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Total Woman Academy 02


Mid-afternoon, Ned waited in the front hall for his mystery transport assignment. He turned towards the clicking of heels behind him. Mrs. Jones was striding toward him and she was followed by an angel. The angel had mid-back length brown hair, gull wing eyebrows and almond shaped brown eyes. Her full puffy lips were glossed bright red. The fashion magazines called that type bee-stung lips. The rest of her makeup was subtle. She silently announced her presence with a faint flowery perfume. She pulled along a wheeled overnight bag containing the clothes the pledge contributor thought necessary for her scheduled fete.

Ned knew her as Brooke. He had transported her to this facility last year after her sophomore year. She had bloomed considerably since then. That trip was unforgettable and his pulse beat a little stronger at the remembrances. She had been curious about his desires and eager to please. Now Brooke was near the end of her junior year during which she had been taught oral skills. Ned would spend the next two days and nights solely with Brooke. He looked forward to making her bee-stung lips into more aptly named cum-stung lips.

Ned ushered Brooke to the car while Mrs. Jones gave Brooke some last minute details. A few special dresses were packed in the luggage. She should try them on and model them for Ned to get his opinion. Her pledge contributor host had been equivocal about the nature of the fund raiser but said Brooke should be prepared to adjust her wardrobe to suit the phase of the occasion.

Ned drove several hours until late afternoon and checked into the first night's hotel. Ned wanted some quick exercise in the hotel gym to release the road cramps in his tense body. After changing into looser clothing, Ned led Brooke to the gym room. Brooke had exercised this morning under Ned's daydreaming gaze. For her, this time was not about the rigors of the exercise but her display while doing it. She mounted a stepper which faced the treadmill. Her body's bobbing during the routine set her unfettered breasts shaking beneath her tee shirt.

Ned could hardly walk on the treadmill as his swollen organ strained his jockstrap. The exer-cycle proved she was equally bouncy when she bent forward holding the handle bars. Ned could spy swaying cleavage nonstop and an occasional nipple flash down the stretched out neck of the tee-shirt. A half hour was enough exercise for this evening.

Ned pulled Brooke back to their room. He stepped out of his clothes and stood with his back to the bed directly in front of Brooke. She doffed her clothes. Ned's cock twitched at the sight and he felt his temperature rise. Brooke's exercises were working. Her stomach was flat. Her hips were perceptibly narrower than they were last year. The butt muscles were tighter and higher. Her breasts had filled out more and the increased contrast with her narrowed waist and hips gave her an even more pronounced hourglass shape.

Brooke stepped forward placing her hand on Ned's chest and pushed. Ned sat down on the edge of the bed. Brooke knelt and said, "Want to see how much I've learned?" Ned nodded, too choked for words. Brooke reached out to Ned's cock already standing at attention.

Brooke licked Ned's cock. She sucked it. She took it deep. Her tongue fluttered on the tip. Her stiffened tongue tried to pierce the end slit. Her hands caressed his balls. She stroked the skin behind his balls. Brooke performed every activity she had been taught. But she never settled into one rhythm long enough to lift Ned's ardor to the release he desired. Ned would feel the heat rising then lose it when Brooke shifted focus. The effect was more irritating than stimulating.

Ned finally took control. He would feed her his cock the way he wanted. He held her head by handfuls of her hair gripped like handles. He slowed her movements to a moderate pace of long deep strokes with his cock in her mouth. He instructed her to paint the area beneath his crown with the rolled back underside of her tongue. Ned felt his toe tingling start and told Brooke to hum in her throat. The humming vibration capped it and Ned came in Brooke's mouth. He released her hair and fell back on the bed. Brooke crawled up beside him.

Lazing in bed, Brooke asked Ned about her techniques and why he took control. Ned explained the advantages of performing one or two types of stimulations throughout a single love session and using a few others during the next one. Brooke asked about the muscles of the cunt and how they differed from the oral muscles. Ned gave her a puzzled look. Brooke explained that she had been practicing clenching her vaginal muscles during sex. But the junior facility only had dildos. Some dildos had embedded pressure sensors and she had practiced electronic biofeedback with them. But did they accurately mimic a man's cock? Would Ned let her practice on him and tell her how she was doing in that category?

To start, Ned agreed to let Brooke arouse him in bed with her mouth. Then he sat on a stool in front of the full length mirror. Brooke sat on Ned's lap facing him. He admired her tight butt in the reflection. She put her arms around his shoulders but they decided the additional contact on his skin might distract Ned from focusing totally on Brooke's manipulations of the nerve sensors in his cock. She hung her arms at her sides and Ned embraced her outside her locked-in arms and body. His hands gripped the opposite wrist. Brooke's breasts were squished against Ned's chest, her hardened points nudging into his skin.

Brooke lifted her butt and moved it around until the head of his cock was at the entrance of her cunt. She smoothly sheathed him deep and began her contractions while she held her ass still. Ned felt the pressure build and release. Brooke tried to control it so that the pressure rippled up her vagina and created a milking effect. Ned was impressed with her attempts but the method fell short as a solitary stimulation. Brooke was breaking out beads of sweat on her forehead from the exertions. She hadn't broken a sweat during any of the earlier gym exercises today.

Ned adored the feel of Brooke's compressed boobs against his chest but reluctantly released her. He spun her around and put her back on his lap so they both faced the mirror. Tilting her torso forward, he told her to reinsert his cock. Brooke used her hand to place him and slid down. Now she rested her hands on her legs while Ned directed the pace through his hands kneading her breasts. Brooke combined the stroke motion with the clenching motions and Ned felt the difference.

Ned's knob strummed her G-spot. Ned watched Brooke in the mirror. Her hair hung over her face but she could see him watching her. She wiggled her shoulders to set her breasts bounding. Ned smiled. The pointed tips spun in grand circles across her front. They gradually reached a crescendo, each crying out through its orgasmic power. Brooke had her answer and resolved to combine cunt clenches with her other techniques from now on.

The next day Ned drove Brooke on the next leg of their trip. Checking into a hotel, they spent the evening in the room playing freshman level touching games. Ned reminded Brooke of the obligatory dress modeling before her delivery tomorrow. Brooke unpacked the dresses and hung them in the bathroom. Modesty was unnecessary but Brooke wanted Ned to experience her entrance just as others would at the fete. The first dress was a red floor length gown with long sleeves formed from panels and held together with multiple Velcro tabs. When fully closed, the only skin shown was Brooke's face and hands. Removing some panels exposed skin in various parts. The fully closed dress would do for a high school prom but with panels removed, would look chic at an elegant fund raiser. The second was medium blue, sleeveless and shear with slits up the outer legs and built in pushups to show off lots of her cleavage. It looked great on Brooke and Ned thought it ought to be the winner. Brooke went to don the final dress and seemed to linger in the bathroom. Ned's growing impatience was interrupted by his cellphone.

Mrs. Jones called to inform Ned that the pledge contributor had confirmed some details of Brooke's mission. It was to be a breast cancer awareness fund raiser. The first phase of the evening would be a public donor gathering followed by a private forum for the rest of the evening. It was intended that both type of donors be faced with what they would miss if breast cancer was not defeated. Mrs. Jones chuckled as she told Ned to explore the black dress. The pledge contributor wanted Brooke to wear it throughout the evening. The festivities would run late. Brooke would stay with the pledge contributor overnight and be returned to the Academy by the following noon.

Ned hung up. Brooke emerged in the black dress and heels. She had taken time to apply makeup. Dark smoky eyelids and bright red lipstick were prominent. She stood with her hands lightly clasped in front. Ned motioned a slow pirouette and then walked over to Brooke. The skirt was draped to mid-thigh and was made with multiple gossamer layers. It mimicked a ballet tutu but longer and draped her legs, not puffy. The top was backless and the separating waist band rode low on her hips. Two lined billowing triangular panels of the same gossamer loosely covered the front and clasped behind the neck. No bra was possible and the breasts were not supported by the dress. Ned asked Brooke to stride slowly about the room in her heels and watched Brooke's breasts move about seductively unconstrained beneath the panels. The dress's design should give the public breast cancer awareness donors a good idea of what they would miss should breast cancer not be defeated.

Ned stood behind Brooke and explored the dress as Mrs. Jones had encouraged. He reached under her loose hair and felt for the neck clasp. He unhooked the Velcro tab and let the panels fall down Brooke's front. She turned and he smiled. She certainly had studied the dress in the bathroom. Brooke had anticipated his deed and had applied nipple makeup. The area of the areoles was enlarged by rouge and the effect was to make her breasts appear even larger.

Ned guided Brooke by the shoulders to stand before the full length mirror. The loose dress panels hung down from her waist and obscured her toned legs. Ned's explorations revealed more Velcro tabs. He removed the panels from the waistband. Brooke stood stoic with her arms down and clasped her hands together, pressing her arms lightly against the outsides of her breasts. This pose framed her breasts between chin, arms and waist, offering the tipped globes for tactile inspection.

Ned looked over her shoulder as he reached around her body. Ned cupped the orbs with his palms, providing support like a pushup bra. He lazily circled her nipples with his thumbs. He rolled the nubs with his fingers. He watched Brooke in the mirror as her eyes dilated at his touch. Ned suspected from the dress design that the pledge contributor wanted Brooke to expect receiving this type of attention during the private donor phase of the event.

Explorations complete, Ned helped Brooke strip off the remains of the elegant dress and reassembled it for packing. She left her makeup on and crawled onto the bed and into Ned's arms. Ned wanted to provide Brooke some final coaching regarding her overnight time with the pledge contributor. They spent the next few hours testing Brooke's sensual skills. Brooke demonstrated over and over her knowledge of oral sex, breast play, vaginal sex and her new understanding of timing and combining fewer types of strokes within any one session. Morning arrived far too soon and Ned finished Brooke's transport to the Academy's freshman facility.

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