for advanced meditation techniques.

The larger training and common rooms were downstairs. One had a padded floor where the students practiced aerobics and dancercise. It was adjacent to the free weight room with its accompanying benches, steppers, treadmills and cable machines. The machines currently in use provided a panorama of bouncing tight butts and jiggling thin clad boobs. Time passed as Ned lingered while ogling. Mrs. Jones slinked up and tapped his arm. "See anything you like?" she asked.

"All of them" Ned replied without disturbing his daydreaming.

"Well, you might get your chance. The Freshman facility called. One of the pledge contributors located nearby has offered a substantial pledge and needs a proper date for an elegant fund raiser. We are sending one of the advanced Juniors over to fulfill the pledge particulars. She's in there exercising but I won't tell you which one. It will be my little surprise for you. You leave this afternoon and she is due for delivery in two days."

Ned understood that any evaluation assessment for this trip was superfluous but he would not disclose that to the transportee. No opportunity for performance coaching should be lost and Ned was keen on providing those coaching opportunities.

Peeling his thoughts away from the gymnasts, Ned followed Mrs. Jones onto the back veranda. A sundeck and pool spanned the space directly behind the house. Being late morning, only a few of the scattered chaise lounges were occupied. However, all of the occupants were working on an even tan. Wadded swimsuits and suntan lotion were lying near each chair. A nude dripping swimmer emerged from the steps at the end of the pool. She jiggled past where Ned and Mrs. Jones stood, giving a pert smile and a short wrist wave as greeting. Ned eyes followed her as she sauntered to an empty lounge chair. She smoothed the towel, lay face up and put on narrow eye covers. Ned decided that her actions were unacceptable considering the healthy lifestyle promoted by the Academy.

Ned strolled over and advised "You must reapply sunscreen after that plunge in the pool. You could get sunburn. Shall I help you?"

Her hands lifted the eyeshades and she nodded. Ned reached down for the sunscreen bottle and steadied himself with a hand on her moist thigh. Her skin was cool from the dip in the pool but beginning to warm. She watched as he smoothed the lotion over her toned legs. She raised her arms high so he could cover them properly, and then used her hands to put the excess cream on her face and neck. She looked at his face as she lowered them to rest at her sides. Ned paused but she waited, held his gaze and fought back a small smile at his slow comprehension of her silent invitation.

Ned got the meaning and plowed ahead, coating her pelvis, groin and stomach with the slippery concoction. He spent some time in the triangle at her hips and spread the lotion thoroughly where the ghost of a tan line still showed. He approached the orbs on her chest. He slicked up his hands and started with wide circles around the perimeter of her chest. She bowed her head to watch his hands as they decreased the radius of the circles. Ned palmed the outside of her generous breasts. She tensed, anticipating an underarm tickle. Instead, Ned fluttered his fingers against the mounds. Her breasts quaked like jelly. Ned proceeded to grip the spongy masses in his hands and kneaded them like bread dough. She eased back and enjoyed his touch. Ned used his thumb pads to circle the edges of the areoles. She closed her eyes as the caress transmitted a tingle to her groin.

Ned ended his ministrations and stood tall over her, moving to place his shadow over her sulking face. "In the future, young lady, please be more careful about sunburn protection." he said. She weakly smiled and softly thanked him for the assistance.

As he walked to Mrs. Jones, he glanced back and saw her furtively finishing the job using one hand to make circular caresses on her clitoris and the other on her areole. Ned begrudged the fact that he was leaving this afternoon. He knew he could find many more situations to practice safety training among the students.

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